Turn LIVE RECAP 5/4/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Epiphany”

Turn LIVE RECAP 5/4/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Epiphany”

AMC’s brand new series Turn returns tonight, this episode is called “Epiphany” and on it Caleb and Ben follow mysterious orders as Gen. Washington’s Army crosses into enemy territory.

On last week’s episode Abe and Richard had some problems when they were ordered by the British to dig up local gravestones. Ben and Caleb conspired to get their intelligence to General Washington.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode on it Caleb and Ben work together and follow orders as Gen, not feeling comfortable due to the orders being mysterious. Washington’s Army prepares for battle as they enter enemy territory.

Tonight’s Turn Season 1 episode 5 is going to be another great episode, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Turn — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new series, Turn. Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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December 24, 1776 and a crowd of African Americans are singing about freedom. They dance and sing. Richard Woodhull drafts a letter and brings it to the red coat commander. It’s an attainder and he tells Lt Simcoe Happy Christmas. Simcoe sends the letter off and then sits at the pianoforte to play Rule Britannia. Abe listens and stares at a headstone of another Woodhull. The redcoats are beating a colonial effigy and fencing for sport.

A rider tacks a message on a door and is watched by a young black man who does to read it and then runs off to tell everyone what it said. He whispers to a woman who smiles and hugs her son. The notice said the slaves on that property had been freed. They spread the news with smiles. It’s Anna Strong’s slaves that have been freed. She reads the notice with shock.

On Christmas Day, Abe packs a bag. He buttons up his vest and goes to see his father. He sets down the bag and his dad asks where he’s going. He says York City because their business there can’t wait for later. He says he’s trying to get there by nightfall but needs a letter from Colonel Cook to get him past the checkpoints. His dad says there’s no business right there and Abe says now is the time to renegotiate their contracts.

Richard asks why he’s leaving to do business in New York City on Christmas. He says if Abe needs money, he’ll make him a loan and not tell Mary. Richard says he hasn’t spoken to him since the fortification of the barracks. Abe reminds him he tore up gravestones. Richard says he won’t give him his pass into the city because him running away won’t bring him peace. Abe says not to expect them at his house and says they will be celebrating at his house. He walks out but then sneaks up the stairs to his dad’s office. He looks through papers and then opens his drawer. He rifles through papers there and then takes a quill and ink and writes up a new paper of his own.

Anna comes to the courthouse to tell them that she’s not there to dispute the attainder against her husband’s estate but the military provision within it. Simcoe asks what fault she finds with it and she says it’s cruel of freeing slaves of suspected patriots. Simcoe says her husband was a confirmed patriot and she tells them the slaves aren’t prepared to be out on their own. He says slavery is in sin and has been legally abolished in England. He says the Dunmore Proclamation will be upheld.

He says the able bodied men will join the British war effort and he has a situation for Abigail. Abigail shows her son something his father left him and then a man comes in and sends her son on his way. She asks why he’s in her house and he tells her he just seven days to find out how it is to be with him. She makes it plain she’s not interested. He tells her he was born free and she tells him to walk free with one of his gals. He finds the thing she had hidden from him and he says he knows her secret – knows she can read. He tells her he can protect she and her son. He asks if she thinks she’s better than him. He tells her she’s going to end up with nothing and walks out on her.

In New York, at City Hall, Robert Rodgers comes to see John Andre and he asks if he’s found the dragoon he’s been hunting. Rodgers says he heard he has a general and wants to talk to his prize. Andre says he’s heard his men are for sale for any task. Rodgers says he knows Washington and says they once fought together in the field.

Andre says that Howell will soon have no need of the hounds of war and asks what he’ll do when it’s done. He asks if he’ll go back and pay his debts. Andres says he will settle all accounts. Andre kicks Rodgers out and goes back to work.

Ben is told to get his supplies and ammo because he has a secret mission. Password challenge is victory and the answer is – or death. He goes off to prepare. He calls for Caleb and asks if he knows what it’s about. He says he thought he did. They’re crossing the Delaware. The men push off in a few boats into the fog above the waters. Ben and Caleb discuss the secret password and then they look – there are boats all around them loaded with men and they realize this is no scout mission.

Abigail looks at a dress when Anna sees her admiring it. She tells Abigail to take the dress. Abigail tells her she’ll stay working for her and she knows this is hard. Abigail says even when she’s free she’ll be there but Anna says she won’t be free. She says she’s being made a gift by Hewlett to an officer in New York. Anna says she’s as powerless as her and Abigail says she’s losing her possessions not herself. Abigail begs her to help her and Anna says she already did. She then begs Anna to let her son come along and she says she asked for that as well.

Anna goes to pull some clothes off the line when Abe comes to her and asks what’s going on. She tells him they’re taking everything and he tells her he needs her to hang a black petticoat. She asks why and he says the British are recalling Cornwallis back to London and he needs to let them know. Anna says it’s over – she says he’s leaving because Washington is done for. She says it’s not intelligence because everyone knows. Abe tells her that he’s trying to fight back and change things but she says they have.

Anna tells him she needs to leave because there is nothing left there for her. She tells him he has a family and she has a husband in prison and there’s nothing he or Ben can do about that. Abe tries to reason with her but she runs back inside.

On the Delaware River, the men talk while they row. They are told that they’re there and to get on their feet as they come to shore. One of the boats begins to tip and they struggle to pull Ben back onboard. He wakes later and is told he’s been out for a few days. It’s January 2, 1777. He says the others are gone on to Trenton.

A man drops some liquor bottles and is told to clean it up. Rodgers uses the distraction to run inside a fancy house where he hears music and a woman’s laughter. He sneaks up the stairs and into a private dining room to greet Charles his old buddy. They laugh and hug it out. Charles introduces him to Ms Endicott who tells him that Andre was called away by Cornwallis. Charles gets him a chair.

Abe finds Ensign Baker doing some chores to help Mary at the farm. She sits inside with the baby and shushes him as he comes in. She tells him she’s headed to his father’s and he says they are not going. Mary tells him Thomas is sick. She says he has the croup and the baby coughs. He asks who told her and she says the doctor just left and told them he needs to be warm for the winter.

She says they need to be at Whitehall where it’s warm. She tells him her brother died of this and she won’t put Thomas at risk. Abe agrees and tells her to go ahead but he says he won’t see his father. Mary says she knows he’s upset and he says he’s not ready to share his father’s table after what he did. He tells her to go before he changes his mind. She and the Ensign trundle off in the cart with the baby.

At the courthouse, Anna’s male slaves are told they are sent to New York to be part of the Black Pioneers and that once they serve, they will have their freedom. They are told if they shirk or desert, they will not be free again. Abigail talks to her son and sends him off. She tells Anna she wants her to keep her son. Abigail says she knows what she’s been doing with the laundry – sending signals.

Abigail says what she’s doing is dangerous. Abigail says she’s going to be working for John Andre. She tells her to protect her son and she’ll “do her laundry” in New York. She tells Anna to nod if she agrees and she does. Abigail is told to hurry and walks away. Anna now has a child to watch out for.

Abe walks on his land, drunk and singing with his rifle in his hand. He fires a shot. Later, he’s lurking drunk by the fire when there’s a knock at his door. He answers it gun in hand and finds Anna. She asks if she can come in and tells him it’s freezing outside. He lets her in. He asks Anna what she’s brought and she says silverware so Hewlett or his father don’t get it. She says Mary will like it but he tells her his wife and son are gone to his father’s.

She sets down her parcel and looks at the empty table. She says she’s never been inside his home and he says of course not – that would be forbidden. She asks him what’s happened and he says it doesn’t matter. He says nothing matters. He tells her to toast to the year ahead – 1777. She asks how much he’s been drinking and then tells him she’s there for another reason.

She tells him it’s about their signal. He tells her he burned the letter because she was right and it was useless. He says he doesn’t need her charity and she tells him Abigail knows and saw them meeting with Caleb. She says Abigail is now on her way to New York. She says it was a mistake coming to see him but he begs her not to go. He asks her if Abigail said anything. He says he wants to strike and says everything matters. He tells her she knows him and always has.

He kisses her and she pushes him away. She rushes to him and kisses him back. They go to the kitchen table and he lays her on it and they are interrupted by Ensign Baker. Abe asks why he’s there and he says he lives here. Anna runs out. Baker tells Abe that he had the utmost respect for them and their family. Baker tells him he needs to join his wife and son at his father’s home for epiphany.

Ben and Caleb watch some men but can’t see their uniforms. They try the passcode and it works. Thankfully, it’s their men and they are greeted warmly. They can’t believe it when they hear there are Hessians in Trenton and they know Abe had good info. Cornwallis is close and is told that Washington’s forces are all across on the river banks. They think it’s two or three thousand men based on the fires and noise. Instead, it’s the gang of decoys lighting small fires and banging on pots and pans and making as much noise as they can.

Rodgers sits with Charles and his lovely lady friend Ms Kendrick. Charles says he’s ready to retire for the evening but Rodgers says he has more questions. He says their reputations were all established in the Seven Years War and Washington’s was forged by failure. Charles says he gets more men killed than any commander has a right. Rodgers says at least he’s not a traitor like you. Rodgers tells Charles he gave up his men for money.

Rodgers tells Ms Kendrick that he gave up a battalion of young fresh faced men to Andre and that Andre fed them to Rodgers who says he slaughtered them like dogs. He says one of the dragoons got away and he wants to know his name. Charles says it was Benjamin Talmadge.

The redcoats march on the patriot’s camp. Cornwallis is annoyed at the deception. Anna finds Abigail’s son waiting on her. She sits by him and puts her arm around him as he cries. The male slaves are in New York working hard. The guy who was crushing on Abigail sees her ride by in a fine carriage while he carries lumber.

Abe comes into his father’s dining room. The judge hugs him tight and then brings him into the room. Mary kisses him and he lifts up Thomas into his arms as Simcoe watches him. They sit down to dinner and the others laugh and smile but Abe broods.

In Morristown Headquarters, the patriots hant that they’ve taken Trenton again. They applaud as the general comes in. Ben is there and Washington asks him who Abraham Woodhull is.