Under the Dome Recap 9/8/14: Season 2 Episode 11 “Black Ice”

Under the Dome Recap 9/8/14: Season 2 Episode 11 “Black Ice”

Tonight on CBS their drama UNDER THE DOME airs with a new episode called, “Black Ice.” On tonight’s episode Sam and Rebecca try to save the residents of Chester’s Mill when the temperatures plummet inside the Dome. Meanwhile, Barbie risks his life to save Julia after an accident.

On the last episode Big Jim finally learned the shocking truth about what really happened to his wife, Pauline, when they were reunited. Meanwhile, climate change posed a new threat to Chester’s Mill. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show, when temperatures begin to plunge, Sam and Rebecca spring into action to try to save the residents of Chester’s Mill. Meanwhile, Barbie risks his own life in order to save Julia after a terrible accident.

This is definitely one series that you will not want to miss this summer. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Under the Dome’s second season all summer long. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.


In the park in Zenith, they find the egg and try to grab it with pincers. A guy in a hazmat suit picks it up but it lights up, makes a noise then blows him backward. Melanie is screaming and in pain. Junior calls Rebecca and she tells him to bring her to the high school since an earthquake crashed the hospital. Pauline chews out Jim and tells him he has no idea what he’s done. She tells him after what he did, it will affect a lot more people. She asks to see the locker.

Julia and Barbie confront Jim for holding the kids at gun point to put it over the cliff. Jim says they could have had everyone out a week ago. Barbie says when he dropped the egg, he closed the passage. The way to Zenith is blocked for good and Phil’s dead body proves it. Jim says he did it for Pauline and thought they would all get out. He walks away dejected.

Rebecca is surprised to see Pauline who calls her Becky. She says they thought she was dead. Pauline says it’s good to see her and she says there are people that need her that were hurt in the quake so the high school is a hospital now. Barbie says good luck and heads out. Rebecca also says the temperature is still dropping and there’s no telling how many people might freeze to death.

Norrie, Joe and Hunter go to check the dome. It’s frozen. Joe touches it and they have to pull his hand away. When they do his blood is left on it and the dome begins to move into the ground. Back at the school, Junior sits by Melanie. They tell her she collapsed and the other people were hurt in the quake. Barbie says this is all Jim’s fault.

Joe tells Rebecca that the sphere is moving. He thinks it’s revolving and Rebecca thinks this may have to do with the temperature. They head out to talk to Hunter who’s still out by the dome. Jim goes to Pauline who is furious with him and says he always wants to play hero and calls him a narcissist. She tells him Lyle would never have betrayed her or gone behind her back.

She says she can’t paint, the visions are gone and Lyle may be gone forever. She says the dome had a plan and Jim says it has a plan for him too. Pauline says she came back for Junior and she just wanted him out of the way. She marches away angrily. Rebecca is timing the movement and says the atmosphere is inverting and they try to figure out how to reverse it. Rebecca says the church is warm and has a generator. They’re not sure how long they will last – they don’t have provisions there either.

Julia says she and Barbie will go get food and Rebecca asks if Barbie is okay. She says he’ll be fine. Rebecca tells her to be back by nightfall or risk freezing. Melanie is awake and tells Junior it’s hard to breathe. His mom asks to sit with her for a while and he walks away to let them talk. Melanie is glad to see her. She sits and tells her seeing her there is amazing. She says she looks the same.

Pauline says she must look old to her but Melanie says she would know her anywhere – her best friend that left her for dead. Pauline takes her hands and cries and tells her she regrets what happened. Melanie says the egg made that sound that scared her. Melanie says it seems like yesterday even though Pauline calls it ancient history. Pauline says they’ll make her well and figure out why she’s there.

Barbie and Julia drive and talk about what’s next. He says half the town will die with the cold and they’re going to lose the crops. He says what then. He says they can’t make it past October and says he’s tired of survival being the best case scenario. He says he only came back to get her. She says maybe there’s another reason.

She goes back to tie down the stretcher that’s rattling and Barbie loses control of the ambulance. They crash and she goes flying. Barbie goes to the back to check on Julia who’s in and out. She asks what happened and he says they hit a patch of ice and are lucky to be alive. She screams and he sees her leg has been impaled on some metal from the stretcher. He says he can’t take it out because it might be lodged in an artery. He applies pressure and tells her to hold it. He looks for pain meds.

She asks about the radio and he says it’s out. He also says they are too far from the diner. He says with the engine on they have heat until the gas runs out. He says they have to stay put. Jim asks Junior to talk to his mom for him. Junior asks why he would ever do that. He tells his dad he’s known for a week she was alive and he didn’t tell him because he just wanted to go to her and leave him there.

Jim says he couldn’t know that throwing over the egg would cause the earthquake. Junior says that’s when Melanie collapsed. Rebecca, Norrie and Joe talk about conserving heat. They yell to close the door. It’s Hunter. He’s got frostbite. His fingers are turning black. Pauline sits with Melanie who asks her why she came inside the dome. She says she came for Junior and Melanie says that wasn’t the only reason.

Melanie tells her she’s done running and is done to finish what they started 25 years ago. She promises she won’t leave her side. Melanie starts into a seizure and Sam says she has a weak pulse. They think someone must be doing something to the eggs since it’s connected to her. Barbie throws out road flares and says it’s freezing. The engine sputters to a stop and Barbie goes to try and crank it. He curses but it’s no use. She tells him to go on without him but he refuses to leave her. He shows her petroleum jelly and says it’s going to save their lives.

Rebecca treats the frostbite and tells Hunter it’s going to hurt like hell when the pain sets in. Hunter asks why the dome didn’t move when the power source moved. Joe says he doesn’t know. He asks if they’re the only ones that can move it. They want to know why he’s asking so many questions. A guy busts in yelling for help for his wife. He says he made a fire to keep warm and fell asleep.

Sam starts CPR but says she’s gone. He tells Tom he’s sorry. He’s distraught. The lights go out as the generators die. She says they just ran out of fuel. She moves them into smaller rooms to try and use body warmth. Jim says he’s going to go find fuel for the generators. Rebecca says he can’t go blindly and he says he’s not.

Barbie lights a petroleum jelly candle and tells her she’d be surprised how much heat one candle can give off. He huddles under a blanket with her and she says this would be romantic if she didn’t have metal sticking out of her leg. She asks what’s going on with him and says he’s acting like he’s losing hope. They hear a cracking sound and the window of the ambulance shatters in on them. They huddle together trying to keep warm against this new source of cold.

Junior tells his mom that if the people with the egg keep messing with it, it will kill Melanie. Hunter goes to check on something and Joe grabs his pack and pulls out his phone. He sees texts he’s been sending to Barbie’s dad and then a message board where he was asking what they need him to find out about the egg – traitor!

Julia tells Barbie that he has to go without her. She says he can make it but he refuses to go without her. She says she would rather die alone knowing he’s okay. He says they’ll find a way out. She asks how. He says he doesn’t know. She says it’s so cold. He says that’s it. She asks what and he says with hypothermia your heart slows down and the blood stops pumping as fast.

He says he can pull the rod out and they can make it to the diner. He says people can come back from hypothermia and she says that sounds simple. He tells her she’s not leaving him and he pulls the rod out of her leg. Jim is in Julia’s car and says he’s looking for fuel. He says he’s checking a couple of boats then will be back.

He’s at the docks and finds a little bit of gas then hears Lyle yelling for help from the water. He begs Jim to help him. Jim thinks about it but then throws him a life preserver and pulls him in. Norrie tells Hunter that Melanie is going to die and it’s her fault for letting Jim throw the egg. He tells her maybe someone in Zenith will figure out how to make it work.

She says only a few people can touch it and says they’re all inside the dome. Norrie says she’s going to go help some people and he says that’s all she does – help people. Jim shoves Lyle in the car and he asks how long he was gone. Jim tells him the others have been back a few days. Lyle says the whole world was on fire and there were waves of flames that destroyed everything.

Jim says it’s impossible but Lyle says he saw it and it was beautiful. He tells Jim the end of the world is coming and he needs to decide where he wants to be. Jim says he wants to be with his family. Julia is slipping fast and Barbie promises to wake her up soon. He tells her she’ll go to sleep and wake up and they’ll have love and a life together and anything she wants. She tells him she loves him and she’s gone.

Barbie puts on a tourniquet and pulls out the spike. He tells her to listen and says she doesn’t get to leave him yet. He pulls her out and carries her and starts the walk to the diner. He tells her to stay with him. Jim comes to the high school with Lyle and says he fished him out of the lake and found a little fuel. Rebecca thanks him.

Barbie makes it to the diner with Julia and tells her they’re almost there. He lays her down by the oven and turns it on and starts CPR. He tells her he came back for her and begs her to come back for him now. She finally draws a shallow breath and he kisses her. She says his name and he shushes her. He checks the bleeding and it looks good. She tells him she missed him.

She says she was so cold. He bundles her against him and tells her they’re going to be okay. The sun is coming out and Rebecca says the barometric pressure is rising higher than it should be. Hunter sneaks away and Norrie ask where he went. Joe says they need to follow him and find out because he’s up to something.

Pauline finds Jim staring at a trophy from his glory days. She says she was at that game. He says he only blocked the kick and didn’t score and she says that’s not the way he used to tell it. He tells her Lyle is back and safe and says he’s not all that sounds. She asks why he saved him and he tells her he did it for her because she said she needed Lyle.

Jim says he hasn’t always been the best husband or dad and he admits it. He says it wasn’t because he wasn’t crying or didn’t care, it was just the opposite. He says he will do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves. She sighs and says it’s warming up. She says it looks like they’ll make it another day. She says she always liked coming to his games.

Joe and Norrie find Hunter at the dome talking to soldiers. He tells her that he told her Hunter wasn’t on their side. The soldier asks what he’s found out about the dome. He writes an answer. The guy looks at it and nods. They confront him and ask what the hell he’s doing but he says he’s trying to help. He says they’ve been monitoring it from the outside.

He shows them the note he wrote that said they have to stop working with the egg or it will be catastrophic for Zenith. He says he’s trying to save Melanie and says he was blackmailed into helping. There’s suddenly a high pitched noise and Melanie opens her eyes and says it’s starting. Norrie touches the dome and says it stopped spinning.

Joe touches it too and then they back away as the dome begins to contract in closer to them. They panic as the edges start creeping in closer to them and worry that they’ll all be crushed.