Vanderpump Rules Recap – Tom and Katie Go to Therapy: Season 3 Episode 8 “Mind the Jax”

Vanderpump Rules Recap - Tom and Katie Go to Therapy: Season 3 Episode 8 "Mind the Jax"

Tonight on Bravo Vanderpump Rules returns with a new Monday December 22, season 3 episode 8 called, “Mind the Jax,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Jax pursues new SUR hostess Vail, but gets caught up in a lie about his current girlfriend.

On the last episode, with Gay Pride coming up, Lisa hired a new hostess named Vail, who immediately catched the attention of Jax. Stassi slammed Tom Schwartz for remaining friends with Jax, but Schwartz believed her anger was just a grudge against her ex-boyfriend. James felt the strain of Kristen’s ongoing obsession with Tom and Ariana. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the Bravo synopsis, “Jax pursues new SUR hostess Vail, but gets caught up in a lie about his current girlfriend. James tries to clear the air with Tom Sandoval before Scheana’s bachelorette party in Miami, but Kristen’s lingering obsession is too much for them to overcome. Katie and Tom seek couples’ therapy to save their relationship.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ Vanderpump Rules Season 3 episode 8 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of VR tonight.

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#PumpRules starts now. Lisa gets out of her car at Villa Blanca. She meets with Chef Matthew about a new dish. She says she’s been at Pump so much lately she’s dropped the ball there and at Sur. She finds Jax there at the bar. He says he came for lunch after a doctor apartment. He says she’s taken all their business then says the new girl Vail is really nice. She says she’s too nice for Jax. She says to leave her alone and he says he’s not trying to get into her pants. She doesn’t care who he sleeps with as long as it’s no one at Sur.

Shay and Scheana meet Kristen and James for lunch. They talk about the bachelor and bachelorette party coming up in Miami and then the cat fight at another party resulting in them being uninvited. Scheana says she’s hung over and hopes the cider will help. James says he’s happy to help Shay and Scheana with their new recording. James asks about Miami and Scheana kind of blows it off. James says they’re going to be best mates anyway and Scheana tells Kirsten she just thinks she won’t be comfortable there.

Scheana says Kristen is a loose cannon and doesn’t really want her at the bachelorette party. James asks Kristen if they’re going and she says yes. Scheana is in a corner and can’t say they can’t come along to Miami. They all toast. Over at Sadie, Dani and Vail meet Stassi and the others for lunch. Stassi says she needs to teach Vail how to get along at Sur including how to steal and drink wine while working. Vail tells Kristina she went to Princeton and they ask why she’s at Sur.

Stassi thinks she must be dumb to host at Sur instead of doing architect shit. Vail says she was in a silent film playing an architect and says she also did a soap opera. She freaks out about all the questions. Vail says she’s happy to work at the restaurant between acting gigs. They ask how she likes Sur and then what she thinks about Jax. She says he seems nice despite the warnings she’s heard. Stassi says she’s being naïve.

Vail says people change but they tell her Jax doesn’t and that’s his MO. Vail thinks she’s being recruited to dislike certain people. Katie says Tom and Jax had a thing in Vegas that didn’t go well. Stassi, however, thinks Jax isn’t lying and that Tom did cheat on her in Vegas. Katie says she and Tom have some issues they need to work out but says Jax is an asshole either way. She says if Jax would disappear, her relationship with Tom would go better.

Vail says she now knows to stay away from Jax since he has a motive of trying to bed her. Over at Pump, Rocio brings flowers to Lisa and she shows Santi how to prepare the roses. Lisa says she’s a control freak and would do every single thing herself if she could. Michael, the manager, tells her how busy they were on Saturday. Katie shows up to talk to Lisa and wants advice. She wants to talk about Jax. She says he’s making up rumors about Tom cheating to get back at her.

She says Jax has crossed the line and Lisa says it sounds like he’s being a dick. Katie wants Lisa to move Jax to Pump. Lisa asks what Tom would say if she told him – Jax or me. Katie says she doesn’t know. She says she should be the priority and asks if she wants to marry Tom. Katie says he’s the man she wants to be with and Lisa asks if she’s ever thought he’s not the man she thought. Lisa says Jax is not the problem, it’s Tom.

Katie cries and says the relationship is hurting her. Lisa hugs her and says Katie will find the answers you need. Lisa says the man you marry should put you first. She says she needs to find out what Tom really wants. Katie is scared that he doesn’t feel for her like she does for him. At James’ place, Kristen is there talking music with him when Scheana and Shay show up to check out the song. Scheana says music is her hobby and it’s fun for her to put out music that plays in clubs.

She says she hopes she loves the song and says she wants to do some more rapping. James plays the song and Scheana follows along on her phone. She dances around. She says she’s blown away and says James is a genius. She raves about it and he says he’s on his grind every day with his music. Scheana complains about the lack of RSVPs for the wedding. She says she’s waiting on a hundred replies. Tom calls Scheana and says Jax is coming to his place because he and Tiffany just broke up.

Scheana asks if Jax is cool or does she need to being vodka. He says he has some. Scheana loves Jax and says she wants to support him. She tells Kristen that he texted her last night about the break up. James says he needs to talk to Tom man to man before the wedding to get rid of the negativity. James is annoyed that Tom won’t forgive him for shagging Kristen.

Katie and Tom come to see Dr Engler, a therapist. Tom says he’s been dragged her after Katie talked to Lisa. Dr Engler asks what’s up and Tom says they want to show off how perfect their relationship is. Katie tells him to stop and says they’re trying to rebuild their relationship. He says they almost broke up recently and says he has some resentment. He isn’t happy to be in therapy and says it’s out of his comfort zone. Katie says he’s non-confrontational.

She says he’s always joking around when she needs to talk. She says she feels like a monster and he’s a scared puppy. Tom says he loves her and just took her for granted for a while. He says he had a barrier built up from the past. He says he’s had to hide things from her in the past. Katie says he made out with someone else. She says he didn’t lie about it and says she can be reasonable as long as he’s open. Engler asks if they’ve gone stagnant. Katie agrees they’re in a rut.

She says she’s had some insecurities because they don’t have sex and says she misses feeling desire. Tom says he’s aware of it and feels bad about it. He says he wants to be more intimate. He says he thinks as bad as all this is, it’s instrumental in moving their relationship forward. He says he’s feeling more desire toward her lately now that he’s got some stuff off his chest. Engler says they need a new narrative as two strong people who respect each other.

Tom decides he likes therapy and says it was cathartic and they actually accomplished something. Katie says they aren’t ready to give up on their relationship. After, he asks if she wants to go have sex and she laughs. Scheana goes to Tom’s who can’t get polish off his nails. Jax comes in and Scheana asks about the break up. Jax says they’re not over, just trying to figure it up. Tom and Scheana say the texts were pretty clear. He went to San Diego to see Tiffany and she was hesitant to see him.

Jax says they decided to try and work it out. Scheana agrees it’s hard to make a long distance thing work. Vail calls Jax to ask about the break up. He asks if she wants to have coffee and she agrees. Scheana says he’s trying to bang Vail but he says not. Tom says he’s using the break up to get sympathy. Scheana says James wants to make up with Tom and says he forgave Jax for shagging Kristen but not him. Tom says James is annoying and is dating the most destructive girl he knows.

Tom calls James a fake it til you make it guy and says he has no time for that shit in his life. At Sur, Lisa chats up Peter and he tells her they have 400 reservations for tonight. She says Sur is not quite as busy has it’s been and says she needs to redirect her energy back to Sur. She critiques some of the glasses and asks who is doing the glasses. She says six out of six should be perfect. She says it freaks her out when she walks into one of her restaurants and there are glaring problems.

She tells Peter to get on top of this. Katie comes over and she asks how she is. She says she and Tom had a breakthrough and things are going well. She thanks Lisa for the chat and says she should make Tom realize how bloody lucky he is to have her. Vail is working when Scheana approaches to chat her up. She says she was hanging with Jax and asks how she knew about the break up. She says he texted her to say he was in San Diego.

She says she has the texts on her phone and wonders why Jax would lie to Scheana about that. Scheana says when a new girl starts at Sur, the cliques want her and Jax wants to bang her. She says she and Jax are going for coffee and Scheana says he wants to put cream in her coffee. Vail says she’s being disgusting. She meets Jax for coffee and he compliments her. They hug and she says she likes his new haircut.

He tells her he’s going on a guy’s trip to San Diego to party. Vail says he’s very self-satisfied bordering on cocky. They order drinks and she says she had to get her nose cauterized. She says she did too much blow back in the day. Jax says her being open about her past is one of the best things about her. He says he just had his nose done because he had a deviated septum. She says everyone has told her to stay away from him. He says there are two sides to each story and the truth.

She says she doesn’t take gossip at face value, she makes up her own mind. Jax says she’s way smarter than him. He says Stassi and her friends don’t know that Vail has an interesting past and that saying bad things about him may actually intrigue her. She asks why he lied to Scheana about texting her and he says he didn’t want to talk about it. She says not to put her in the middle. She asks where he is with Tiffany and he acts funny.

Vail tells him he should stop wasting time because he’s not a spring chicken. He says he can be needy and she says he needs to find someone who can meet that need in him. He jokingly asks her to meet his parents. Over at Sur, James is steaming glasses and he says Peter told him to make sure they are polished. She tells him to swap out the flowers and tells him to not just do what Peter says but to do what she says. She says she’s keeping an eye on them.

She heads back to Pump for a party. Tom is prepping the bar when James comes in and asks for a chat. Tom agrees. They go sit to talk. James says they haven’t had a chance to talk and says he wanted to clear the air before Miami. Tom says they just need to stick to ignoring each other. James says he feels hatred and compares himself to what happened with Jax. Tom says Kristen is a kamikaze pilot who is trying to ruin her life with Ariana.

James says he doesn’t like to hear that about his GF. James says Kristen isn’t obsessed with Tom and is screaming his name out in bed. They agree to leave it at they don’t like each other. Tom says the problem is and always will be Kristen. Jax comes over and Tom says he just doesn’t like James. Jax agrees that Kristen will do whatever it takes to break up he and Ariana. Kristen comes to confront Tom about cheating on Ariana.

He tells her to stop obsessing over his life. Tom says it’s not true and she says it is. Tom says he’s sorry she’s not happy and says he doesn’t care about her life. She says if he doesn’t care, he should be nice to James. He tells her she’s crazy for coming to his house with her tits hanging out. He says she’s a nut and tells her to stay the f- away from him. James comes over and gets into it. Tom says they annoy him and tells them to stay away from him.

Tom walks off. Kristen says he’s running away because he can’t handle the truth. Kristen says Tom cheated on her with at least five girls and knows he’s done the same to Ariana. James tells Kristen he can’t wait for Ariana to find out the truth.