Amber Rose a Gold Digger: Women Should Use ‘Seductive Skills’ To Get Money From Men – ‘Model’ Blasted

Amber Rose a Gold Digger: Women Should Use 'Seductive Skills' To Get Money From Men - 'Model' Blasted

Amber Rose confirmed her gold digger status and took a lot of heat for it on social media when she declared that women should use their “seductive skills” in order to get money from men. It all went down during her TIME magazine interview.

Amber made a few really questionable comments about how to seduce men and get what you want. That’s when many men and women on social media went after Amber Rose to let her know that there is definitely shame in her gold digging game.

Amber Rose said in her TIME interview, “as women, we’re fortunate enough to use our seductive skills in order to be able to get money from our significant others. I also talk about seduction in the book. A lot of women don’t know how to seduce a man.” Amber didn’t stop there either.

In defense of her gold digging position, Rose went on to say, “It is extremely easy once you get to that point, and you can get anything you want out of them. And I know it might sound messed up, but once you get to that point, it’s not using. It’s not using a man, it’s literally getting what you want by any means necessary.”

It’s interesting that Amber Rose would come right out and admit to using her looks to charm a man into buying her things and probably even paying her bills. Then the same woman gets upset in a GQ magazine interview when Amber got upset over their reference to her as Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama and Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend.

How can Amber Rose expect more than that when she made it clear that she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants from a many. Or as she put it, “by any means necessary.”

After Amber Rose literally got dragged on Twitter for her comments about flirting and getting what she wants from men, Amber stuck up for herself and never backed down. She did try to reword the gold digging comments though, to make it sound a little less shady.

Amber Rose tweeted, “Lol y’all are so Corny So it’s wrong to ask ur “Significant other” (The person u care about) to help u financially so u can reach ur goal?” That’s not exactly what Amber’s quote in the TIME interview sounded like though. Unless by significant other, Amber Rose means flavor of the week.

Maybe Amber Rose should just own up and call it what it is. Using your “seductive skills” to get whatever you want by “any means necessary” is gold digging, plain and simple and Amber Rose shouldn’t be surprised when those on social media bashed her for admitting the scandalous act.

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