The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Victoria Newman Pregnant – Is It Billy Or Stitch’s Baby?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Victoria Newman Pregnant - Is It Billy Or Stitch’s Baby?

Is one of the leading ladies on The Young and the Restless possibly pregnant? It is like an unwritten rule on soap operas that nine times out of ten when a couple has sex, they wind up pregnant. It is daytime drama foreshadowing, if the writers take the time to show the man and woman actually doing the deed, it’s because they want the viewers to remember it happened a few months down the road when the woman begins showing early signs of pregnancy.

We can’t help but wonder if there was a reason the Y&R writers spent so much time showing us Victoria and Stitch’s drunken hook-up in the backseat of her car, just hours after she became legally separated from her husband Billy Abbott. If Victoria begins acting nauseous and exhausted in a few weeks, we will know there is a bun in the oven – but whose? Just last week she made love to Billy and this week she had sex with Stitch in the back of her car, if Victoria Newman winds up pregnant, it is anyone’s guess who the father is.

If Victoria does wind up pregnant, Stitch and Billy are both going to want to be the father of her baby. Billy will be devastated if the baby winds up not being his, because he will want a new child to replace the hole in his heart that formed after Delia’s death. Stitch was just drinking his sorrows away because his ex-wife won’t let him see his child or be a part of their life, he would be ecstatic if he had a child with Victoria to replace the one he isn’t allowed to see from his previous relationship. If Victoria Newman winds up pregnant, there is no doubt about it, the news could turn the town of Genoa City upside down. Imagine Victor’s reaction!

Fans are commenting and with a wide variety of opinions on Soap Opera Spy:

Its Lauren that’s possibly pregnant…I have not seen any indication of Victoria being so even though she and Billy were trying before the incident with Kelly….

I bet she will get pregnant by Stitch wait and see.. and then she won’t know whose baby it is Stitch or Billy

 it will be Billy’s and Lauren will be in menopause

 I think Lauren will be in Men-o-Pause:)

So Y&R fans, do you think there is a chance Victoria may wind up pregnant? Do you think it will be with Billy’s baby or Stitch’s baby? Who do you think deserves a second chance at being a father again more, Stitch or Billy – do either them deserve the chance? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

11 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Victoria Newman Pregnant – Is It Billy Or Stitch’s Baby?”

  1. Betty Gable says:

    Victoria should forget about Billy. He’s a loser. Stitch is by far better for her.

  2. Raynika says:

    She deserves a daughter and a better life with Stitch.

  3. […] or not they will officially end their marriage. Billy is less than thrilled with the news that Victoria slept with Stitch, but he slept with Kelly, so whether they choose to reconcile or finally call it quits is […]

  4. Mac says:

    If it was the “other” Billy’s (Miller) off spring … that would be great. This “old” newer Billy is just a sad sack… and is a poor match for a Newman. I’m thinking Billy Miller left the show because he’s not only tall and good looking… but he had talent to get out of soaps and move up in the real world.

  5. Barb says:

    This is so riduclous! You need to fire the writers, especially this Jill person so I can watch again. She is like an earth quake for this show. She is killing it.

  6. Racquel Garnette says:

    Jill Farren Phelps got what she wanted. She wanted to break up Victoria and Billy marriage by making Billy have an affair with Billy. Victoria is free to do whatever she wants. She doesn’t need Billy anymore. Billy wanted to take care of himself that was it and make some bad mistakes. For Nikki and Jill trying to save Billy and Victoria marriage is so stupid. They don’t need to fix what has been broken. If Billy loved Victoria enough to be with her then he would of be with her. Men are animals and we know that. Men can’t help who they with so that is why they cheat on there wives. This Billy needs to go. His acting is very bad. What Jill has to do by the next few weeks is to find an older guy to play Billy Abbott. A tall guy who knows how to act very well can play Billy Abbott. How could Victoria get pregnant with Stitch baby or Billy that makes no sense. I thought Victoria can’t get pregnant. I think Victoria should do is adopt a kid. That will be a great idea with her. Stitch is a good guy and he can do whatever he wants. Listen to this billy how he sounds ” I told him to stay away from my wife ” David Tom doesn’t know how to act angry.

  7. Sammie says:

    Wow I am sick of Stitch. I wish he’d leave and take Avery and Dylan with him.

  8. SusanMarie says:

    First of all, to all of you that keep saying Stitch is such a great guy… um, let’s remember that we don’t know anything about him! As for, the “new” Billy being a bad actor that has no baring on the overall story line. And, YES, Victoria can get pregnant… if you all remember before Delia’s death her and Billy were “trying” and she was taking a boat load of hormones. Just wish they could think of a different story line for her… after all, Reed was a product of this same story line when Victoria was married to Brad and shacked up with JT.

  9. Mrs. Devito says:

    I don’t like the actor that plays Billy. Yeah, fire him. I think Victoria will be pregnant with Billy. I had a feeling Billy would try to get back with Chloe. I don’t like her with Kevin.And bring back Phyllis. I don’t like Jack with Kelly. I like Nick and Avery as a couple. And please will Neil not hook up with every woman on the show??

  10. Mary Smith says:

    It is time for new writers – No matter what’s happening on Y&R the Abbotts’ or Newmans’ always win. Billy is an Abbott and if he wins and is the father of Victoria’s baby it is time to stop watching. Im tired of watching Billy Abbott (and I don’t care who plays the roll) is a poor excuse for a husband. Bring Y & R to the 21st century. Stitch has a pass but let’s first find out why he claims he killed his father. Did he admit to the murder to cover up for someone else??
    Let’s hope he doesn’t lose to the Abbott family or it is time to start watching some other Soap.

  11. Sam Sieckmann says:

    No she isn’t pregnant