Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Faked Cheating Scandal With Emily Goodhand – True Tori is a Lie! – Dean Attacks Photog!! (PHOTOS)

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Faked Cheating Scandal With Emily Goodhand - True Tori is a Lie! - Dean Attacks Photog!! (PHOTOS)

Anyone think it is suspicious that Emily Goodhand just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth almost immediately after coming forward to US Magazine about the “affair” she had with Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling’s husband? Well, you should. Granted, there are lots of cheating celebrity husbands whose mistresses stay quietly on the side. But Emily, 28, chose to come out publicly to Us Weekly in December about the affair. Normally, any mistress willing to take that step has a motive… 15 minutes of fame, and money for their exclusive story. So, why would Emily come out with this huge story, and then disappear? Because Emily was the significant piece of an elaborate plan hatched by Tori herself in an effort to get her name back in the magazines, gain some sympathy from fans, and of course… get a new TV reality show, True Tori.

Take a close look at the timing. Once you’re done with that, take note of the fact that all the “exclusive” stories that Tori has given have been with Us Magazine, who just happens to have lots of pictures of Tori looking sad and alone on the cover before she even began speaking about the affair. So, Us makes some money, Tori makes a lot of money, Tori gets a new show, and Dean gets redeemed because he is going to rehab to fight his demons and save his family. How nice…what a happy ending…it reads just like a script to a drama-filled movie.

Perhaps that is because everything has been scripted. Once you’ve taken a moment to think back to the progression of how this whole affair played out, watch some of the promos for the new show True Tori. Either she has way too much Botox, or you will agree with us that she is acting her way through this entire “tragedy” in her life. Check out her facial expressions and how she talks about the infamous affair. Clearly, she doesn’t give the feel of a genuine woman scorned by the husband she’s dedicated her life to. Once Tori and Dean’s show was cancelled, Tori claimed she was “in serious debt,” and she was forced to sell her home and ask her mom, Candy Spelling, for money.

So it seems quite suspicious that only shortly after all of her financial problems began, so did the breaking news of her husband’s affair. Having Dean admit to having a problem and taking immediate action to repair himself and his family allowed him to be seen in a better light, while Tori played the victim well looking sad and tired as she was often seen out toting the kids around back at home. A game well played by the couple… but CDLers know better and we are not buying it!

What have you noticed that seems suspicious about Dean’s alleged affair? Tell us below!

Troubled reality star Dean McDermott has a heated exchange with a photographer and grabs his arm in the process on April 23, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

34 responses to “Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Faked Cheating Scandal With Emily Goodhand – True Tori is a Lie! – Dean Attacks Photog!! (PHOTOS)”

  1. drdebo cherry says:

    except that he is so creepy and really what is wrong with him- on the chopped Canadian show- I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYONE ON AIR AS DEVOID OF A SOUL………………….OR any speck of humanness….he’s just plain scary.

  2. Cari harris says:

    Would you really do all this, include your children, ruin your marriage, put yourself out there for attack, if it wasnt true??? I so hope this is not all hype. No one should stoop that low!

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  4. Interesting, but why would Dean agree to be humiliated ?

  5. lis says:

    Didn’t tori start dating him before he was divorced? What maybe she figured if she had tons of kids that would keel him? She really shouldn’t be SO shocked.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      They wee both married when they began to have their affair. Tori’s ex husband gave an interview saying that he didn’t know anything was wrong with his marriage until he saw pictures of his wife in Dean’s lap in a tabloid…..I’m thinking that Dean wanted her pregnant as many times as possible, as quick as possible, because he thought that he’d be getting a big chunk of child support if (when) they broke up, and that it would be another reason for her to stay with him–because, remember, her dad died while she was pregnant, or just had the first kid (about a year after they got married, and she got pregnant right away after that first kid).

      They didn’t know that Tori wouldn’t be inheriting a huge chunk of the money that her dad had–and THAT’S why he dumped his wife (while they were in the middle of adopting a child together)–because Tori was presumed to inherit a huge chunk of change when her father died, and was probably still getting money from her parents up until she got with Dean.

      She shouldn’t be shocked, which is why I’m not discounting this story–I think it’s all BS. She knows how she got him, she knows why he’s staying–whether or not she wants to admit it, that’s another story.

  6. Lola says:

    Also there is not a picture to be found of Emily goodhand on the internet!! The one pic that keeps coming up is not even the right girl. With this being such a big story you would think at least one pic would have surfaced.

  7. Marezy doats says:

    In the 7 years they were married… Not once did those 2 girls and ” wolf” appear… Also.. Where is her Mom and the guncles? They prob don’t approve so it looks like poor pathetic Tori… Wasn’t she loaded? And where’s jenny? Seems far to odd to me.

  8. Terry Davenport says:

    My first thought was that this was another Kim K. wedding..fake. Dean does not seem all that distraught and of course he is in rehab, but for what exactly. They seem to be kind of vague about that, but of course they need to redeem him. He will end up back home and suddenly she will be able to trust him again. Notice they keep showing old photos. I believe it is just to make some money. However, if it is true…it is karma. They hurt others to get together…bad karma.

  9. IngeC says:

    You can be angry all you want but, this site is not the only one suspecting and, reporting it.
    Everybody knows what fame whores these two are and, yes – Tori having mismanaged her money is hard up for cash.
    To make a buck – desperate people to desperate things – Tori included.

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  11. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    And seriously? Who tapes therapy sessions for a reality show?

    And I find it funny that a few years ago, she was going off on the tabloids about how their kids saw one with them on it, saying they were getting divorced, but she has no issues running to tabloids as long as they say what she wants to say, or doing a reality show that’s telling the world that their father is a cheating skank (like we didn’t already know).

  12. Jacob Foor says:

    Idiots. “Emily Goodhand” is obviously NOT her real name. Whoever this girl was that Dean cheated with obviously wanted to make money off the situation, to profit from the pain she caused without trashing her own reputation and being hounded by paps and publicly smeared as a whore. Rachel Uchitel, anyone? This girl is obviously a horrible person but clever and with the foresight to know nothing good could come of publicly giving her real name and photos. Dean cheated for SURE and Tori is humiliated and just trying to get some control out of the situation by having this new show. To make Deam squirm and so the world can see how sorry he is and how much he still loves her. In conclusion… People give fake names!!!! Especially when coming out with stories like these.

    • a guest says:

      Then why do they refer to her as “Emily” in the series? Why did US Mag produce a blurry image of someone say its Emily Goodhand? None of Emily or Deans friends have come forward when both were supposed to be present. Even TMZ says she doesn’t exist.

  13. Racquel Garnette says:

    Tori got what she wanted. She wanted to have 4 kids and she has that. Dean has a lot of problems to deal with. He goes from one woman to another. Dean cannot be trusted. Tori doesn’t need him anymore. Tori should divorce Dean and take care of her kids with joint custody. Why marry someone then you gonna cheat on them. Men can’t help themselves that is why they cheat. If that is your wife and you wanted sex and she can’t give it to you for some reason then respect your wife. Don’t go cheating on her with other woman.

  14. Just Me says:

    Thanks for sharing. As I was watching it I too was wondering if it was real. I was also asking myself if perhaps someone who had been thru it would be able to better connect and determine if it was real. One can only imagine how they would feel or respond going thru something like that. Sometimes I would watch her and think something seems fishy and then other times, when her friends made comments or responded in certain ways, I was thinking it must be real b/c they had strong feelings about him and some comments seemed like they had back stories.

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  16. Carol Joy Simmons says:

    Her mother will tell the truth if Tori is not! Her mom is a No BS type of woman and she tells it like it is. If this is not true it will come out. ALL things done in the dark come to light eventually. And…if it turns out to be a lie I will never be a fan of Miss Tori’s again. I will not be played. Not that I matter much but I have a feeling there are many women who feel the same way I do about this. Lying about an affair is the worst thing one could do to themselves, their kids and their spouses. Horrid. Again, I will not be played by them. I simply will not care.

    • a guest says:

      A lot of gullible people being played but there is no excuse for doing this to kids.

  17. Patty says:

    Oh no..we will never know. Unless they do a reality on that. Hell of an idea.

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  19. siriusthecat says:

    I totally agree. She’s a wreck, that’s not acting. He’s coming across like a tool, not a man trying to save his family. He’s acting like the wounded party and its disgusting.

  20. Tam Rochelle says:

    He has a teenage son with his first wife. His first wife also adopted a daughter right when they were divorcing so he has no parental rights to that child. So he has 5 children.

  21. Tam Rochelle says:

    I agree. Nobody would wanna be embarrassed and humiliated for a quick paycheck.

    • a guest says:

      Yah right. Except for someone with steep debt, an unquenchable need for attention whose shown a raw pattern of living without scruples a la Tori Spelling.

      • Tam Rochelle says:

        Do u forget she stands to inherit half
        Of a 600 million dollar fortune one day? Lmao !!!!

  22. a guest says:

    Exactly plus the so called cheating and rehab timelines don’t add up.

  23. a guest says:

    Mystery Girls! Yeah cause its a mystery how horseface can land another TV show with minimal acting talent. It’s obvious to me that a Cayman Islands Trust Fund thrives.

  24. lura says:

    It was only a weekend affair for god sakes!…for all the crying u would think he would have been having an affair for their entire stupid marriage..get over yourself already..

  25. Scorned Believer says:

    Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t. We weren’t there so it’s speculation to us all. But I have my own insight. As a woman who has been cheated on, I can see myself in her emotions. Sometimes it isn’t easy to be completely distraught all the time, esp. when children are involved. Lots of times you have to put your big girl panties on and “pretend” its all okay until there’s a better moment to break down and work through it. Even if she decided to allow the cameras in, breaking down & having hard intimate conversations in front of strangers has to be hard to do. Women are sensitive & vulnerable but we also like to put on a strong façade to not appear weak. As for the financial aspect, having financial problems is a big trigger for many people who cheat. When things get hard, people check out. Why is it so hard for others to understand that?
    I do agree with others though, fake or not I feel badly for those children. Having to have their family’s dirty laundry aired out for all to see is shameful! And if they’re led to believe Daddy did cheat, when he didn’t, they don’t deserve that either!

  26. Yes. My opinion has changed greatly. I even documented this on my own site. What a sick couple.

  27. Seriously? I post here all the time and my conments go in moderation?

  28. Sonya says:

    Well I’m watching True Tori now. I did notice that Tori slipped up on this Emily’s name calling her Yvonne in one instance then.