True Tori Recap 10/28/14: Season 2 Episode 2 “Back to the Future”


True Tori returns on Lifetime tonight with an all new Tuesday October 28, season 2 episode 2 called “Back to the Future.” On tonight’s episode Tori decides to sell a massive warehouse of belongings in order to provide for her family.

On the last episode, the season 2 premiere Tori and Dean’s relationship fell into familiar patterns after returning from vacation and a potential pregnancy forced unanswered questions to the forefront. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you

On tonight’s episode Tori decides to purge a massive warehouse of belongings in order to provide for her family amidst financial turmoil. Meanwhile, an unexpected discovery prompts Tori to reach out to her ex-husband, Charlie; and Tori and Dean wrestle with their relationship as they contemplate a life-altering medical decision.
We hope you stop by for this cool show! We loved Tori & Dean and are really excited to see how season 2 of True Tori further explores Tori and Dean’s relationship.

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It’s Monday morning and they are assembling earthquake backpacks for school so they have supplies. She says she and Dean have been working on his issues, but she has issues of her own she needs to deal with. She says to make it a couple, she needs to work on herself. Tori takes the kids upstairs to look for family photos for the emergency backpacks and she’s embarrassed at a messy storage room she’s got upstairs. She says she usually doesn’t let anyone in there. The producer asks why she keeps so much stuff. She says she collects a lot of stuff and says she also has storage units that cost her about as much as her mortgage each month. Tori says Dean won’t come in the room and says she’s a hoarder.

That night, she talks to her friend Jess who wants her to deal with her storage problems. She shows her hundreds of pages of stuff she has. Tori says she’s a collector, not a hoarder, but they are spending too much to store all her stuff. Jess tells her to mark off what she wants to trash, sell or donate. She has 127 vaults and says they can’t just pull it all out for her. There are tons of cushions and Jess tells her to unload them all. She also has a framed marriage certificate from her first marriage. She has two fire place mantels and she doesn’t want to give up.

Jess tells her if she sells all this stuff, she can buy the dream house she wants for her kids – or at least have a big down payment on it. Tori is surprised. Next day, they go to see Dr Wexler and tells her about last time on #TrueTori and the pregnancy scare. The doc asks if they were disappointed or relieved that she wasn’t preggers. Dean says they have their hands full with what they have but says they make beautiful babies. Tori says she’s very relieved. She says she wasn’t sad when she saw it was negative.

Wexler asks what they will do and Tori says they talked last year about him getting a vasectomy but she says he’s lost his enthusiasm for the idea. Tori says a big part of it is that he cheated so she really wants him to have it because she doesn’t want any more babies with him. Dean says that’s hard to hear and he seems very hurt by what she said. Wexler asks if he’s surprised by this and he says no. Tori says there are consequences to actions but says she feels bad now that she’s said it.

Dean says he remembers when they first got together and were making their bucket list and says he ruined all the things they wanted to do together with their lives. Wednesday morning, Dean says she told him he was her everything and the person she wanted to have children with and he says that’s gone. She says the trust is broken. She reminds him that last year he was the one that wanted the vasectomy. He says he thought it was an easy decision, but now is more emotional about the finality of it.

Tori says they never talked about the financial impact of four kids in the long-run. She says a fifth baby would put a lot of stress on the family. She really wants him to get the vasectomy and says they need to think like adults and not be impulsive. She says usually they are impulsive and emotional and don’t make grown up decisions. They go to a urologist for a consultation. The doc explains that they can do it without needles or a scalpel. Dean tells him he’s conflicted and the doc describes the procedure.

He says he’ll just have a band-aid and an ice pack. He says you then take it easy for a week. Dean asks about testosterone and the doctor says vasectomy has nothing to do with that. Dean schedules the procedure for a few days later. On Thursday, the family goes fishing together. Tori says it’s great to just do normal family things together. She says she doesn’t want her kids to tune in to their marital stress and wants them to have happy family fun.

Tori says family time like this reminds her of what she’s fighting for with trying to put her relationship with Dean back together. Friday morning, Tori goes to her storage facility she’s been using since the 90s. She has 127 vaults – a vault is a gigantic wooden crate. She’s brought some friends along to help her make decisions and stay on task. She is overwhelmed by the idea of this. She freaks out on Jess for touching stuff before she can look at it. Mehran is there too and they look at a picture her ex-hubby Charlie made for their anniversary.

Tori says she has to keep it because she will feel guilty about getting rid of them. She says she had a lot of love with Charlie, but she wasn’t in love with him. She says with Dean it was love and in love both. She admits she didn’t end that marriage very well. She says the regrets on how she handled that weighs on her. Jess says she’s a hoarder and needs to let it go. Mehran pushes on her too and says this is not the first time they’ve been there with her but she just wants to look at each thing for an hour.

Jess pushes her to sell stuff and think about her finances. Tori has a whole box of stuff to give away but is now thinking twice. She says she had plans for all this stuff that she’s been accumulating for years. She says getting rid of a lot of it feels like a step backwards. She says her stuff makes her feel safe and happy. Jess tells her she’s pulled out more stuff to take home than she’s getting rid of. Tori tells Dean that she’s struggling because all that stuff is her whole past and things she’s worked for. She says she’s feeling loss and wants more support from him.

She is crying and freaking out. Tori says she realized that it really has nothing to do with the things themselves, but the emotions she was attaching to them. Dean asks her what the stuff means and she says it’s the life she’s built and stuff she’s worked hard for. She says everyone thought her dad gave her everything but he gave her nothing and she earned all that for herself. She says getting rid of it all means she’s starting over and her dad wouldn’t want that for her. She bawls openly and he tries to comfort her as she having a stuff-tantrum. Spoiled much?

She goes to talk to Dr Wexler about her massive storage habit. She asks Tori about her attachment to these things. Tori says her box of stuffed animals made her feel happy and safe. The doc says all this childhood stuff is making her feel like something is there that isn’t. Tori says she can’t remember her childhood and Wexler says the animals feel like a connection to her mom. She says she’s avoiding feeling real emotions towards her mom. Tori says there was a lot of stuff from her marriage with Charlie. Wexler asks about this.

Tori describes the anniversary gift he had made for her. Wexler says she may be hanging onto this stuff because of how awkwardly she ended that marriage. Tori says she thinks about it almost every day. She says she wishes she had been brave enough to tell him alone rather than there in her office. Turns out, she’s never seen him again or apologized to him and Wexler says saying sorry to Charlie may be a good thing to do. Jess tells Courtney about their trip to the storage facility and the stuff from her first marriage.

Courtney says she needs closure on the relationship. Tori says she owes him that and Courtney says she needs to find peace with that part of her life. Tori says she’s terrified to open up communication with him. She says she thinks she has his email address. Her friends ask how she thinks Dean might feel if she reached out to her ex-husband.

Saturday evening, Tori tells Dean she feels guilty about tossing stuff out from her first marriage. He tells her these are just things and she says to him, maybe. She says if there had been no Charlie, there may not have been a him. She says that marriage prepared her to be with him. She says she needs to see Charlie and get some closure on that relationship and thinks it will help her relationship with Dean. She feels shame for breaking up her marriage in her therapist’s office.

She says she couldn’t confront Charlie and can’t confront her mom either. She says she and her mom have never talked about what’s wrong in that relationship. She says it’s wrong that she’s not taking responsibility for these things. She asks how he would feel if she reached out to Charlie. He says it scares him because she’s told him what a great guy he is. He admits that she needs closure but is afraid she will remember how great her marriage to Charlie was and regret being with him. She says he may not even want to talk to her and she may just send an email.

She says thinking about it makes her nervous. Charlie did agree to meet with her but she wakes up with a migraine. She tells Dean she was supposed to meet her ex and he asks how she can go being this sick. Dean is actually relieved she can’t go but says she gets physically sick when she gets overly emotional. He’s worried about her health. He says maybe Charlie won’t read anything into her being sick and having to cancel.

Her phone vibrates and it’s a text from him. She emailed him to cancel and he says he understands and will email her later about meeting next Saturday. She says she wishes she could let things go easier. He checks her temperature and it’s normal. She thinks the thermometer is broken. Mehran comes by and says she looks like shit. He says he thinks her emotions got the better of her and she made herself sick to avoid seeing Charlie. She says this is the story of her life. She agrees there are emotional triggers with her health problems.

He asks when she’s going to deal with this. He’s known Tori for 25 years and says she can’t deal with confrontations and gets sick when she has to. He says it’s been a pattern for years. Charlie told her she can’t cancel again on him. Mehran says she has to make it happen. She tells him he made her headache worse and he says it’s because he tells her the truth. Monday morning, Dean is getting ready for the procedure. He’s having second thoughts and says he thinks doing it on camera may be going too far.

He says it’s his reproductive organs and he doesn’t want to be like Spencer Pratt. He says he doesn’t know what’s too much even more. She asks how he can even compare himself to Spencer. He wonders if the world needs to know this. He says he knows it’s urgent since she can’t physically have any more children. She says part of her thinks maybe they should leave the option open. She worries that one of their main connections is making babies and if they lose that, it could be a problem.

He tells her she’s the love of his life with or without the vasectomy. Courtney shows up to take two of the kids to school and Tori tells her he’s having second thoughts. Courtney asks him why and he says he’s just not sure about the cameras. He asks when is enough enough but she tells him that he’s opened up a lot deeper. She says he needs to make the right decision for his family, cameras or no cameras. She asks what birth control they’re using and Tori says the pill but they got pregnant with Stella on the pill.

Courtney thinks the risk of another child is not smart for them with Tori’s health issues and the fragile state of their marriage. Tori says she has amazing memories of all the other years of their marriage and creating life together and says she loved being pregnant. She says it couldn’t have been with anyone else but him and says she’s always the most in love with him when she gives birth to their babies. Dean is confused and says this is making him crazy.

He asks the camera guys to go while he rails. He tells her he’s losing his mind. Dean says he can’t make a decision to save his life. Tori says they’ve had a very emotional year and he wants to make everyone happy. She says she doesn’t want him to talk himself into doing something he doesn’t really want to die. Dean says he’s not going to do it. He says he has too much indecision and he says he worries about their connection and can’t lose that. He calls to cancel his appointment for the procedure.

Courtney comes back by later and Tori tells her he canceled. She asks what was the final reason and Tori says it was really about her. She says if he wasn’t hesitant, she wouldn’t have been hesitant and that led them down a rabbit hole of emotions. Courtney tells her she can’t have a baby to save her marriage and Tori says she knows that. Courtney says it’s too big of a decision for her to weigh in but says she’s not hearing good reasons for not doing it.

She says she gets that Dean doesn’t want the decision publicized. She asks Tori what it would be like to let go of the reality stuff and just let her family be normal for a while. Tori says she wants a normal family but normal is different for everyone. Courtney says that cameras are all Tori knows and this platform feels safe for her. She tells her she doesn’t need a TV show for her life to be great but Tori says this is what she does for work and this helps them financially. She says nothing is safe for her.

Tori says she holds on to both physical and emotional stuff. She says she’s trying to keep everything in a box because she’s scared of what’s beyond it. She says she can’t juggle all these things. Courtney tells her letting go of things can give you freedom and give you room to grow.