True Tori Recap 10/21/14: Special Episode “Past. Present. Future”

True Tori Recap 10/21/14: Special Episode “Past. Present. Future"

True Tori returns on Lifetime tonight with an all new Tuesday October 21, season 2 special episode called “Past. Present. Future.”  On tonight’s episode we take a look at Tori’s past which will include her husband Dean’s affair, his returning home and what the future holds for the couple.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, True Tori chronicles Tori’s marriage following Dean’s cheating scandal last year. The Canadian-born actor allegedly cheated on his wife with fan Emily Goodhand while shooting another show in Toronto late last year. Dean will be back for the second season, it will focus more on Tori and her personal struggles instead.

On tonight’s special episode, before the premiere episode, there’ll be focus on the past, present and future of Tori’s life.

We hope you stop by for this cool new special! We loved Tori & Dean: In Love and are really excited to see how this season of True Tori further explores Tori & Dean’s relationship. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for our LIVE recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us what your looking forward to most in season 2.

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Tori and Dean first met in 2005 in Ottawa, Canada. They were co-starring in a made for TV movie – Mind Over Murder. We see a clip of the TV. They slept together the first night they met on the roof of the hotel and were in love by the time the movie wrapped. But Dean was married and had been for 12 years and Tori just celebrated her first anniversary with her own husband.

Tori, daughter of Aaron Spelling, was Hollywood royalty who grew up in one of the largest and costliest homes in America. Tori says her dad was a workaholic but says she spent her weekends with him playing. She says they made her mom play the wicked witch but Tori says she feels bad about that. She says her dad fed the bad relationship between she and her mom.

At five, she decided she wanted to be an actress, so Aaron gave her a guest spot on the show Vegas. She says her dad was proud. She went on to more roles including The Love Boat, Fantasy Island and other shows. Her roles got bigger as she developed as an actress. She had an agent by her teens but says she always felt like she was engaged in nepotism.

Dean, in contrast, grew up in government housing in Canada – poor and with an alcoholic dad not around much for all the kids. Dean began performing as a kid for his mom’s friends. He also played hockey as a kid and spent time memorizing comedy albums. But at 15, his mom died of a pulmonary embolism sitting right next to him on the sofa. He says his life just stopped.

Meanwhile Tori, at 15, got her first kiss from Screech on Saved By the Bell and also had her first real-life boyfriend – a 26 year old guy who was their family’s personal chef. She says he was hot and she and her GF’s all flirted with him. She says she never felt good about her looks and says she kissed him in the laundry room at a holiday party.

Then she started sneaking out to make out with him at his apartment. But then she came home from school one day and all his cookbooks were gone and she knew her parents had found out. She says when her parents were grounding her and telling her he was fired. They also asked if she slept with him since she was underage and he was so much older. They said their lawyers wanted to know.

Candy asked her daughter if there was any penetration and she told her no but was grounded for months. Her dad sought to reinforce her propriety by casting her as a virgin in Aaron’s show on 90210. Tori says she held onto her virginity until she was 17 and was cheating on her BF by sleeping with Brian Austin Green. She says he told her he loved her at Disneyland in the middle of an argument.

After Dean’s mom died, he turned into a troublemaker. He started smoking pot, dropping acid and drinking. He hung out with the popular crowd at school by being a comedian. He lost his virginity to the most popular girl in school.

Tori says the cast of 90210 was romantically involved with each other a lot and then says she always looked for the bad boys. She dated one guy for three years and says it was a horrible relationship. She says it was verbally and emotionally abusive. It was so bad, her 90120 cast mates held an intervention to try and get her to stop seeing him, but she didn’t.

She says at a family Christmas party, Luke Perry punched the guy for being such a jerk. Dean says he used to watch 90210 because he had a crush on Tori and says he would think about her when he was masturbating. We see that he got a big break on a Canadian show called Due South about Canadian Mounties. Dean says this was one of his favorite parts.

He was still doing drugs and drinking while getting his start as an actor and says it never got in the way of work. And, after seven years on 90210, Donna, Tori’s character, got to lose her v card. She was doing well with her career, but her personal life was in the toilet. She dated another guy for three years who wouldn’t sleep with her. She says she still doesn’t know why he wouldn’t.

She says she made this about her and thought it was because she wasn’t pretty enough or good enough. This led Tori to make some more huge mistakes. Tori met Charlie Shanian doing a play and says she convinced herself she was in love with him. She says he gave her confidence in herself but says it was mostly physical.

Even as she knew he wasn’t the one, she moved in with him then accepted his proposal. They married in July 2004 at a million dollar wedding at her parent’s home. She says she knew right away she shouldn’t have married him. She says they had a pregnancy scare on vacation in Hawaii. She was panicked but he wasn’t. She says she always wanted kids but not with him.

That same year, Dean got his green card and moved to LA with his wife and son to pursue his acting career. He got a part on NCIS and his career was looking up. He says he loved his son but he and his wife weren’t happy. Tori was also unhappy and unsure about her career. She got the TV movie offer for Mind Over Murder, it was a good offer because her career had been up and down.

She was doing a reality show at the time and didn’t think it was a good idea but her husband Charlie read the script and said it was good and she should take it. Dean was helping a friend renovate a bathroom when he got the call offering him the male lead opposite Tori Spelling. Dean says he had a huge crush on her and says he joked they didn’t even have to pay him if he got to kiss her.

Before she left to start the movie, she wanted to try and save her marriage. She says she knew things weren’t working out and she went to see Mama Lola, a voodoo priestess in Brooklyn, New York. She says she spent two days doing this ritual involving chicken blood and milk baths and Mama Lola told her she had an evil eye on her but that she took care of it and her life was going to change. Tori says the next day, she met Dean.

Tori and Dean arrived separately in September 2005 to start shooting in Ottawa. She says the first meeting she came to was wardrobe fitting. She realized she never looked up who her leading man was and she saw his photo and thought he was not her type. Dean is told Tori is there and asked if he wants to meet her. The director brought Dean to meet her.

Dean says he came into the room and she looked over her shoulder at him and they locked eyes and she says her heart literally melted (literally, really?). She says it was love at first sight. There was a cast and crew dinner but they only had eyes for each other. Dean says he knew he was in trouble. She saw his wedding ring, but they flirted. The group went for drinks after dinner.

Tori suggest Limoncello shots. He says she did a shot off his neck and he thought it was very sensual. Dean says the last shot of the night involved him putting the lemon on her lower back and him sucking it off of her. He says she kissed him in public at the bar where everyone could see. They left together in a cab and went straight to her hotel room. Dean says they consummated their relationship on the roof.

Tori admits they slept together that first night. Her room had a rooftop deck and that’s where they went. Dean says they started work with bruises and scratches from the roof. Tori says they were inseparable. Their feelings grew as filming progressed but they knew it was bad timing. They talked about maybe getting together in six months.

On the flight back to LA, they wrote out a list of all the stuff they wanted to do together when they could finally be a couple. She says they were both crying by the time they got down with the lists. They each went home to their spouses. Three days after Tori got home, she got a text from Dean saying he told his wife Mary Jo about the affair. He says he told his life he fell in love with Tori and she’s his soul mate.

He rented a car and drove back to LA. Tori says that meant she needed to tell her husband she wanted to leave him. She and Dean spent the next couple of nights at hotels. Then she emailed her husband and told him she wasn’t coming home and asked him to meet her at Dr Wexler’s office (her therapist). The doc promised to mediate Tori telling her husband it was over.

Tori says she would have liked to handle it better but it was the only way she knew how. She broke up with Charlie at Wexler’s office and says he never saw it coming. After they split, she wouldn’t see him for eight more years. She says she wasn’t a cheater and he was floored. She says she told him she had been with someone else and he asked if it was Dean.

She says she didn’t say she was in love with Dean and wanted to marry him because she didn’t want to have to tell him all that. She says at the end of the meeting, he hugged her and told her he was going to fight for her but then he didn’t because she had already moved on. She then announced the split in People magazine and Dean filed for divorce. She and Dean were already living together.

They had an apartment and were still in a honeymoon phase where they were going out and partying but then she was pregnant and they hadn’t planned for that. She says Dean was so happy. She went to have her first ultrasound at six weeks but the doc told her she had a blighted ovum meaning it was an empty sac, no baby, in her uterus. She says she was so sad and Dean told her not to worry.

Dean says it was hard because they wanted kids. There was another side to him, though, beyond the concern. He was relieved they could continue their relationship without kids and proposed on Christmas Eve then they got married on a private beach in Fiji. She says they kept trying to get pregnant after they got engaged.

Then in June, her dad died after having a stroke. She says then in July, she found out she was pregnant with her first child, son Liam. She thinks it was an angel was sent to them. She says she and Dean were both acting out a little but then she stopped partying when she was pregnant. She says she grew up instantly but Dean didn’t change that way.

Tori was filming Smallville in Vancouver and Dean was with her. He wanted to go rent bikes and was frustrated because she was tired and he complained. Dean says she became responsible but he didn’t want the party to end, so he kept on. Tori says was the defining moment when things changed in their relationship and they disconnected. She says she went on a new path and he stayed on his.

Tori says it was all there before Dean and from the start with Dean. She says people come in patterns and you repeat them until you choose not to. He says he has anger issues and drug and alcohol issues but hid them from her. They seemed like a fairytale couple, but there was drama behind the scenes. Tori says people thought their relationship was perfect but she knew it wasn’t.

She says Dean used to ride a motorcycle but Mary Jo made him get rid of his bike. Tori rented him one for his birthday after the birth of their daughter Stella. She says she knew she shouldn’t have done it, but she did. Dean says his family and responsibilities were growing and he checked out. He drank, rode his bike and raged. Dean admits her was an alcoholic.

In 2010, he wrecked his bike and punctured a lung. She forced him into therapy with her and he got sober and started going to meetings and was sober for three years. Tori says no one knew about it but them. They went on to have two more kids – they have four total. Dean says when he’s sober and has a spiritual program, he’s a good dad and husband.

But he says when he gets away from this, it’s a problem. Tori says she also focuses so much on what’s not right she forgets to recognize what is right. News of his infidelity was a shock to fans but may have been inevitable. Tori says the affair was devastating and says the perfect relationship thing was BS they were telling others and themselves.

Dean says perfection isn’t really doable but you should work toward it. He says thinks need rebuilt when they are broken. Dean says he loves her but they need to work on their problems. Tori says it’s a process and she doesn’t know what the future holds. She says they have good days and really bad ones.