Under the Dome Recap 9/1/14: Season 2 Episode 10 “The Fall”

Under the Dome Recap 9/1/14: Season 2 Episode 10 “The Fall”

Tonight on CBS their drama UNDER THE DOME airs with a new episode called, “The Fall.” On tonight’s episode Big Jim learns the shocking truth about what really happened to his wife, Pauline, when they are reunited. Meanwhile, climate change poses a new threat to Chester’s Mill.

On the last episode when Barbie was apprehended by a group of mysterious men, he was relentlessly interrogated about his connection to the Dome. Meanwhile, Big Jim made a deal that could seal the fate of the residents of Chester’s Mill forever. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show Big Jim finally learns the shocking truth about what really happened to his wife, Pauline, when they are reunited. Meanwhile, climate change poses a new threat to Chester’s Mill.

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RECAP: Pauline tells Jim it’s really her and he asks if the dome sent her to torment him. She says it’s really her and he says she died nine years ago. She says he was never dead. He says he saw the wreckage from when her car hit the tree. She says Lester and Lyle helped her fake the death so there would be no evidence left. She says it was the only way to get out of Chester’s Mill. She says she told him about her visions and she knew something terrible was coming. She says she thought the dome would follow her and it would protect them.

He tells her she destroyed Junior and she tells him to stop it. He tells her he thought it was his fault. He walks away from her. She says she came back but he won’t listen. Rebecca shows Julia that the leaves have turned like it’s Fall and Julia says the temperatures are falling. Rebecca says the dome is accelerating the seasons. Barbie walks up and Julia runs to him. She hugs him and he says he came back to her and is going to get everyone out. She asks how he’s there and Rebecca asks too.

He says to talk inside. The kids are cold and Joe and Norrie are cuddling under a blanket. Joe says they’re alone and need to keep each other warm. He kisses her and she says Melanie has been gone for more than a day. She gets up and she tells him the egg is gone. She says she thinks she took it and Joe says they have to go find it.

In the shelter, Junior touches the egg and Melanie calls his name. She tells him she should go and he says they shouldn’t have fallen asleep. She says if Julia is mad that she was out all night, she’ll just tell her that he locked her in there. He kind of freaks and she says she was just joking (he totally had an Angie flash back). She says she has to go but then kisses him before she jogs out. He smiles.

Angie is suddenly there and she tells him to think about what he’s doing. She tells him he’s going to want to follow his heart but tells him not to. Melanie comes back down and asks if he said something. He says no and she leaves again. He turns back and Angie is gone. When she was there, she had the head wound that killed her, still trickling blood.

Rebecca and Julia review what he told them about jumping off the cliff and waking up in Zenith. He says on the way back he had a memory from when he was a kid. He says Lyle didn’t show up with the rest of them – he says he may have drowned. Rebecca says he may be trapped. He says they can use the cliff but they don’t want a stamped. They agree to start with people they trust. Julia says there’s finally a way out but she doesn’t know if they should take it.

Sam finds Melanie and tells her he didn’t push her into the crater but says he did help bury her and has regretted it every day since. She says imagine if he had trusted her to protect the egg, none of this would have happened. Sam tells her he’s so sorry for everything. He says he has a lot of unfinished business and this may be his only chance but she says you never know how many chances you’ll get. She walks away.

Pauline asks Jim what he’s doing when she finds him in her studio. She says she was hoping to find Junior there and says it’s the same as when she left. Jim says it was his was of keeping her alive. He says he would come out there to try and figure out why she was so tormented. She tells him she, Sam, Barbie and Lyle came back through a secret way. She says she came back for him and Junior.

She says she was wrong to leave them and he says she was right about everything. Jim says he wasn’t a good man back then but the dome has shown him a new way to be and now has brought her back to him. He says he can prove that he’s changed. He takes her hand and reminds her she loved him once. She says she loved him very much. He says they can be a family again. He says he’s going to lead everyone out and they can all be together.

Julia tells Barbie the dome is there to protect them. Barbie says there is almost no food there and it’s getting colder. She asks what happens if they die getting out. She tells him what happens if they are attacked and beaten like he was and Barbie says if they just give his dad the egg, he has to let them all through. He says she can go last with the egg but she says she needs to go first.

She tells him she’ll negotiate the deal. Melanie comes in and runs to hug Barbie. He says it’s good to see her. Julia asks where the egg is and she asks why she wants it and Julia says it’s the way out. Melanie says no, she can’t tell her where it is. Barbie asks to talk to her. He takes her into another room. Norrie says all four hands should have a say in where the egg is and they agree to talk to her.

They come into the high school and ask who the guy is – it’s Hunter. He says he came from Zenith with Barbie. He tells them he’s a hacker and shows them his Hounds of Diana page. He says he’s trying to establish contact with the outside world. He says he works for Barbie’s dad and knows about the egg. They theorize a radar gun maybe the best. He has a snack and they snatch it then they head to the police station.

Melanie tells Barbie that she won’t give up the egg. He asks her if she’s been to a big white house in Zenith and she remembers the red door. She says she played with a little boy and he says he was that little boy. She says her mom was upset at his dad and telling Laura that he was sorry. He says oh my God. He says his parents used to fight about a woman named Laura.

They figure out that they share a dad. He says she’s his big sister, now little sister Melanie. She says that’s why her mom brought her there – to meet him before they moved. She says that’s why he looks so familiar and why her mom wouldn’t tell her who their dad was. Barbie says they are supposed to lead people out of there.

Melanie says something bad will happen if she doesn’t protect the egg but Barbie says he’ll protect her. He asks her to come to the diner with him and Julia and she agrees. Pauline and Jim look at photo albums from while she was gone and she cries and says she missed so much. The door opens and Junior comes in. She hugs him and cries and smiles. Junior asks how she’s there and Jim says they can talk over breakfast. He says he’s sheriff and has to talk to Barbie about an exit strategy. He leaves.

He tells her that Lyle told him why she left and that he didn’t tell his dad. She says it’s for the best. She says they have to get out and if Jim needs to think they’re a family, that’s what’s best. He asks who else is back and she says Barbie and Sam. She says his uncle has a lot to atone for but he says he can’t be forgiven for killing Angie.

The egg wakes up, lights up and starts making noise. It starts vibrating. Pauline’s tea cup starts shaking. She screams, drops it, grabs her head and yells out – make it stop! Julia talks to Andrea and some others about the cliff and they think they’ll end up dead like Barbie but he walks in and says it leads to Zenith. He says they need the on board. Julia wants to divide everyone into groups.

Barbie says no one will be forced to leave but Rebecca says it won’t be survivable soon. Andrea says she won’t do anything til she hears what Big Jim thinks but Tom is on board. They leave. Julia says she’ll go first and negotiate safe passage for everyone then Melanie and Barbie will go next with the egg. Jim comes in and says he’s part of the plan now and asks how he fits in.

Hunter and Joe work on the radar gun to make it pick up high pitch frequency. Hunter says not to mention it to his parole officer when they get out. Norrie asks what his record is for and he says hacking. They tell him the gun is working but Joe and Norrie won’t let Hunter go looking for the egg with them. He says it’s cool and that he wants to get pictures around town for his website.

They discuss their trust issues and that they’re not ready to tell him about the locker that leads to the cliff that goes to Zenith. Phil overhears because they were at the police station jimmying the radar gun. Norrie and Joe discuss that all you have to do is jump. Jim says whoever is in Zenith can’t detain 2,000 people and Barbie reminds him that the people out there bombed them.

Jim says he’ll go first and negotiate because he’s an elected official and the sheriff. Barbie says he’s just a used car salesman. Jim says that means he knows how to cut a deal. They agree that he can go first so long as Pauline and Junior stay behind. They agree to form up the exit teams and organize it. They ask Melanie what she thinks and tell her the plan depends on the egg.

Jim finds Pauline painting feverishly and she tells him her head won’t stop hurting. She says the egg is screaming. She’s painting a picture of the three of them in flames. She says it’s the end. He tries to calm her and she slashes at her with her palette knife. He locks her in her studio then hears the high pitched sound. He heads into the fallout shelter and sees the egg pulsing.

He says Pauline was right about this too. He gets close and grabs the egg and is thrown against the wall and knocked out. Barbie talks to his sister and tells her he will let her carry the egg over. She asks if they have to give it to them and he says she’s what their dad will care about, not the egg. She says she needs a minute. Julia asks if he made a promise he can’t keep.

Julia says Big Jim going first actually works out better because neither of them is at risk of being nabbed. She says they met because of the dome and they’ve never talked about them out in the world. Barbie tells her he wants her in his life no matter where they end up. He says that’s a promise he can keep. Melanie asks if they want the egg or not.

Jim comes to in the bunker just as Norrie grabs it up. Jim says they have to come with him to take it the cliff. He pulls a gun and says he’ll shoot Joe if she doesn’t cooperate. She says he won’t do it and he says there have been a long list of people dead who didn’t do what he said and he has no problem adding Joe to the list. She goes with him.

Junior kicks in Sam’s door and Sam says he wishes he could take it back. He says he thought it would bring the dome down. Sam says he can’t take it back but he still has a choice and Junior says he needs to suffer. He pistol whips him then beats him and tells him to fight back while he pummels him. He takes an ax and says he’s going to do to him what he did to Angie but then Angie is there and tells him to stop.

Hunter is at the school and hears Big Jim forcing the kids down the hall. Angie tells Junior that Sam and each of the hands has a part to play and can’t die yet. He says he loved her and she says he didn’t love her, he just wanted to possess her. He says she’s not real, she’s just the dome playing tricks on him. Angie begs him not to do it for her. Junior buries the ax in the floor by his head and tells Angie he really did love her but she’s gone.

The kids talk while they walk and Jim tells her to throw the egg over. She says the egg doesn’t want to go and Jim says it’s about his family. They ask what about the rest of them and they beg him not to make them do it. He says his wife is suffering and says the egg needs to go. He knocks it out of her hand and down the chasm. He says everything is okay. Then the ground starts to crumble. Joe tells her to run. All three run back up the tunnel away from the cliff.

Things begin to fall apart all over town. Hunter hides and tries to send a text. Melanie, Barbie and Julia are in the shelter and it’s shaking then Melanie collapses and is barely breathing. Phil begs for someone to let him out but then the walls crumble and he’s able to get loose. Julia and Barbie bring Melanie to Sam’s for help. They ask what happened to his face and he says not to worry about it.

They revive Melanie and she asks Junior if he took the egg. He says no and Barbie and Julia run off to find Joe and Norrie. Junior says it’s good he didn’t kill him and says Melanie is a hand and they need to keep her safe too. The kids climb up to the locker and Norrie nearly falls but Hunter grabs her hand at the last second. He asks what the earthquake was and they tell him he doesn’t want to know.

They ask why he isn’t out taking photos and he says he forgot his battery pack. Jim finds Pauline and she says when the earthquake came she lost her visions. He tells her he threw the egg over the cliff to Zenith and she cries and asks him what he’s done. Barbie and Julia come in and they tell them that Big Jim made them throw it over. Phil runs by them and goes down through the locker chute.

Julia and Barbie follow and see that there’s a bottom now and Phil is impaled on a sharp stone – he jumped just like he heard Norrie and Joe saying.