Wolf Watch Recap 6/30/14: Season 2 Episode 2

Wolf Watch Recap 6/30/14: Season 2 Episode 2

Tonight on MTV, the talk show WOLF WATCH – the very popular show about Teen Wolf — returns with a brand new episode discussing all things Teen Wolf.  On tonight’s episode, they’ll be speaking about the second episode of Teen Wolf’s fourth season called “117.”

For those of you who are not familiar with Wolf Watch, it’s a show that airs after Teen Wolf and is hosted by Jill Wagner, who plays Kate Argent on the show. She will be joined by various cast members as they dissect the week’s episode and take fans behind the scenes of the series.

On the last episode, they Spoke about the premiere of Teen Wolf’s fourth season with an episode called “The Dark Moon.” Did you watch the last episode of Wolf Watch? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode of Wolf Watch, Jill Wagner will go more in depth about the fourth season and the second episode of Teen Wolf, which has  Scott turning to an unlikely ally in order to stop Kate.

Tonight’s episode is going to be really interesting. You’re not going to want to miss even a minute! Don’t forget to return to this spot when we will be live blogging WOLF WATCH on MTV beginning at 11 PM EST.


Tonight’s episode of Wolf Watch kicks off with host Jill Wagner and her three guests: Arden Cho, Debbie Ryan, and Meagan Tandy. Jill kicks off the show with Meagan, who dishes on her character. She thinks that as the show goes on Braeden will play a more important role in the gang and become more empathetic toward the other guys in the show.

Jill Wagner dishes on kissing young Derek Hale, and jokes that is was so awkward because the actor (Ian Nelson) that played the part is so much younger than her. She felt guilty kissing him on set when they were shooting the scenes because his mom was standing at the teleprompter watching her. Jill went up to Ian’s mom after the scene was shot and apologized for having to kiss her son.

Next, Debbie Ryan talks about her band, which is called Never Ending. The band just released their first album, which she has been promising to her fans for nearly two years.

Arden Cho chats about her character Kira, using the nun chucks. She says they are her favorite weapon because her Dad is a martial arts teacher, and they call him Grand Master Cho. All the girls agree that Scott McCall’s Dad, the FBI agent is hot.

It’s time to name the wolf crush of the week, and Jill reveals that they have selected Arden Cho’s character Kira since she kicked some ass with her nun chucks.

Jill shares a clip of Tyler Posey on the Teen Wolf set interviewing his cast members about what they did during their Season 3B break. Tyler Hoechlin went on a safari in Africa. Ryan Kelley, who plays Deputy Parrish, kept it simple and visited his family in Chicago. Meagen Tandy was “lame” and just stayed home and relaxed. Holland Roden went to West Africa, and slept in a tree house in the rain forest.

Next Jill shares a bonus scene from next week’s episode of Teen Wolf. The scene shows a guy looking for his cat under his bed. When he shines the light on the cat it is covered in blood. He hears screaming outside his bedroom door, and when he looks down the hallway there is a Berserk standing with a bloody axe.

Before Wolf Watch is over, Jill has a diehard fan on video chat named Kim; she creates chocolate pictures of the cast of Teen Wolf. And, she shares on of her treats with Jill, Meagen, Arden, and Debbie.