Under the Dome Recap 6/30/14: Season 2 Premiere “Heads Will Roll”

Under the Dome Recap 6/30/14: Season 2 Premiere “Heads Will Roll”

Tonight on CBS their drama UNDER THE DOME airs with their season 2 premiere episode  called, “Heads Will Roll.” On tonight’s episode Season 2 begins with Big Jim deciding Barbie’s fate. Meanwhile, the Dome presents a new threat when it becomes magnetized; and Julia seeks the help of a stranger to save the life of a mysterious girl who may hold clues to the Dome’s origin.

On the last season’s finale episode while the manhunt for Barbie continued, Big Jim got the residents of Chester’s Mill riled up and the town demanded justice for all of Barbie’s supposed crimes. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie had to find a new hiding place for the mini dome. Did you watch the last season’s finale?  If you missed it and want to get caught up we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show Barbie’s fate lies in Big Jim’s hands, and the Dome presents a new threat when it becomes magnetized. Meanwhile, Julia seeks out the help of a stranger to save the life of a mysterious girl who may hold clues to origin of the Dome, on the second season premiere of UNDER THE DOME.

This is definitely one series that you will not want to miss this summer. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Under the Dome’s second season all summer long.


A man taps a flickering light bulb and grabs a bottle of liquor. He goes outside and sees the sky lit up bright white. At the gallows, everyone stops and stares. Big Jim tells Junior to pull the lever but he says he’s afraid. Julia gets out of the boat after dropping the egg in the water. She sees someone screaming in the water and goes to help her. The kids see the bell crash out of the belfry and embed itself in the dome. A huge swath of the town passes out cold.

Barbie tells Big Jim to let him help. He tells Junior to pull the lever but he says the dome is trying to tell them something. He tells his dad the dome has shown him things. Big Jim says he’ll do it, but Linda pulls her gun on him and says they need to take a trip to the dome before they all do something they’ll regret. Julia drags the woman out of the water and does CPR.

The guy from the cabin comes out and asks what happened. He says to let him try and does CPR. The woman coughs water and comes to. He says they need to get Julia and her dry and says he’ll help them to his cabin.

Linda, Big Jim, Junior and Barbie go to the edge of the dome. It’s turned magnetic. Their guns are snatched away and then Barbie’s handcuffs are dragging him to the dome which is now opaque white and you can’t see through it. She’s undoing his cuffs as a truck careens toward them drawn by the magnetic power of the wall. She gets him loose and shoves him out of the way. The SUV turns sideways and it looks like Linda is surely crushed between it and the wall.

At the guy’s cabin, Julia talks to the woman they saved. She asks her name and how she ended up in the lake. Julia says she doesn’t think she can hear her and he says she’s in shock and needs rest. He tells Julia she’s got problems of her own and asks to check out her injury. Her stitches from the shooting have come loose.

He asks who stitched her up and she says a friend who didn’t make it. He says you can’t be sure of that or anything these days. He cleans the wound as she hisses and he tells her he was an EMT for 10 years. He says that he was fired because he drank and says his name is Sam. She tells him her name.

Barbie covers Linda with a blanket and Big Jim says that this is all his fault for insisting they come out here. Barbie tells Big Jim to tell him how he framed him for shooting Dody and burning down the radio station. He gives Big Jim a beatdown and walks away to find Julia. Junior asks if it’s the truth and Big Jim says she was going to spread lies about the family. Junior is disgusted with his dad.

Julia says he should come to town to help – that they need his skills. Sam says they wouldn’t be happy to see him. She asks if that’s why he’s out here alone and he says some things you don’t get over. He says his sister killed herself nine years ago. They hear a noise and look outside.

Barbie goes running looking for Julia and breaks into a car. A woman holds a gun on him then asks isn’t he that murdered. He takes her gun from her then gives it back. He says they have bigger problems. She says the groans are coming louder and more often. She says that she’s been studying the dome. Her name is Rebecca and she’s a high school science teacher. She says the power of the dome can take lives and people closer to the dome are more at risk. Barbie says – Joe McAlister.

Just at that moment, Joe, Norrie and Angie get back to the house and see it being pulled apart and crashing into the dome. Norrie panics because her mom is in there. They run inside and find Carolyn has fallen and hit her head. They try to figure out how to get her out but the house is going crazy around them. They duck as knives go hurtling past and then even the nails are being pulled out of the walls. Joe takes a nail to the hand and screams. He yells to get the nail out.

Big Jim is in the bunker with all his stolen guns. The bunker is metal and it starts rattling while he’s in it. He comes out and heads up the stairs, but the large door slams shut trapping him. They get the nail out of Joe’s hand, but it’s a nasty injury. Barbie shows up then to help the kids. The stove is coming for them and Rebecca and Barbie rush to get to the kids.

They drag out Carolyn and the kids follow. As soon as they are clear, the house collapses into a pile of rubble. Dory is there and tells Big Jim it’s just the tow of them now. His mouth falls open in shock to see the woman he murdered standing in his bomb shelter glaring at him. Jim tries to deny what he’s seeing and says it’s stress.

Dory says what’s happening is his fault. She says the dome is ripping the town apart. He tells her to go back to the Twilight Zone and says he has work to do. He tries to get out the shelter doors, but they are pinned shut. He curses. Dory is there and sticks her finger in her bullet hole. She pulls it out bloody and says he did this and she’s not going anywhere. Dory tells him Junior warned him and he should have listened. He glares at her.

The kids are at the school with Carolyn, Barbie and Rebecca. She says her mom’s vitals are stable and she should be okay. Rebecca says the worst of it is near the edges and the center of town is the worst. The high school is the center of the town. Rebecca says if the pulses keep getting stronger, it could rip the town in two.

She and Joe theorize if they could build a big enough magnet, they could counteract the force the dome is emitting. Angie tells Barbie they saw a vision and knows they have to kill Big Jim. She says this all happened because they didn’t kill him. Barbie says that they need to try the science teacher’s idea before they go murdering someone.

The girl at Sam’s wakes scared and he tells her that she’s having a dream and calms her. Sam tells Julia she was very brave to go in the water after her. She says she was acting under an ultimatum. He tells her they can stay there and rest and she says she may be the only one that can fix what’s going on. She asks him to look after the girl and get her story. He hands her his pocket knife and says to stay safe.

Sam sits down at the table after she goes and flips through an old memory book. There’s a drawing of the drowning girl in the book. He comes back in the living room and sees she’s gone. She’s now walking down the center street of the town in shock. Angie asks if she’s all right but then lets her go and heads into the diner to look for supplies.

Junior follows her in and asks what she needs. She says she needs a gun. He asks why and Angie says they have to kill his father. He says he won’t try and stop her. He says he’s a liar and a killer who murdered Dody. He says she was right and they should have killed him. She says they can stop this and Junior says he’ll get her a gun form the police station. They head out.

Big Jim tries to get out of the shelter. He asks Dody what she is and she says she’s a messenger. He asks for the message. She says he’s not listening and thinks he can keep on going like he’s going and killing and destroying who he wants. She says he’s never sacrificed once in his life but he has to in order to end this. He keeps trying to get out and she says he’ll see.

Barbie, Rebecca and others rig up copper wiring to the fire tower. They plug up power to their giant homemade magnet. Dody says if he keeps using the dome to make himself king of the town then his sins will be visited on his son. She tells him he has one last chance. He hides under a mattress as he blows the shelter doors open. He heads up.

Norrie checks on her mom and looks around as lights flare all around town. Junior and Angie run to the police station, but both of them go down. Most of the people working on the magnet go down. Rebecca goes too. Barbie is the only one left. He stares up at the dome, lost.

Junior lays on the sidewalk unconscious but then comes to. He walks around town but there is no one else there. He looks into the broken window of a shop and pulls out a snow globe that says Zenith. The town in the snow globe looks like the one he’s in but doesn’t look like his hometown. The water in the globe turns to blood and he drops it.

He sees a woman and calls to her and it’s his mom. They are both in shock. He asks why she left him and she says it wasn’t him she left. She calls him her sweet boy and he says not anymore. She goes to him and reaches out. Big Jim runs through town calling for Junior. He finds him unconscious and tells him to hang on.

Julia finds Barbie tending to the people on the ground. They run to each other and he takes her in his arms. She cries. He kisses her. She says she thought he was dead and he says she won’t get rid of him that easy. He holds her some more. She says she didn’t believe that she was doing the right thing and that the dome would protect him. He says it wasn’t the dome that saved him.

She looks at all the bodies and asks how else he explains it. Barbie says the next wave may take them out too and says he doesn’t know how to fix it. Jim begs Junior to hang on. He calls out to the dome to tell him what to do. Linda is there and says he can talk to her. He asks if she’s the ghost of Christmas future and she says the future depends on him.

He asks how he can help and she tells him to come to her. He comes closer and she says she wouldn’t dare tell Big Jim what to do because he does only what he pleases and only for his own good. She tells him to look at his son – the only person left he claims to care about. She tells him time is running out but it’s not too late. She says he has to learn the virtue of sacrifice to save Junior.

She looks over at the noose that swings in the breeze. Big Jim looks at it then walks over and up the stairs. He gets to the top of the gallows and puts the noose around his neck. He looks down at all the people lying on the ground and tightens it around his neck. He takes some deep breaths and then reaches for the handle. Barbie comes up and calls his name. He asks what the hell he’s doing and he says it’s what the dome wants him to do. He asks if one of them will do the honors.

Julia says she’ll do it but Barbie says she doesn’t have to. She goes up and stands by Big Jim. She grabs the handle and asks him why now. He asks why that matters. He tells her to do it. Then he tells her again. She says no. She says she can’t do what he does. He calls her a coward and stomps on the trapdoor until it breaks. He hurtles to his death, but Julia cuts the rope.

He lands on the grass. Julia says the dome doesn’t want us to kill you, it wants us to end the killing. The white opacity withdraws from the dome and the blue sky can be seen again. Everyone wakes back up. Jim smiles at his son. The magnetic field collapses. The SUV draws back from the wall and we see the girl from the lake sitting beside Linda’s body. She tells her sorry and holds her hands over Linda’s eyes and they close.

The gallows are torn down to great applause. He says a couple of hours they were all out cold and she says a couple of hours before that they were all out for his blood. Rebecca says Barbie gets a gold star and he explains to Julia that she had the idea. She thinks their big magnet worked but Julia says that it was something much bigger than all of us.

At the diner, Angie serves coffee. Big Jim is back in the kitchen when Phil comes in and asks him what the hell. He says Barbie was innocent. He offers Phil a deputy badge. Barbie tells Norrie, Angie and Joe that he heard they pitched in and tells them they can stay at his house. He says it may get snug but they’re welcome. He hands Carolyn a house key and she says that’s generous and thanks him. He says to make themselves at home and says he’ll see them at supper.

Norrie asks if the magnet fried her brain and Carolyn says you always keep your enemies close. Rebecca asks for a moment with Big Jim. He says his wife always said she was her best student. She says there are power grid and water issues and he says sunrise, new eyes and asks to talk about it over breakfast.

Jim goes to Junior but Angie cuts him off and offers him coffee. She says if she had been up on those gallows with him she would have kicked the handle and danced while he dangled. She slaps his hand away when he tries to touch her and tells him to go to hell. Junior asks Angie what that was about and she asks if he still has her back and he says of course he does.

Sam comes into the diner and Junior says it’s his uncle. He asks him to sit down. Big Jim glares at Sam. He says he’s looking for a girl and Angie says she saw her on the street. Junior offers to help but Sam says he’s got it. Julie sees Sam and she and Barbie get out of the car. He tells her the girl is gone and he can’t find her. He apologizes and she says they’ll find her.

He asks if she’s okay and says she looks flushed. Barbie comes over and Julia introduces them. He says he’s glad to see that Barbie made it and that he did a good job on the stitches. Junior tells his dad they last time he saw Uncle Sam was at his mom’s funeral and he doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. He tries to tell his dad what he saw then Jim interrupts to apologize for not believing him.

Junior says when he was out, he talked to his mom. He says it wasn’t a dream. His dad calls him Jim and Junior snaps and says that’s not his name. He says it’s James. We see his mother finishing a portrait of him. She says James. She moves the painting aside and then puts another painting on the easel. It’s a green door with a blue background. The door is cracked open and we see blackness inside. She paints red above the door.

She’s listening to the news on TV about the dome around Chester’s Mill. We see out the window the unusual tower that Junior saw in the snow globe. There really is a town named Zenith! His mom is alive and living there, wherever it is.

Angie closes up the diner and takes the trash out. She looks over and sees the mysterious girl that Sam was looking for. She calls out to her and then follows when the girl doesn’t answer. The girl heads into the high school. Angie follows. She sees her standing in front of a locker. She asks if she’s okay. The girl turns to her then backs away and runs.

Angie says she won’t hurt her but when the girl runs on, she stops giving chase. She goes to the locker the girl was staring at and opens it. She hears a noise and turns just as a shovel is arcing down at her. She screams, we hear a sick splat and blood splatters across the lockers. Looks like Angie is a goner.