Zac Efron Attacked in Midnight Brawl In Drug Dealing Zone – Intoxicated Again

Zac Efron Attacked in Midnight Brawl In Drug Dealing Zone - Intoxicated Again

It looks like “That Awkward Moment” star Zac Afron had us all fooled, and the troubled actor may be far from sober. Last year Efron openly admitted he had been battling a cocaine addiction and spent some time in rehab.

According to TMZ Zac Efron was hanging out around a seedy area in downtown Los Angeles late Sunday night, around 12:00 AM. LA police officers were patrolling underneath the Harbor Freeway when they discovered Efron and his bodyguard in a full-blow brawl with at least three other men. TMZ’s source says that Zac was clearly intoxicated.

Efron told police that he and his bodyguard were just innocently cruising through the high-crime area (which is known for shady drug deals) in the middle of the night, and happened to run out of gas. They were sitting in their car allegedly waiting for a tow truck when Efron chucked a bottle out of his car window. Apparently he almost struck a group of men with the bottle, who were also just casually hanging out under the Freeway in the middle of the night. The men took offense and a brawl ensued. None of the brawlers, including Efron, were arrested.

This sounds an awful lot like the time last year when Zac Efron was just casually walking through his apartment and slipped in a puddle of water and broke his jaw. Zac claims he is sober and drug-free, but we’re not buying it. Recovering cocaine addicts don’t hang out under the Harbor Freeway, an area notorious for shady drug deals, in the middle of the night and get into brawls.

Do you think Zac Efron’s incident was a drug deal gone bad? Or do you believe his wild story about “just happening to run out of gas?”