Under the Dome Recap 8/11/14: Season 2 Episode 7 “Going Home”

Under the Dome Recap 8/11/14: Season 2 Episode 7 “Going Home”

Tonight on CBS their drama UNDER THE DOME airs with a new episode called, “Going Home.” On tonight’s episode Barbie discovers a new world when he descends further into the mysterious tunnel to search for Sam. The new place is familiar, but yet filled with unanswered questions.

On the last episode when Barbie and Sam set out to investigate a mysterious tunnel, a cave-in severs their path back to Chester’s Mill. Meanwhile, Julia and Big Jim faced off in a struggle for power as a dust storm raged in the town. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show When Barbie descends into the unknown abyss in the mysterious tunnel to look for Sam, he discovers a world that is familiar but filled with unanswered questions.

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Barbie wakes suddenly from a dream startling Julia. He says it was Sam dropping him off the cliff and she reminds him he couldn’t stop him and he says it was what he said before he jumped that’s bothering him. Julia is looking at Pauline’s drawings and says he was crazy to think killing the kids would bring the dome down. Barbie says they have to tell Junior and Joe in the morning. Norrie and Joe are sleeping on the couch and Melanie is slumped on Junior’s shoulder.

The kids wake up and wonder what the egg was trying to tell them. They think that Melanie and Barbie being from the sae hometown means something. The kids tells Julia the egg came to them on the lake. Julia tells Junior that Sam is dead and that he killed Angie. Barbie says there were scratches on him that matched the incident and that when he confronted him, he jumped off a cliff.

Barbie says he wants to retreive Sam’s body so they can prove he killed Angie and the town can have some peace of mind. He’s gathering equipment at the jail when Big Jim comes in. Barbie tells him that he’s going back to explore the tunnels to see what he can see. He asks if he’ll tell him what he finds and Barbie says he’ll be the first to know.

Rebecca and Julia are with Barbie in the cave. Rebecca says her laser pointer won’t reach the other side and her compass is spinning wildly. They have no clue what’s going on. Barbie gives Julia a kiss and promises to be careful. He begins his descent telling them he’ll be right back. He rapels down slowly looking around. They ask what he sees and he says a whole lot of dark. He says just plain rocks.

They ask if he can see the bottom and he says he’s getting closer to the bottom. He yells out and tells them that something is pulling him. Rebecca points out that the pitons are coming out of the wall and the women grab the rope to anchor him. Barbie tells Julia to let go of the rope but she won’t. Rebecca says she can’t hold it and that if they don’t let go, they’ll go over.

Barbie tells her he loves her and then cuts the rope and drops to save her. She screams – no – as he drops out of sight. Julia yells down for him to say something but they hear nothing. Rebecca tries to pull her back from the edge while Julia grows more and more hysterical.

At the diner, Junior asks Melanie if she thinks Sam killed Angie. She says the Sam she knew was sweet, kind and always smiling, but now she doesn’t no. She says there is something darker in him now. She asks what he thinks and he asks how his uncle could murder Angie. Big Jim comes up and asks if he heard right and who told them that. He says Barbie told him that Sam confessed then killed himself.

Big Jim tells Junior he’s sorry and Junior asks if he is. He comes to sit with his son and tells him that Sam was always off and says that’s why they didn’t get along. He says he was never as strong as the two of them and says the town needs them. Junior says he doesn’t care but Big Jim says they’re special. Junior asks why he always makes everything about him. He walks away from his dad.

Joe looks at a snow globe he says Angie loved. He says she’s never coming back and Norrie asks if he’s at peace with it. He says he has to accept it and she says he’s staring at the globe like it’s a crystal ball. He says things don’t add up about the dome. He tells her there was never a tunnel below the school and now there is. He wonders where the tunnel came from and why it’s there.

Julia wants to go back into the tunnels but Rebecca says there is no way he could have survived a fall like that. She tells Julia to come lie down in her classroom. Julia tells her that no one can know yet and says she needs to figure it out. Rebecca asks if she’s worried about Big Jim and she says without Barbie, there’s no telling what he’ll do.

Big Jim comes in then and asks them why they didn’t tell him about Sam. They tell him that Barbie is bringing up Sam’s body and he says he’ll help but they tell him it’s not safe. Julia says Barbie asked if Jim could man the police station until he’s back and he leaves but is very skeptical. Barbie wakes up to the sounds of children playing – as he opens his eyes, we see he’s in a park.

Barbie groans as he comes to and sits up in the middle of a playground. He stands and looks around and hers kids laughing and playing. He sees a lake and then the tower – looks like he’s in Zenith. He walks the street where there is a ton of other people strolling around. He sees a billboard for Dome Day 17. People start to dodge him because he’s bloody and he tries to cover up. He sees a guy cleaning off a billboard that has been tagged with something about the dome.

We see Sam also walking the street. He has a scrap of paper in his hand and heads into a large psychiatric institute. Inside, he asks at the desk for Pauline. He says he’s her brother and the nurse says she’ll get someone to take him up to her locked ward.

Julia tells the kids that Barbie is gone and they freak out. She tells them he cut the rope on purpose to save her and Rebecca. Joe says the dome wouldn’t let anything happen to Barbie. He tells her the tunnel has never been there – it just appeared. He says he thinks the dome put the tunnel there and Barbie going down there is part of the plan. He tells her they should go over the cliff themselves.

Joe says he was on the robotics club and they can find something to put down there to explore it. They agree to meet back in half an hour. Sam comes upstairs and asks the orderly if his sister has been there long. He points him to a room. Sam looks into the art therapy room and sees herpainting feverishly. He goes in. She’s actually teaching the class. She drops her paint brush and is shocked to see him.

She goes and hugs him and asks how he got out of the dome. He tells her it’s still there and she asks how he got out and he says he’s trying to figure it out. He tells her Junior is still inside but knows she’s alive and says he got her message. Rebecca goes home and finds Big Jim there waiting for her. He tells her they need to talk privately. She asks why he’s in her house. He says he blames himself for this.

He says he trusted her and shouldn’t have. He tells her she made a huge mistake crossing him. He says the dome saved him from death on the gallows, redeemed and chose him but she couldn’t see it. He says she shouldn’t have lied to him and she says she didn’t. She tells him he’s scaring her and he says she should be scared. He says he waited outside the school but Barbie never left. He asks where he is.

He tells her not to lie to him again. Ever. Rebecca is teary. She says he’s dead. She’s crying now full on and Jim is shocked. Barbie has his keys and goes to his old apartment. He looks around and sees a photo of him with his war buddies. He takes a painting off a wall and then grabs some stuff from an envelope hidden on the back. He cleans himself up but then the door is kicked in and it’s his other three Army buddies. They tell him – welcome home – but all have guns drawn.

[11:00:59 PM] Rachel Rowan: They ask where Barbie has been. Rick says he said he was going to do a job for him and they would all be rich now. Barbie says he would be rich anyway. Barbie says he was under the dome. They laugh and Rick punches him in the face and says he’s going to do the Acteon job at half price. Barbie asks what if he says no and Rick punches him again. Barbie agrees and tells him to give him a day to get organized but the guy says he has to go now.

Pauline asks Sam how he got out. He says he went over a cliff in the tunnels. He says he fell on accident. He says all that matters is that he found her. He asks why she didn’t tell him she was going to fake her death. She says she knew the dome was coming and that if she left, the dome might follow her. She says she didn’t want him to stop her from leaving. Sam apologizes for doubting her. He asks why she asked Lyle for help and she said she had to stay in contact and knew he wouldn’t tell anyone.

Pauline says she was wrong and now Junior is stuck. She says anything is possible if he and Lyle could get out. He’s shocked when she tells him Lyle is there and she’s seen him. Joe works on sending a drone down into the gorge with a camera on it. They lower it down slowly and Norrie watches the video feed. After 20 feet the picture starts to go. Julia asks what’s happening and Norrie tells him to pull it back.

He says it won’t come back up and then the signal goes out. Julia stands at the edge looking thoughtful. Norrie tells her she’s sorry. Julia says it’s her own fault and says she wanted to explore them in case there was a chance and Norrie says they all wanted that. The camera comes back on and Joe calls them over. He shows them the feed frame by frame. It goes from the cave to a playground. Norrie sees the obelisk.

Rick and Barbie run, guns drawn up to a stately mansion. They creep around and head to a side door. Barbie says the owner of Acteon Energy lives there and tells him to watch their six. Barbie sets off the alarm and knocks down his buddy. An armed guard comes around the corner and Barbie puts down his gun and says he can explain all this. A guy comes out of the house and says – Dale – Barbie’s first name  – and he turns and says – yea Dad it’s me. OMG! This episode is insane…

Barbie and his dad go inside the house and his dad gets him a beer. He asks how long it’s been and Barbie says two and a half years. His dad says it’s been too long. He asks him to sit but Barbie declines. His dad laughs and says he missed his stubbornness and says it reminds him of his mom. Barbie says he’s happy to hear that. His dad asks why he hit the panic code and took a guy down.

Barbie declines to tell him and also won’t tell him about his injuries. His dad asks what he wants and Barbie says – a favor. Pauline takes Sam to see Lyle who is in the mental hospital sitting in a wheelchair saying Melanie’s name over and over. He gets agitated and yells out the name louder. Pauline says he didn’t recognize her.

She says no one knows he was in the dome and Sam says something must have happened when he went off the cliff and Pauline says he’s okay but we see Sam’s hand has tremors. She asks if he’s talking about their Melanie and Sam tells her she’s back from the dead. Barbie says he needs to get into the dome. He says he needs to get a message to someone on the inside. Barbie says he wouldn’t ask if it was important.

His dad says the whole world is watching and the National Guard has set up a 10 mile dead zone around it and there’s a bombed out radius around that. His dad says he can’t go to his contacts in DC and Barbie says he’s selfish. His dad says he’s the one who ran off and joined the Army and that he had to pull strings to bring him home from deployment early.

Barbie says he didn’t ask him to do it and his dad says his mom was the one who asked for it and reminds him that she got sick after that. Barbie pleads with his dad to help him get to the dome. Junior and Melanie come to the school looking for the others. Melanie says she doesn’t like being there and he says him either. Joe calls out to them from the tunnel.

Melanie asks if it’s true about Barbie and Joe says it’s complicated. Joe asks if they have the egg and he tells them to come down to see something. He tells them to hurry up. Rebecca comes into the diner and sees people lighting candles. She asks Big Jim what he’s doing and he says it’s a memorial for Barbie. She asks if Julia should be there and he says they couldn’t find Julia and he didn’t want to wait.

He says Barbie was important to the town and says he was often the only thing between the town and disaster. He says it’s time for everyone to come together and Rebecca says – around you. Jim calls everyone around for a prayer. He prays and says they’ve had dark times before and he prays to get them through this one.

Barbie agrees to stay at home for the night. Barbie tells his dad that he owes him the truth and his dad says he can guess – there’s a woman in there. He tells Barbie he can tell – he says the edge he had from Iraq is gone. He asks her name and if he loves her. He says – yes and Julia. His dad said they would be risking everything and Barbie says he understands. His dad promises to help him. Barbie is surprised and his dad says he knows what it feels like to be separated from the woman you love.

The egg starts glowing down in the tunnel and then goes out then back on. It shoots out stars into the darkness. It forms the shape of the obelisk and then the whole town of Zenith. Joe says this means there could be a way out of the dome and Julia says maybe Barbie is alive. We see a painting Pauline did of what looks like a locker door with blackness beyond.

Barbie and his dad walk out into the woods on their property and we see an object in the bushes. Could be a door or a large box. There’s a bright yellow handprint on it that looks like the handprints the kids leave on the dome when they touch it. Is Barbie’s dad somehow involved in the dome deal?