Total Divas Recap 10/12/14: Season 3 Episode 6 & 7 “Paint the Island Red; The Double-Cross”

Total Divas Recap 10/12/14: Season 3 Episode 6 & 7 “Paint the Island Red; The Double-Cross”

Tonight on E! the WWE’s Total Divas starring the Bella Twins and the rest of the Divas continues with an all new Sunday October 12, season 3 episode 6 & 7 double-episode called, “Paint the Island Red; The Double-Cross.” On tonight’s episodes, TJ ruins Nattie’s hopes of rekindling their marriage, Nikki thinks she’s lost her twin sister. Also Nikki is distraught when she finds that John’s kept a secret from her.

On the last episode Brie was left feeling overwhelmed when Daniel Bryan’s injury took a turn for the worst; Ariane’s mother called with a desperate plea for help; and Eva was shocked when Jonathan made a dangerous decision without her consent. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episodes Eva’s bachelorette getaway on the Caribbean island of Curacao turns heated when TJ destroys Nattie’s hopes of rekindling their marriage. Also: Nikki believes she has lost her twin sister; and Ariane kicks Vinnie’s desires to the curb. Also Nikki is devastated to discover a secret that John has been keeping from her; Rosa is unaware that she’s competing for the attention of an NFL player; and Nattie’s unsavory comments to a reporter lead TJ to take an extreme action.

Tonight’s episodes are going to be filled with lots of guaranteed drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Total Divas tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this third season of Total Divas!

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Tonight’s episode of Total Divas kicks off with Nicole, Brie, Nattie, Ariane, and Eva Marie out to eat. Since Eva Marie and Johnny didn’t have a proper wedding or reception, they have decided to get all of their friends together for a huge bachelor vacation at Carousel Island. Nicole and Brie realize that Bryan and John can’t come, so they will be the only girls at the island party without their boyfriends.

Nattie meets up with TJ for lunch, they are still taking a break. Nattie confesses that she is happy to see him. She is beginning to think that she is the problem and the reason that they are having problems is because she is stressed and needs a vacation. She invites TJ to come on the trip to the bachelorette vacation so that they can reconnect and work on their marriage.

Ariane heads home to see her boyfriend Vinnie with all of her luggage. Vinnie is stressed because they have no room for their stuff in their tiny apartment. He says that they need to start looking for a bigger place or maybe even consider buying a house. Ariane doesn’t want to hear about it right now, she is in a hurry and has to go get her hair done. She promises him they can spend some time together when they go on vacation to Carousel.

All of the WWE couples finally head on vacation, and it is off to a rough start, the airport lost Brie, Vinnie, and Jonathan’s luggage. They arrive at the hotel and everyone starts getting settled in to their rooms. Brie takes a minute to call Bryan. Nattie and TJ feel uncomfortable when they start unpacking in their room and they can hear a couple next door having loud sex and banging on the wall. Nattie tries to get TJ to have sex with her, but he refuses.

The next day everyone gathers for breakfast, Eva jokes that she was having sex last night with Johnathan and she heard Nattie and TJ next door. Nattie doesn’t have the heart to tell them that they were faking it and TJ wouldn’t have sex with her. After breakfast Eva, Jonathan, Ariane, and Vinnie decide to go cliff-jumping.

Nikki wants to go out on the town, and Brie won’t get off her phone. She just wants to look at pictures of her house on her phone and order a dresser online. Nikki whines that now that she is married Brie is an “old lady” and isn’t fun anymore.

TJ decides to surprise Nattie and “take her on an excursion,” he won’t tell her where they are going though. Nattie is excited, she thinks they are going on a romantic getaway and expects beaches and rose petals. So, she is a little confused when they arrive at an ostrich petting zoo.

Brie still has no luggage, so Nikki is dressing her or their dinner tonight. The only problem is, Nikki has had a boob job and Brie hasn’t, so Nikki’s dresses don’t fit her right. They head to dinner, and everyone laughs at Brie’s boobs. She and Nikki tried to stuff her bra, but it looked even worse. Afterwards, Brie and Nikki head to a massage for “some sister time.”

They decide to have an “all red everything” bachelorette party for Eva Marie and Jonathan, all the girls put on red wigs to celebrate the occasion. Everyone heads out on a cruise together, Eva and Jonathan inform their friends that they are going house shopping when they get home. Vinnie says that he and Ariane want to buy a house, but Ariane corrects him and says that he wants to buy a house but she doesn’t have time. After the cruise Vinnie is furious, he rants to Ariane that he is frustrated because they haven’t been spending any time together. He wants them to start their future together, but he feels like Ariane doesn’t care about it. She confesses that she has been a bad girlfriend and has been taking him for granted and apologizes, she promises to work harder on their relationship.

It’s their last night in Carousel and everyone goes out to dinner together for their last night on the island. Ariane gives a toast for Eva and Johnathan, and then announces that she and Vinnie are going to look for a house together and she is going to hire Nikki as her real estate agent. While they are eating, Nikki whines because Brie won’t drink and she is so boring. The old Brie would have annoyed the last night in Carousel. They start bickering back and forth while everyone laughs at them. After dinner they head out for drinks, but Brie announces she is going to bed early so she can video-chat with Bryan.

Eva and Nattie head to the bathroom to fix their head, and nattie fills her in on her marriage trouble with TJ. She confesses she is on the verge of having a nervous breakdown and doesn’t know what to do to fix the distance between them and TJ hardly ever even kisses her anymore. Eva reassures her that they are good people and their relationship troubles will fix themselves.

The next morning Brie won’t even speak to Nikki. Nikki tries to talk to her and says they were supposed to have sister time and have fun together. Brie explains that she didn’t want to drink because Bryan gets mad when she calls him and is wasted. Nikki tells her that if she wants to have fun she should have fun, she shouldn’t worry about what Bryan likes. Brie insists that this is what she wants, and her idea of fun isn’t getting drunk anymore, it’s shopping for furniture online. Nikki realizes that times are changing, and she isn’t number one in Brie’s life anymore, she needs to accept the fact that Bryan is number one in her life now.


On tonight’s second episode of Total Divas kicks off with Rosa and Nattie in their rent-a-car. They hear a strange buzzing noise to they pull over, Nattie is scared that it is the car. Once they pull over they realize that it is Rosa’s dildo vibrating in her suitcase in the backseat. They arrive at their hotel to get changed, and Nattie is embarrassed that Rosa is going out practically naked and wearing shorts that are so short her butt cheeks are hanging out. Rosa explains that she is on the hunt for a guy and she hasn’t have had sex in over a year. She doesn’t want to sleep with just anyone though, she is looking for her future husband.

Nikki and John head to Nikki’s first movie premiere, she starred in an independent film called “Confessions of a Womanizer.” Afterwards they head out to dinner together and John asks her is she would ever do a sex scene in a movie, she says she would never go naked in a movie, only John is allowed to see her naked.

Nattie heads out to lunch with Trinity and fills her in on her drama with TJ, and how things just got worse when they went on vacation and not better. Trinity thinks that they should go to therapy and see a marriage counsellor.

In the car John confesses to Nikki that his next movie has a sex scene in it. Nikki is not happy and starts flipping out, John argues that the sex scene is funny not romantic, it’s in a comedy, and you can’t even see his whole body, just his butt. Nikki is even madder when she learns that he has known about the sex scene for over a month and didn’t tell her about it. John says it doesn’t matter because it isn’t up for discussion, and he is doing the movie regardless of what she thinks. Their conversation winds up back at their marriage issues, and Nikki cries that there is so much he doesn’t share with her because she isn’t his wife.

Rosa has a date with a football player from the Cleveland Browns, before she leaves Nattie promises to call her in case the date goes bad and she needs an excuse to leave. Rosa meets up with Gary, and the date actually seems to be going good.

Nikki is stressed over her fight with John so she has Brie, her mom, and her brother over to John’s house. She rants to them about John’s sex scene, and how upset she is that he took the part in the movie without discussing it with her or caring how it would make her feel.

Nattie and TJ head to marriage counseling, TJ complains during the session that Nattie is so worried about work and she doesn’t pay any attention to him. Since he got injured, he has been out of work for a year and he doesn’t miss being on the road. But, Nattie thinks he needs to get back on the road so that they can spend more time together. Nattie breaks down in tears and confesses that when she is on the road she feels alone and empty.

It’s Monday Night Raw in Houston, Texas, and Brie climbs in the ring with Stephanie McMahon. Their storyline is still going on and they are feuding after Stephanie fake fired her. Meanwhile back stage Rosa has brought her football player Gary with her to introduce him to everyone. Summer brags that she already met Gary a year ago. Rosa gets called away for an interview, and Summer starts flirting with Gary.

Nikki, Ariane, Nattie, Brie, and Eva head out on a girls night for drinks. Nikki fills them in on John’s sex scene and they all agree with her that it isn’t cool. Nattie asks if John will get a boner with the girl in the sex scene. Nikki jokes that she needs to order a bottle so she can just hit herself over the head.

Summer and Rosa head to the gym together, and Rosa brags that she is going out with Gary again. She reads Summer their text messages back and forth, and Rosa says that Gary is playing hard to get and it just turns her on more.

Nattie decides to move back in with TJ since they are working on their relationship. It’s time for them to go therapy again, but TJ announces he isn’t going. He thinks they went once and discussed their problems and they are good. Nattie cries because he won’t go with her, and TJ accuses her of creating problems that aren’t there.

Rosa heads out to lunch with Gary, and he explains that he doesn’t drink. Rosa confesses that she doesn’t drink either and she went to rehab last year. She opens up to him and says that she is looking for her soul mate and if he just wants to hook up and have fun then she isn’t the girl for him. Gary thinks that her standards are too high and she is never going to find the perfect guy.

Nattie heads to NYC for a WWE publicity event with another WWE superstar, Darren Young. After the event they head out for a night on the town. The paparazzi stops her and asks her where her husband TJ is and she jokes that they “aren’t divorced…yet.”

Nikki and John head out to dinner, she apologies for how crazy she acted when she learned he was doing a sex scene. She explains that she has trust issues and when she first heard that he was doing a sex scene she panicked. John apologizes too and said that he handled it all wrong, and he knows that he shouldn’t have waited a month to tell her.

Summer heads out on a date with Rosa’s guy Gary. Apparently Rosa scared him off with all of her soul mate talk, so he called Summer.

Nattie arrives home from New York, TJ wants to know why she waited an extra day to come home. He’s not happy because people have been tweeting him her interview and joking about divorcing him. TJ informs her that since she feels comfortable talking to strangers about divorcing him, then they can start taking the steps to get a divorce.