True Tori Recap – Crazy Tatum O’Neal Cameo: Season 2 Episode 7 “Chunks of My Soul”

True Tori Recap - Crazy Tatum O'Neal Cameo: Season 2 Episode 7 "Chunks of My Soul"

True Tori continues on Lifetime tonight with an all new Tuesday December 2, season 2 episode 7 called “Chunks of My Soul,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Tori Spelling is sent to the hospital and the situation forces Tori and Dean Dean McDermott to face their issues head-on and decide whether they will stay together and if they will continue to document their lives on television.

On the last episode, Tori and Dean attempted to get their professional and personal lives back on track but some new issues threatened to derail their relationship. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Tori and Dean must decide if they will continue to document their lives on television.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! We loved Tori & Dean and are really excited to see how season 2 of True Tori further explores Tori and Dean’s relationship. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 9 PM EST for your recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts about this show!

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Thursday night, Tori is crafting with her friend Courtney for treats for Hattie’s third birthday party. She tells her that she and Dean had a big fight because she’s micromanaging his parenting. Tori says she’s trying to give him more to do but Courtney says that’s managing him too. She says she told him she was nervous about leaving for an overnight outing. Courtney says the kids will be fine and it would be good for Tori to see that she can take a break.

Courtney says her going away would be a good way to show Dean she knows he’s trying. She says it could help them both and says the kids will be completely safe with their kids. Tori says after Hattie’s party, she’ll think about it. A day before the party, the bouncy house is up but Tori has a bad cold. Dean tells her he has a remedy for her to try. She asks about his CSI schedule and he says he’ll find out soon. He says he’s excited about getting back into acting.

He says he hopes Tori can see that he’s trying in all aspects of his life. She asks about his look and he says he’s supposed to play a scruffy character. She says she’s too sick to laugh at his jokes. She asks if Mary Jo still laughed at all his jokes and they discuss that his ex is coming to Hattie’s party. Tori says she’s hopeful about her blooming relationship with Mary Jo. She says it’s good for Dean if they can get along and he says it’s good for Jack but maybe not him.

Dean says he’s not sure if any guy wants his current wife and ex-wife getting along and hanging out. Hattie is dressed up as a fairy for her party. Dean asks if she feels like a fairy princess. Dean says with Mary Jo coming, he hopes there is no drama because he wants it to be all about Hattie. Tori is also in a fairy outfit complete with wings and tells her friend that she invited Mary Jo. She tells Tori that’s weird. She says she invited Lola and her mom to come along.

Tori says her mom is also coming and that she and Mary Jo are the two women she hasn’t emotionally confronted and that’s stressful. Tori says she only sees her mom when it’s about the children. She says they don’t have an active relationship and push aside all their baggage. She says it’s always awkward. The guests arrive and all the girls are done up as fairies. Tori starts to get a migraine and then Mary Jo shows up. She says she knows it’s all the stress.

She doesn’t want to be sick on this day of all. Mary Jo and Tori hug and she hugs Jack. Her head is killing her and says she’s actually more worried about her mom. Mary Jo asks Dean if she knows anyone here and he says not likely. Tori tells Dean she has a migraine and he says he’s not surprised because she gets sick whenever she has emotional stress. She goes upstairs to take a nausea pill and Kate comes with her. Tori tells her she’s really anxious about her mom.

Candy finally shows up and has brought along a guest. Dean says they really only see her at the kid’s birthday parties – he says it’s like having a very important guest. She’s brought Tatum O’Neal along and Dean says this is surreal. He tells them Tori has a migraine and went inside to take something. Dean brings Hattie to see her grandma but she won’t sit with her. Kate tells Tori she can’t put her crown back on since it may make her headache worse.

Tatum tells Dean that Tori needs to come down and say hi to her mom. She’s being pretty rude and annoying. Dean doesn’t get why Candy brought her along and says it’s an odd choice for a plus one. He goes upstairs and tells her that Candy brought Tatum who is being annoying. Tori doesn’t even know Tatum and Kate says Tatum probably wanted to be on the show. Tori asks the producer if he knew Tatum was coming.

He tries to tell them how Tatum was treating him and walks away because she doesn’t listen – he says she’s all involved with Jess and Kate and isn’t paying attention to him. Tori says the last thing she needs is a fit from him. Tori comes down and gives her mom a hug and a kiss. She tells Tatum she’s a big fan of hers. Finn asks to swim and Tori has to tell him no. Tatum is complaining that she’s hot and wants to take off her dress. She’s being insane. Tatum goes inside to change.

Tori tells her mom that she can get Tatum something to change into and Candy tells her Tatum can go home if she needs something since she lives just down the street. She introduces Candy to Mary JO. Tori asks Tatum how she knows her mom and she says they’re friends and have been. She introduces Mary Jo to her too. Tori says she’s fighting a migraine, being a hostess and dealing with this. Liam attacks the pinata as the guests cheer.

Mary Jo and Candy swap emails and this stresses Tori out further. She says those are the two women she’s had the most issues with and she doesn’t know what they’re talking about and that’s making her anxious. Mary Jo comes to tell Tori that her mom just wanted to talk to her but Tori says to be careful because her mom will try get information about her. Mary Jo says she would never do that. She says she thinks Mary Jo is being up front with her.

Tori says that makes her feel better. Mary Jo tells her this whole thing is bizarre for her too. Alyson Hannigan is there with her kids too. Tori and her mom pose for a photo and Tatum has to hop in like a psycho. Tori says the party went off well and that Hattie seems to have enjoyed it. Tori says she used to plan parties to get her mom’s approval and still has that in her mind. After the party, Tori and Dean talk. He says it was weird and Tori says she doesn’t want to say anything on camera that her mom will get upset about.

Dean says he hopes she takes her trip with her GF’s as a chance to relax and have fun. He tells her not to worry and says to go, enjoy and have fun. He says this is his chance to take care of everything. He knows she’s reluctant and says it’s kind of insulting that she doesn’t think he can take care of his kids. She’s already stressing about things that might happen. She says they may want to have wine and that gives her migraines and then she’ll come back with a migraine when he as to go to work on CSI.

Dean tells the kids it’s bath time to wash the party stink off. Next day Tori goes for one-on-one therapy to talk about her mom. She says her mom came to Hattie’s party and it was awkward because people are looking and they have no relationship to speak of. She says Dean tells her it’s sad to watch her with her mom and try so hard to win her over. She says her friends tell her she needs to accept her mom for who she is and realize she’ll never be the mom she wants her to be.

She says when this happens, she hugs her daughter Hattie even more because she doesn’t want her to ever feel that way about her. Tori cries and says she just wants her kids to feel so loved. She says her biggest fear when she was pregnant with Stella was that she would be the same kind of mother that her mom is. She says she just wants someone to hug little her but knows she can never get that back. She says never wants her kids to feel that. She cries and cries.

Dr. Wexler says she has to allow herself to grieve. She tells the doc her friends are taking her away but says she really doesn’t want to go and thinking about is making her anxious. Wexler tells her she role models better for her children if they see that she’s engaged in self care. Tori says her concerns are that Dean won’t take care of them. She says he hasn’t been alone with the kids since her was in rehab and feels like he needs a sitter too.

Monday morning, Mehran advises Tori on outfits for tonight. He says they have to go. Tori says she needs to find her jeans. Mehran says she needs this weekend getaway to get the space she needs. Kate and Jess are packing for Tori – they’re two hours late and Jess says she’ll believe they’re going when they are in the car. Tori goes to tell Dean she doesn’t want to go. She says she and the kids are all sick. He tells her to go and says he’s working on someone to help out while he’s on CSI.

She finally leaves with her friends. They head to Santa Barbara. Mehran says he’s queasy from the drive and then they’re at the winery. Tori says she misses drinking wine. Mehran tells her she can still have red wine and she jokes and says it stains blonde hair. She says she’s trying to loosen up but is worried about Dean and the kids. Dean is overseeing a new play place being built in the yard. He takes the kids out to check it out.

They look at the slide and the kids are getting excited. Stella complains there are no monkey bars and Dean tells her she should say thank you instead of complaining. Mehran tells Tori the kids are also getting a break and they decide to go to another winery. By the time Tori has been gone for four hours, Dean has a visit from a woman he met in rehab who is interviewing to help Tori while he’s gone on the CSI set.

Their regular sitter texts Tori to tell her that Dean asked her to train the “chick” that Dean brought over. Tori says she knows it’s someone he knows and Mehran says it’s nothing. Tori texts Dean asking who came over to their house. He says it was a friend from rehab and then Tori has to call. He takes the call and she asks what friend. They bleep her name and he says it was an interview for her to help Tori while he’s gone to work.

She asks if this is the one they talked about months ago. Tori says she said no to hiring her twice already and hangs up on him. Tori tells her friends that Dean has been trying to get the woman a job since he got out of rehab. She was a patient and her friends agree that’s no cool. Dean makes lunch for the kids and then says Tori is making him crazy but he’ll be there for the kids. He plays with them and feeds them and it’s going well.

Tori says she thinks Dean thinks she’s crazy. Mehran tells her she can be too controlling but agrees with her on this one. Tori says this negates everything they were working toward but her friends tell her that’s not true. They tell Tori she can be unhappy with Dean’s choices but she can choose to be happy. Mehran says this is too heavy and Tori says she’s sorry and didn’t anticipate this. Dean is making burgers for the kids for dinner.

The producers for interview Laura, the sitter, about the woman from rehab. She says the woman from rehab thought Tori would be there. He tears up his friend’s release and confronts a producer to shut down them talking about the woman. The producer says she just wants both sides but he says this is not part of a story line. Dean says it’s done and won’t discuss it any further. They tell Tori that Dean could genuinely be trying to help.

She says the last she heard, Dean told her he was trying to find help. Courtney says she agrees with Tori that Dean should not have let someone in their house without her permission. Her friends debate over whether he’s being helpful or not. Tori texts Dean about how she feels. The producer asks what’s going on. Dean won’t show her the texts and says Tori is flipping out. Jess says Dean knows the woman and knows her story but Tori says he just cheated a year ago so he can’t have female friends now.

Dean texts Tori that he’s sick of it and he gives up. Dean says he’s tired of all this and says if he doesn’t do it her way, she freaks out. He says he’s tired of being treated this way. Tori has been gone for eight hours and Wolf comes over. He says he’s surprised at how peaceful it is. He came over because Jess told him about the fight. Dean tells him it’s complicated. He says he wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. Wolf agrees that he needs space to do what he needs to do and says he knows it’s frustrating to be micromanaged constantly.

Dean says it’s really not fun. Dean says whatever he does is always wrong. Wolf says Dean gets persecuted and judged too much. On day two of her trip, Tori is in Los Alamos. Tori and her friends stop at an antique shop and Tori says she feels sick. Mehran asks if this weekend helped or hurt her. Tori says she needs to go home and get in bed but doesn’t have a husband that will take care of her. She says she has no idea what she’s coming home to.

Tori says new things just keep coming up and tells Mehran she’s going to go check into the Four Seasons. She says she’s going to tell Dean they’re filming one more day so she can stay away from home. Tori is buying stuff and Mehran tries to get her to stop the shopping. He says she’s just avoiding the inevitable. He says he knew she was going to draw the day out to keep from dealing with Dean. He tells her to put the stuff back and she agrees to buy just one thing.

Dean is checking out the play set with the kids about 40 minutes before Tori gets home. He says it was a great weekend and he got to bond with the kids. He says he’s not sure what to expect when she comes home. Tori gets home and says the last time she was walking in to confront Dean when something like this happened, it was when he had cheated. She’s very stressed when she comes in and calls out for him.