White Collar Recap Finale – Neal’s Surprise Death: Season 6 Series “Au Revoir”

White Collar Recap Finale - Neal's Surprise Death: Season 6 Series "Au Revoir"

White Collar ends tonight with an all new Thursday December 18, season 6 series finale called, “Au Revoir.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s last episode of the series, Peter [Tim DeKay] joins a dangerous con against the Pink Panthers to help Neal [Matt Bomer] carry out a risky heist; Neal formulates a new plan that will benefit himself as well as the Pink Panthers.

On last the last episode, Neal had to orchestrate a treacherous operation for the Pink Panthers on short notice. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the USA Network synopsis, “In order to help Neal (Matt Bomer) carry out a risky heist, Peter (Tim DeKay) must involve himself in a dangerous con against the Pink Panthers, putting El (Tiffani Thiessen) at unease with their new baby on the way. Meanwhile, Neal designs a new plan that will serve the interest of the Pink Panthers – and himself.”

Be sure to stop by here later tonight at 9 PM EST for the live recap of White Collar season 6 finale “Au Revoir.” It’s sure to be a great episode, and we’d love to hear your thoughts throughout the show. In the meantime, hit up the comments below to chat about all the things you’re loving about this show.

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Neal tells Woodford to back down and says they’re a man short and need him. He says Peter (aka Dunbar) is the best he knows and says he can trust him. Woodford says they can do it without him. Peter says he pulled the London Graff diamond heist in ’07 modeled on his. Woodford asks what he drove for the get away. He says it was a Bentley Flying Spur but says he had a chauffeur. Woodford puts down the gun and Peter is in with the Pink Panthers.

Moz comes over angry that he gave his role to the suit. He tells Moz he can steal $30 million from the Pink Panthers and that’s why he kept him on the outside. Neal says the FBI won’t be looking for the money and the panthers will never see it coming. They’re going to siphon money off of one of the tubes and Moz says he needs to pick the best location to do it.

Neal says the panthers won’t know it’s them but Moz is worried that Keller will double cross them. Neal says he’ll be ready. We see Neal practicing some shooting at a rail yard. Neal comes home to find Moz and June hanging out and listening to records. He compliments her and she says it was Byron’s favorite outfit. Moz drinks to elegant simplicity.

June and Neal swap sweet sentiments and he thanks her for everything. June asks Moz if she’ll see him same time next week. Neal tells her he loves her and will see her tomorrow. She leaves. Neal hands Moz a book that was from their first meeting when they were doing three card Monty in the park. They reminisce for a moment and Moz says the stakes matter now.

Neal says one more flight and Moz calls him Icarus. He ells Moz to keep an eye on the lady for him and he looks at the playing card from that fateful scam. Peter and Elizabeth tell Neal they’re having a boy and he congratulates them with hugs. Neal holds out a blue bib and says he read his body language when he says he was giving him news. Peter sees he also has a pink bib and says he knows all his tricks.

Elizabeth asks to talk to Neal and sits while Peter gets them coffee. She says things are different now and says she’s scared about the panthers. She says the trust him to a point and then tells him to make sure Peter is safe. He swears to her he’ll stop at nothing to keep him safe. He says Peter, her and their son are family to him.

Peter comes in and Neal compliments his coffee stylings. Next day, the gang goes over the plan to make sure there are no kings. Woodford says they’ll work in radio silence and tells them it looks like they’re in business. Next day, the robbery is afoot. Neal is dressed as a pilot and at an airfield. Moz is in front of the Fed done up as a maintenance guy. A homeless guy asks if he’s a mole person when he puts on odd glasses and he says he’s their leader. He heads down into the sewer.

Peter rides with Woodford to pick up repatriated bodies – that’s their cover. Neal lifts something from a stewardess – a bra. He calls out to her and she says she’s embarrassed but he says it’s their little secret. He swipes her card, uses it to unlock the door then clips it back on her after flirting a little. Woodford and Peter pull up in the hearse and he hands over the mortuary paperwork.

The security guy says he wasn’t expecting bodies and asks to check the back. Peter tells him it’s open. Inside the building, Neal ditches the uniform and runs out to the security gate. He says to let them in and says he’s from gate 30. Neal tells him to come on and the other security guy caves and opens the gate for them. Neal heads back in the way he came, opens a hangar door and the two hearses pull in. He closes the door and they face Big Bertha and say – let’s get to work.

In the coffins there is a cutting torch. They turn on the pipe and take a 100 and put it in to test it. They time and it’s back with the words make it rain written on it. Neal does a time check and reminds them how much they lose for every minute they’re not on it. He triggers his watch and that lets the FBI know they’re starting. The panthers start cutting into the safe with Neal.

They work their safe breaking magic. Moz sets up in the sewer below a pipe. Next they work on the combination and Peter says they did it. Keller gets annoyed at one guy and threatens him telling him he should be glad they said no guns. Peter is at the safe now. He and Neal open the doors and there are the fat stacks of cash. Neal says Bertha has a big heart. They have six minutes now. They start lining up the
cash for transfer.

Neal feeds them into the pipe and they are unloaded at the other end. Moz gets ready to open his pipe. He jokes around while he does it. He pops the pipe open and the guys on the other end says something is wrong. Moz sees some cash is stuck and then it bursts open and rains down on him like a glorious storm of green.

The guys on the other end say they need to increase the suction. Moz fights to close the pipe and gets it shut and the money starts rolling to the panthers again. They call time and are ready to roll out. We see cars with sirens on pouring into the air field. The hearses drive away. The FBI peeps are ready to go pick them up. Neal and Peter meet up with the other panthers and the FBI bursts in on them.

Woodford starts to go for a gun but they tell him not to. He touches it and glares at them but then lets it go. They escort them all out including Peter and Neal. They are loaded into vans and driven away. Neal picks the lock on his cuffs and Peter asks him to take his off. Neal says he can wait. They load Keller in with them and Peter gets back out.

Keller takes his cuffs off and tells Neal that he has to look to another path for freedom and asks how many times they’ve promised to let him go. Keller says they’ll find a way to keep him on his leash and says Peter sees him as a prized possession. Peter comes back to the van to find both Neal and Keller are gone and he curses.

Peter gets word that Neal’s anklet is transmitting from Wall Street. They take off after him. Moz packs up the cash down in the sewer and asks Neal and Keller why they’re there so soon and asks why they’re in new suits. He says Keller wouldn’t let them be booked and processed. Neal tells Keller to take his $10 million and go. He says freedom isn’t freedom unless you’re really free.

Keller pulls a knife and says he’s going to take it all. Moz says he told him he couldn’t trust him. Nal pulls a gun and Keller remarks that he got over his fear pretty quickly. He tells Moz to take the bags and go. They’re heavy but he struggles off. Keller and Neal face off. Keller asks what he’s going to do and reminds him they have a lot of history.

Neal says he knew Keller would bring pain to him and those he cared about. Keller says the panthers are going to find out he set them up and Neal says they won’t find out from him. Keller says he doesn’t have it in him to kill him. Moz has the cash in a homeless cart and avoids Peter’s gaze as he runs by. Keller tells him they are no different – both in a filthy basement lying to everyone they know.

Keller says they are wo bad guys who describes all the good around them. Neal says that’s not him but Keller says they can ask Kate who was dead the moment she met him. Neal and Keller struggle for the gun and Neal is shot. The bang resounds and both Peter and Moz hear it. Neal goes down and Keller stands over him with the gun.

Keller tells him it’s time to go gently into that good night and Neal laughs. He asks what’s funny and Neal says he’s predictable. He sees Neal’s anklet and knows he’s in trouble. Keller runs with his bag of cash and Peter runs after him, gun out. Keller takes a hostage and Peter tells him to let him go. Keller tells him to do what he says to save her life. He says Neal is likely dead already and Peter asks what he did.

Keller says if he leaves now he may have time to say goodbye to him. Peter puts a bullet in Keller’s head then goes off to find Neal when some unis guard Keller’s body. Neal is loaded in an ambulance and Peter rushes up. He shows his badge and tells Neal they’re going to get him out of it but Neal says he doesn’t think so. He tells Peter that he’s the only one who saw the good in him and says he’s his best friend. They load him up and tells Peter they have to go.

They close the doors and the ambulance takes off. Peter is stunned. He waits in the hall of the hospital and the doctor asks if he’d like to see him. They go down to the morgue and see Neal – there’s a perfect hole in his chest and Moz says this can’t be him. He says it’s like JFK with the decoy. He’s rambling. Peter tells him to stop it and tells him that Neal is gone.

Moz says it’s Neal and he can’t be gone. Peter tells him to look at him and says – he’s dead. Moz doesn’t want to look but then finally does. He’s crying and says again that it can’t be him. He says Neal always had a way out no matter how tight the scrape. He says he could always slide past and get away. Peter says – not this time. Peter collects his effects which includes a bunch if ID cards, credit cards, hotel room keys, another key and his tracking anklet.

Peter takes it all and says – you’re free. He sits down and cries once he’s alone. One year later, Peter has an alarm clock on his desk set for six pm. It goes off and he stands to go home. Clinton says it’s a new record him going home on time. Peter says El is cooking dinner and he’s going home. Clinton asks why he turned down the ASAC role to bring coffee to the stakeout team at dawn.

Peter laughs and offers to bring the baby instead. He tells Clinton he’s in charge and to make him proud.  Diana is off to DC and tells Peter they still want him. He says – no thanks. Moz is playing three card monty when Peter shows up and flashes his badge. He tells him they got all the panthers serving life but $23 million is missing.

$9 million was recovered from Keller and asks if he knows where the rest went. Moz says he’s earning an honest living now. Peter laughs and they reminisce about seeing Neal out of the corner of their eyes or hearing his voice. Moz says he’s in stage four while Peter is in stage three of grieving. Moz holds up the card and says this was the queen Neal played him with the day they met.

Moz says for the longest time he thought Neal knew he was going to die and gave him that because he knew he was going to die so he thought it was a con – is greatest con. Peter says it wasn’t. Moz says that’s why he’s moved from denial to depression. Peter tells him to stop by the house sometime to see El and their son. Peter takes off.

Moz comes to see El and tells her son a little story about some of their antics. She tells him to skip the part about TNT. Peter comes in and says little Neal likes it. Moz says he has impeccable taste. Peter kisses little Neal and invites him to stay for dinner. Moz says he knows he can’t stay in one place for too long and calls Peter suit and says he’ll see him around.

Peter found a package on the stoop. It’s a nice bottle of Bordeaux. They drink it later and sit back on the sofa but then Neal starts to cry. She says she’ll get the baby. Peter looks at the bottle of wine, sniffs the cork and then thinks. He goes to get a box out of the attic and brings it down. He looks through until he finds the key that Neal had on when he died.

He thinks back to Clinton and him talking about why Neal would be at the rail yard. Next day, Peter goes down and unlocks Neal’s container with the key. He sees a mannequin dressed in a suit with a bullet hole in it. He thinks about the shooting. He looks at the bullets on the table then thinks back to shooting Keller and seeing blanks in the revolver.

He sees pics of the EMTs and coroner there too. He thinks back to Moz and his conspiracy theory. Sure enough it looks like Neil pulled a death con. Peter looks at a newspaper from after his death about the Louvre’s security. He smiles. He sees a queen of hearts in the container. He smiles again and goes out leaving all the other goodies there. We see Neal in Paris on a little side street. He pops his hat on and strolls down the street smartly.