WWE News and Rumors: Triple H Needs to Back Off – Will The Authority Lose Power at Survivor Series?

WWE News and Rumors: Triple H Needs to Back Off - Will The Authority Lose Power at Survivor Series?

When Team Authority and Team Cena meet at Survivor Series, the power of the WWE will be on the line in story and many are assuming that the result is obvious….The Authority will win. Imagining a show without Triple H and Stephanie dominating virtually every segment is nearly impossible. Letting them lose power would be a complete and total change.

That would be awesome.

Triple H is one of my favorite all time wrestlers and during his best days he was not given nearly enough credit. He might have been “the guy that wrestled against the top guy” more often than not, but he always delivered in the ring. The one thing I hated about Trips was his mic skills.

Not much has changed.

Because he no longer spends his days in the ring, he is spending his time on the mic and that is a bad thing for WWE television. I love having him as a character in the WWE and think that his “power” angle is awesome. In fact, I think that the Authority angle is excellent in theory. The problem is the ego behind Triple H and Stephanie.

Triple H is trying to be Mr. McMahon at the height of the McMahon/Austin era and he simply is not even close. We forget that Mr. McMahon was actually the voice of the WWE long before he became the boss we all learned to hate. Of course he slid into the role of being onscreen as a major character as Vince. Of course he was talking and in many segments. He had the acting and talking chops to do it.

Triple H simply does not.

The Authority losing power at Survivor Series would be the ultimate shot in the arm that WWE needs. They should have Triple H slide to the back for a time and have someone else run the show in his stead. Triple H coming back would then mean something and he could become the part time character that the show needs in power. The same goes for Stephanie. She is awesome when we only get a taste. When she is on every single week she becomes stale and boring.

Perhaps the Authority will win and Triple H and Steph will continue to dominate Monday Night Raw. Their face time on the show is only going to increase and they will run the show and the concept into the ground.

One can only hope that they will see that this is NOT best for WWE business.