True Tori Recap 11/11/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “First Wives Club”

True Tori Recap 11/11/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “First Wives Club”

True Tori continues on Lifetime tonight with an all new Tuesday November 11, season 2 episode 4 called “First Wives Club.” On tonight’s episode, Tori Spelling plans a party for Dean McDermott’s oldest son and is forced to face her tumultuous past with Dean’s ex-wife.

On the last episode, Tori Spelling pursued her past in an effort to control one aspect of her life; Dean McDermott battled his demons. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Lifetime’s synopsis, “Tori plans a party for Dean’s oldest son, Jack, she’s forced to face her tumultuous past with Dean’s ex-wife, Mary Jo.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! We loved Tori & Dean and are really excited to see how season 2 of True Tori further explores Tori and Dean’s relationship. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for your recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the about this show!

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Wednesday morning, Dean says Jack texted him asking for a birthday party for his 16th. He’s Dean’s with ex Mary Jo. Tori offers a party int heir backyard and Dean says Jack has no idea what he wants for the party. Tori says they have tried hard to be a blended family and they all get together each year on his birthday Mary Jo. She asks if it’s okay if she texts to see if she can help plan the party but doesn’t want to step on Mary Jo’s toes. Tori says she will always be the woman Mary JO left her for.

They haven’t seen Mary Jo since their marriage fell apart. Dean says he’ll talk to Mary Jo about the party. Later, they head to Dr Wexler’s for therapy. Tori gets a text from her agent saying Mystery Girls is officially not renewed. Dean says it was a good show and he wishes the network had given it more of a chance. She gets a tissue and starts getting teary. Tori says losing a job is never easy and Mystery Girls is harder because she created it and worked on is so passionately and then it’s gone.

She tells Dean she has to figure out her place in this industry. The doc comes in and Tori tells her the news about her show. Tori says every scripted show she’s has since 90210 has only lasted one season. She tells her that she met with Charlie and says she felt safe and nurtured which was unexpected. Sean isn’t happy with this. She says they talked and Charlie says he thinks it’s over and this is a better goodbye than how they left it before. She says it was really mature and evolved.

Wexler asks Dean what he thinks and he says Charlie would never have done what he did which makes him a bigger ass. Tori says there has been a bigger disconnect since she saw Charlie then last night says she initiated sex but is worried their only connection now is the sexual one. Dean looks very upset and asks what is their relationship outside of sex. He says he knows she wasn’t physically attracted to Charlie and she’s attracted physically to him.

Tori says Dean is emotionally stunted and Wexler says Tori labels him as the one with emotional issues but says he’s the grown up in areas where she falls apart and vice versa. The doc tells her she focuses only on the areas where Tori is the one who has to be the grown up and Tori says she thinks it’s balanced. Dean says he’s hearing a lot about how she likes Charlie’s emotions but Tori says there were other issues with Charlie.

Tori says the person she hears him talk about when he was with Mary Jo is very different than the life they have. Dean says life with four kids can be very stifling. He says he doesn’t always know what to do and she says he can deal with it. He says he’s feeling like he’s not the person for her and she says that scares her and makes her think he’s going to leave her. He asks them to turn the cameras off because he’s getting very upset.

Tori takes Liam and Stella to have ice cream with Jack to discuss his party. Tori says she and Jack have had to work on their relationship and says she loves him. On the way, the kids tell her about their day at school. Liam runs to Jack and he hugs both him and Stella. Tori says she loves throwing parties and says Jack has always been there but she hasn’t ever gotten to throw a party for him. She wants to do Alice in Wonderland, but dark and sinister. He’s into that.

She asks for a rundown of his favorite flavors. She asks how she should involve his mom or if there’s anything specific thing she wants to do. He says he’ll ask and knows she wants to be involved but he’s not sure how. He texts his mom and says he’ll let her know what she says. Tori is nervous to talk to Mary Jo because Jack was really little when it happened and she always avoided his parties because of that. Jack says he invited 60 people and she was floored.

She doesn’t want to be a step-monster but says that’s probably too many people. He says he doesn’t think they’ll all show up. Tori tells Dean there could be 50-60 kids there. Dean wonders if they need to hire security. Tori says she can’t say anything since she’s the step-mom. Dean says that’s not true but she says she has to pick her battles as the step-mom.

Dean asks what she wants him to do and he’s frustrated and says he feels like he can’t do anything right. He says Tori is coming down on him like he gave Jack carte blanche but he hasn’t. Dean says to plan for 60 and hopefully just 30 will show up. The day before Jack’s party, Wolf, Jess’s husband is over chatting with Dean while Jess helps Tori set up. Jess asks what if the kids sneak drinks. Tori says she thinks of him as a little kid, not one that drinks.

Dean tells Wolf that Jack talked to him while he was in rehab and told him he was upset by what he did to Tori but says he’s proud he went to rehab. Tori tells Jess she’s worried if Mary Jo will be in her face saying karma is a bitch. Dean is also worried about Mary Jo and Tori interacting especially with his two infidelities. He says it’s not about them, it’s about Jack. Later, Tori tells Jess that Mary Jo is bringing Jack and Jess asks how she’s feeling and tells her she hopes she doesn’t get sick like she does.

Tori says she wonders what it will be like to see Mary Jo and is super nervous but Jess says she can’t wait to see the intersection. Less than five hours before the party, Dean can’t reach Jack and found out he invited 90 people. Tori asks Dean why he didn’t manage this from the get-go. Their yard can’t hold 90 people and should be just friends and family.

Dean is thinking about shutting it down completely. Tori says teens push boundaries and is mad that Dean didn’t enforce the boundaries. Tori tells Jess that Jack knows their house is pretty loose. Mary Jo calls with Jack in the car and Dean asks why they have a list with 90 people on it and Jack says nowhere near that many people will show up.

Jack says he’s really sorry and Dean says the max is 30 and people will get turned away. Jack says that is going to have people hating him at school on Monday. Mary Jo says they need to have a party without having a rave. Jack keeps saying he’s sorry. Dean wants him to have a special party but the kid messed up. Dean says he’s made a lot of mistakes himself and says he can’t be a hypocrite. Dean tells him that it’s 50 people max and if there is trouble, they will cut it.

Dean tells Jack he has to tell the truth – the kid said he didn’t tell him how many he invited because he didn’t want them to be mad. Mary Jo, Jack and Lola (Jack’s sister) show up. Dean tells them T will be down in a moment and is getting ready. Tori shaves her legs quickly and tells Jess she hasn’t seen Mary Jo and says she’s scared of her and knows she hates her. She says she doesn’t expect Mary Jo to like her. Mary Jo asks Dean if he’s turning 50 but he says 48.

Mary Jo tells him she found a great photo of he and his dad from their wedding. They talk and laugh when Tori comes in and Mary Jo greets her warmly with a hug and asks about Finn who Tori is carrying Mary Jo also has a hostess gift for Tori. It totally seems like Mary Jo is being terribly nice. Tori says when Dean and Mary Jo are together, they talk about old times and seem very comfortable together like it picks up right where they left off.

Tori says it makes her feel awkward and apart and she says she has thought in the past that the two of them should be back together. Tori says their relationship seems to work. The party is starting and Jack is in a red bow tie looking cute. They all pose together for a giant blended family photo then Tori asks them to take a photo of just Mary Jo, Jack and Dean but Jack insists Tori be in the photo too although she doesn’t want to intrude.

Jack is outside messing with parking drama and Mary Jo and Tori tells him to come back inside and have fun. Dean sees that Jack is getting agitated and he says he’ll deal with it. They are a little over 20 so they allow more kids in. Dean tells Tori he’s going to say a few words and then introduce Mary Jo. He asks Tori if she wants to speak and she says she will stand up with him but he can talk. Dean steps up and thanks everyone for coming to their house.

Dean says every day with Jack has been a joy. Dean says T and Mary Jo got along and he got along with her and says maybe there is something to the whole blended family thing. Mary Jo tells them it was a great party. Tori says it all worked out and his friends are great. Mary Jo says she told them his friends are nice. Tori says she feels like she’s connecting with Mary Jo on a different level now. It all seems to be very pleasant.

Everyone leaves and Dean says Jack and some of his friends are sleeping over but are cleaning up. Tori says they don’t think they need to set a precedent of letting Jack do what he wants without getting permission. She’s worried that if they don’t set boundaries with Jack, they won’t set them with the younger kids. Tori says she had a curfew even when she was on a hit TV show and was 18. Dean says when he needs to discipline Jack, he always goes back to the day he told Jack he was leaving.

Dean says he keeps hearing Jack ask him not to go. Tori says she gets that and holds his hand. He says Jack would leave phone messages begging him to come home. He says that’s what he hears and Tori says she can’t tell him how to feel but says it’s been nine years and if she doesn’t set any rules, it’s like he doesn’t care. She says Jack will feel loved if he sets a few rules. She asks if they can have a conversation with Jack and agrees.

Dean also wonders if they should sit down and talk with Mary Jo as well. Courtney comes over and asks about the party. Tori says the kids were great and it was a big success. She says Mary Jo was there but they don’t have a lot of contact – it’s just about Jack. Courtney asks if she has ever had a conversation with Mary Jo. Tori says she had that talk with Mary Jo years ago one on one. She says she was really scared and even took a kitchen knife in her purse with her.

Courtney asks if Mary Jo knows this and Tori says she wants to reach out to Mary Jo and talking about boundaries with Jack in person rather than in an email. Tori says she wants to do it before she loses her nerve. She goes to meet with Mary Jo a couple of days later. She says this is the first time in eight years they’ve talked one on one. She says she’s nervous but says now that Dean cheated on her too, she feels more connected to Mary Jo, but wouldn’t say that to her.

She says the infidelity is the elephant in the room and wants to pick Mary Jo’s brain about it. They meet for lunch and start with a hug. Tori asks what’s going on and Mary Jo says she just finished a gluten free cookbook that comes out in the Spring. Tori says she’ll get a copy to keep in their house. Mary Jo says the party was great and Tori says they really don’t have rules and wants some insight on how they do things at her house but Dean doesn’t seem to know.

Mary Jo says Jack knows it’s a free for all at their house and that Jack gives her flack because she seems mean as the disciplinarian. She says she’s frustrated with Dean because he doesn’t crack down. Tori says she felt like she didn’t have the right to say anything. Mary Jo tells her that she makes the curfew and rules when Jack is staying with them and she should do it. Tori wants to talk about Dean’s infidelity. Tori tries to bring it up casually.

Tori wants to talk to her about the affair. Tori says they haven’t really talked in eight years one on one and says now having what happened to her with Dean, it’s given her a new perspective. She says at the time, she felt in love and thought love conquered all but wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. Tori says she wishes she had handled it differently and tells Mary Jo she’s sorry. Mary Jo appreciates the apology and says the truth is she was completely surprised and says betrayal is hard.

She says two kids and a 13 year marriage to be dismissed was hard. She tells Tori the way she was painted in the press wasn’t true and Tori knows it. She says she was never a bitter, angry mean person. Mary Jo says she thought she was a good wife and great mother that supported Dean. Tori says she never thought she was crazy but Mary Jo says that’s how they came at her initially. Tori tries to blame it on Dean but Mary Jo says Tori went along for the ride.

Tori says she can’t help that she dell in love with him but says that doesn’t make it easy or right. Tori says she didn’t blame Emily for sleeping with Dean, but did for going to the press. Mary Jo says it’s 50/50 and says Tori should own that it was a mistake because she was smart and knew what she was doing. Mary Jo says if she owns it, she can forgive her and they can move on. Their lunch will continue on the next episode.