The Young and the Restless Kristoff St. John Was In a Real Life Cult In India (VIDEO)

The Young and the Restless Kristoff St. John Was In a Real Life Cult In India (VIDEO)

On CBS’s soap opera The Young and the Restless we have been watching the drama unfold between Nikki and a mysterious man form her past named Ian Ward. We recently learned that Ian Ward is a master manipulator and many years ago he convinced Nikki to join a cult with him, where he held her against her will, raped her, and impregnated her with her son Dylan.

While The Young and the Restless is fictional, the scary truth about cults is very real. And, Y&R star Kristoff St. John, who you most likely know as Neil Winters, knows that truth all too well.

Kristoff is in the news this week because he is promoting a documentary that he has been working on for the last 33 years titled, “A Man Called God.” When Kristoff was fourteen years old his parents, Christopher and Maria, packed their bags and dragged Kristoff from sunny California to India to search for God. They find God, a man named Sai Baba living in a small Indian village, surrounded by legions of devoted followers. The Kristoff family was quickly engulfed into the cult, which has over 50 million followers worldwide, and videotaped their entire experience and their daily Ashram rituals.

According to Kristoff, Sai Baba and his cult destroyed his family, and his documentary “A Man Called God” exposes the modern day cult for what it really is. In the documentary, Kristoff St. John shares first-hand accounts of the pedophilia, murder, lies, and overall demonic practices of the cult leader Sai Baba that he witnessed, and backs up his stories with the family’s home videos they recorded while in India.

Check out some of the footage below of Kristoff St. John’s “A Man Called God,” and share your thoughts on this crazy story in the comment section below.

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