The Young and the Restless Hires Chris McKenna To Replace Fired Michael Muhney as Adam Newman?

The Young and the Restless Hires Chris McKenna To Replace Fired Michael Muhney as Adam Newman?

I think whenever you hear straight from the horses mouth that one of your favorite soap characters is about to be recast it inevitably stings. The Young and the Restless’s firing of Michael Muhney last month has been met with a storm of controversy that has yet to settle down. Instead tempers are flaring as other cast members are starting to lash out at the fans that they once readily praised. This isn’t exactly the point in time when any new actor on the show is going to be met by a welcoming fan base and any name being kicked around is instantly met with negativity.

Chris McKenna confirmed via Twitter the other day that he’s going to be dropping in on Genoa City soon and long time soap fans may remember him as one of the many actors to have played Joey Buchanon on One life To Live 20 years ago. Chris said via Twitter that he’s not allowed to discuss any of the details surrounding his return to daytime but speculation is really heating up that he will ultimately replace Muhney. Perhaps he’ll first be introduced as a different character, but 6 months from now he may actually be revealed to be the character of Adam Newman.

It almost make senses to do that. Give the audience a chance to warm up to McKenna while forgetting about the Muhney drama and then presto- he was Adam all along. The problem is this- the fans are still up in arms over the way that Muhney was dismissed and the fact that the network tried to turn them against the actor without any proof of wrong doing. McKenna may be a fabulous actor, but already he is going to be met with apprehension at best if not blatant resentment because of the circumstances that he is walking into. It’s a shame because he deserves a fair shake but CBS has really created an environment that may turn this into the worst gig of his life. I almost have to hope that fans really do tune out rather than put this poor guy through the ringer for being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Do you think that this is another example of CBS showing everyone that they will do exactly as they please, believing fully that the fans will eventually fall into line and calm down? They would never admit right now that McKenna is the next Adam, but do you think that is exactly what will play out onscreen within a few months? Will you still be tuning in to watch and see? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

The Young and the Restless Hires Chris McKenna To Replace Fired Michael Muhney as Adam Newman?

  • trish

    Nope, i won’t be watching. Those are two of the cuties on the show. I hoped “Adam” could have been punished in some other way if he is guilty of sex harassment. And Billy make me melt. So without them, I’m done. I’ve been watching for 34 years.

  • tootie

    We appreciate you drawing attention to the fans fight for Michael Muhney, but making misleading, false headlines in an effort to get more clicks is NOT COOL.

  • Charles Spearman

    Inspite of a recast (s)..I will continue to watch. To not watch will lead it to certain cacellation. You call yourselves fans? Les Moonves is the anti-Christ of daytime. Remember ATWT and GL??? Dont give Satanic Les & hateful Julie a reason to axe Y&R too! ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzz #soapsimpletons

  • edwina lee

    Wow, the arrogance of CBS. I feel so sorry for Chris McKenna, but there are too many fans of MM to let him be a successful replacement.

  • edwina lee

    Couldn’t have said it better.

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  • S. Kaye

    I won’t be watching after 1/30 but I completely agree with your assessment. Jill Farren Phelps has her own way of storytelling that would definitely have a “new” character introduced then later revealed to be someone else (like Jerry Jacks on GH). She’s would want to do something sly like that to get HERSELF out of the jam she created as longtime fans want her head! And I do feel badly for Chris or any actor who eventually becomes the NuAdam.

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  • ShellBell

    I’m done watching this show
    Removing Y &R from my DVR beginning 1/31! I’ve watched this show for three decades and I’m done
    I’m done
    Y&R: YOU aren’t showing the fans anything!!!! WE DECIDE if YOU will continue to have air time!!!!!!!!

  • s m

    We don’t have real proof that M.M. Did this do we??? Otherwise isn’t it defamation of character? I just don’t believe it
    Innocent until proven guilty

  • LindyLou

    Np. I’m out as of January 30. Too much drama behind the drama for me.

  • T.L.A.

    No Billy, no Phyllis and no Adam, well no me either, begun watching as a small child and now almost 50 Adams last day will be mine also! Smh!

  • Dy

    I’m completely disgusted withY&R. I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl. However after January 30 I will no longer be watching. I met Michael M on a flight with his family. He is a sweet humble guy and a family man. I’m #team MM all the way.

  • Chadamfan

    Agree with you! No actor can replace Michael Muhney as Adam. It will not be the same! I will not watch the show with this new Adam.

  • Pam

    I am not watching and the rest of my family members will stop watching as well. I don’t believe these allegations because it is too convenient. Michael is Adam in my opinion. Phelps obviously had a personal issue with him. She is acting unprofessional.

  • Pam

    I agree with you completely. Eric Braeden needs to worry about his own job. The fans rallied for his return when they fired him a few years ago.

    • Darlene

      I remember something about that. Why was Braeden fired? And how did he get to return to Y&R? How long was he off the show?

  • Pam

    Great tribute and very deserving of an actor of his caliber

  • Pam

    Me either

  • Pam

    Me too

  • Pam

    He allegedly groped a coworker. It was not a problem until his contract expired. Phelps is a hypocrite and manipulator who wants to turn the fans against Michael.

  • Pam

    For those who can’t read between the lines. Making an enemy out of Victor is the kiss of death on Y&R. It’s a shame.

  • Angela

    I have watched Y& R for many many years. I think Michael Muhney is one of the best actors that has ever play on the show. I feel like they should rehire Muhney because there is no sound proof that he groped her breast. Its just her word againt his and i really dont think that he would risk his career for a quick squeeze

  • Norwood Maxwell

    I stopped watching the show when Mr. Chancellor died, i began watching the show in 2007. Adam was an attribute to the show and a great character. I will no longer be a fan of YR. Adam was the show. Food network is good

  • Susan Pillarella

    it’s almost as if his braeden’s “character” has gone to his head…

  • Darlene

    I read somewhere that Michael’s firing began 8/15/13. I didn’t know what that represented so I researched what happened on that day. It was the writer of the Delia story leaving Y&R. Perhaps he left because he couldn’t stand where the show was going. Maybe he knew that Michael Muhney was to be fired when JFP had all of her ducks lined up. I don’t know. I haven’t looked up why he left. JFP strategically lines up her “friends” to become actors when she gets to a different soap. Likely MS, BM & MM were strategically planned to leave the soap anyway she could accomplish it.. We all have read that Jill Farren Phelps (JFP) had 4 soaps cancelled under her managemet. General Hospital was almost finished and they decided that JFP was the source and she was let go. General Hospital is doing much better now. Overtook Y&R as the #1 soap.
    It appears that JFP doesn’t really know how to do her job but still keeps getting hired by soaps. When will the owners (in this case Sony and CBS) get the message that she is not a person to have on their payroll? I’ve read that whatever Jill wants, Jill gets.
    When fans didn’t turn away from Michael Muhney (as Adam) and became even more supportive of him. JFP fired Michael it said at contract negotiation time but I am confused by that since I read somewhere that Michael’s contract began in April 2012.
    I do not why it was necessary for Sony/CBS to release the groping allegations which I don’t believe are true. I saw a text that Hunter King wrote to Michael asking why she was not invited to a party of 4 guys to watch Survivor. More than likely King was rebuffed and maybe she and JFP conjured up these false allegations which were never investigated by JFP. It’s her job to investigate any complaint like this immediately. JFP violated the rules of the EEOC. Also by Sony and CBS (likely by Angelica McDaniel giving the story to her husband who works at TMZ and TMZ printed it.) violated every employee’s right to have personnel information kept confident. So breach of confidentiality is involved now. I’m not sure why Sony and CBScreated this story and are bent on destroying the career of the most talented and loved character on Y&R. I don’t know why Sony, CBS and JFP were intimidated by Michael Muhney and set out to ruin his career. All I can say is that there are some mean and nasty people working for Y&R. There are some mean and nasty people working at Sony & CBS. They fired him for God’s sake a week before Christmas, wasn’t enough for their mean little hearts. That was uncalled for also Not negotiating with Billy Miller and having him leave was uncalled for. JFP’s “friend’ Steve Burton was hired by JFP (actually role not needed) and he is allowed to commute from Tennessee and California.
    Likely there are several laws broken in the Michael Muhney firing but I am not a lawyer so I cannot specify what they are, other than breach of confidentiality (for which Michael Muhney and Hunter King can sue for) and wrongful firing. It will be interesting to know the results of any lawsuits filed by Michael Muhey and Hunter King as this kind of activity cannot be allowed to continue.

  • Tracy


  • Tracy

    Victor needs to GO!!!

  • Leadfoot

    Y&R should bring back the original adult Adam Newman played by Chris Engren.

  • shar

    Why should we believe Hunter? Any proof of this really happening. I think she should have left, Michael had to important of a part.


    Good Luck Chris. I’m a disappointed fan due to Michael being let go. He did an excellent job as Adam. Don’t do what Billy Miller’s replacement is doing (Tom). He’s desperately trying to “act” like Billy Miller did as Billy Abbott. It’s not working. It’s pathetic. Just do what you do best and time will tell.

  • Change4thebetter

    I stopped watching and mostly stopped loving this soap…….too many bad memories

  • Sheray

    Muhney was a great actor, and I honestly think, that letting him go is going to be a big mistake for Y&R and to the fans. Surely you guys could have worked something out and kept him aboard. Adam Newman really played his part and the fans love him even though he appeared very arrogant, thats what made the actor. So please think about what you guys are doing and give him another chance. I personally do not think I will continue to watch Y&R if he is really gone, and so many others feel the same.

  • Chrissy


  • Brenda Carlisle

    Makes you wonder why Michelle Stanford “Phyllis” really left.
    In such a short time a lot of great actors has left the show playing the role’s of “Phyllis”, “Mrs C”, “Delia”, “Billy”, and “Adam”. What a shame!! If soaps doesn’t start respecting our actor’s and the character’s they play, there will be no more daytime soaps left.

  • CJ

    Anyone who grabs breast of a coworker is being very disrespectful to that woman and should lose his job and anyone who doesn’t see that is no better than him. In my opinion

  • Susie LeBron

    I want Michael Muhney back!!