True Tori Recap Tori’s Boobs Are Toast: Season 2 Episode 6 “Raw Nerves”

True Tori Recap Tori's Boobs Are Toast: Season 2 Episode 6 "Raw Nerves"

True Tori continues on Lifetime tonight with an all new Tuesday November 25, season 2 episode 6 called “Raw Nerves,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Tori and Dean take steps to get their professional and personal lives back on track, but new issues surface that threaten to derail their relationship

On the last episode, after meeting with Mary Jo, Tori was alarmed to discover Dean had written them both love notes.  Dean said that Mary Jo was trying to plant a seed in Tori’s head. He said he gave Mary Jo a great life and he tried so hard. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Tori and Dean attempt to get their professional and personal lives back on track but some new issues threaten to derail their relationship.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! We loved Tori & Dean and are really excited to see how season 2 of True Tori further explores Tori and Dean’s relationship. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 9 PM EST for your recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the about this show!

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#TrueTori is one. Sunday morning, the kids are swimming and Tori has a praying mantis on her arm. She says they symbolize peace, quiet and calm. It crawls further up her arm and toward her neck and she gets nervous but Dean laughs. It then crawls up her face and into her hair. She’s so freaked out. Tori asks the kids if they want to keep the mantis and they say yes. She lets it sit up on her head and hang out. Dean goes to an audition the next day – he says it’s for a guest spot on CSI and it’s the first audition he’s had in a while.

He says it’s also his first sober audition in a while. He says the thinks people don’t take him seriously because of all the reality TV. He really wants the part and says it would be a good re-start. Dean says one gig can change your life forever. He comes out very pleased. He says they had him read for another part as well. He’s got fingers crossed that he’ll get one of the appearances. He’s almost giddy with excitement.

Next is therapy with Dr Wexler. He tells her he was asked to join a hockey league with some of the dads from school. He’s worried that Tori won’t like him being away from the family. She says she doesn’t go out but Wexler says they each need to go do grown-up things. Tori says she doesn’t think it’s okay to take time to tend to herself but Wexler says she knows she needs some medical things done.

Tori says she needs an operation for damage done during Finn’s birth. She also needs her boobs done because her implants were recalled 15 years ago. Wexler asks why she’s not thinking about her health. Dean says her sickness and lack of energy bring the house down and Tori gets snippy and says her boobs don’t take energy out of the house.

Tori says she’s worried how they would pay the bills if she takes three months off work to recuperate. Dean says it all comes down to him not pulling his weight financially, or emotional or being present enough. Tori agrees that is the concern. Wexler says she needs to back away and give Dean a chance to do these things. Tori says he can do procedures – like changing diapers, cooking meals.

She says it’s the filler and emotional stuff that he doesn’t do. Dean says she makes herself sound like Mother Teresa and he does f- all. She says she isn’t making it seem like she does it all but he says that’s exactly what she’s saying. He says she treats him like he does nothing and that every little thing she does is so much more.

Dean says he’s feeling very offended and says he can take care of the kids but she says she has to manage it. Dean says she wants everything on her terms and Tori asks if she steps back, what would it look like. Tori says he doesn’t want to be around them and he says he does. He tells him he’s a competent and capable father despite any issues he has.

Wexler says the kids will grow up to be good kids and that she and Dean each offer different things to their kids. She tells Tori that she knows why Dean is offended but then him being angry shuts Tori down. She tells Tori she needs to keep talking past this. Wexler says they need to parent together and asks what they have together apart from kids.

Tori says she doesn’t know because they’ve had kids for most of their marriage. Wexler suggests taking a few minutes to sit alone and talk with no distractions, not about kids and not about work. Tori and Dean agree to try it. She says to talk for 25 minutes not about kids and work and says they may feel better for it.

Next day, Mehran and Amy are there working on designs with Tori. She is working on new product lines now that Mystery Girls is done. Tori asks Amy how she balances work and her four kids and says she has a stay at home Dad. She asks if he wants to stay home and she says he does then Mehran interrupts and says they need to talk business. Tori asks about their relationship and Amy says they haven’t seen a movie in seven years.

They finish up with Amy and Tori says she loves her and wishes she lived in LA. She’s excited about the product and says she’s very interested in her relationship with her hubby. Mehran is frustrated with Tori and says Dean is not a stay at home dad but is doing a good job but is an actor. He thinks Tori is being too hard on him.

Dean comes in and overhears and is annoyed. He says he does for the kids but Tori says remembering and being responsible is another thing. He tells her he’s not a f-ing zombie and she says she’s not saying she’s all good and he’s all bad but he says that’s what she’s making it sounds like. He says this whole f-ing show is about how bad he is. She says sorry and says she won’t talk about this on camera anymore.

She says she wants the relationship with him after the show is over. He says he doesn’t know if she show is good for them. Tori and Courtney are shopping and talking about her boobs. Tori says she thinks clothes would look better on her if her boobs were smaller and she regrets them. She says she would not have done the implants and Courtney says she should get them out.

Tori says if she had been told she’d have to have them replaced every 10-15 years she wouldn’t have done it. Courtney says Tori needs to see a doctor about the implants and says it’s impacting her health. She says she needs them out soon. Courtney says things will get worse and it’s not safe. Tori promises to go to a doctor. Tori says they are like rocks and has Courtney feel them.

They are hard and Courtney says that’s weird. Tori says she’s riled up and wants to stick a knife in there and cut them out herself. Tori and Dean go on a date to a cake decorating place. She’s nervous to be alone with Dean and says she thinks this happens to all parents where it’s all consuming and all about the kids. She rolls out fondant and he asks what they can talk about.

She tells him not to look at her stuff and work on his own. He says before kids, they had a close bond and things have really changed. He says that worries him and he doesn’t want to lose that connection. He talks about going to color me mine with Jack and took him to Build a Bear but haven’t taken the other kids. He asks how you don’t talk about the kids.

Tori says their kids are their lives but thinks she’s all about the kids and he doesn’t make them a priority. Next day, Tori goes to get her breast implants checked with a doctor and takes Courtney along. Dr Ghavami asks about her breasts and she tells him when she got them but she’s really nervous. She says she’s had two implantation’s done.

He says she needs some work. He tells her she has grade three capsule contracture and says it’s severe. He says it’s almost as bad as it can be and says her scar tissue is trying to push them out and she likely has a micro-rupture. He says the longer she waits, the worse it will be. He says they should take them out, put smaller ones in and do a lift later. He says or they can take them out totally and wait a few months then come back and put in new ones once she heals up.

Tori says she’s scared of what it would look like if she had no implants and the doc says it would be like pancakes. Tori tells dean what the doctor said. She says she could do a boob vacation for a while or she can get new implants right away. He says she needs them out right away. He says he likes her boobs but she says they are not supposed to be rock hard.

She tells him about the pancake thing if she has no implants and asks what he thinks. He says he thinks she should take a boob break so she’s healthy. He says her health is important to their relationship and their family. He tells her that her body needs a break. He says he would love the shit out of pancake titties because he loves her and wants her healthy.

Tori says that times like this remind her of why she fell in love with him. She agrees to the boob vacation. She jokes about having them in a glass dome since she’s had them so long. Dean gets a call from his manager, Robert Flute, who says he got the CSI spot as a guest star. He says it’s eight days of work starting on the 14th. He says it’s his first booking and he got it on the first audition.

Dean is excited but is now nervous about telling Tori since she gets upset if he’s away from the kids. He goes upstairs to tell her and she hugs him and says she’s so proud of him. She says this is where he was meant to be. She says this is exactly what he needed right now. She says actors can go to dark places when they don’t get work. He tells her how long it is and when it starts.

They go to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins for Halloween. They pull the kids in wagons and let them pick out pumpkins. Dean asks if they should get a wart one. He bumps into one of the kids and Tori starts to freak out. He picks her up and says she walked under him and he bumped her head with a pumpkin. Tori comes to check and says this is a perfect example of their parenting styles.

She says he thinks she’s over-protective but she thinks he doesn’t watch them carefully enough. He demonstrates what happened and says it was a little bump and it didn’t fall on her. He says Hattie is okay and there’s no bump. Dean is annoyed that Tori is creating a lot of drama and histrionics. He says she makes a big deal out of everything and it takes a toll on him.

Liam has a leaf as they are gathering stuff to make a terrarium for the praying mantis. He and Liam put some stuff into a tank then transfer the bug onto their hands. Dean says he’s tired of Tori not being confident that he can take care of his own kids. Jess is there with her hubby Wolf and Dean shows them the praying mantis. Dean shows her the mantis tank.

Tori tells Jess they got into a fight after therapy about priorities. Jess says they should go out and do something and their hubbies tell them to go away for the weekend and Dean says he can take care of the kids. Tori starts to have a panic attack and he asks what she thinks would happen. Wolf says he thinks she feels guilty about taking time for herself.

Dean says when it was just the two of them they did all kinds of crazy stuff but she’s gone the whole way to being over-responsible. Tori says he’s never said that out loud before. She says she feels like she has to be over because he’s under. Dean says she needs to give him the opportunity to take the kids and show her he can do fine with them.

He says she’s not leaving them with an absentee father. Tori says she lives in fear of him not doing it because that’s their dynamic. She says she has an example but won’t say it on camera. He tells her to say it. She asks about him sending Dani to pick up the kids from school instead of him going. He says Finn was asleep and she volunteered to do it. He says she’s looking to find things he did wrong.

Jess does think that Tori is nitpicking. He says all the kids were picked up and it’s all fine. He asks why the forensic interrogation. He says if Dani didn’t get them, he would have. He says she thinks he’s a lazy f- who didn’t go pick up his kids. She defends mentioning it by saying he told her to give an example and that’s why she brought it up.

Dean walks outside and Tori says she doesn’t know what she did wrong. Wolf goes to find him and says he gets it. He puts his arm around Dean who is very upset. Wolf tells him not to get worked up and Dean says he’s trying so hard and it’s not enough and she’s always picking him apart. He says no one likes to be micro-managed and it feels like the other person is just looking for you to slip up so they can pounce.

Tori tells Jess that he created this dynamic. Jess tells her to see if a change does happen now that they talked it out. Dean says he’s done with the micro-managing. Wolf asks if she’s like that with everything or just the kids. Dean says it’s everything and if anything doesn’t go like she wants it, she wants to dig into why it happened.

Tori tells Jess she has to think about where he was nine months ago. Jess says she needs to do some things for herself too to make a difference and try to be happy. Tori says every time they get to a point where they are communicating, Dean walks off. She says she’s giving him 100% of her attention then he’s like f- it and bye.

Wolf says there are trust and angst issues from what happened but Dean says it was like that before. He says he feels like a raw nerve that’s being struck. They come back inside. Dean says he’s done for the day. He pulls the mic off and Tori asks if he’s still mad at her. He walks off again.