Turn RECAP 6/1/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “Against Thy Neighbor”

Turn RECAP 6/1/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “Against Thy Neighbor”

AMC’s brand new series Turn returns tonight, this episode is called “Against Thy Neighbor” and in this evening’s episode, Simcoe ignites a political witch hunt to weed out rebel conspirators in Setauket. Meanwhile, Washington assigns Ben to a secret mission.

On last week’s episode Anna went against what Abe wanted and she decided to go search for enemy intelligence at an exclusive gentleman’s party, which was being hosted by John Andre the British spymaster.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s episode Simcoe wants to get the revel conspirators in Setauket to show themselves, to do this he decides to start a political witch hunt. While this is going on Ben is assigned to go on a secret mission by George Washington.

Tonight’s Turn Season 1 episode 9 is going to be another great episode, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Turn — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new series, Turn. Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Spring 1777. Abe buys flowers in the market. Kids play. Soldiers roam around. Anna comes out of a shop and sees a yellow flower on a barrel. She picks it up and looks around. She sees another on the ground and goes to it and picks it up. She follows the trail of flowers to a cellar door.

Simcoe says the spies are clever and have been operating under their noses. Hewlett thinks this is just conjecture and gossip. Simcoe says gossip is how this goes and quotes the bible. Hewlett says he’s given him a month and he still hasn’t turned up the spy related petition. He says that all Simcoe has is gossip and he says the conspirators know he’s coming for them.

Hewlett’s horse starts going crazy and they run out. Abe and Anna are going out it in the cellar as the horse goes wilder. Simcoe and Hewlett run out as the horse kicks at the door. Anna tells Abe he was in a hurry and says he wishes they had more time and if he could, he would run away with her. She says he can’t and says she can’t either.

She says he has obligations to his family and they both have roles in the war effort. She calls him Mr Culpepper and he says he hates that name. She says if she can’t be Mrs Woodhull, she could be Mrs Culpepper. He tells her not to say that and kisses her tenderly.

The officers come back into the building and find the horse – Bucephalus – on the floor and looking to be in death throes. Hewlett calms the animal then takes Simcoe’s gun and puts the suffering animal down. It’s frothing at the mouth. Sad. The animal doc is called and he looks over the horse’s carcass. He sas the animal was poisoned and that shooting him was a mercy.

He says the apple has a foreign smell like almonds. Hewlett says it must have been poison since the animal was in perfect health. He calls it a senseless murder and Simcoe says it was an attempt on his life since he often ate the same apples he fed his horse. Hewlett says it came from Brewster’s farm and Simcoe says the man was top of his list. He says he’ll search the farm.

Sackett and the others talk about the cipher key Culpepper stole from Andre’s paper and says it’s a great discovery. They have used it on encrypted dispatches. They discuss that Howe is moving troops to Staten Island where the Royal Navy has moved boats. Tallmadge is order to take dragoons and militia and go North. He wants to go South to fight it but he says it’s a counter-feint to fool them into thinking they have no knowledge of the Redcoat troop movements.

Mary and her son come back home. She makes up the bed and the boy picks up something off the floor. She hears a noise and comes down to find Baker in the kitchen. She offers to cook for him but he says it’s no trouble. She says she thought it was Abe but since it isn’t can guess where he is and who he’s with. Baker offers to go but she says he’s the only man who lives there now.

She asks if his parents married for love or it was arranged. He says he never met his parents. He says he grew up in orphanage and never knew a home like this – like her son will. Baker tells her there is love in her home and says he knows because he knows what the absence of it feels like.

A redcoat comes into Anna’s bar with Lucas Brewster and says he’s using the cellar as a temporary jail. Richard tells Simcoe that Lucas is in failing health and not the likely culprit. Abe comes in and asks about it and hears about the poisoned apple. Abe says that sounds serious and asks if there is any evidence. Simcoe is dismissive of him and Richard asks if he’s confessed. Simcoe says that a noose will loosen him up. Richard says if they are going to hang a citizen they should bring in someone with more expertise than the vet. Simcoe says he’ll see to it.

Abe offers his dad a ride home and Simcoe asks to ride along and talk about the case. Richard says the innocent must be protected. Richard is climbing onto the trap when there’s a gunshot and his father falls back. Simcoe takes cover and pulls out his gun and calls for guards. Abe finds blood pouring out of his father and calls for help.

Richard is being treated for his wound and is struggling and in pain. Abe is there encouraging him. Mary and her son come in and she demands to know what happened. Hewlett tells her he was shot and they are pursuing his attacker. The surgeon works on him and finally gets the bullet out. He says he should recover since it didn’t puncture his stomach. He goes limp and the doctor says he’s just in shock.

They found the spot the assassin shot from. They also found a scrap of paper that was used as wadding – it’s a bible page and Hewlett says all civilian arms will be collected tomorrow. Simcoe says he’ll see it’s done and promises Abe he’ll find the assassin and all the other killers in their midst. Next day, the townfolk are lined up with their firearms and have to register their names and turn their guns in.

Hewlett says the guns will be returned when the town is safe. Havens ask safe from who and Hewlett makes a note of his attitude. Abe turns his in and Hewlett says to mark him down as very cooperative. Tallmadge comes and turns his in and reminds them they’ve made his church a stable. Hewlett asks why a preacher needs weapons and Tallmadge says that all that take the sword shall perish by the sword.

Simcoe gets word that “everything is set.” In the tavern, the men argue. Moses is told by Walter he needs to put the petition in the fire and run. Walter tells him to meet him at midnight at his boat. Two men argue and blows break out. Tallmadge shuts them down and says the Redcoats took their church and headstones and asks what they will take next. Simcoe comes in and says that was spoken like a true rebel. He asks for a word with Tallmade and they lead him out.

Hewlett tells Abe that they’ve found the assassin – Reverend Talmadge. They found a bible on his person and the page is missing that was used as the wadding that was found. Moses Paine shows up then and hands over the petition to put Selah Strong into the New York Congress. He says his own name is on it but says that was a drunken mistake but there are other names they may be interested in.

Richard comes to and they tell him they have the evidence to arrest the cabal. Hewlett tells Simcoe to arrest the whole list and to have gallows built. He tells him to also arrest Moses who protests since he turned the list over. Richard is in no shape to oversee the trials and Abe says he can do it – he tells them he studied law and that he has watched his father dispense justice for decades. He tells his father it’s time he shouldered some of the burden. He nods.

The rebel army rides through the woods on horseback and foot soldiers march behind. Caleb chats with Sealh who asks how far the coast is. They make small talk and then Caleb rides on to catch up with Ben Tallmadge who says he shouldn’t be fraternizing with the enlisted men. Caleb says Selah wouldn’t be so happy if he knew that Anna thought him dead. He reminds him that these are their friends.

Ben says they need to stick to the rules and says that will be better for them all. Caleb isn’t happy about lying to their friends but Ben says they have to treat them like the other agents and says spying is a discipline and a craft and not personal. He rides off.

Abe is poring over some books when he hears a noise and comes downstairs. It’s Anna and he tells her that the petition was turned over. She asks why he’s doing the trial and he basically tells her he’s planning on letting the case fall apart to avoid convictions. She wants to raid the armory and get the guns back and attack the Redcoats. He says that’s not the way and tells her he has to study the lawbooks. He goes back to work reading and preparing for the trial.

Redcoats go door to door in the dark making arrests of names on the petition. He narrates that laws define rules and of human conduct. We see the gallows being built. One man rides off into the night. Nooses are thrown over the hastily constructed gallows. The man is shot off his horse. It was Simcoe. The man waiting on him hops into his boat and rows away. Abe says that this is how men, creatures of reason and free will, must follow those rules.

The trial is held at the church building. Moses is in stocks outside at the pillory. Abe says that the men plotted murder, conspired and betrayed trust. Abe asks what defines conspiracy and says it’s secrecy and betrayal. He says that person lives a secret life and pretends to be part of the God-fearing community while he plots its overthrow. He says there is no doubt of their guilt but they need to discuss their salvation.

He says they must repent in order to receive mercy. He tells Lucas Brewster to stand and face the bench. He does. Abe swears him in and he agrees to tell the truth. Abe asks if he conspired with Nathaniel Tallmadge to assassinate his father and Hewlett. He asks about the cyanide poison but Tallmadge says it’s not his and the Redcoats said it. Abe says the word of a poisoner doesn’t count as much as the word of the Redcoats who protect them. Abe screams that he conspired against the crown and tried to kill his father. His wife stands and begs him to stop and says he’s sick.

Hewlett calls for order as the crowd goes wild. Simcoe comes over and asks if he has intentionally roused sympathy for a killer and Abe asks if he would have him go easier on him. Simcoe says to continue the performance since it’s only a formality.

Mary tends to Richard and she tells him that their marriage is not what it once was. Richard says that she is part of the problem. He reminds her that she begged him to pardon Selah and asks if he truly wants his son. She looks away, pained and he tells her to go be with Abe who will need a friendly face in his first stint as a Magistrate.

Abe accuses Nathaniel Tallmadge of tearing a page from his bible to use as wadding to kill his father. Nathaniel says Simcoe was in his home earlier in the week and Abe says Simcoe was beside him when the shot was fire. He accuses him of preaching rebellion and that the flock walked away. Nathaniel says Abe’s father walked away and the rest of the flock followed them. Nathaniel accuses him of preaching to him in his own church and Abe tells him to repent for trying to kill his father.

Abe says that he’s heard his war stories from fighting the French and the Iroquois. He says he swore after the war to never take a life again. Abe picks up his gun and loads it and pours in the firing charge and then adds the ball that was taken out of his father’s body. He tries to ram it home but can’t. Simcoe says he’ll assist and takes the gun. Abe hands him over the ball. Simcoe drops it in but can’t get it ram in. The ball won’t fit into the musket barrel. The crowd erupts into angry whispers as Anna smiles.

Nathaniel says that he must not have ever seen a Pennsylvania rifle and says it’s a musket round like the Redcoats use. Talk breaks out and Hewlett says court is over for the day. Nathaniel says that Hewlett has no authority there. Abe tries to shut him up but Hewlett says he can make one last sermon since it will be his last.

Nathaniel turns to the crowd and says that these men were sent to subjugate us but he wouldn’t have expected Abe, the boy who grew up best friends with Benjamin, to have turned to them. He says that Abe stayed at the church after Richard walked out and listened, but that’s a listen to them all on how people change. Hewlett tells them to take the prisoners back to the prison cellar.

Hewlett tells Abe he did a good job and says his father will be proud. Hewlett says he would like to hang them all but says that given the confusion, he thinks mercy is in order. He says he’s going to send them to 10 years on the Jersey. Abe says that’s a death sentence and Hewlett asks if the thinks a hanging is better. Abe says he’s not sure he did it. Hewlett says this will get rid of them and Abe tells Hewlett that the true assassin is out there and he will make it his mission to find the man.

Caleb says he can’t feel his legs anymore and Ben says a day to Ridgeview and the roundezvous with Arnold. Caleb says he may not think much of Benedict Arnold once he meets him. They call for a halt as advance guards approach with Havens. Ben and Caleb greet him warmly. He tells them about Simcoe and tells Ben his father and Caleb’s uncle have been arrested.

Havens says he ran to escape the hangman but the others may not be so lucky. Ben tells Caleb they have to find someone to lead the men to Arnold and says they are going home. Mary comes home to see a mess on the table and puts the baby down for a nap. She sees the bed has not been slept in upstairs. She sets her son down and she rips the covers off the bed in anger.

Thomas is playing and pulls up a loose floorboard. She tells him to stop but then sees it’s a hidey hole and opens it up. She pulls out a book and opens it and finds notes from her husband’s spying activities. She flips through it with confusion.

The End!