Under the Dome Recap 7/7/14: Season 2 Episode 2 “Infestation”

Under the Dome Recap 7/7/14: Season 2 Episode 2 “Infestation”

Tonight on CBS their drama UNDER THE DOME airs with a new episode called, “Infestation.” On tonight’s episode Barbie risks his life to help Rebecca save the Chester’s Mill food supply, when she discovers an infestation of butterfly eggs on the town’s crops.

On the last episode Barbie’s fate lied in Big Jim’s hands, and the Dome presented a new threat when it became magnetized. Angie had an encounter with the mysterious girl in the school at the lockers and it looked like, she just may have been murdered. Big Jim had a visit by Dody who told him that if he keeps using the dome to make himself king of the town then his sins will be visited on his son. She told him that he had one last chance. Meanwhile, Julia sought out the help of a stranger to save the life of a mysterious girl who may hold clues to the origin of the Dome, on the second season premiere of UNDER THE DOME. Did you watch the last episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show Barbie risks his life to help Rebecca save the Chester’s Mill food supply when she discovers an infestation of butterfly eggs on the town’s crops.

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It’s time for #UnderTheDome. The girl runs through the woods and is pursued by monarchs. She stops and one lands on her hand. Barbie tells Julie he missed her and kisses her. She kisses back and says she’s going to miss coffee once it’s all gone. They hear a flapping sound and see hundreds of monarchs at the window fluttering. Julie smiles and reaches out to them. They draw close to her hand through the glass. Norrie wakes and says she thought the Big Jim slumber party was just a nightmare. Joe wonders where Angie is and then Big Jim calls them and says breakfast is ready.

He tells them to grab a drink and then sets plates out for them. He says he wants to hear all about the dome and Joe asks why he cares. He says since the dome spared his life, he’s become a believer. Jim gets a call from Phil telling him a roof caved in. He tells the kids they’ll talk later and heads out. Rebecca looks at her garden and sees a ton of caterpillars on the vegetation.

Jim wakes Junior at the jail and asks why he’s not sleeping at the house. Junior says he doesn’t want to sleep with a murderer. Jim tells him to go open up the school and says Rebecca is going to start teaching again – skills to help the town. Junior tells him to do it himself and Jim says he risked his life for him and Junior says he’ll do it for the town, not for him.

Junior heads into the dark school and pokes around with his flashlight. He sees some blood. He takes out his gun and looks around. He sees a herd of monarchs on something in the hall. He goes to it and sees it’s a body. He kneels down and realizes it’s Angie. He begins to cry. Jim goes to the diner and he’s pouring coffee. Andrea asks about him with a noose around his neck and he says the Lord saved them and she says it was his sacrifice that saved them.

Barbie and Julia come in and Jim pours them coffee and says he has nothing but gratitude toward them. Rebecca shows up and says they have an emergency. She pulls him aside and says their butterfly reproductive cycle has accelerated. He says it’s a butterfly emergency but she tells him that they will eat all their crops. Junior comes in and tells everyone that Angie is dead.

Big Jim and Barbie head over to the school. Barbie says the lock on the back door is broken and Barbie tells them to check the locker he bloody handprint is on. Barbie asks who would do this and Jim says her murderer is walking around town and asks for Barbie’s help to find them. They see a bloody footprint.

Norrie and Joe go for a walk and he pulls her away from poison ivy. He kisses her. Then they notice butterflies falling dead around them, by the thousands. He says if they’re dying, they laid new eggs and their life cycle is over. They hear a noise and spot the girl. They ask her name and she says she doesn’t know. Norrie asks how long she’s been out there and they help her up.

Junior watches as Angie’s body is loaded up and taken away. Big Jim tells him he has to let her go. He asks his son if he killed her and Junior is angry and says she meant everything to him. He turns it around and asks his dad if he killed her. He thinks Jim killed her and Junior says if he did it, he will make him suffer.

Norrie and Joe walk by the school with the girl on the way to Big Jim’s. Everyone stares at Joe and then he sees Barbie. He asks what’s going on and Barbie tells him that she’s dead. Joe asks why someone would kill her. Joe says he will make whoever did this pay. Barbie stares at the new girl. Julia asks Barbie how Joe is doing and he says he’s in shock, but he’s a tough kid. Julia says she can’t believe this and says she thought the dome would protect them.

Julia says the teenage girl is the one she rescued from the lake and took to Sam’s cabin. She says the girl doesn’t remember anything and Barbie says they found a girl’s bloody footprint at the scene of Angie’s murder. Julia says there’s no way she could have done it but Barbie says she can’t know that. He says there’s something about her like he’s seen her before but can’t place her.

Barbie sees plumes of smoke and Julia says it’s by the school. We see Rebecca out burning the fields to kill the caterpillars. A guy runs out and asks what she’s doing and she says she’s doing what she has to or else they will all be dead. Joe stares at a snow globe. Norrie sits next to him. He tells her that Angie wanted to get out of Chester’s Mill and Norrie says she’s free but Joe says she’s dead.

Joe says he wants to kill the person that killed his sister and wants to cause them more pain than they thought was possible. Norrie says it could be the girl they found. She says she heard the cops found a shoe print at the scene – a girl’s shoe print. The girl wakes up and Julia says if she could remember something it would help them.

She says she was there last night and saw it. She says she heard Angie scream but was afraid he would come after her. She says she didn’t see his face. Julia says the cops will find out she was there. She says something made her go to the school and she doesn’t know why she was there.

Jim and Barbie show up and Rebecca says she had to stop the caterpillars from hatching. She tells them they have to burn everything that’s infested. She says they can save half the crops that way. Big Jim says this is a test. He says him on the gallows was the first test of many and he has to prove himself to the dome. Barbie says Jim has a hero complex.

Barbie tells Big Jim that burning half the food supply doesn’t sound good. Big Jim says he has an idea. Julia goes out to Sam’s cabin. She asks if the girl said anything. She tells him about Angie’s murder and the bloody shoe print that liekly belongs to the girl. Sam says he doesn’t think she was involved. Sam says you should listen to your gut and says he didn’t listen once and it cost his sister her life.

Julia realizes Big Jim’s suicide wife is his sister. She says he’s practically related to Big Jim. Sam says he wasn’t sure if he should show this to her and he pulls out the sketchbook. He says there is something more to the girl. He says Pauline drew things (his sister) and says his sister drew that sketch 20 years ago. Barbie, Big Jim and Rebecca head out to the airport. He says he has flown for search and rescue.

Jim says the plague was sent as a test for him. He says he has to figure his way out of it or doesn’t deserve to lead the town. Junior is with Angie’s body holding her hand. Julia shows up and she tells Junior that Sam needs to check her body for evidence. Sam says he knows he hasn’t been there for him since Pauline died. He says he wishes Junior could have known her like he did.

Junior says he saw her yesterday and it felt real. Sam says it was the electro-magnetic stuff. Junior says he got drunk and blacked out because he was upset about his mom. Sam says he knows how he feels and Junior asks if you can love someone so much that you hurt them. Junior says he wouldn’t hurt Angie but he can’t remember anything from last night.

Sam asks who would hurt Angie and Junior says Big Jim. Barbie tells Rebecca that they only have one shot at this and asks her for help with Big Jim. She goes to Jim and says he should Barbie do it because he has more flight experience. She says the town needs a leader, not a martyr. She shows him a map as Barbie starts the plane and takes off.

Joe and Norrie bring the girl’s show to Phil to compare to the bloody one. Rebecca talks Barbie through the crop dusting and she says he’s cutting too close to the dome. Phil comes for the girl and tells Julia that he’ll be taking her in. Julia tells him that the girl saw a man at the school that killed Angie. The girl is panicked and tells Julia that the man will find her in jail.

Junior is rifling the house when Joe and Norrie come in. He says he thinks his dad killed Angie but they tell him they think it was the girl they found in the woods. They tell him that Phil took the girl to jail. He tells Joe the girl deserves what Angie got. He says his sister deserves that. Barbie does another turn and wants to do one more turn but Rebecca and Jim tell him he’s cutting it too close.

He asks if there are any obstructions and Rebecca says he’s just 100 yards from the dome and won’t be able to turn away from it. He makes the turn and they see the wing scrape the dome and sparks fly. He says he’s out of fuel and won’t make the airstrip. Barbie says he’s going to put it down in the trees. Jim tells him to flip the switch under the control panel and tells him to trust him.

He does it and the plane lifts. Barbie asks what happened and says it seems like there was another tank. He lands to applause from the gathered townfolk. They tell him good job. Rebecca says good job and Barbie shakes Jim’s hand and says the reserve tank must have come in handy on his drug runs. He says he never expected to be thanking him for saving his life and he says – meet the new Big Jim.

Sam and Julia discuss the wounds and she says the killer must have had a lot of strength. She looks at Angie’s nails and they see some defensive wounds. There is a large handprint on her arm and she and Sam run out. They say they have to go to the station to get the girl released. Junior, Joe and Norrie are there and they hold the girl at gunpoint. Joe tells him to shoot her. He doesn’t and Joe grabs the gun.

She says he doesn’t want to do this. Julia shows up and says not to do it. She says they have proof ir wasn’t her. Joe doesn’t lower the gun. Julia says to stop and says again that she didn’t do it. He finally puts the gun down and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Barbie tells Julia that’s the second time in two days that girl owes her life to her.

Barbie says Big Jim didn’t have to tell him about the reserve tank and she says Rebecca has been talking up Jim all over town. Julia is skeptical about Rebecca and Barbie says the dome doesn’t care about them. Julia says she feels like she’s losing him and his trust. He says he can trust her without agreeing with her. He asks her if Sam agrees with her.

At the church, Jim waits outside as mourners come in. Rebecca shows up with flowers and says she always liked Angie. She says it must be terrible on Junior. Jim says he wishes he could do more for him. She says she hates that Barbie is getting a hero reputation – she says a great leader leaves a legacy and it’s more than just one day. She says Chester’s Mill chose him and the town needs him.

Jim says Joe doesn’t want him near the church today. Norrie comes out and tells Julia and Barbie that Joe isn’t there. Barbie says he’ll find him and heads out. He spots him at the diner rifling the shelves. He says everyone is at the church. He says he’s looking for her bracelet. He says she always had it on and he knows she would want to have it on. Barbie says she would want to know that Joe was okay.

Barbie says he came first for her and Joe asks why Angie was at the school alone and who would do this to her. Barbie promises they will catch who did it and Joe says he can’t know. Barbie tells him that he lost someone too and didn’t want to go to the church and watch the show of people who maybe cared and maybe didn’t. He says not a day goes by that he doesn’t wish he had taken the chance to say good-bye.

Joe says he’s not ready to say good-bye. Barbie hugs the kid as he cries. He says he knows he’s not. He tells Joe he’s not alone. Jim leads a service and says they’ve had a lot of loss lately – Linda and now Angie. We see Junior at the jail drinking on his bunk. He drops his bottle and then finds Angie’s bracelet under his bunk.

Barbie and Joe come into the church. Jim says it’s hard to understand why she was taken so soon. He says she had big dreams and whatever differences we had in the past, we need to be here for each other now. He says for most of his life he’s only had faith in the fact that he could sell a car to anyone. He says we’ve had a storm, a plague and are being tested by a power that is bigger than any of them.

He says he has found his faith and wants to know what they have faith in. They say him. Julia says they would do anything for him. Barbie agrees. Rebecca says that Angie’s death was bittersweet. She says Angie was spared what’s to come. Rebecca says there is more to come. She tells him there are too many people in the dome and says we can’t all survive.

There’s a pounding at Sam’s door. He goes to answer and finds Junior there. He asks what’s going on and he tells his uncle that he thinks he killed Angie.