Under the Dome Recap 8/18/14: Season 2 Episode 8 “Awakening”

Under the Dome Recap 8/18/14: Season 2 Episode 8 “Awakening”

Tonight on CBS their drama UNDER THE DOME airs with a new episode called, “Awakening.” On tonight’s episode Barbie enlists his father’s help to reach out to Julia, but then realizes Don may not be trustworthy and may know more about the Dome than he is acknowledging. Meanwhile, Big Jim appoints himself sheriff of Chester’s Mill.

On the last episode when Barbie descended into the unknown abyss in the mysterious tunnel to look for Sam, he discovered a world that was familiar but filled with unanswered questions. Meanwhile, under the dome, Julia and the rest of the town think Sam and Barbie are dead, when in fact they are not. Julia was afraid for Big Jim to find out that Barbie had perished, for fear of what he may do with Barbie not around to control him. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show when Barbie enlists his father’s help to reach out to Julia, he realizes that Don may know more about the Dome than he is letting on. Meanwhile, Big Jim appoints himself sheriff of Chester’s Mill.

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Big Jim looks at the stuff in a police locker – looks like Duke’s stuff. He puts on his gun and badge – guess there’s a new Sheriff in town. He pulls up in front of Rebecca’s house as she comes to sit on the porch. He hands her a police radio and she asks why. He says it’s to keep her safe and he says he’s handing them out to key people. She asks who she calls when someone breaks into her house. He apologizes for doing that and says he gets overzealous.

She asks if he’s going to keep the badge and reminds him the dome hasn’t treated those who wear it kindly. He says the dome has something more in store for him. Rebecca asks if he’s serious and he says he’s trying to be. He tells her to keep the radio on channel two and call if there’s trouble. She thanks him. He goes.

Barbie finds his dad and asks if he’s found a way to get him to the dome. He says he can get an email to Julia. He says he talked to the military and they’ll drop the firewall for him short term. He tells Barbie to write down who to send it to and what he wants to say. He does and hands it to his dad. The message says he loves her, will see her soon and to take a leap of faith.

He says the email address is to a teenager that is a tech nerd who will check his account. He thanks his dad and goes. Joe and Norrie make a video blog recording. He says it’s so everyone can know what it’s like living in the dome. She reminds him there is no WiFi and he says maybe someone will find it when they’re gone. They are heading back to the cave and the cliff.

He stops and gets a signal on his phone. He has a new email. Norrie is floored. Melanie tells Julia to eat when Joe runs over and tells that he got signal and there’s a message from Barbie. He shows it to her. Norrie says he’s alive. Joe shows it to her and says it was sent to him but was for her. She reads the message. It says to get the egg and take a leap of faith.

Joe says that’s the way out but Julia says there’s no way to know. Norrie asks why she’s doubting it. She asks if they can send a reply and he says they can try. We see Lyle saying “it’s in the cards” over and over as Pauline and Sam come home. She says he has to stay and he says he’s going to go restart his life. She says they have to go in and get her son out.

She says if he got out there’s a way to get back in. She thinks Lyle may have the answers but there’s a new experimental drug. He was turned down for it but she wants Sam to get it and give it to him. Barbie sits in the playground and a kid asks what he’s doing. He says he’s hoping a friend will show up to meet him. We see a surveillance camera nearby.

There’s a guy watching the camera who zooms in on Barbie and seems to recognize him. He runs facial recognition on him. The guy smiles and chuckles and says – got you. Barbie gives up and walks out of the park. Barbie crosses a street in town and we see the guy that spotted him stalking him. He follows at a distance but Barbie ducks into an alley then grabs him and yanks him to him.

He asks who he is and the guy says what’s important is who he is. He rattles off a bunch of stats about Barbie and says he knows he escaped from the dome. He says if he knows he got out, other people will too. He tells Barbie that his dad doctored his email and told Julia to bring the egg along. The guy tells him he’s being watched and says he’s a friend. Barbie says he doesn’t need friends.

Barbie asks about the email and the guy offers to show him – he pulls out his phone. At the school, Julia is upset because there is no signal. She says she can’t believe that he’s still aside. Norrie says the email means it’s safe to go off the cliff. Joe says he’d do it. Julia says they have to make sure it’s Barbie before they do anything but there is no signal. She says they can get out a note.

Norrie says they can send a message in a bottle off the cliff with an answer only Barbie will know. Pauline distracts a nurse and hands Sam a security badge. He steals the experimental drug and a syringe. Junior asks his dad why he’s in a badge. He says being Sheriff seems a little low on the totem pole for his dad. He says with Barbie gone, someone has to wear it.

Junior calls him a politician and Jim says the dome is telling him what to do. Junior is annoyed that now he finally thinks the dome can tell you things. Jim says he should have trusted him. Rebecca calls Jim on the radio and tells him to come to the diner. His dad tells Junior to stay there but he refuses. They head over. She tells them someone cut the windmill down. She shows it to them in pieces.

They wonder who would destroy it. Jim says it’s a message to him but Junior says not everything is about him. Junior gets a call about a fire and takes off. Barbie is at his dad’s – the hacker guy talks to him from the car. He tells him the computer is password protected and the kid says to put the jump drive in. He tells him that security comes around every few minutes.

He tells him to open a browser and gives him a web address to go to. He tells Barbie the graffiti around town is his to tell people the dome is a lie. He tells Barbie the next step and says he can take the jump drive out and go and he’ll take it from there. The guy has control of the computer and shows him the real email that his dad sent with the added line about the egg.

Barbie asks why his dad wants the egg. Barbie say he can’t let Julie jump. The guy starts hacking his dad’s computer and he tells him to stop. His dad comes in and asks what he’s doing. The guy tells Barbie to stall him. He says he just wanted to see if Julia replied to the email. His dad says she couldn’t and he says he was just hoping. The kid shits down his program at the last second.

Barbie says it wouldn’t let him log in and says he wants to get her another message. His dad tells him to come with him. Junior, Jim and Rebecca pull up to a car fire. Andrea was the one that called. Rebecca says everyone is losing it and Junior says it’s a vandalism spree. Jim says these attacks are all aimed at him – he built the windmill and sold that car.

His dad brings Barbie to his office with him and says he hasn’t been truthful. He says the message went to Julia but through Acteon, not through the military. He says his company was hired to monitor the dome and discovered how to get signal to the dome but kept a back door open. He brings him into a room and says they can send another one. The guy isn’t there but then comes in.

He introduces Hunter to Barbie. It’s the guy he’s been working with. He tells his son to dictate to Hunter. Barbie plays dumb and like he doesn’t know him. Julia stands at the cliff edge and she has the question ready to send to Barbie. Joe gives him a paperweight and says it came with every car Big Jim sold and he hated it as much as he hated the lemon Jim sold him.

The phone chimes and Joe tells her to stop. He says there is another email. The email says to hang in there and then says something about their first kiss, the pink stars and more. Julia says he doesn’t want her to jump. She says the first kiss stuff was the wrong place, wrong time. She says that means he wants her to sit tight. They wonder if he’s being watched. Julia says she has to head out to the dome but tells the kids not to come along – she doesn’t think it’s safe.

Sam tells Pauline he doesn’t think it’s safe to try the drug on Lyle but she says they have to. He worries that he can hurt him if they get the dose wrong but Pauline says it’s no way for him to live anyway. Lyle is talking about the best way to do a close shave. Sam gives him the shot and Lyle says ow then hurt. He keels over. They lie him back on a bed and Sam says now they wait.

Barbie waits for Hunter in the parking deck. He grabs him and asks why he didn’t say he worked for his dad. Hunter says baby steps. He says his dad doesn’t know they met earlier. He asks how long he’s worked there and he …
[10:45:22 PM] Rachel Rowan: ignore last para – it got cut off
[10:45:33 PM] Rachel Rowan: Barbie waits for Hunter in the parking deck. He grabs him and asks why he didn’t say he worked for his dad. Hunter says baby steps. He says his dad doesn’t know they met earlier. He asks how long he’s worked there and he says since he hacked in two years ago. He says he protects the systems from people like him. Hunter asks how the hell he got out of the dome and why his dad is obsessed with the egg.

He tells Hunter he has to get him out to the dome or he’ll tell the military he’s been breaching the firewall over the dome. Hunter says it’s hard but Barbie tells him to figure it out.

Rebecca asks Jim who could be mad at him and Junior smirks. He says Roger was mad about the windmill, Tom about the pigs, Phil who was shot in the chest or Terry or his brother Al. Rebecca mkes a list that keeps getting longer. He says Larry was mad at him for repossessing his car. Junior says that’s not everyone and Jim says it’s a start. They split the list and she takes off with Junior to talk to suspects.

Outside the dome at the military line, there are protestors. Barbie walks up to the guard shack. He sets down a case and offers up ID. He has am Acteon ID that says he’s a radiation specialist. She asks him to submit a thumb scan and he does. Both go through okay and the guard says he’s clear. She stops him and startles him but only tells him to stay safe.

They open the gate and let Barbie inside. He asks how far it is to the dome. The guard says it’s 16 clicks and says he needs an escort. Barbie asks what unit they’re with and he tells him to stick to the science. Barbie tosses his briefcase aside and rolls under the truck when no one is looking. He grabs on to the underside to hitch a secret ride to the dome.

Lyle wakes to Pauline’s face. He speaks her name and asks if the rapture came. He looks around and asks if it’s heaven. She tells him he’s alive and then that he’s not in Chester’s Mill. She says he and Sam both got out of the dome. He sits up and says he dreamed he was falling. Sam says that’s what you get when you jump off a cliff. They tell him he’s in the hospital and he freaks.

Jim pulls over Julia as she heads out to the dome edge. He says he just wanted to check on her and asks how she’s feeling. He hands her a police radio and she asks if he’s Sheriff now. He asks where she’s going and she says Joe’s because she’s checking for food to salvage. She says she just had to get out of the house and he tells her to be careful. She takes off. He looks skeptical.

The truck rolls past a checkpoint outside the dome and Barbie rolls out and runs into the woods unseen. He trips a laser wire unknowingly as he runs. Norrie, Melanie and Joe aren’t happy that Julia cut them out and Joe says the email is mushy. Norrie says the email was a code and she wonders how he could get to the dome wall. Norrie says she wishes there was something they could do.

They bring Lyle outside of the hospital and Sam tries to leave again. She tells him they need to go back to the dome. She says she needs her son out and needs answer. She reminds them that Melanie is back from the dead. She tells Lyle he was saying Melanie’s name and saying it’s in the cards. Lyle says he had the cards when he went over the cliff. He says it’s the postcards.

Junior heads to Tom who tells him to tell Jim to go to hell. He says that everyone hates him because they think he was trying to kill them with his pigs. They ask where he was and he says he was trading stuff he owns for food to feed his kids. He’s angry and says he wouldn’t spit on Jim if he was on fire. Junior and Rebecca agree they need to check his alibis.

Junior radios his dad to check in. Jim is cracked in the head and goes down. We see it’s Phil that knocked him out with the butt of a rifle. Phi has Jim handcuffed him down in the cells and yanks his badge off. Jim reminds him it was Julia and Barbie that fired him. Phil reminds him he trusted him and even burned up the food on his order. Jim says he’s trusted the wrong people, but not anymore.

There ‘s a noise and Jim kicks Phil as Rebecca and Junior come in Between the three of them they manage to get Jim loose and knock Phil out without any major injuries. Jim tells Junior good job then tells him to take Rebecca home while he deals with Phil. He shoves him in a cell and locks him in. Phil says they’ll never get out of the dome alive. Jim says they all have provems.

Julia is at the edge of the dome by Joe’s shattered house wondering where Barbie is. She talks to the dome and touches it. She is angry and asks the dome if it’s tricking her into thinking Barbie’s coming back.

Lyle shows Sam the postcards in the order that Pauline sent. They weren’t sent in the order the occurred. They try to reorder them. We see the snow globe and locker cards. Lyle says the obelisk was the last. Pauline says there was one more after the obelisk but she never got to send it. It’s a red door. She says they have to find it. OMG! I think that’s what’s hidden in the brush on Barbie’s family estate.

Jim walks outside and notices a helicopter with a search light flying over the dome. That sets Jim off with a determined look. Barbie makes it to the dome and there’s military hot on his trail. He write on the dome – not safe out her, don’t j… and then he’s dragged away. He yells at her not to jump as they pull him away. Big Jim watches this go down through binoculars. She screams his name as he’s taken.