The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Hears Sharon Newman’s Confession About Phyllis’s Fall and Summer’s Paternity Test

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Hears Sharon Newman's Confession About Phyllis's Fall and Summer's Paternity Test

A popular, and overused, storyline on daytime soap operas is the good ole memory loss. Today on The Young and the Restless it became clear that Sharon Newman has lost her memory, well parts of it, due to electric shock treatment. The doctors warned her that losing her memory would be a possible side-effect, but she took her chances. Memory loss is probably a horrible thing to endure. It is probably even more horrible if you have skeletons in your closet, and your memory loss causes you to forget to keep your closet door closed, which seems to be Sharon Newman’s problem.

Sharon has done a lot of dirt in Genoa City throughout the years, but her two biggest regrets are probably lying about Summer’s paternity and lying about what happened to Phyllis. Phyllis and Sharon haven’t exactly seen eye to eye in the past, and have been fighting for years over Nick Newman. When Phyllis gave birth to Summer, there were questions as to who her father was – Nick Newman or Jack Abbott? When the paternity results came back, they were inconclusive, so Nick lied and told everyone he was the father. Years later the issue came up again, so they took another paternity test. The test results revealed that Nick Newman was actually Summer’s father, but Sharon despised the fact that Phyllis and Nick had a child together and thought that if they didn’t share a child together Sharon would still be married to Nick. Sharon tampered with the paternity test results and changed them to say that Jack was actually Summer’s father. Later on the guilt was eating up at her, so she confessed to Cassie’s ghost at the cemetery that she had changed the test results and Nick really was Summer’s father. Phyllis was hiding around the corner and heard Sharon’s entire confession. Phyllis threatened to tell Nick, she and Sharon got into an altercation on the stairs, and after a bit of a struggle Phyllis fell down the stairs and wound up in a coma.

Now that Sharon Newman has lost parts of her memory, it is only a matter of time before she stumbles and can’t keep her lies straight. In the spoiler video for tomorrow’s episode of The Young and the Restless Nick and Sharon are discussing Phyllis. Nick says to Sharon, “What do you mean Phyllis didn’t fall? You weren’t there.” And, Sharon replies “Yes, I was.” It looks like by the end of this week Sharon may accidentally confess to causing Phyllis to fall down the stairs and tampering with Summer’s paternity results.

If Sharon forgets to keep her skeletons in the closet because of her memory loss and confesses to Nick what she did to Phyllis and the paternity test do you think he will kick her to the curb? Or will he give her another free pass and blame it on her mental illnesses? Does Sharon really deserve any more chances?

Meanwhile Soap Opera Spy fans comment as follows:

Yes I will be glad when they find out Cassie is real and not a ghost. The storyline has dragged on too long…

Has Sharon lost her sense of danger and self-preservation due to the electroshock therapy

why are they dragging out this story line – i am loosing interest!

It looks like the exposure of Victor’s gaslighting, i.e., Cassie the ghost is bound to be exposed as well. No doubt this will lead to unexpected consequences all around. Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

  • Racquel Garnette

    It is about that time Sharon confessed the truth to Nicholas. For Sharon to mess up the test results so she can have a family with Nick was totally uncruel. Sharon was only thinking about herself alone. Summer will always be Nicholas daughter. Making Summer having two fathers was the dumbest idea the writers have ever made. I didn’t like of what Sharon had done. Sharon should get it off her chest and move on with her life. I am against of Sharon and Nicholas being together. Nicholas used to have a storyline before Jill Farren Phelps took over. Nicholas can run the second test if he wants to. When Jack finds out about this he is going to hit the bottle. Jack needs a new woman in his life not that slut Kelly. First Kelly slept with Billy and now she moves to Jack yuck!!!!. Kelly should go out of town. Having her on the show is very nasty to me. For Victoria divorcing Billy is a great idea. Billy was interested in Victoria for the last 3 years when they were together. Then when it came to his gambling he shrugged her off and decided to be alone. Billy just wanted to be by himself after he had Johnny with Chelsea. This Billy hasn’t shared his scenes with Chloe yet. I wonder what is going on. Fix up the storylines what has been broken. Then that will probably win back your fans for the show.

  • Lynne Stanton

    Nick wants to be the one to save the lady in distress so he will probably turn against Victor even more for trying to drive Sharon crazy. Nick will see this as part of Sharon’s illness and forgive her after the initial shock clears.I want the truth to come out since this has been dragging on and on. Bring back Phyllis!

  • Racquel Garnette

    Well Nicholas doesn’t need Sharon anymore. Victor is the only person who can see what Sharon is really up to. Nicholas needs to go home and take care of Faith. With Nicholas being there for Sharon is totally ludicioulous. Sharon does not need Nicholas anymore. Sharon needs to get better on her own and remember of what she did wrong at the hospital. For the writers making Sharon change the test results so she can be a family with Nick was totally b.s. I didn’t like that part. Sharon needs time to remember of what she did at the lab. When Nicholas finds out the truth then he can tell the others about it. I hope that everybody knows the truth. Jack is going to hit the bottle again. Jill Farren Phelps needs to fix what has been broken. Make Noah date a new girl. This Courtney girl is not the right woman for him. Courtney was just another mystery girl like Arianna. This Abby needs to be recast. Find someone older to play Billy Abbott and get rid of David Tom. David Tom needs to join another tv show.

  • Racquel Garnette

    The new Billy is whining and he doesn’t know how to act angry. For him to play Billy Abbott is painful to watch. All you can hear his crackling voice. David Tom has zero chemistry with Victoria. Victoria is seperate from Billy and she can do whatever she wants. Stitch is a good guy and for him to sleep with Victoria is a great idea. Billy doesn’t love Victoria anymore. He can move on with his life with Kelly if he wants to.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Thank you. This show is in a mess and it is all because of Jill Farren Phelps. If she wants this show to survive then she needs to make some big changes to the show. I can’t wait when she gets fired as the executive producer and her writers will be gone. Once the new writers and a new producer comes in then they will make the storylines stay on for a while.

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  • HonestBrotha1911

    It’s funny. I’ve been following this show for decades. With the passing of Katherine you would think the writers would be worried. The only character worth watching is Victor. Think about the loss of Adam, Billy, Phillis and Katherine. You’ve spent the last couple of years making Nick a weakling. Victoria use to be a strong character and now she’s pathetic. Jack entire existence centers on trying to get Victor.

    The Sharon story line is a complete joke. While the character of Summer is weak at best no one likes to see a child spiral out of control because of a lie.

    Get better. Right now you have MOST of your fans thanking the Almighty for Tivo. Your sponsors should know MOST of your fans are skipping the boring story lines as well as MOST of the advertising.

  • Ms Purple

    Yes Phyllis was a whole different class of BITCHETT all by herself. Jill you are a sorry executive manager. First you fried Phyllis b/c you are jealous of the color of her red hair or what ever just jealous so sad for you. Now Michael Muhney who played Adam Newman and played him so well that I wanted to kick his butt with my beautiful size 12/13 foot. With a shoe on of course. You paid off the law sue. So why fix it if it ain’t. broke. Wake-up Jill you are messing with the last good soap on T.V. because of what jealousy or what is wrong with you? We fans do know what is correct and
    what we want to see on the soaps. So stop carring the. stories out to boredom. Have Sharon tell the truth about Summer parenting Nick is her father not Jack, also that she helped Phyllis fall down those stairs. Neal and his girlfriend Leslie who said marriage is not? for her. Black women don’t break their men’s heart like that. Neal is too FINE to lose.