True Tori Recap 12/9/14: Season 2 Episode 8 Finale “Chunks of My Soul”

True Tori Recap 12/9/14: Season 2 Episode 8 Finale "Chunks of My Soul"

True Tori continues on Lifetime tonight with an all new Tuesday December 9, season 2 episode 8 called “Chunks of My Soul,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 2 ends with Tori Spelling being admitted to a hospital, which forces her and Dean McDermott to face their issues head-on and decide whether they will stay together, and if they will continue to document their lives on television.

On the last episode, after confronting two of her most contentious relationships, Tori was faced with a big decision; Dean broke down; Tori’s greatest fear became a reality. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “when Tori is sent to the hospital, both she and Dean must face their issues head-on in order to decide if they will stay together and if they will continue to document their lives on television.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! We loved Tori & Dean and are really excited to see how season 2 of True Tori further explores Tori and Dean’s relationship. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 9 PM EST for your recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts about this show!

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Tori gets back from her trip and has brought a little pig home with her. Kate talks about their fight and says Tori was ready to confront Dean about trying to hire his rehab buddy but instead bought a pig. Dean is out back with the kids. Tori asks Courtney to go get Dean to come see the pig first. Courtney says it’s just sad and that Tori is deflecting instead of addressing it.

Tori shows Dean the little piglet and says she saved it from a slaughterhouse. Dean loves it and the kids come over. Kate says this is like her mom bringing Tatum to Hattie’s birthday party. In private, Dean thinks this is crazy since Tori wants a peaceful organized home and then brings in another animal. Mehran tells the girls that one of them needs to talk to Tori.

Jess says Tori is blinded by being in love and wants a perfect life. Mehran says he doesn’t want to be an enabler and Courtney says them being on the show is enabling them. Mehran says Tori is using the pig to keep from dealing with Dean and then Dean is blaming things on the show rather than dealing with their relationship issues.

The kids want to call the pig Lucy. All of Tori’s friends say goodbye and go inside. She asks if they’re mad but they insists it’s good. Tori follows Mehran into the house and he tells her she needs to talk to Dean and she says she’ll talk to him later, not tonight. He thinks she’s just playing house and playing along. He also tells her Dean looks upset.

Tori says she knows how it sounds and looks but says she wants to deal with it at the right time. She says if not, Dean won’t hear her and they’ll just get loud. Dean looks in the window at her and Mehran says he needs help with the kids. Dean says the pig seems to be more attached to Tori. He says the pig is adorable but says they’re trying to uncomplicate their lives and this is a complication.

She says they can try and find a home for the piglet. She sets the pig down and says they need to talk about the texts. He says he tore up her release and they can’t talk about it on camera. Deans says not to talk about it now while there are two cameras on them. The producers ask about why he doesn’t want her name mentioned and Dean gets angry with them. He says he’s tired of the show overstepping bounds.

He says his friend wasn’t supposed to be part of the story. The producer says he can’t rip things up and shut down stories they’re following. Dean says he wasn’t being unreasonable, but was mad. He tells Bobby that anyone who walks through the door is not fair game. Tori says he’s making this all about the girl and that bothers her. Dean says to take it up with Tori because she builds up the drama.

He says he’s trying to be fair, not a dick but says he’s sacrificed chunks of his soul for the show. Dean says to take him off the call sheet and says he’s done with this. He says this is between he and T. Tori says they’re documenting their journey but then he won’t talk about it and say they’re on different pages. I think she’s wanting him to bare his soul and it makes sense he’s not comfortable doing it in front of the camera.

Tori calls in a vet tech because the pig isn’t eating and she’s told she needs to take it to the vet. Dean is looking for tape to tape Liam’s wrist and can’t find anything in their messy garage. Tori has decided to focus on the pig because it’s a distraction and keeps her away from talking to Dean. Finn is crying and Hattie is throwing things.

Tori tells the kids she got them presents and will give them to them if they eat a good dinner. Dean says he can’t take it anymore that there is no order in their house. He says there is clutter and blocked energy in the house. He says it wasn’t like this last night when he had the kids alone. He tells her he had them all at the dinner table and no TV on.

Dean says T brings chaos and that it’s easier the way he did it. He asks her to eat dinner but she won’t. Tori goes for therapy on Wednesday night while Dean is at a CSI costume fitting. Tori asks Wexler if she remembers when Dean first approached her about his rehab friend helping them with the kids. She says she remembers it and then says he brought her in for a trial while she was gone.

The doc says that must have upset her. Tori says she tried to talk to Dean but he freaked and didn’t want it talked about on camera. Wexler says she’s seen Dean get progressively hostile about the cameras being in their lives and says she gets the sense he wants their life to be private again. Tori says she was lucky that that the whole crew saw this so she could know what went on.

Dean shows up 40 minutes late. Wexler tells him they talked about the sitter. The doc tells him the point of having a fight if you do it right, is understanding each other. She asks them to each say what the other person’s perspective is in the argument. Dean says he thinks it’s because Tori didn’t have control over the situation. Tori pulls a face.

Wexler asks him to tell her what Tori was feeling when he brought this woman in. Tori says she thinks Dean’s perspective is that he was trying to help the situation and be proactive. Dean says he thinks Tori is upset because he didn’t talk to her first and didn’t control it. Dean says he feels like he’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

Tori says he did this while she went away and it’s hurtful to her. Dean curses and stands up angrily. Tori says she thinks his instincts are off about what type of caregiver they should have. Dean says Tori doesn’t seem to like anything about him and asks why the f- she’s with him. She says she wants him to make the right choices.

Tori says everyone wanted them to get better. Dean says there is if they don’t do the f-ing show. He says this is not good for them. Tori asks if there is any woman that would be okay with him bringing in a woman that they already said no to. He says he thought he was helping. He curses again, grabs his jacket and walks out of the session.

Wexler tells Tori that this was afraid what was going to happen. Tori says he’s not a bad guy and she loves him but says he just morally makes the wrong decisions. Wexler says she’s struck by how clear this is for Tori and says he’s the same guy that cheated on her. The doc asks her if she thinks it’s possible for Dean to change. Tori pauses then says no.

Dean texts one of the producers that he needs space and might not come home. The producer texted back to make sure he’s okay. Tori says Dean has no friends and family and him saying that makes her think he’s going to drive off a cliff somewhere. Dean texts Tori later and says he’s hurt, mad and confused. He says he doesn’t know why she’s with him if she thinks he’s so shitty.

He writes that he feels totally defeated. Tori says she doesn’t like him to feel this defeated. He’s at a diner in Beverly Hills. She says she needs to go talk to him but says the cameras can’t go and she sends them off. She goes to meet Dean. He apologized about the sitter thing off-camera. Tori gets a call from the vet tech that the piglet died.

Tori says that makes her feel bad for taking her but says she took her from a slaughterhouse. Tori says this news is overwhelming and she says she wants something positive to happen. She says she’s not going to tell the kids that Lucy died. Dean lies in bed with Tori comforting her. They were supposed to start filming the show two hours ago but are still in bed.

Tori asks Dean to take her to the urgent care now. He says yes and says she’s feverish, chilled and can’t talk. He says she can’t film anything. He takes her and they go. He checks her into the hospital and she cancels all her promotional appearances to promote the show. We see the tabloid and TMZ coverage of Tori’s hospital stay. The stories range from Ebola to nervous breakdown.

We see TMZ and they say she gets more PR results from a hospital stay than doing interviews. Tori is still in the hospital with bronchitis and sinusitis. Wexler goes to see her and asks if she’s getting out soon. Tori says her blood pressure is through the roof and the doc says they need to address her health issues and says she’s not taking good care of herself.

She says Tori has been in the hospital several times the last few months. She says they need to talk about her taking better care. Tori has been in the hospital for nine days while Dean takes care of the kids. We see him cooking for the kids and plating the food really nicely. He told Tori at the hospital that things have been peaceful and calm at home while she’s been in there.

He says she asked if she didn’t add that to the home and he told her no. Dean made a spooky Halloween dinner for the kids. He says he told her she lives in a heightened state. He says this is a jumping off point. He says he’s had the kids and he’s noticed a difference. He says it’s really peaceful there and wants her to participate in the calm when she gets home.

He says it’s better for the kids. Wolf stops by to ask about Tori. He says she’s not getting better. Wolf asks if it’s psychological. Dean says Tori suppresses her feelings a lot and it makes her ill. Dean says they need to simplify their lives in every way. He says they need to have less stuff and do better with scheduling. He says they have no harmony because of all the stuff in excess.

He opens cabinets and starts showing him how everything is jam packed. Dean says being on the show is not helping. He says the future doesn’t look bright if Tori doesn’t take action on this. Tori finally checks out of the hospital Sunday morning and heads home. She has been away for 13 days. She says she’ll still sick but is better. She says it’s been hard being away from the kids.

Dean and Jack are cooking with the kids when Tori gets home. Dean hugs and kisses her. The kids made her get well cards. Later Courtney comes over to check on her. She tells Tori she feels like the way she’s living her life is going to kill her. Tori is shocked. Courtney says it’s like watching her emotions literally kill her. She says this is not normal.

Tori says she knows her life is a train wreck. Courtney says she has to decide to make it stop and says it has to be her. Courtney says she has to take responsibility for what she can and make the choice to change her life. She says she thinks Tori’s emotions are making her sick. She tells her that a 41 year old woman should not be in the hospital as much as she is. She tells her she needs to love herself.

Tori starts crying and says she has no idea where to start. She says that’s what she wants for the kids too. She lays on Courtney and cries. Courtney tells her she loves her. Monday morning, Tori is at Wexler’s office and calls her agent to cancel a personal appearance on Tuesday. She says she just looked at the appearance details and says it’s just too much.

She says she’s in no condition to do this right now. Wexler rolls her eyes as Tori bawls into the sofa. She tells her agent she’s having a meltdown. Wexler asks for them to talk it through and then call her agent back. The doc talks to her and asks why she thinks she can’t do the appearance. Tori says she didn’t realize everything that was expected of her and didn’t realize she’d still be sick.

Tori says she gets sick a lot and that makes her unreliable for appearances. Tori says she used to get booked a lot and it all stopped when the affair and True Tori happened. Wexler asks if she resents Dean for this loss in her income. Tori says she doesn’t completely blame him because she made him do the show. Wexler asks if she can take a bunch of medicine and get through it but Tori says no.

Wexler says it sounds like the hospital visit didn’t help. Tori says she’s just getting worse. Wexler says she has to take the consequence of not showing up. She says Tori needs to look at how she ends up in the hospital when things don’t turn out like she wants. She asks if she’s avoiding things. Wexler says Tori can’t focus on what she doesn’t have control over.

Tori decides to cancel the appearance. Tori talks to Dean that night and says they haven’t had any time to talk since she got back from the hospital. She says she had to relinquish all control while she was in there and says he did an amazing job. She says it feels weird now that they aren’t talking about themselves. Dean says the whole thing with the sitter and asks why she’s concerned about her.

Tori says it hasn’t even been a year since he cheated on her and bringing in a female friend makes her feel strange. He tells her to lower her expectations of him. Tori says it’s going to be a rough road for her to deal with him having female friends because she thinks he might go further with someone that he’s texting with and talking with.

Dean says he wouldn’t do that to her again. He says he was at a real low point about himself when it happened. Tori says she knows he has an emotional connection to this woman. He says he can’t talk about it on camera. He says he can’t talk about the program they were in with the cameras on. Tori says the cameras are documenting their lives and he says the lines are blurred.

He says he doesn’t know if they’re talking for them or for the show. Dean says he wants to share his thoughts and feelings with her but not on camera. He says the show isn’t good for him. Tori says she doesn’t feel that way and says she doesn’t know where they would be without it. She asks where that leaves her and says the show makes sense to her.

Dean says he’s learned a lot from it but says he needs some privacy in his life. He says he wants to step away from the show. He says he just can’t do it anymore. She totally doesn’t get why he doesn’t want to live life on camera. He kisses her and tells her he loves her then goes upstairs and leaves Tori with all her cameras.

Tori says the past year has been painful but she thinks things happen for a reason. She says being able to accept that they are not perfect and there is no perfection in a relationship has been freeing and says they can just go back to being us.