Tyrant Recap 7/1/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “State of Emergency”


Tonight on FX their original series, TYRANT airs with its second episode of season 2.  On tonight’s episode called, “State of Emergency,” Barry delays his return to America when his brother is incapacitated. Later, Barry’s nephew’s wife is kidnapped by terrorists.

On the last episode a dictatorship was threatened by political unrest in the opener of this new series, in which the son of a Middle East ruler reluctantly left the U.S. to return to his home country. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s episode a dictatorship is threatened by political unrest in the opener of this series, in which the son of a Middle East ruler reluctantly leaves the U.S. to return to his home country.

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Barry and his family are driven away from the airport in a motorcade. Yussef confirms that he has Bassam and are taking him to the hospital. Barry tells Sammy that he’s sorry. Yussef says some cryptic stuff and then says he got confirmation that Jamal’s accident was an assassination attempt. Sammy is shocked. Leila watches while Jamal is treated. The women bit right through his little Jamal and that’s why he drove off the cliff.

General Tariq tells Leila that the woman was a follower of Ihab Rashid. She says she wasn’t working alone. He says they are putting up checkpoints and are blocking supplies from Ma’an. She says there will be protests but tells him to find Ihab. We see a checkpoint where some people are brutally searched. A woman gives her identification and her trunk is searched. She is told there is a curfew and allowed to proceed.

She pulls onto a street and flashes her lights before pulling into a small garage. She has smuggled Ihab out and he’s greeted by Mohammed. Samira was the woman that helped him. She gets a call from her father Fauzi and he asks where she is. She lies and says she’s out buying food and he says she should not be on the streets because soldiers are killing people. She promises to hurry.

Samira tells Ihab that she has a bad feeling and says Tariq will kill him. He tells her she’s been very helpful but to go home and be with her father. He’s preparing for a big move. He leaves in a van with Mohammed.

Barry’s family comes to the palace and they have to stay there for security reasons. Yussef tells the teens what entertainments are available – there are plenty. Barry calls Molly and tells her Jamal is in surgery but expected to make a full recovery. He asks her to rebook their flights for right after the funeral. She says they can always get a seat on a plane or a whole damned plane. She tells him she knows he doesn’t want to be there and wants to know why.

Barry says his dad asked him to stay right before he died. He says he wanted him to come back to help Jamal rule the country. He says it’s crazy and Molly says his father is gone so he can stop running finally. He says this isn’t like back home and asks to talk about it later. He hangs up on her.

Ahmed asks Nusrat why she doesn’t want to be at the hospital for his father and she says she’s tired. Leila tells him to take his wife back and says his dad will be in surgery all day but Ahmed says he won’t leave. She tells him he’s a good son and will be a good husband. He tells her to walk Nusrat to her car. Barry comes in and shakes Ahmed’s hand. He tells his nephew he’s there for him. He goes with his wife.

Barry asks Leila about Jamal. He asks what the injuries are and who the woman was. Leila says Jamal can tell him when he wakes and says he was asking for him. She says she didn’t tell his brother that he tried to run again. She says maybe one day they can be honest about why he keeps running away. We see a young Bassam and Leila at the beach. She climbs up into a cave and he follows her in.

She pulls offer her bathing suit and begs him not to go to America. She pulls him into her arms and they kiss passionately. She says this will give him a reason to come back. Back now, she tells him after 20 years he’s still running away and he says that’s his life now. She says he treats over-privileged kids with ear infections. He says he has to call Molly.

Ahmed calls Nusrat and is on the phone with her when her car is sabotaged by spikes under the tires. Her window is smashed out and she is pulled out at gunpoint by armed teenagers. Her seat belt is stuck and most run off when they hear sirens. They tell the main kid they won’t get her in time, but he pulls a knife and hacks away at her seat belt.

Emma and Sammy shoot skeet when Abdul pulls up and joins them. Sammy introduces them. Abdul tells them their grandfather was a great man. Emma says they didn’t really know him so it’s weird. She gets a call from back home and takes it. She walks away. Abdul tells Sammy that Emma seems nice. He says they’re leaving after the funeral and wants to know if Abdul wants to hang out. He agrees.

Leila fusses at Tariq when Barry walks up and she tells them that Nusrat was taken hostage. Barry asks what they want and Tariq says they don’t negotiate with terrorists but Ahmed wants to know what they want. Ahmed leaves with Tariq. Barry tells Leila to call him when Jamal is out of surgery. He says he’s going back to the palace.

We see a blockade in the streets and soldiers pouring out of trucks. In a small restaurant, Nusrat is tied up and begs the kids to let her go. Fahmy says to shut her up and Yahia tells her to be quiet. Ali says they should have run when they had the chance. Fahmy wants to swap Nusrat for his brother who is in prison. The other kids are nervous.

Barry comes back and tells Molly about Nusrat but she says she heard. John is there and says Tariq will go in hard. He says Tariq likes to impose martial law and says the people holding Nusrat are just kids. John says Tariq won’t listen to him, but might listen to Barry. He’s doubtful but John reminds him he’s an Al-Fayeed. Barry says he has no standing here and John says blood is everything there and Molly tells him he should try.

John asks if he’s comfortable doing it and Barry says he’s not. John leaves them. Barry looks at a portrait of his father in a military uniform, displeased. Walid asks Ihab how long he’ll be there and he says not long. He said he’s not comfortable with the weapons. Ihab grabs Walid by the ear and says he’s been collaborating with the Al-Fayeeds and the only reason he’s alive is because he is his uncle. They get a call telling them Kamal’s brother Fahmy took Nusrat hostage.

Amira confronts her son Barry about not getting involved. She asks what it will take to compel him. He says he’s only there to pay respects to his father and she reminds him he spent his whole life disrespecting him and says he broke his father’s heart his whole life. She says he’s running away again and he says he’s going home. She says it must be nice that the pain of his family doesn’t follow him to Pasadena.

She says she could have used a Pasadena herself once in a while. She walks away from him, disgusted. Molly overheard and gives Barry a look. He glares back at her.

The soldiers work their way down the street. Barry is escorted to Tariq’s temporary base. He asks for an update and Tariq says he doesn’t have time to brief him. Barry says he heard they were children and he asks if Tucker told him that. Tariq says children aren’t the same here as in America. He says he has given them 20 minutes then is going to go in and kill them.

Fahmy’s cohorts say they won’t negotiate and Fahmy says they should kill Nusrat. He says they put Kamal in prison for nothing and he’ll die there. She’s freaking out. Yahia stares at her chest and she asks if he’s ever seen breasts and he says he always wanted to. She tells him there is a woman out there for him but he won’t find her if he stays there. She says he can untie her and they can go out the back so they don’t die there.

Barry interrupts Tariq and says they are not done talking. He says he will go in and talk to them. Tariq says he can’t tell Jamal that he let him get killed. Tariq says to go back to the palace or go home. He says he knows Tariq doesn’t want Nusrat to get out so he can invoke martial law. Ali says he’s going to take Nusrat out and beg for their lives. They see Barry and he tells them he’s unarmed.

Ali says to let him talk. Barry comes in slowly and asks Nusrat if she’s okay. They ask how he is and he says he’s Barry, then says he’s Bassam Al-Fayeed. They say he’s a better hostage. Barry says they will not get his brother but they will all be killed in three minutes. He says to listen to him. He says Tariq won’t stop with them and will go after their fathers, cousins and uncles.

He says if they walk out with him, he’ll see they are fairly treated. He says only an Al-Fayeed can save you now. Tariq is angry at Barry’s intervention and chastises Yussef for not warning him Barry was coming. Then Barry comes out with Nusrat and the boys. They are taken captive by the soldiers. Barry tells Tariq he has to let the boys go and show them mercy.

He says they are just kids and he gave them his word as an Al-Fayeed. The boys are all shot in the head summarily right after that by a soldier. Tariq shrugs and says in a month one of them would have been at bus stop with a backpack full of explosives. Tariq adds, better their blood than ours. He walks away. Yussef tells Barry that they need to leave. He says he saved Nusrat and if not for him, she would be dead too but he can’t stop looking at the bodies of the boys younger than his own children. They leave.

Dr Cohen tells Jamal they were able to repair most of his penis. He wants to know if his penis will work again and she says it should, eventually but they will know more once he’s healed. Leila sits in her chair and Jamal asks her if she’s enjoying this She looks at him and asks the doctor to wait outside. She goes. Leila tells him that she loved his father and he died the day of their son’s wedding then he nearly unmanned himself and left her a widow and asks how she could take pleasure in it.

He asks if she heard the doctor call him Mr President and Leila fills him in on what happened with Nusrat. Then she goes to tell Cohen that Jamal has to be out to deliver his father’s eulogy at the funeral tomorrow and says she must keep what happened confidential. The doctor tells her not to threaten her. She asks her how old her son Arya is now. She says she’s heard her son has a beautiful smile. She thanks the doctor. That was enough threat.

Barry is there and asks how he is and Leila says he’s still Jamal. She says she hasn’t told Jamal what he did. She’s crying. He goes to comfort her. She cries into his shoulder and he shushes her and says it will all be okay. She wipes her eyes and says he needs to go to his brother. He does. She watches him walk away then turns and takes a deep breath.

Jamal is riding the morphine pump when Barry comes in. Jamal calls him a great American hero and Barry says Tariq wouldn’t agree. Jamal says Tariq is a hammer and sometimes you need a hammer. Jamal says he must take out Ihab before he comes for him again. Barry tells him he’s ready to take over for their dad and he says why wouldn’t he be.

We see the flashback to their dad yelling at Jamal to get out of the car when Barry shoots the prisoner in the head and tells his dad it’s done and to leave Jamal again. Jamal says he keeps expecting their dad to come through the door angry, of course. He hits the morphine pump again and asks Barry to show him how to work it.

Barry lies awake and he tells Molly he can’t stop thinking about the boys but she reminds him he saved Nusrat. He says he understands their anger and powerlessness and says at their age he was so ashamed that his family was in the business of oppression. He says Fauzi could speak his mind but he couldn’t and couldn’t live with it so he ran away and denied it all. He says he watched thousands of hours of American TV to lose his accent and get away from it.

Molly reminds him that he would never let her call him Bassam and he says with his father gone, his old arguments don’t hold up anymore. He says he’s an Al-Fayeed and that means he’s powerful there. He says if he runs away again, it’s still on his head. He says whenever Tariq acts in his name and Jamal is too weak to say no, there will be blood on his hands no matter how far he runs.

Molly asks if he’s asking her permission to stay. He says that boy today died for his brother and what should he says to his. At the funeral, the Al-Fayeeds all have seats of honor including Sammy and Emma on the dais. Sammy says what their dad did was cool but Emma says he’s no action hero and says it’s all surreal. Sammy gives Abdul a shy smile.

The imam starts the prayer. Jamal refuses to read the speech and Leila says he agreed to it but he says he was medicated. Barry asks to talk to Jamal and Leila stalks away. Barry asks how much pain Jamal is in and he says he can’t be drugged and give the eulogy. He asks what he should say and Barry tells him to forget the speech and speak the truth. He walks away and Jamal takes a deep breath.

Leila asks Barry why he has the speech and he tells her it’s okay. Jamal walks to the dais with a cane supporting him and addresses the assembly in front of a large poster of his father. He greets the crowd and says it wasn’t always easy being his father’s son and says it was never easy, in fact. He says his father was hard to please, stubborn, demanding but only a man like that could have healed the deep wounds inflicted by generations of civil strife and forge a lasting peace.

Fauzi listens, as does Ihab. Jamal says his father led their nation into the community of nations and says he is there to remember not just the ruler, but the man. Not just the father that raised this great nation, but his father that raised him and his brother. He says he taught them that without family we have nothing and are nothing. Molly asks Barry if he’s okay. He looks uncertain.

Later, Barry looks at a photo of him, Jamal and his father when they were young. He calls Jamal. He tells him he asks what he would think if he stayed for a while. Jamal is thrilled and Barry asks if that’s the Vicodin talking. He says – thank you little brother.