Witches of East End Recap 7/27/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “The Brothers Grimoire”

Witches of East End Recap 7/27/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “The Brothers Grimoire”

Tonight on Lifetime, WITCHES OF EAST END continues with an all new episode. On tonight’s show, called “The Brothers Grimoire,” Wendy and Tammy go through a disastrous series of meetings.

On the last episode Joanna was thrilled with Frederick’s (Christian Cooke) return, while Wendy remained suspicious of his behavior. Killian discovered he had a lot in common with new love Eva. Dash reluctantly dealt with his blackmailer. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Wendy and Tammy go through a disastrous series of meetings. Meanwhile, Frederick’s old friends from Asgard make an unwelcome visit to Fair Haven; and Dash and Killian receive their inheritance, which yields some interesting results.

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Tommy had his first brush with magic and unfortunately it just had to happen on his first date with Wendy. They were picnicking off of beer and junk food when all of sudden a rat came out of nowhere and tried to attack Tommy. The rat was in fact newcomer Isis. She and her lover/twin are the people that have Victor locked up in a grimy dungeon.

But Joanna doesn’t know that there’s anything wrong with her husband. The last she heard from him (via text) he was coming home soon. And she was just so happy to hear it that she never questioned the part about not hearing his actual voice in quite some time.

The people that have Victor are looking for the key. They still think it’s a thing instead of a whom. And if Ingrid doesn’t move out in time (and away from her family) – she might very well be the next person that gets tortured right alongside her father. Once his captors realized Victor wasn’t going to talk – his family members became their next objective.

These people want to go home and are willing to sacrifice anyone to do so.

Ingrid has been busy beating herself up for not getting in touch with Dash sooner. She feels likes if she did then maybe he wouldn’t have killed someone. But while she wants to be a friend to him – he on the other hand might not be so receptive to friendship after finally hearing back about his mother’s will.

Dash and Killian’s mother’s will was cryptic to say the least. She left them a treasure hunt using magic. So that means she wanted them to find out about their abilities even though it was her fault that they were denied powers to begin with. Remember, she hated the Beauchamps so much she stole powers off her own kids (back when they were in the cradle) in order to make herself strong enough to kill Joanna.

Their mother left them her grimier and seeing as she practiced dark magic – here’s hoping her sons don’t try out any of her old spells meant for others. And that’s including the still very angry Dash!

Fredrick and Freya found themselves being next on the weirdo twins’ target list. Once upon a time all four of them used to be friend but things changed when Isis and her brother got banished from Asguard. Like the fact Fredrick kind of despise them now.

They tracked down Freya to her job and when their polite offer about going back home was denied – one of them kidnapped Freya and the other blackmailed Fredrick with images of his imprisoned father. They knew Fredrick might not be all that moved about losing his father. Yet his twin sister, his other half, is a different story. Using Freya is their best option at getting Fredrick to comply.

Fredrick was going to deal with the twins by himself however his mother caught him trying to steal her grimier. He explained himself but Joanna wanted him to remain at home while she dealt with Isis and Ivar. She thought she could handle it and so went about trying to free her family like the badass she is and ended up getting ensnared in the trap Isis set as a backup. Isis tied Freya to a living explosion.

As for Ingrid, she heard from Dash that a spell had gone wrong from him and Killian. So she was on her way to go and help when she was pulled into a trance. The creature lying in wait in the forest needed her to come and “sustain” him. But Ingrid really is needed by the Gardiners. They tested out a protection spell on themselves and it only seems to work for Dash. The spell protects Dash from all physical and emotional help while it deteriorates his brother at a rampant pace.

By time Ingrid did show up to assist, Killian was practically at death’s door. She managed to halt the process before he crossed to the otherside and then she had to talk the brothers through in reversing their spell. Because, without fully understanding it, Dash cast a spell that stole his brother’s vitality. It’s why he was suddenly impervious to fire when he wanted make sure the protection spell worked.

Ingrid freed from their own mistake and in return she then asked Dash to help her with her time lapses.

Fredrick is stubborn and he left seconds after his mother did. Though Fredrick isn’t the good son Joanna neither wants nor needs him to be. When he did catch up to Ivar – it wasn’t to rescue his family. He simply wanted to kill Ivar knowing full well that would upset his sister, Isis, who most likely had his family under her thumb.

He risked them all without a second thought. Which left his mother cleaning up after him. She broke Freya out of the death trap by switching her bodily with Victor. He begged Joanna to do it. He wanted to protect his family and that meant they had to leave while he was strapped to a magical detonator. So Joanna cast the spell and saved her daughter but lost a husband.

Wendy had said they were cursed when it came to developing a lasting and strong relationship and she was right. So many things went wrong for her whenever she tried to meet with Tommy. Now Joanna has lost the love of her life and Freya doesn’t exactly have a hold on Killian besides his pity after he learned about her father.

Then there’s Ingrid’s strange paramour. He’s the creature that’s been killing people in her hometown!