Total Divas Recap 10/19/14: Season 3 Episode 8 & 9 “Cross Country Catastrophe; Daddy’s Little Girl”

Total-divas-season-3-episode-8-and-9Total Divas Recap 10/19/14: Season 3 Episode 8 & 9 “Cross Country Catastrophe; Daddy's Little Girl”

Tonight on E! the WWE’s Total Divas starring the Bella Twins and the rest of the Divas continues with an all new Sunday October 19, season 3 episode 8 & 9 double-episode called, “Cross Country Catastrophe; Daddy’s Little Girl.” On tonight’s episodes, Rosa finds Summer with her man, also Eva comes to terms with her Dad’s cancer

On the last episodes Eva’s bachelorette getaway on the Caribbean island of Curacao turned heated when TJ destroyed Nattie’s hopes of rekindling their marriage. Also: Nikki believed she had lost her twin sister; and Ariane kicks Vinnie’s desired to the curb. Also Nikki was devastated to discover a secret that John had been keeping from her; Rosa was unaware that she’s competing for the attention of an NFL player; and Nattie’s unsavory commented to a reporter lead TJ to take an extreme action. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episodes Rosa finds Summer with her man; Bryan is keeping tabs on Brie. Also Eva comes to terms with her Dad’s cancer; Nattie and TJ face the cruel realities of divorce.

Tonight’s episodes are going to be filled with lots of guaranteed drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Total Divas tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this third season of Total Divas!

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Tonight’s episode of Total Dias kicks off with Natalie arriving at work late, and meets up with the Bella Twins Nikki and Brie. Brie reveals that last night her and Bryan were robbed and they pulled up to the house and caught an intruder, Bryan chased him through the neighbor’s lawns and tackled him and held him down until the police arrive.

The next day Brie receives a phone call from Mark Carrano and he reveals that she and Bryan are invited to the Teen Choice Awards. Brie is excited and when she hangs up she announces that they have to go shopping and buy outfits for the red carpet. Bryan shuts her down and tells her that she had plenty of dresses that she can wear in her closet.

Eva Marie and Johnathan are packing up their house because they are moving back to California. They have decided to do a couple’s road trip and will be driving there with Ariane and her boyfriend Vinnie.

Rosa meets a 23 year old model named Chad on the internet, and she is excited because he is a Christian too. But, on their date they Rosa is thrown for a loop when Chad reveals that he doesn’t have sex and he is waiting for marriage. She commends him, but confesses that she is sexually active

Brie and Nikki go out to lunch with their mom and brother to celebrate her 50th birthday. Brie didn’t buy her mom a birthday present so she insists on paying the bill. After dinner they are walking to the car and Bryan calls her furious because he got an alert on his phone revealing that she spent $400 at the restaurant and they are supposed to be discussing major purchases as a couple.

Summer invites Gary, the guy that she stole from Rosa to Monday Night Raw. After the show she takes him backstage and they run in to Rosa, who is fuming when she sees them together. She takes Summer aside and demands to know what the hell is going on. Summer says that when she met Gary they hit it off and they went to dinner together. Summer argues that it’s not that bad because Gary wasn’t that in to her and wasn’t texting her back. Rosa declares that “this is bullshit” and Summer completely betrayed her.

Natalie heads out to dinner with Ariane, Eva, Nikki and Brie. Brie rants to her friends that Bryan has been tracking her spending on his phone, and he won’t even let her buy a new dress for the Teen Choice Awards. Her friends can totally relate and agree that when you are a celebrity you have to spend money on clothes and your appearance.

Ariane, Eva, and Johnathan are getting ready for their roadtrip. He reveals that he has made road trip itineraries for all of them and hands them out schedules for their bathroom breaks. They pick Vinnie up from the airport and begin driving from Florida to California. They stop a t a farmer’s museum, and Ariane and Vinnie are trying to take selfies with the tractors, but Johnathan gets upset because they are wasting too much time.

Brie and Nikki head to a coffee house and pick up coffees after a day of shopping. Once they sit down to drink their coffee Bryan calls Brie and demands to know what “The Grind” is. She explains it is a coffee house, and he wants to know why she spent $22 on coffee. Brie has had about enough of Bryan stalking her spending, and she feels like he doesn’t trust her.

Eva and Johnathan’s road trip hits another snag when they realize that there is an event in Mobile, Alabama and all of the motels are sold out. They manage to score one room to share at a weird motel, the concierge says that she will leave directions for their room in the lock box on the porch. They arrive and realize it is a historic mansion. Ariane cries that it looks like a haunted house, and Johnathan jokes that he feels like they are in an episode of Scooby Doo.
Rosa meets a man named Nate on Instagram, and they head out on a date. She thinks they are hitting it off, but then Nate informs her that he doesn’t like aggressive girls. The next day she heads out with Natalie and vents to her about not being able to find a man.

Brie and Bryan are getting ready for the Teen Choice Awards, Brie puts on a new dress and informs Bryan that she had to have Nikki buy it for her because she knew he would freak out on her for spending money. She explains that she needs to spend money to maintain her brand as a celebrity and he needs to trust her more. After the Teen Choice Awards Bryan confesses to Brie that she was right, and after she walked the red carpet with him he can tell how important it was for her to have a new dress.

Ariane, Vinnie, Jonathan, and Eva pull over at a random truck stop to stretch their legs. While Ariane and Vinnie are in the store, Eva and Johnathan get in a huge fight. She says he needs to loosen up and have some fun, but Johnathan informs her that the reason he is so stressed is because she has put all of the work load of their move on him.

Eva, Johnathan, Ariane, and Vinnie’s roadtrip goes to hell when they wind up in a screaming match. They decide that they are just going to hire movers and book flights the rest of the way to California. They all apologize to each other for their huge fight.

Rosa convinces Natalie to go to a gay bar with her, Natalie is shocked to see her making out with women at the bar. She went home and went to bed, and Rosa didn’t come back to the hotel room until after 5:00 AM. The next day Natalie tries to talk to her, and is scared that she is going to relapse again. Natalie explains that she is scared of men after all of her past relationships so it is just easier for her to hook up with men. Natalie gives her a pep talk about making sure she isn’t going to relapse, and then Rosa announces that she is going to call the girl she was making out with last night.

The next episode of Total Divas begins with the divas hanging out at John’s house with Nikki since John is out of town shooting his movie. Nikki announces she is going to start looking for houses in Los Angeles for Ariane and Vinnie, Ariane wishes she could get a house like John’s, but she knows she is going to have to bring it down a few notches.

Natalie and TJ head to an appointment with a divorce attorney. They learn that all of their assets from the date that they married will have to be split 50/50. The attorney reveals that a divorce could cost them thousands of dollars, and their three cats will be split up and decided by the judge.

Eva, Brie, and Natalie head to lunch and Eva gushes that she can’t wait for her wedding because her dad is walking her down the aisle. She explains to them that her dad has inoperable cancer, Brie is shocked because her dad looks like he is healthy as a horse. Later at work Brie tries to talk to Eva about her dad, but Eva gives her the cold shoulder and tells her that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Eva is annoyed that she is bringing it up at work.

Natalie and TJ head home and Natalie plays with her cats, she brags that the cats want to come live with her and not him. TJ points out that she didn’t care about the cats when she abandoned them and went to live in a hotel for two weeks.

Nikki takes Ariane on a trip to look at a house for sale, Nikki is certain that Ariane will love the house. They meet up with another agent, and Nikki gives her the tour. The house is huge and gorgeous, and Ariane knows it is out of her price range. She nearly faints when she learns that it is $2.749 Million. Nikki agrees to take her to another house that is more in her price range.

Brie heads home and catches up with Bryan, she tells him about Eva’s dad and how he has been battling cancer for 16 years. She doesn’t understand why Eva gave her the cold shoulder when she offered to be there for her. Bryan says that everyone deals with pain in their own way. Brie decides that she should throw her a bridal shower to offer her support.

Ariane and Nikki arrive at the next house for sale on their list, the agent announces that the asking price is $1.4 Million. Ariane still thinks it is a little steep, but it’s definitely more affordable than the previous house. She makes an appointment with the realtor to come back and show the house to Vinnie.
Natalie decides to bring Trinity over to her house for drinks, Nattie rants that TJ didn’t do the laundry like she told him to and he didn’t comb out the cat’s fur. TJ returns home while they are sitting in the kitchen talking about him and Natalie freaks out because he didn’t do the laundry. She takes a basket of his clothes out to the front yard and dumps them on the ground. Trinity goes outside and picks up the laundry for TJ and Nattie heads to her bedroom and shuts the door leaving Trinity in the kitchen with TJ. Trinity tries to talk to TJ about what is going on with them, and Nattie comes back out and tells TJ to go to his room so that she can hang out with Trinity.

Ariane and Nikki take Vinnie back to the house, Vinnie announces that he is in love with the house but is in shock when he hears that it costs $1.3 Million. He takes Ariane aside and says that they need to have a serious conversation about the house, the price has him sweating already and they haven’t even bought it.

Later Nikki meets Ariane and Vinnie at a restaurant to discuss the house and negotiate a good offer. Nikki announces that there have been a lot of offers on the house and they have to go in at $1.4 million. Ariane asks Nikki if she is willing to waive her commission or half of it. Nikki informs them that it isn’t an option and she needs her commission, she disses Ariane and says that she thought they could afford a $1.4 Million house and she didn’t know what Vinnie’s job was or how little money he made. Ariane is disgusted and she and Vinnie storm out of the restaurant. Ariane insists that it’s not personal, it’s just business.

Everyone heads to work for Monday Night Raw. Brie corners Eva’s husband Johnathan when he is dropping her off, she explained that Eva was weird to her when she talked about her dad. John totally understands what they are talking about, he thinks she is in denial about her dad. Brie says that she and the other divas want to throw her a bridal shower, and Johnathan thinks it is a great idea.

Nikki corners Ariane at work to discuss their differences. They make up and Ariane admits that she was in over her head and looking at houses that were out of their price range. Nikki totally gets it because if she wasn’t with John then she wouldn’t be able to afford a house that expensive.

Natalie heads home and finds TJ packing and moving out, he explains that they can’t live together anymore, he is tired of fighting with her. Nattie confesses that she feels relieved that he is leaving and weight has been lifted off her chest.

Eva meets up with Brie for tea and is shocked to see that she is throwing her a surprise bridal shower with all of the divas and her mom. Brie takes Eva aside and apologizes for putting her on the spot at work about her dad. And, Johnathan shows up with a surprise wedding ring for Eva, he had her ring upgraded at a jeweler.

It’s Friday Night Raw, and Natalie is shocked to see TJ backstage. She demands to know what he is doing there, and he reminds her that he still has a contract. He doesn’t want to fight with her at work, and Nikki drags her away before she causes a scene.