The Young and the Restless Spoilers Feb 25 – Jack Confronts Billy About Cheating On Victoria (PHOTO)

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Feb 25 – Jack Confronts Billy About Cheating On Victoria (PHOTO)

CBS’s soap opera The Young and the Restless will return tomorrow Tuesday February 25th with an all new dramatic episode. Victoria and Billy’s relationship may be falling apart this week, but they are not the only Genoa City couple in trouble.

The Young and the Restless writers have dragged out the Tyler, Mariah, and Abby storyline long enough, the fans want answers. And, tomorrow we may actually get some! This month on The Young and the Restless it became clear that Tyler is actually very involved with Mariah, but the reasoning behind their relationship hasn’t been revealed. According to The Young and the Restless spoilers the drama will “heat up” tomorrow between Abby and Tyler. Maybe this week we will finally learn the truth about Tyler’s secret life with Mariah, and what his angle is with Abby. Some Y&R fans are speculating that maybe Tyler and Mariah are scamming Abby, or maybe Tyler really is in love with Abby but he can’t cut off Mariah because she has a child with him.

Also, tomorrow on The Young and the Restless Jack will confront Billy about his affair with Kelly. Adultery is nothing new in Genoa City, and Jack has seen his fair share of it, but that doesn’t mean he is okay with how his Billy cheated on Victoria with Kelly. The last thing Billy probably wants right now is a lecture, but it looks like that is exactly what he will get tomorrow from Jack.

Do you think Victoria should forgive Billy for sleeping with Kelly, after all he was in a dark place when he did it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL throughout the week for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

  • Daron French

    I hope Jack doesn’t go all hypocritical on Billy. Jack remember you slept with your step mother(Jill)!!!!!

  • Naomi Tietz

    I cannot watch David Tom as Billy, it’s too painful…I have gone from loyal everyday viewing to once or twice a week.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Exactly i agree with you tiffany. I don’t think Victoria should forgave Billy. Billy is always doing something stupid. He doesn’t think before he acts. That will lead into so many trouble. He left Delia in the car. Which was bad. The writers got what they wanted. They wanted to look for a couple to pair up with then break them up afterwards. Victoria can hook up with Stitch. This show is not nice anymore. I think the writers should quit from now. They are making things worse. Making Sharon see her demons at home is very shocking. These writers doesn’t care about these characters. All they want to do is destroy every character storyline by creating there mess. That is bad. When the new writers comes then they can create better writing.

  • Willia

    I think Victoria should not forgive Billy and I am tired of Sharon. She been with everyone in the show including her child granddad Victor. Nasty

  • Cynthia Ann Matta

    Sharon needs to tell Nick what she did with the paternity test regarding Summer the writer’s need to add that she didn’t know what she was doing because of her illness and Nick needs to Forgive Sharon and get back together They make a Great Couple:)

  • linda hicks

    I agree with Terrance. The crazy Sharon story has played out,and so has the Sharon and Nick story line. I’m really sick of the repeating story lines. I’m also sick of Jack acting all noble and innocent and needs to get over Victor. The Young and Restless is losing my attention. Its becoming boring and dull. David Tom needs to go. He in no way comes close to the old Billy.I hope Victoria leaves him and hooks up with Stitch. The charisma is better, David Tom has no charisma.

  • reginavan

    Billy and Victoria belong together….the real Billy is so much more believable and loveable.I don’t think Adam is dead..

  • Claudia Ratcliff

    Please bring the original Billy back. Not feeling that new Billy, there’s no chemistry between Victoria and David Tom.
    Inregards to forgiveness, I for one, are in favor of Victoria forgiving him and move on with her life, and child.

  • Claudia Ratcliff

    Please bring back the original Billy. There is no chemistry between this new Billy and Victory. And please bring back Ms. Stafford!

  • Dale

    OK, Kelly slept with Stitch and now he is getting a divorce. Hummmm.She sleeps with Billy and he is headed for divorce court. Maybe Victor is next??????? Just saying.