The Young and the Restless: Michael Muhney’s Apology to the Cast After Being Fired as Adam Newman

The Young and the Restless: Michael Muhney's Apology to the Cast After Being Fired as Adam Newman

When Jill Farren Phelps delivered the news to Michael Muhney that he was not only fired from The Young and the Restless, but that he would also be replaced sooner rather than later it was a crushing conversation. Somehow though he managed to leave her office and go back to the set where he immediately opted to address the actors that were there. According to the Feb. 24th print edition of CBS Soaps Muhney apologized saying, “I let you guys down but I was happy to play with you for four and a half years. And I’m saying it now because we have a bleep-load to do.” Muhney was of course referring to those final scenes that he would still be filming with Billy Miller.

Ironically, both actors were on their way out the door thanks to Jill’s cutthroat decision making and not by their own accord. Muhney also said that there was no one else that he would rather be filming his final scenes with than Miller. There have been so many negative whispers about Muhney’s behavior on the Y&R set but no one bothered to mention how well he handled his firing and how he continued to show up and do the character of Adam justice until his final day of shooting. Obviously he cared a lot about the job that he was doing and how his character had evolved over four years, otherwise he could have simply stormed out and let god old Jilly figure out how to compensate for his immediate loss.

Do you think that Muhney has handled himself well given the situation? He has yet to say very much at all publicly on the whole matter. Do you think he’ll eventually talk about it in an interview? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Janet

    I hope we do hear from him, but more importantly I want to see him in a new project. I miss his intensity, screen presence and good looks. The best talent they had for sure and a real pro.

  • RedRiver38

    He is so talented. The whole thing could have been worked out if a true executive producer was running the show. Phelps is just a hatchet person with no vision. She wanted both Miller and Muhney gone, so she slit their throats publicly. I’ll never forgive CBS and Sony for letting her do this to two wonderful actors that made the show so much better. Disgraceful.
    I hope to see Michael very soon on another show. His talent is amazing and it was obvious that he loved his character and the fans of the show. Too bad the other actors and the producers didn’t appreciate his talent and dedication to Y&R.

    • legalgal

      Agreed — Michael was the best! The show has been incredibly boring since he left. I fast forward all the time — esp. when Dylan is on. He gives the same performance in every episode – dull. Bring back Michael Y&R!!!!!

  • Carol R

    CBS has handled this so poorly, but they don’t seem to care how the fans feel. Michael is a true gentelmen and a fine actor and I hope he goes on to better things. As for several of the actors left on the show I can’t even bare to look at them so I fast forward most of the show.

    I’m sure the sponsors will be thrilled to know that we can’t watch the show live
    we have to tape it and fast forward thought most of it and their commercials.

    • Elizabeth A.

      Why don’t you boycott the show like many other fans? Posting here doesn’t teach the network or JFP a thing.

  • Beth

    I think the scenes he did in his final days on the show were amazing. Haven’t watched since his last day & don’t miss it.

  • Melissa

    I wish they didn’t fire Michael Muhney, he was so good. I wish they would bring him and billy miller back. I am not impressed with the new Billy. What’s going on with the Y&R? Keep what’s working. Those two guys are great actors.

  • Emily

    the show is not ever going to be the same, I watch the Y&R because of Michael and Billy and I want them back, they made the show!

  • Pattie Estep

    I just keep loving him more! If only some of the other cast could have been as classy.Some fans may have stayed but they had to turn the people against them.I was scanning channels today and on that channel there was Nikki I couldnt switch fast enough,if I had waited and seen Victor I would have been ill.

  • Racquel Garnette

    I miss Michael Muhney as Adam Newman on the show. He did had an argument with Eric Braeden on the set. Some men whose behaviour gets bad on the set there is no second chances on the show. The actor would be replaced. Jill Farren Phelps is a witch who has no imagination. Her show is sinking with the bad writing that has been going on. Ever since she arrive she has been giving the actors bad parts to play on the show and turning this show into a deception, murder, lies and death, manipulation. She always looking for a way to punish these actors for some reason. I don’t see her caring for these actors. Bringing David Tom to replace Billy J Miller as Billy Abbott was the biggest mistake you guys ever made. David Tom looks like a kid and his acting is very bad. Poor Victoria she end up kissing Billy that is yuck. Wait til Cane and Lily find out about Colin hostage situation scheme. Jill can divorce Colin anytime whenever she wants to. Colin only married her for a pre-nup, to see her son. Hahahaha that is so funny. They have a love and hate relationship that is so funny. But everybody else is not happy with her being married to Colin. As for Devon, he kissed Esmeralda even though he doesn’t know that she is a drug dealer lol. I thought the writers was going to pair up Hilary with Devon. The writers need to replace David Tom as Billy Abbott with someone older.

    • MM only fan

      True, unless they try to replace Amelia for a younger model. I can’t wait until all the people who complain about Amelia’s acting react to JFP’s idea of a replacement.

  • Sammylynne

    Yes, he handled it with class! What a loss! I am no longer watching Y&R – too many of the best actors gone. I moved on to General Hospital for my soap fix and get to see Emme Rylan and Maura West. Hope the rumors about Michael going to GH turn out to be true

    • dennie

      the part may be recast but MM played the part its like getting use to a new Victor. MM took the part and made it his there were two other Adams they were ok but they did not really fit the part something was missing it was not untill MM did all those things to ashely and yet i still did not want him to go to jail. Adam was a misunderstood man with a heart.and MM brought that out all the rewritting in the world cant bring order to this madness

    • dennie

      MM as Jason that could be interesting.

  • April Kidder

    When is billy miller coming back


    [expletive] Jill phelps and y and r. I think it’s horrendous he was accused and fired. No criminal charges! Total BS. After 37 years of watching y and r faithfully the show has gone to shit and I’m done. Will follow Michael wherever he goes he is one heck of a talented, intelligent and intriguing actress. Always mesmerizing.


    Yes I truly miss Adam Billy and Phyllis. Who gives a crap about Neil, Victor. I do love Jack, but come on too many changes, shitty decisions to fire such talent. To show is a total train wreck!!!!!!
    I’m no longer a viewer or fan. Goodbye y and r you sealed the fate of the show.

  • Diane

    I love Michael Muhney and wish he would come back.


    Yes Dylan blows goats, he is dull and one dimensional. The new Billy reminds me of Dougie Houser MD. Same guy kinda geekish and doesn’t fit the role at all ! God only knows what kind of a twit will play Adam, maybe some 90 year guy with a cane? WTF ,

  • Sasha P

    I haven’t watched the show either since 1/30/14 as well and don’t miss it. I thought I was going to go into shock without it on my DVR everyday, but I’m not.

  • Habbygirl

    Sorry show without these guys. Don’t care if I watch it or not. Get rid of Kristoff ( now thats a boring character) and bring these two guys back. They gave the show life, made it fun, serious, interesting to watch. Whoever was involved in this decision made a bad one this time. Very bad!

  • Cajuntx44

    I started watching the show after a long absence of 20 yrs. because of the character’s Adam Newman and Phyllis Newman . Time to move again. Hopefully Y&R will not be replaced by a show like the chew. Replacing the character will not work for me. By Y&R.

  • Former fan!

    If Michael was guilty why weren’t charges filed against him? Something isn’t right and we all know what (who) it is!

  • pepper

    Miller and Muhney both scupled their characters and made them who they had became today. It is definately not the same with this new -old Billy. No one can play these two characters better. PLEASE bring back Miler and Muhney.

  • Rita Henderson

    The show doesn’t have quality storylines anymore . I have moved onto General Hospital . Michael Muhney & Billy Miller were two of Y&R ‘s finest actors ..disappointing Billy was let go cause he wanted time for other projects too .This was made possible when Jess Walton wanted time off for her personal life .. Michael was not proven quilts of groping king . That was an excuse . Eric Braeden has been a bully for as long as I can remember. It has became so boring and fine actors let go . General Hospital is more to my liking . Another Adam .. No there was only ONE Adam !

  • Nadine

    I like Dylan as Jason on GH. But I don’t like the new Billy at all. He can’t act.

    • Sue

      You got that right I don’t like the new Billy at all!!! And I’m sure I will not like the new Adam either!!! I’m sure they didn’t do anything that bad to fire them. No body dead did they your suppose to make the viewers happy!!!

  • alicia

    No one can play Adam Newman like Michael muhney can and no one else can play billy so if I had my way both of them would be returning bring theses guys back now also please bring red head back the show is not the same without these three miss them on the show you made a wrong discussion when you let theses three people get away love theses guys so much n miss them a lot on the show.