Under the Dome Live Recap: Season 2 Episode 12 “Turn”

Under the Dome Live Recap: Season 2 Episode 12 “Turn”

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King returns with an all new Monday September 15, Season 2 episode 12 called, “Turn.”  On tonight’s penultimate episode a new threat from the Dome puts the residents of Chester’s Mill at risk of being crushed to death. Meanwhile, Melanie’s health continues to deteriorate as the fate of the egg remains unknown.

On last week’s episode when temperatures began to plunge, Sam and Rebecca sprung into action to try to save the residents of Chester’s Mill. Meanwhile, Barbie risked his own life in order to save Julia after a terrible accident.  Did you watch the episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as we head into the final next week when a new threat from the Dome intensifies, the residents of Chester’s Mill find themselves at risk of being crushed to death. Meanwhile, Melanie’s health continues to deteriorate as the fate of the egg remains unknown

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Under the Dome’s second season. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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The dome could either be evolving or disintegrate – no one knows which and in the meantime there’s a lot of frightened people in Chester Mill.

From all appearances the dome is turning against them and they could all die at any moment. However Julia doesn’t want to be so quick to judge. After all she has a personal connection to the dome and it once told her that it came to their town because it wants to protect the people of Chester Mill. Though Rebecca is choosing not to believe Julia’s story seeing as there is no proof to back it up.

She’s scientific like that and all that they do know is that the dome is currently cornering them in and the mysterious Melanie looks like she’s now dying. She started to become sick after Big Jim threw away the egg and her health is deteriorating at rapid pace. So Julia thinks that something is still happening to the egg and that’s why Melanie keeps getting worse.

When Junior found his parents, he tried to get his mom to help Melanie. Although he quickly figured out that once she lost all trace of her visions – she wouldn’t be able to help him. So then he got angry at his father. It was easier for him to do that than for him to do nothing. His father was the one that threw away the egg so everything happened afterwards is the other man’s faults.

Hence, when he later tried to look through his mom’s old journals for a possible answer to helping Melanie; he decided to take Lyle’s offer of help. Junior has no reason to trust Lyle whatsoever, but Melanie apparently means a lot to him. And frankly he’s not the only one she’s had an effect on.

After Hunter revealed to Barbie that he’s been working for Barbie’s dad all along, Barbie used him to pass on a message. He got his father to meet with him at the edge of the dome and there he pleaded with the other man to give them back the egg. He told them his and Melanie’s lives were on the line. So if he didn’t want to bury two kids – he had to get them the egg as soon as possible.

[11:09:13 PM] Kristine Francis: The second his father turned away – set on returning the egg – the dome’s walls stopped caving in. And Melanie even began to feel better. Yet the people inside of the dome still weren’t safe. Unless they actually had the egg in their possession – there was a risk the dome would start acting up again.

And just when the elder Barbie was about to do the right thing – his people turned on him. The egg itself is too important to the higher up officials on the outside. They’re not prepared to let go of such an object merely because one man wants to save his kids. So he was overruled and the dome was once more in peril.

But, luckily, another way was found to save Melanie. Pauline with Big Jim’s help, soon found herself painting again. Her ex had convinced her that they were chosen for great things and being reassured of her own abilities brought out said powers. So Pauline painted a vision about how to save Melanie.

The vision revealed that they needed all the old hands and the new ones to save Melanie so Pauline got the gang all together and because they needed one more hand to complete the ritual (Angie’s passing kind of messed with things) – Junior and Sam each grabbed one of Melanie’s hands. They assumed her being the bridge would be enough and they were right. After the ceremony, Melanie was fit and healthy. So how were they supposed to know that the ritual would give her back to only then take her away?

Melanie fell into a hole that abruptly appeared out of nowhere from underneath. Junior wanted to throw himself in and follow her but he was warned against that idea. The fall might kill him. Especially as none of them knows what’s down in the pit or if he goes on forever.

Pauline had felt so bad her “plan” had failed. She didn’t know they wouldn’t be able to keep Melanie for long so she needed a second to herself and Big Jim followed right behind. Neither of them could have foreseen the price they would have to pay and so Jim was telling her that she was still a good person. And seeing as they have been heading to this point since meeting each other again – they were about to reconcile when Lyle abruptly stabbed Pauline.

Pauline had seen her own death but she didn’t know it was because of Lyle!

It seems Lyle never wanted to let her go or give up his “claim” he had on her so he killed her hoping she would wait for him in heaven. And then Jim killed him hoping Lyle will end up in hell.