Allegiance Recap – Alex Makes a Discovery: Season 1 Episode 4 “Chasing Ghosts”

Allegiance Recap - Alex Makes a Discovery: Season 1 Episode 4 "Chasing Ghosts"

Tonight on NBC Allegiance airs with an all new Thursday February 26, season 1 episode 4 called, “Chasing Ghosts” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a surprising discovery leaves Alex [Gavin Stenhouse] reeling as he tries to adjust his theories in light of what he found at Philadelphia City Hall.

On the last episode, Alex and the FBI headed to Philadelphia, where they searched for Mikhail’s hidden laptop, but Victor instructed the O’Connors to snatch the computer first. Meanwhile, Katya uncovered something Natalie’s been hiding and pressured her to make a difficult choice. Did you watch the last episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “a surprising discovery leaves Alex reeling as he tries to adjust his theories in light of what he found at Philadelphia City Hall. Meanwhile, the Rezident questions Katya and Mark’s dedication; and Natalie discovers the dangers of Black Dagger.”

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Alex spots a crawl space and wants to explore but Michelle says there is no sign of a break-in. He goes up the ladder while his parents hide. Mick tells Alex to get off the ladder so they don’t get caught. He caves and goes back down. Natalie gets a text saying the plan is changing. The FBI team leaves under the story that there’s a gas leak. Mark tells Victor they’re stuck and he says the Rezident told him. Mark asks how he knows and he says he thinks they have someone on the inside.

Victor tells them to leave when the Mayor’s speech ends with the crowd. He says if they don’t show up on time, the Rezident will come after them and Sarah. Katya says if they can’t get back to the tunnel to copy the drive, they are stuck. Mark says they can head directly to the FBI HQ and tells Natalie to grab Sarah and meet them. He says they can go through the subway tunnels but they are risking being shot on sight. Katya calls Natalie and says they can’t make the copy. She says they’re headed to the FBI.

She tells her to get Sarah and meet them at the FBI building in five minutes. Natalie sees Sarah down on the street below. She ignores her sister’s call and she tries to call again. She ignores the call again. Natalie calls her a little bitch and heads down to try and get her. Katya and Mark put on coats from the cloak room and then walk to the back of the room where the speech is happening. Mark tells a guard not to tell the mayor they had to leave early.

They head to a close subway area and bust the lock. Natalie runs for Sarah. Victor asks where her parents are and says the Rezident is about to take this out of their hands. She tells him that her parents are trying to get out of City Hall without being caught and says they’re not stupid. They are at the federal building but don’t see the girls. Katya says they have to check it to make sure they have something to bargain with. Mark opens it and looks at it.

Mark looks at what’s on the laptop and doesn’t see anything of use. Katya spots something that translates to Black Dagger. But then it asks for a password and it starts to delete. It’s all gone. They have nothing. Natalie asks what they were thinking and she says her parents have killed them. She says it’s past the deadline and says Sarah snuck out. She says the Rezident aren’t going to believe this. Natalie says she left her at Macy’s where it’s safe. Natalie says she has an idea to save them.

She says if she can encrypt the solid state drive, the Rezident won’t know what happened but says they have to really sell it. They meat Victor and tell him there were cops everywhere and they had to evade them. They bag Katya and Mark and take them to a site while they check out the laptop. They unbag their heads but have their wrists tied. The Rezident checks out the laptop then comes over to them. He slaps Katya hard across the face. She says they did everything they asked.

He says she did more than that and points a gun at her face. He says she looked at the files and triggered the self-destruct. He says he also thinks that she shot the sniper. She says if he kills her, they will lose Alex as a source forever. The Rezident says she has an answer for everything. He says the laptop will go to Moscow and they’ll get through the encryption eventually and see what really happened. He says, in the meantime, they will all be watched day and night. They leave them there.

Katya tells Mark that the Rezident will kill them eventually and says he’s a psychopath that puts people into ovens. Mark says he may be able to get enough from the video he shot to take to the FBI. She says either way, she will Arkady because it’s the only way they can be safe. Alex finds a drawer full of Easter eggs in his desk. He’s not pleased. Mark and Katya wait for a bus in Camden, NJ. She asks how he knew where they were. He says travel time, turns and deduction.

She says Alex got his brains and Mark says he got from her too but she says he only got her lack of filter. Katya asks to talk about themselves. She says he was in Riyadh for six months. She says she was alone with the kids and Alex was struggling. She says she felt like she was drowning. He asks who it was and she asks if he really wants to know. He says no and then asks why. She says it was to escape, to feel something besides fear.

She says they were having a dark time in their relationship. She says he almost left her when he found out how deep she was in the SVR. She says he left her for several months at a time. Mark says he wasn’t perfect back then either. Katya says she knows. He asks how and why she didn’t say anything. She says she was trying to do one thing right for their children. Mark says they go through it and can get through this too. She says they have to and she can’t make it without him.

Alex studies blueprints when Michelle sees the Director coming in. She tells Alex to get his jacket on. He asks where he is. He’s angry to see the Easter eggs and says the AG isn’t laughing and neither is the President. He asks why Alex is playing with the squash ball. He says it helps him think. The Director says he made them all look like jackasses. He says the FISA judge is flying up tomorrow to hear from those idiots how they were so wrong.

Alex says they weren’t wrong. The Director asks what he means and he says the SVR just beat them to it. He asks Alex for proof. The Director says Michelle and Alex and the rest of them are going to own the screw up in front of the judge or else they will suffer horrible career consequences. He says the judge may decide their task force is a recipe for constitutional infringement and shut them down. Alex is uncomfortable with all the scrutiny.

He goes up on the roof and Sam asks if he’s planning to jump. Sam says he doesn’t think that Alex was wrong and the FBI Director’s opinion doesn’t matter. He tells Alex to figure out what went wrong in Philly and says to take Michelle on any field trips. Mark and Katya meet Natalie and they tell her they’re only safe until Moscow breaks the encryption. She says it could be months to a year. Natalie wonders if she made any mistakes in the encryption and says they’re safe for a month.

Mark shows her the video and says they need to crack the encryption on it. She says she can encrypt not decrypt. She says she knows one person but can’t go to him. Mark asks if it’s a security concern and she says no. He says they need to focus on how precarious their situation is. He says he’s going to get the car and Natalie and Katya need to work out what’s going on between them. Natalie says not to tell Mark about Victor. Katya says calling Victor her BF is one of the nicest ways to describe what they have.

Katya says her being with Victor puts him and her both at risk. She says the Rezident will not like it. She tells Natalie to break up with him but her daughter says no. They hug as Mark pulls up in the car. Alex goes back to his hotel room and then looks at a fire alarm notice on the door. He races to his room and opens his laptop. He looks at photos of the City Hall and then lets Michelle in to show her what he found. He asks her why the alarm didn’t sound when they opened the high voltage room door.

In Philly, Alex tells Michelle they have to hurry before it closes. Natalie gets into a car with Steven (an ex of hers) and tells him this is just business. She offers the file and says she needs it decrypted. He looks at it. She says she’ll pay double his rate but he says he’ll do it free if she comes back to him. He says it will take him a month because he’s booked up. She goes to get out of the car and he says he’s kidding.

Sarah and a friend are smoking pot and hanging out with some guys when an older guy comes up – he’s NYPD. He arrests all the kids. Alex and Michelle go check the power box and see that wires have been snipped. They then head up to the crawl space. He shows her the footprints and says it was a team of two, a man and a woman. He says they heard them coming. Alex is furious that Mick didn’t let them search and Michelle says she should have pushed to support him more. She tells him sorry.

They step carefully around the footprints and he says there was only one way for them to get out this way. Alex thinks they likely came in the same way they did. He says they must have found another access point. Michelle finds a guy in the basement and Alex asks if there’s another way into the basement. He says there’s an old closed off tunnel. Mark and Katya rant to Sarah about ditching school and smoking pot. She tells them the double standard is pathetic.

Sarah says she loves Alex but she sees what he doesn’t. She says this BS won’t work with her like it works on him. She storms off and slams her door. Katya wonders if Sarah knows something. Mark says you can’t hide who you are from your family. Mark says she knows they’re keeping something big from her. Michelle and Alex head into the tunnel and look around. He sees residue and says a padlock should have been there. He pulls the gate open and they press on. They make it all the way to the Mason Temple.

Alex says whoever planned this was good but was working on short notice. He points out a security camera that should have captured them coming in. Michelle says if they ask the Masons for the video they’ll have to tell them why. He says they can go for a warrant but she says they won’t let them access them now. She asks Alex to let the cameras go for now and work on building the case another way. Katya is relaying and monitoring Sarah’s text. One says she’s grounded.

Mark says that’s like reading her diary but Katya says Sarah is hanging out with bad kids. Mark says the Rezident threat is their fault and responsibility and nothing Sarah has done wrong. Alex stands outside twirling his stress ball, looking around and thinking. Michelle asks what’s on his mind. He says SEPTA won’t ask the same kind of questions. He says they run the city buses and says most have cameras facing out of the doors. Michelle agrees to try it.

They head to SEPTA HQ and wait. Alex paces then asks how much longer. A guy says a couple of more hours – the guy says they have really old computers. He sits by Michelle and asks why she joined the FBI. She says they sent a cute recruiter to her school. She says she gets to carry a gun and arrest bad people and asks – what’s not to love. Alex and Michelle take the train back to Penn Station. Victor meets with Natalie and asks what she wanted to talk about.

He says he’s late for a meeting and she needs to talk now if she wants to. She says she wishes they could spend more time together and he says he always wants to even when he shouldn’t. He says she’s his Kryptonite. He promises to come see her tonight after work. He kisses her and goes. Her tech buddy Steven is lurking and watching. He tells her that the file mentioned a half mile blast radius and says she’s playing in deep waters. He says the other numbers were bank accounts.

He says it’s money from all over the world and a plan for a big explosion. He says he’s getting out of Manhattan for a while and says she should too. Natalie comes to tell her parents just how bad it is. She hands them a flash drive. Alex and Michelle review the footage when Sam asks what they’re doing. Mark says the death toll would be enough to start a war. Natalie says this should help them get immunity but Katya says it’s not enough. She asks what else he found.

Natalie says account numbers and they agree they need to trace them. Alex finds something on the footage. They see a man going into the Masonic Temple on Sunday when it was closed. Natalie brings Victor his things. She says she changed her locks and they’re through. He says that’s not what she said earlier. She tells him she’s sorry and walks out. He calls to her but she keeps walking. Outside she stops and cries. She gathers herself then walks on but is soon sobbing. She tells herself to just go.

Alex keeps watching the video then sees Sarah and Michelle sees him notice something and he says it’s nothing. Michelle says it’s the wrong street corner. He covers and then runs it back to look at her face. He wonders why she’s near City Hall. He texts his parents to meet him at their usual Chinese restaurant. He sits and says it was them in Philadelphia. Katya says yes. She says they have to tell him everything so he’ll understand why.