Under the Dome Recap 8/25/14: Season 2 Episode 9 “The Red Door”

Under the Dome Recap 8/25/14: Season 2 Episode 9 “The Red Door”

Tonight on CBS their drama UNDER THE DOME airs with a new episode called, “The Red Door.” On tonight’s episode Barbie is apprehended by a group of mysterious men who interrogate him about his connection to the Dome. Meanwhile, Big Jim makes a deal that could determine the fate of the Chester’s Mill residents forever.

On the last episode when Barbie enlisted his father’s help to reach out to Julia, he realized that Don may know more about the Dome than he was letting on. Meanwhile, Big Jim appointed himself sheriff of Chester’s Mill and not everyone was very happy about it. Julia found out that found out that Barbie is alive and he actually managed to get to her, but outside of the dome. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show when Barbie is apprehended by a group of mysterious men, he is relentlessly interrogated about his connection to the Dome. Meanwhile, Big Jim makes a deal that could seal the fate of the residents of Chester’s Mill forever

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Barbie has a bag snatched off his head and asks where he is. He’s told he’s safe as long as he talks. He asks for his phone call and they tell him they’re not cops or military. Barbie says it’s a violation of Geneva convention. They tell him they don’t have to charge or release him under suspicion of terrorism. They ask how he got out of the dome. They want the exact route.

They want to know what don’t jump means. Barbie asks why he wants to know. The guy tells him he’s going to cooperate including getting Julia to hand over the power source. He says he’s never going to get it and the guy punches him. He tells him to keep thinking that and leaves. Jim comes to Julia’s door and asks about the guards at the edge of the dome. She plays dumb.

Julia says she’s stumped. Jim asks her to let him know if she sees anything unusual. He mentions not getting closure from not being able to bury Barbie – he says it was like that when his wife died. He offers to organize a team to get the body but she says she doesn’t want to put anyone else in danger since that’s what Barbie was doing for Sam.

Norrie asks Julia if Jim knows. Junior is there too. She says they can’t let him know. They wonder why the outside people want the egg. Julia says they need to get back to the school in case he can send another email. Junior tells Melanie he’s going to the station to keep an eye on his dad.

In Zenith, Lyle, Sam and Pauline wonder what the red door is. They think it may be a way back in. Sam and Lyle didn’t remember a red door when they came this way. Pauline wants to go looking for the red door – she wants Junior. Her son shows up to the sheriff’s office and Jim tells him he saw Barbie outside the dome last night. He asks if he knew. Junior tells him he did.

Jim thanks him for his honesty. He asks Junior to show him. Barbie’s dad, Don, is brought to him and he asks if he’s okay. Barbie asks how he got in and Don says he pulled strings. Barbie asks him to get him out but he says he can’t – Don says he doesn’t have that kind of power. He says they hired private contractors after the missile strike disaster and he’s just an energy company owner.

Barbie asks how changed his message to Julia. Don says they caught him and strong armed him into changing him. Barbie tells him to quit lying. He tells his son the only way for him to get out of the cuffs is to get Julia to bring the egg. Barbie says he can’t help him. He tells Barbie he’s too damn stubborn and it may get them both killed. He leaves.

Outside, the goon calls Don boss and Don tells him men to try harder. Naturally, Don’s the big boss and he says the military will find out about the power source soon. Don tells his thug to get the information no matter what it takes. The guy asks if anything is off limits and Don says no, then goes. Uh-oh.

Junior takes his dad to the edge of the cliff below the school and tells him that’s how Barbie got out. Jim says you have to take it on faith just like his mom said before she died. Jim says he should have believed her and wishes he could apologize for doubting her. He says they’d both give anything to see her. Junior asks him about the dome’s plan for him. Jim says this is it.

He says it’s his job to lead the people to freedom. He says Barbie told Julia not to jump because the people who dragged him off want the egg. Junior says the egg has a mind of its own. Jim says the guards must want the egg and he asks where it is. Junior says he doesn’t know where it is. Jim says they are the only lawmen left in town and they need to track it down.

Pauline walks in the park with Sam and Lyle about how Junior was in love with this little girl Angie when he was three. They see a little red door at the playground on a little playhouse. Sam says they’re being watches. He and Lyle split up to distract the guys and they make a plan to meet later. Pauline creeps over to the little playhouse and looks at the red door. It opens and a kid comes out with Joe’s robot drone and says – no grown ups. He runs to a swing and she watches him play.

Hunter comes to see Don who tells him they need to send another message. He threatens him with a prison stint for hacking if he doesn’t do it. The kids are at the school looking for an email. They wonder if something bad has happened to Barbie. Joe wants to go jump and says not safe out there may be better than not safe out here.

Joe says it’s weird because only one email came through and he thinks the person is controlling the signal. It’s a video from Don who tells Julia that he’s Barbie’s dad. Melanie says she knows that voice. Don says that Barbie is being held by people that will only trade him for the egg and if she doesn’t give it up, he doesn’t know what will happen to him. He tells her that he knows Barbie loves her.

Melanie interrupts Julia and asks what she’s going to do. The goon comes back to see Barbie and starts beating him. He says his daddy isn’t there to protect him. Barbie says it’s not really a fair fight. Then he tells the guy to kiss his ass and wraps him up in the chains they have on him. He grabs the key and unlocks himself, steals the guy’s gun and is making a break for it.

Rebecca is at the diner when Jim comes in. He asks why she didn’t tell him about Barbie. She asks what about and he tells her he saw him outside the dome. She asks if he’s alive and she’s genuinely clueless. She says if there was a way out, Julia wouldn’t keep it from them. He tells her someone wants the egg and she doesn’t know what that is either.

Jim tells her it’s an energy source that powers the dome and says Julia and the kids are protecting it. He asks if she can build an egg detector. She says there’s a way to find it. She says they can ask Joe but Jim says he’s part of the problem. She says Joe trusts her and may let her in on the secret. Jim tells her to try and find out where it is.

Lyle meets Pauline and she’s drawing a spiral. She says this is how her visions start. She wonders if it’s something bad about going to Chester’s Mill. She says the spiral scares her and he says she doesn’t have to be scared when they’re together. Sam says it’s not safe to go back to her place and she says she knows a place.

Joe and the others argue about the egg. Norrie says the dome didn’t protect her mom and Joe says or his sister. Julia says maybe they need to leave or send the egg over. Melanie says she died once protecting it and feels very strongly about this. Rebecca shows up and tells them she knows everything they’ve been hiding since Big Jim told her. She says she’s there to warn them that he’s looking for it.

Rebecca says she wants to save the town and says she should accept her help because things are going to get worse around here. She walks off. Trevor brings Hunter the hacker Pauline and her cohorts. She says he was her best student. They tell them they run the Hounds of Diana. They hear that they’ve got incoming and it’s one of the guys from the playground.

Turns out it’s Barbie. He sees Lyle and asks what the hell. Then he sees Sam and goes for him. Pauline tells him to stop and they tell him who she is. Barbie tells Pauline that Sam killed Angie. She’s stunned. Jim pulls up to the edge of the dome. He holds up a notepad that asks who’s in charge and says he needs to talk to him now.

he can get what they want and draws an egg. He says to deal with no one else but him. He says he needs to bring everyone. The soldier shakes his head no. Jim writes me and my son and the guy nods yes. Jim writes point me to it and it’s yours. The guy shows him a map of the town with a glowing icon. He says it’s at Angie’s place.

Pauline asks Sam if he killed her. Sam says her journal made it seem like the four kids were making it happen. She slams him against he wall and asks if he touched her son and he says of course not. She says oh my god and then says that’s why they have to go there. She says he killed Angie because of what she drew so they have to go there to atone.

Lyle asks why Barbie is so banged up. Pauline asks why he has a gun and he says it’s not for Sam, yet. They show him the drawing of the red door and Barbie says the drawings have led to awful stuff. Hunter pulled an image source of all the red doors in Zenith. She says she thinks it’s the way back in. Barbie says he knows where it is because he grew up there.

Junior tells Melanie he has to move the egg because he told his dad about the egg. He says he’s still trying to believe in his dad. He asks why she’s there and she says Jim isn’t the only one with a reason to take the egg. She says Barbie is more important and she may trade the egg for him. She asks Junior if he wouldn’t do the same thing for someone he loved. He asks Melanie if she wants to protect the egg with him and she nods. He says he knows a place they can keep it safe.

Julia asks Jim where the egg is and he says they both got skunked. He tells her that everyone wants the damn thing and he’s trying to protect the whole town, not just Barbie. He says he thinks she was going to give the egg to get Barbie set free. She says she doesn’t expect him to understand since he only loves himself. Jim tells her to try telling your son that his mom can’t take him to school or won’t be coming home ever again.

He tells Julia he loved his wife more than she’ll ever know and he would give anything to get her back. She asks why he wants the egg and he says to save the town. She says it’s a power play. The thug reports to Don that they lost Barbie after they set up to let him escape. There’s a call from Barbie – it’s him telling Don he got out and needs his help.

Don goes out with the guards but it’s some kid they paid to draw them away. Don tells the guards to search the property. Barbie says it’s no coincidence the door the Chester’s Mill is on his property. He tells them the little yellow handprint on the door is his – he put it there the day it was painted. They hear voices as they head down into the area. Pauline is hesitant but he tells her to come on or get caught. She goes.

They head down and move some debris then open a door. They head inside with lanterns and Barbie pulls Hunter back and says he can’t go. Hunter says he has no one but Pauline and that Don will kill him. They hear the door open and head deeper in to get away from Don’s goon. They guy gives up and leaves. The group walks deeper in and Sam sees a spiral head toward him.

We see Sam after Pauline died and Junior asking him to take him away with him now that his mom died. Sam says he can’t take him with him and he says his mom lied and says that his mom told him that Sam would save him one day and he was hoping it was today. He hugs Junior. Sam is back int eh present.

The spiral next comes for Barbie. We see him with Melanie. She let him paint the door with his handprint. She says she’s only there for the day because her mom wanted her to meet him. She hugs him and leaves. Don watches all this. Then Barbie is in the lake and so is Sam. They wonder what the hell is going on and where the others are.

The spiral is there and comes for Pauline. She’s in the crater with the egg and she calls out for Sam and Lyle. She sees Melanie and goes to her. She touches her and she says this is where it began and this is where it ends for all of us. She touches her and then she’s in the lake. Hunter is there too. Barbie asks if they’re okay and they wonder where Lyle is. They swim for the shore.

They stagger out of the lake and Barbie asks if they saw stuff. Sam says he saw a memory and Pauline says hers was like a premonition. He tells them all to keep a low profile to avoid chaos. He says he’ll make a plan and find them and tells Hunter to lay low. She asks Sam to stay there and find Lyle. Hunter says he can’t believe he’s in Chester’s Mill and Sam says it’s going to get weirder.

Junior hides the egg in the fallout shelter. She says it’s peaceful down there and asks if they can lie down for a little while. She lies on a bunk and he takes off his gun belt and then lies down next to her. He puts his arm around her and she cuddles onto his chest. Junior looks stressed and unsure about this whole thing.

Pauline comes into her house and looks at the photos. She heads upstairs. She goes into Junior’s room and looks around. She hears footsteps and sees Jim. He says – Pauline? He’s in shock. She’s not happy to see him.