Allegiance Recap – Alex Is All In: Season 1 Episode 5 “Tipping Point”

Allegiance Recap - Alex Is All In: Season 1 Episode 5 "Tipping Point"

Tonight on NBC Allegiance airs with an all new Thursday March 5, season 1 episode 5 called, “Tipping Point” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the FBI think they have a mole, so an investigation gets underway, and it puts Alex at war with his own ethics.

On the last episode, a surprising discovery left Alex reeling as he tried to adjust his theories in light of what he found at Philadelphia City Hall. Meanwhile, the Rezident questions Katya and Mark’s dedication; and Natalie discovered the dangers of Black Dagger. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the FBI think they have a mole, so an investigation gets underway, and it puts Alex at war with his own ethics. Elsewhere, Victor devises a new method for staying on top of the O’Connors; and Natalie makes a grievous error while searching for a lead.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Allegiance at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Allegiance starts with Alex reeling from what his parents have just told him. Katya told him it started when she was 17. He takes a call from Michelle who wants to know where he ran off too. Sam asks why he’s not there to talk to the FISA judge and says he has five minutes to get there. Katya says she had no say – she says her father sent her to boarding school out of the country under an alias. She says her father was a KGB general and he put her into training.

Katya says Mark was living in Moscow and the KGB wanted to steal some of his company’s technology. She says she fell in love with him and Mark tried to get her out of that life. Katya says she agreed to keep her eyes open for people that could be recruited. Katya says she was able to get out for seven years but then they came back for Alex and that’s how she got pulled in. Alex says their whole life is a lie but Mark says their family is not and their love is not.

Alex says they’re traitors. Mark tells him about Black Dagger and they tell him they were bringing in the laptop to the FBI but then the files deleted. They give Alex the portion of the file they were able to restore and decrypt. Alex says a blast radius of that size would kill tens of thousands. Alex says it would start a war but Katya says only if they knew the Russians did it. Alex says he can’t believe them since they’ve been lying every day of his life.

Katya says Black Dagger is real and they need to try and stop it. They tell him the SVR has a mole and that’s how they knew about Mikhail and even Alex. He thinks they’re lying and says he has to go testify before a FISA judge. He says they want the surveillance footage which will likely show his parents on it. Katya says they can’t let the SVR know they know that NYC is the target or they’ll change Black Dagger. Mark says he and Katya and Natalie will all go to prison and Alex says they deserve to go.

Katya says they can work together to stop Black Dagger. Alex says that’s crazy but Katya says you can’t defeat the SVR playing by their rules. Alex says the FBI and CIA has resources they don’t but they tell him he can work on that side and they on theirs until they have enough evidence to take to the FBI. Katya says they love him no matter what happens.

Alex shows up at the courthouse. Alex tries to calm himself down and work through his relaxation steps. He walks up to Michelle and Stan and they tell him Judge Dale is a pit bull. Michelle explains that they found the secret tunnel to the tunnel, a chemical that freezes the lock and other evidence. The judge asks Alex if he agrees with what Michelle said. He asks for a minute to consider his answer. Th judge demands answer now. The judge asks if the man in the video is an SVR operative.

He says he believes that man may not have been breaking into the temple and could have been lighting a cigarette. He says the chemical can be used to freeze a lock but can also be used in rat poison. Alex says under oath he can’t stand by his original theory. After, they demand to know what Alex meant with that testimony. Alex says it unraveled in his head and Michelle says she spouted his theory. Alex says it was better for him to take a hit with the judge than to risk the task force being shut down.

Victor is out buying veggies at a local market. He meets Arkady who tells him Alex was in front of a FISA judge today. He asks if Victor knows why and Arkady wants to know what the parents said to him before he went. Arkady says Katya has a will of iron and says the O’Connors are his assets and responsibilities and he better know every move they make and monitor all their conversations or someone else will.

Arkady says it’s nice that Victor has made a life for himself here and says if it doesn’t work out, he won’t make it back to Russia. Alex meets with his parents to talk about figuring out the Black Dagger thing. Katya says they need access to the FinCEN database of suspicious money transfers. He says the CIA doesn’t have access to it. She says there are FBI people that have access. He doesn’t want to steal access but she says the operation requires it. Mark says it will get worse before it gets better.

Mark promises they will go to the authorities once they have enough. He hands Alex a clean untraceable phone and Katya asks for a floor plan of the task force. He sketches it out for them. He tells them where he sits and they point out a desk to target but he doesn’t want to steal Michelle’s access. Mark and Katya ask if she’s romantically interested in her and he rants and says he won’t steal from her.

Katya says to take her a peace offering of coffee then spill it on her so he can access her laptop when she goes to clean up. Alex asks how she can look people she loves in the eyes and deceive them. She says it’s for the greater good and they hope to be forgiven. Natalie shows Alex how to use a skimmer to steal Michelle’s log in. He’s angry at her too and she asks if he’s not going to say anything to her about this and what he found out about their parents and her.

She says she’d prefer it if he was angry and hit a wall. He says that makes no sense but she says him ignoring her is worse. He says he knows why everything was so tense with her and mom. He says their mom ruined Natalie’s life. She says – and now they’re doing it to you. She hugs Alex and says she’s sorry it’s happening to him and he says he’s sorry it happened to her. He says he needs to get a good night’s sleep so he can get up early and go commit a felony.

He has coffee for Michelle as he heads up the elevator the next morning. He walks to their office and he’s feeling paranoid, like he’s being watched. He holds out the coffee and says he noticed she usually has a coffee this time of day. Michelle says he should have told her that he was having second thoughts and said he blindsided her. She says if he doesn’t trust her he needs a new partner. Brock calls Alex away and he doesn’t get the chance to pull the coffee trick.

He tells Alex they have to be polygraphed. He takes him to Faber, the agent that’s there to do the polygraphs. He says he’s there mole hunting. Alex says he hasn’t taken a poly since he finished analyst training. Faber says he has nothing to worry about unless he has something to worry about.

Katya goes to Natalie’s place and she says her mom was last there the week she moved in and told her the furniture is in all the wrong places. Natalie asks if she’s worried about Alex and Katya says his whole world changed overnight. Natalie says Alex seemed okay when he left. She asks if her mom worries that much when she’s in the field. Katya asks if she remembers when she used to take Alex and Natalie to ride a carousel. She says Natalie would always take off and run.

Katya says she had to always choose to stay with Alex or chase after Natalie. She says she had faith in Natalie that she would find her way if she was lost. Victor cruises by as Sarah walks on the sidewalk. Alex tells Faber he’s surprised he’s using that poly model and says he heard it only had a 60% accuracy rate. Faber asks if it stings to be the golden boy. He starts the questions. Faber asks if he likes ice cream sandwiches and Alex can’t answer – he says it depends.

When he answers that Faber asks if he’s spied for his country or met with any spies. He talks to Brock and asks if he works for the FBI – Brock says he also does exotic dancing on the side. Faber then talks to Stan and Michelle in turn. He asks Brock about his father’s cancer and says it must be expensive and lonely and says caregivers make perfect recruitment targets. He tells Faber to kiss his ass. Faber asks if the FBI knows how insolent Stan is and he asks if he really knows a word that big.

Faber asks Michelle about drug use and then asks her about cocaine. She says she only did it not to blow her cover. She says she can’t talk about it but he says he was read into it and they can talk about it. Faber asks Stan about Alex later and he says he’s different but a great analyst. Faber says his readings were erratic and says they machine doesn’t work on him. Stan says if he wants to ask him about ice cream sandwiches, he needs to discuss the ingredients and ambient room temperature to get a normal reading.

Stan asks why the bureau’s stop spy catcher is there doing field polygraphs. Faber says Stan is smart enough to know the answer so he doesn’t feel the need to tell him. Sarah is with Richie in the park and he bugs her to come home with him to work on her paper. She says he only wants to smoke a bowl and play video games. She walks off and Victor comes to sit by Richie. He says they’re going to have a talk. Richie tells him to go away but Victor shows his gun. He says he needs his help with Sarah.

Alex delivers a report to Michelle and knocks her glass of water on her. She says he must want her to hate him. She walks off and he starts to clean up her desk and uses that chance to use the device to steal her log in credentials. Stan walks over and asks about the surveillance footage. Alex says the judge denied their warrant but Stan says a Mason buddy of his got him the tapes. Stan says just because Alex lost confidence, he didn’t. He says they got the footage right before it deleted for the next cycle.

Stan says the footage is on the way and says he can’t wait to see whoever did this in handcuffs. Alex goes and calls his mom and warns her about the security footage. He says he can’t stop them from watching it once it gets there. Katya says they will take care of it. She and Natalie go buy a ton of magnets. They load them into a bag and discuss that they need to get close. Michelle comes back and he apologizes again for the spill. She says it’s okay.

Brock comes over and asks if he remembers the SVR agent Oleg Zhulav and says he just ditched their surveillance. He says to put him on the no fly and block him from running. He says he hopes messing with Faber didn’t cost them their chance to get him. Mark spots the courier and notifies Katya. She gets onto the elevator with him and then Natalie does too. They each have a bag of magnets and stand close to him. Natalie presses more elevator buttons apologetically. Alex waits nervously.

He calls for surveillance data on Oleg then the video is there and Stan calls him over. They pop the drive into a laptop and pull it up. They see the Masonic hall then the footage starts to get wonky. It turns colors and then fritzes. Stan can’t believe it. Neither can Alex. Stan makes a call and says the Masonic temple reset their servers after they made the copy. He says that was their only shot. Faber is still there and says Alex is a Zen master.

He says if the video footage had panned out, Alex would have been golden again. He says it seems like Alex would have hung his head but Alex says something else will turn up and it was bad luck. He says he’ll see Alex around and takes off. Later, Alex leaves and meets Natalie. He says the drive was wiped and she says since they weren’t in cuffs, she figured. He asks how she can be so at ease and she asks how he’s holding up. She says she’s his big sister and loves him. He asks if it gets easier.

She says doing it does but living with it doesn’t. She walks away. Alex comes to see his parents and says he looked at the money trail. He says it’s linked to Hensley Financial Service and a guy named Scott Tolliver. She says they have leverage since he’s engaged in criminal laundering. Alex says he is too but Mark reminds him that Scott is doing it for profit. They wonder how to get to him. Natalie goes to a cigar bar where Scott is lurking. He says to put her cigar on his tab.

She says it’s $500 on his Amex and she won’t even say thanks. They talk cigars and he flirts. Alex hops in the car with his parents who tell him they lost the SVR tail an hour ago. Richie goes to see Sarah at home and brought DVDs he says could help with her paper. She lets him in and says they’re studying and nothing else. He pops in a DVD that activates a camera on the Xbox. Victor is pleased and makes a call saying they’re back in business.

Mark, Katya and Alex wait in the car. Alex says the night Vasso was murdered another SVR agent was shot. He asks if that was them. Katya says the man was going to kill him and says she had to choose her son. He asks her how many people she’s killed but she says that was the first time. He says he wants to believe that. She says he should. Katya spots Natalie and Scott on the street. He walks her to his apartment and she leaves the door propped open. They go upstairs and she says his place is nice.

They listen in from the car and Mark tells Alex that Natalie will be okay. She asks for some music then shoves him onto the sofa. He say she’s a bad girl and she says he has no idea. She dances around for him in her skimpy outfit. She covers his eyes and says no peeking. She tries to get something from her purse but he picks her up and puts her on the sofa. He kisses her and she reaches fro her bag. He stops her hand and then slaps her. Katya hears this and runs. Mark tells her to wait.

Natalie fights him off and chokes him out. He backs her up against a wall hard and knocks her out. He sees she has a taser and then he tazes Katya who comes up on him. Mark attacks the guy and then Alex is there and stops him from killing the guy.

The End