True Tori Recap 10/21/14: Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere “Dealing With Demons”

True Tori Recap 10/21/14: Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere "Dealing With Demons"

True Tori returns on Lifetime tonight with an all new Tuesday October 21, season 2 premiere episodes called “Dealing With Demons.” On tonight’s episode season 2 begins with Tori and Dean falling into familiar patterns after returning from vacation, but a potential pregnancy forces them to face some unanswered questions.

If you have not watched the show before growing up as part of Hollywood royalty, Tori has always lived her life in the public eye. The world watched as Tori and Dean fell in love and became parents to four beautiful children. But Tori’s fairytale life came crashing down when reports of Dean’s infidelity hit the tabloids last December, throwing their marriage and family into crisis.

On tonight’s episode and the season 2 premiere Tori and Dean’s relationship falls into familiar patterns after returning from vacation and a potential pregnancy forces unanswered questions to the forefront.

We hope you stop by for this cool show! We loved Tori & Dean and are really excited to see how season 2 of True Tori further explores Tori and Dean’s relationship. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for your LIVE recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the about this show!

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Dean and Tori have been married eight years and have four great kids together. She says she thought the fairytale would last forever but then it all changed. She says they are fighting to keep their family together. She wonders if they are destined to be together or be apart. It’s been six months and they are still working on their marriage but they know their problems are deeper than Dean’s affair.

The producer sits down with Tori – she says Dean left to film Chopped Canada and she was filming Mystery Girls. She says they rented a house at the beach for a month after he got back. She says they were together 24/7 and say she fell in love with Dean all over again. She says they had sex like crazy like newlyweds but then when they got back home, things fell apart again.

All four kids are in school this year and life is hectic. We see her trying to get the kids ready to school. She says people see it as black and white whether she leaves him or stays. She says they have eight years of love and four kids. She says she loves him and believes that love wins out. She says she’s doing all she can to make the relationship work but isn’t sure it will.

She heads out to take Hattie and Finn to school. Finn looks sad and Tori says it’s been hard for him to transition to going to school. She says it’s not a joyous time for them right now. He cries as she pulls up at the school. She tells him no tears and they’ll have ice cream after school. She takes him in but both the kids had meltdowns when she brought them in.

Tori says she tried not to cry so it wouldn’t set him off further. She says the teacher had to pull Finn off of her. She says it just hurts. She says it feels like he’s being taken from her. Tori had a rare medical condition while she pregnant with him that risked both their lives, so she’s extra sensitive about him. Tori says the affair was just a catalyst and says she has issues form her past too.

We see her at home with paparazzi outside snapping pics. She finds Dean asleep on the sofa. She says she’s exhausted and tells him about the meltdowns at school. He says he loves that she tells him how he feels but he’s distracted by crickets that escaped from the bearded dragon’s tank. Tori says after they came home from vacation, nothing has been the same.

She says the quiet is almost painful since they haven’t ever been home without any kids there. She says the house feels alone and wonders how she can not think about what happened with him. Dean says he likes the one o one time with her. She looks annoyed and stressed. She says everything changes so quickly and is teary.

She says last week they were on the beach and now she’s got all the kids at school and she’s in an empty house. Tori says one of three things will happen – Dean will change or she’ll accept him for who he is or they won’t stay together. Tori is headed to therapy with Dr Wexler. They’ve been out of couple’s therapy for a couple of months because they were in vacation mode.

Tori wants them doing both individual and couple’s therapy if their relationship is to have a chance. Wexler asks how things are going – Dean is running late for the session. Tori tells her about vacation and says she’s late for her period. She says her body has been through a lot. Wexler asks if they’re trying and she says no and she hasn’t told Dean she’s late yet.

Tori says she thinks a part of her thinks Dean cheated on her to escape life with her and the kids. Dean finally shows up and apologizes and kisses his wife. The doc asks him about vacation and he says it was amazing. He says they were in a small place and felt connected and played together a lot. Tori says they were outdoors doing a lot with the kids and says they were having sex a lot.

Dean says they fooled around 16 days in a row and the doc asks what about since they’ve been home. He says it’s been different and crazy. He says the energy is different and Tori says she feels like there is a wall up. He says he’s been down since they got back and he’s been self-critical. He says he thinks he’s a laughing stock and no one has respect for him.

Wexler says he needs to be careful how he talks to himself – says he needs to encourage himself more. He also says he hasn’t been talking to Tori about this. She says hearing this is freaking her out and she wonders how bad it is. The doc asks her fears and she says that she worried he’ll dirnk, use or hurt himself. Dean says he won’t hurt himself.

The doc asks about his sobriety and he says nine months Thursday but admits he’s not doing enough meetings. She tells him there’s an 80% chance he’ll relapse if he doesn’t do meetings. She asks him to go today but he says he can’t go until tomorrow. Tori says he doesn’t have a sponsor and this shocks the doctor. He says he hasn’t found anyone.

Wexler says him not feeling good about himself leads him to be self-destructive. She says he needs to tell Tori because it’s very important. Tori meets her friend Courtney for sushi. Courtney says she seems like she’s not okay and doesn’t seem like herself. Tori says knowing she might be pregnant and not telling anyone isn’t like her.

She says moving back to Encino has made the energy dark again. She says at the beach they were checked out and had a great time. She says she’s been thinking about Emily a lot (the woman he slept with) but says she doesn’t blame her. Courtney says Emily knew he was married but Tori says he was married when she met him so that may be why she defends her. Courtney laughs.

Tori tells her friend she slept with Dean the first night they met. She says she was in love with him but Courtney says sleeping with a married man is never okay. Tori says she knows a lot of people think it’s karma that Dean cheated on her. Tori admits she wants to see Emily and says she has a picture in her mind of what she looks like.

Us Weekly ran an article showing her photo but she and Dean pledged never to read it. Jess and Wolf come over for dinner one night. Her friend Kate sent her a text asking if she’s okay. She says she always gets bad news from text. That’s how she found out the Mystery Girls is canceled. A Hollywood Reporter story said it was but she contacted her agent who says that’s not for sure.

Dean hugs her and Tori says she doesn’t like compassion. Jess says that’s why she’s staying across the room. Dean says it’s a good show. Tori says she supports the family financially and if that show goes away, she has no plan B financially. Tori says she’s sick of staring over and says it’s the story of her life. She says she feels defeated in that moment.

Dean says she cut him off before he could finish his sentence and she asks him to tell her but he says he lost his train of thought. He says she wants him to be empathetic and compassionate but then she cuts him off when he tries. He walks away. Tori says emotionally, they are often on two different pages. She asks Jess if she did something wrong and her friend says she’s not.

Tori says they haven’t fought for a month on vacation and now they’re back and arguing. Tori is worried she may be pregnant and is focused on that and knows she needs to tell him but the fact that she hasn’t says a lot to her. Dean lies down in bed snoozing when she comes to lie down. He asks if she’s okay. She says she is and he says he doesn’t believe her.

She’s teary then tells him she feels like she’s pregnant. He kind of laughs and asks if she’s joking. She says she gets that crampy feelings she always get when she’s first pregnant. He says he would be excited if she is and she says it would be a big deal. She says she’s fighting to keep her head above water with four kids as it is.

He tells her she shouldn’t borrow trouble by worrying about things that aren’t for sure (he doesn’t say it quite that eloquently) and tells her she needs to change her thinking. She glares and he says he’ll shut up and just buy her a pregnancy test tomorrow. Tori meets her business manager Mehran who tells her she’s too skinny. He says her legs are too skinny and asks if she weighs 100. She says she doesn’t do scales. They go over her income since she’s worried about the cancellation of the show.

She says 11 different product lines – kids clothing, crafts and an online magazine. But since news of the affair broke, they’ve all gone away. He says for him to partner with her again, he needs to know she’s all in. He says talking to retailers is hard because all the see is the affair. Tori says she wants to be back in business and Mehran asks if she’s willing to travel again. She says he doesn’t know.

Tori says this is bigger than the affair, what’s going on. She says she has to know Dean is stable enough for her to travel. Mehran tells her she needs a next chapter. Tori agrees she need to make a firm commitment to Mehran. Courtney comes in then and hugs Tori. She has brought a photo of Emily and tells her she can only look at one time then she’s taking it to burn it.

Mehran tells Tori she’s giving too much energy to this stuff. She says she wants to look at the picture then move on. She opens the envelope and we see the Us Weekly magazine and the photo. She says she’s devastated. Mehran looks at it too – he never saw it. Tori says the woman is unattractive and Mehran asks if she’d prefer someone more attractive.

She flips through the article and then is done. She hands it back to Courtney and Mehran tells her she needs to quit opening up the wound and looking at the mess. She says she’s done now and he says he has to go. He leaves her with Courtney who says he’s a good friend to her. They hug and her friend goes. Tori says she wants to tell Dean she saw the photo but then another part doesn’t.

She says she shouldn’t have looked at the photo. Next day, she tells her therapist she saw the pic but was shocked. She tells her therapist she wouldn’t have been threatened by this woman and says now she feels like all bets are off and it could be anyone. She says she saw a text change between Dean and a woman Anna.

She says it was pretty innocent but then he showed her the woman’s photo online and says it’s someone he would never be attracted to. But she says seeing this photo makes her rethink all this. Wexler tells her that really nothing has changed. She asks Tori about her possible pregnancy. Tori says Dean seemed dismissive and told her she worries too much.

Tori says pregnancy has always been a blessing but after Finn, she’s not even sure she could carry the baby. Wexler says it’s a tough situation. She tells Tori to take the test, find out and then go from there. We see Dean go buy a pregnancy test that afternoon. The producer asks him if she’s scared and Dean says the big concern is her health because of the last pregnancy.

Dean says he would like another baby especially now that he’s sober. He says the closer he gets to the house, there’s a whirlwind of emotion. He goes inside. The kids are in the pool swimming and playing. He comes out and dies in wearing scuba gear and playing. Tori is still stressing about the pregnancy. She says it’s overwhelming and weighing on her. She says she both does and doesn’t want to know.

Tori goes to the bathroom and pees on a pregnancy test stick. She sits there and watches the test do its thing. She puts her head into her hands. She wakes Dean and tells him she took the test. She says she’s not pregnant and he asks if she’s okay. She nods yes. She says she’s relieved. She asks if he would want another one and he says part of him was scared shitless but another part is sad she’s not.

He says they make beautiful babies and she says that surprises her that he said that. She says she didn’t think he would want more but he says they have amazing kids. She says it’s a lot to take care of and says four is a lot. She says she loves it, but it’s a lot. He asks if they’re officially done and says she’s done for sure and says happily done. He says he loves their family and his life. He tells Tori he loves her and she says nothing back.