American Odyssey Recap – Frying Pan and Fire: Season 1 Episode 4 “Tango Uniform”

American Odyssey Recap - Frying Pan and Fire: Season 1 Episode 4 "Tango Uniform"

Tonight on NBC American Odyssey continues with an all new Sunday April 26, season 1 episode 4 called, “Tango Uniform” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, tension is eased between Odelle and her captor, as Aslam and Frank Majors ramp up efforts to find her. Meanwhile, a senator complicates Peter’s [Peter Facinelli] SOC investigation; Harrison  [Jake Robinson] prepares to deliver the eulogy at his father’s funeral; and it’s revealed that there’s more to Randall’s death than meets the eye.

On the last episode, now captive in Bamako, Odelle (Anna Friel) had to prove her value to an Ansar Dine interrogator. Meanwhile, in New York, Harrison (Jake Robinson) reluctantly turned to his famous journalist father for help when he learned he had a connection to Colonel Glen (Treat Williams). Peter (Peter Facinelli) found himself in danger after uncovering new evidence against Societel Mining. Under pressure, he took a meeting with Sophia Tsaladari (Orla Brady), the leading candidate for Greek Prime Minister – which lead to an unexpected breakthrough. Jim True-Frost, Sadie Sink, Omar Ghazaoui, Nate Mooney, Elena Kampouris, Daniella Pineda and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje also star. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per NBC’s synopsis, “Odelle (Anna Friel) reaches a détente with her Ansar Dine captor, as both Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) and Frank Majors (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) increase their respective efforts to find her. In New York, Peter (Peter Facinelli) discovers his investigation of Societiel Mining is being complicated by the involvement of a US Senator. Harrison (Jake Robinson) prepares to deliver the eulogy at his late father’s funeral, and Bob (Nate Mooney) reveals that Randall’s death is not all that it appears. Jim True-Frost, Sadie Sink, Elena Kampouris, Daniella Pineda, and Treat Williams also star.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s American Odyssey at 9:00 PM EST!

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On #AmericanOdyssey, Odelle asks now what. She’s with Omar who tells her that Hamid was a short-sighted fool. He says he killed him and did the movement a favor and now wait to see if she lives or dies. He says they’re looking for Aslam and the flash drive. He grabs her face and tells her to speak only English. He says if he killed Hamid over nothing, there will be no end to her suffering. He cuts her loose and tells her to get on her feet. He tells them to lock her up and says she has one day. He says if his men don’t find Aslam, she’s dead.

She’s taken outside then to another room where she’s shoved inside and the man comes in with her and calls her devil. Mohammed presses himself against her and she looks away. He rubs himself on her and she headbutts him. He tells her he’ll kill her but then someone calls for him. He spits in her face and calls her an American whore. Peter’s wife is upset at him and tells Sarah he has proof that SOC is funding terrorism and she asks how he knows all this all of a sudden. She says it matters to he and he says she reached out to him and she says he spoke to Sophia.

Peter says he was doing his job and says she has hard evidence and now he has it. She’s jealous that he saw her and he says he can’t do that. She says Sophia can find someone else and says he has to. She says the two of them have done enough harm already. He says that was a mistake four years ago and this has nothing to do with it. She says to hand it over to Ed Dixon and walk away. He says he’s meeting with Ed tomorrow at justice. He says it will be all good. Anna comes to give her condolences to Harrison and his mom. She says they were talking about the funeral.

She says she hasn’t even thought about the eulogy and tells Harrison he needs to write it. She says the newspapers will be brutal that he was killed by a jilted mistress. Harrison says his dad was killed over a story but she says his father had been having an affair for awhile. She says she wasn’t happy about it but knew about it. She says they will still celebrate his life and says his dad was a good man down deep. She tells Harrison to write a beautiful eulogy.

Suzanne watches the news and her dad Ron gets a call from Colonel Glenn who says they recovered Odelle’s remains. He says they’re being flown to Dover Air Base. He tells Ron he’s sorry but he’s glad he can have closure. He tells him there’s nothing recognizable among the remains and asks him to authorize the Army to cremate her. Ron says he wants to think about it and Glenn says to let him know. Suzanne asks what’s going on. Odelle tries to get loose of her bonds.

She finally breaks the ropes on her then sees the door is chained. She has a spoon she stole that was with the soup. She works on the door but someone hears the noise. She runs back to sit and Mohammed comes back and asks what she’s up to. She stabs him in the neck with the spoon and kills him then spits on him. She now has an open door. The guards are all watching the TV and she hides behind a clothes line then creeps through a door. She goes into a room of women and begs for help.

Aslam is with his transgender uncle and he asks how he ended up on his doorstep with a bullet wound. He says it was the Ansar Dine and Diallo asks if he was caught stealing but Aslam gets angry and says he’s not a thief. He asks Diallo if he’ll help him and he says probably. He says they have a friend of his prisoner and she’s in trouble. He asks if he has a computer. The women leave the room carrying baskets of laundry and Odelle is among them. They head out onto the streets and she wanders off from them.

Majors is watching and moves. Then the men in the compound notice Odelle is gone. She’s in the crowded streets. Guards are everywhere searching for her and so is Majors. They see a woman running and men take off after her. She heads down a side street and then into a market area. She finds a phone and tries to make a call. Majors is close – he sees her and she has to abandon the phone and run. She knocks over a market stall and that slows him. She hits a dead end and sees men coming for her.

She’s trapped with enemies on both sides. Majors sees he and creeps toward her with a gun. She raises her hands and puts them on her head. She pulls off her scarf and shows her face. He raises the gun but then Omar’s men surround her and he’s furious that she’s taken away by them before he can kill her. Aslam tells Diallo about Odelle and says his father found her and wanted her to go to the Ansar Dine. Diallo says he was heroic and Aslam says they have to help her.

He says the Americans want to kill her too. He says he has to find Odelle soon and asks if he can help. Diallo says he has a friend who is a General in the Malain army who may be able to help. Anna looks around Randall’s office and is stunned to see his Pulitzer. Harrison says he doesn’t know what to say in the eulogy and Anna asks if he has a happy memory about his dad. Harrison talks about his dad dragging him fishing as a kid.

Anna picks up a copy of Rabbit Run that his dad liked and then goes to bed. Harrison leads through it then finds a photo of he and his dad fishing. Anna comes back to him and kisses him. She comforts him. Odelle tells Omar that Mohammed attacked and tried to rape him. He says he would kill her if he wasn’t so impressed she killed the man with a spoon. She says his men are in danger since Osela is there to kill her and killed her entire unit.

She says they will kill them all to get to her. Majors watches the compound from his vantage point and waits. Anna and Harrison lie in bed when his mom knocks to ask if he’s awake then walks in and apologizes. Harrison says they broke the house rules but she just smiles and says to come down for breakfast. Harrison gets a call from Ruby but doesn’t take it. Diallo tells Aslam the general is on the way but the boy is impatient.

The general shows up and calls Diallo darling. He asks what’s the problem and who Aslam is. Majors kills one of Omar’s men who is an outside guard. Peter meets with Ed Dixon. Peter says he got an email from the Senate Judiciary Oversight Committee. Peter says it’s the first sanction letter he’s ever gotten. He says it happened after he told Sanchez about the SOC document. Peter asks what he’s going to do and then says SOC is destroying evidence as they speak.

Peter wants to press them but Ed doesn’t see the urgency. Peter says Ed is scared but he says he’s sensible. Peter leaves angry. The dead guy is found and Omar tells his men to find the Oselas and finish them. They go hunting. Majors takes them out one by one. The bodies are piling up. Majors tells the man he wants the female soldier. He reports back to Omar. Odelle says she knows the man and he’s dangerous. She says they have to go.

Omar’s man begs him to turn her over. Omar says he can find the boy and the flash drive and doesn’t need her but she says he doesn’t know what to look for. Majors hears a gunshot and goes to look around. He sees Omar’s men have dragged a body into the street and drove away. The general asks how Aslam came to know Odelle. He says she’s not in Bamako and says he would know. He says the Ansar Dine are bringing her there. Diallo says it must be the safe house.

Diallo asks the general why he’s being stubborn and says the Ansar Dine cannot have more power and their Sharia law would destroy people like them. Diallo asks him to do this because he loves him. He says that’s not a good enough reason. He says do it for himself because if he found her, he would be famous around the world. Majors creeps up on the body and kicks it over. It’s Odelle. She has a gun and fires into Majors’ chest several time. He goes down.

Joe tries to talk to Peter and shows him the file on the Gentry murder. He sees a white van in the file and points out a man. Peter says it’s the same guy that broke into his car. Joe says he’s not the bad guy and wants to help. Peter says that would be great. Joe then asks about Alex Baker and Peter says it’s huge. He says he got an SOC wire transfer document for $35 million. He says he turned the evidence over to the DOJ but they’re sitting on it. He says Baker has a lot of influence.

He says Thomas Darnell runs the subcommittee and Joe says he knows how to get to him and asks if Peter has a tux. Harrison comes to see Bob who is in a panic. Bob says they killed his father and they could be next and Bob says the police are wrong about Randall being killed by his lover. Bob wants Harrison to leave and says he can’t be there and will get them all killed. Bob says his father’s mistress just bought a new condo in Dallas. He says she was leaving town.

He says she’s starting a new life and shows him a bunch of emails about her leaving Randall and moving to Texas. Bob says she was in the wrong place and was murdered. Ruby calls again and Bob says not to take the call. He says Odelle may be aive, but they won’t be if they keep asking questions. He tells Harrison he’s out and has to think about his mother. Harrison says okay and says he gets it. He tells him to take care of his mom and goes.

Colonel Glenn comes to see Odelle’s family and tells Suzanne he cared very much about her mother and then says he thought she might want these and gives her Odelle’s dog tags. Suzanne wants to see her but her dad says it’s not possible and says she was cremated. Suzanne asks who told them to do that and is furious. She storms out. Anna and Harrison are at a coffee shop and he talks about the eulogy. She says his dad loved him. Ruby shows up and Anna asks why the hell she’s there.

Ruby hugs him and says she’s sorry about his dad. She asks how his mom is. Then she says he wasn’t returning her calls so she came to the coffee shop where she knows he hangs out. He tells her about Randall’s mistress moving away and says Bob told him. Anna asks to talk to him outside. Ruby says she can help if he thinks something happened with his dad but he follows Anna out. Joe and Peter crash a fraternity event. Peter says every CEO in New York is there including Baker from SOC.

They spot Darnell and Joe says all the Congressmen are there. Peter sits down by Darnell and says he tried to bring him up on charges and calls it selective prosecution. He says now he remembers his name then tells Peter he looks terrible. He says he’s doing well and then tells Darnell he’s investigating SOC and Baker. Peter says Baker funds terrorists and the murder of American soldiers but says Darnell knew all that and that’s why he’s pressuring his pals at Justice.

Peter says this time he’s going to win. He goes to walk away but Darnell grabs his arm and says none of this makes a difference to these people and says they’re the only ones that matter. Joe tells Peter they have to go. Aslam watches Diallo kiss her general and then the soldier leaves. He shakes his head. The general gets in his SUV and leaves. Omar has Majors in captivity now and Majors tells him the US will come after her and calls Odelle a fugitive.

Omar says he’s a gifted soldier but overestimates himself. Omar says their military will terrorize his people whether he kills Majors or not. Odelle says he’s not US military, he’s a mercenary for hire. Majors says she’s a traitor and says to release her or face the consequences. She says Osela killed her unit to get the flash drive. Majors says she’s a dead woman. A missile blows through the wall and odelle struggles to sit. Major scrambles around a corner. She sees Omar is dead.

Odelle tells them her name and the general says he’s there to rescue her and says – praise Allah, you are alive. Aslam asks Diallo when they’ll hear from the general and says he’ll call soon. Aslam asks how he met the general and Diallo asks why he cares about Odelle. He says he doesn’t know but does. Diallo says life doesn’t always fit into a box. Aslam says what he does with the general is disgusting and against Allah. Diallo is annoyed and leaves to buy cigarettes.

Aslam goes after him feeling bad for what he said. But then the drug dealer that had Aslam before is there. Harrison does the eulogy of his father and says he never wanted to be like him but says Randall dedicated his life to the truth. He says he barely knew his father then suddenly he was gone. Anna is there comforting his mom. Harrison says he keeps a distance from the ones he loves like his father did. He says he won’t make the mistakes his father made.

Harrison says he’ll show the people he loves how much he loves them no matter what. Ruby is there too. Harrison says he too follows his instincts and will devote his life to finding the truth no matter what. He looks at Colonel Glenn when he says that and then ends on – Thanks Dad, I love you too. Glenn gives condolences to Diane and says his father would be proud. Harrison says his father will be when he’s done. Bob shows up and says he knows who killed his dad.

He hands Harrison something and skitters away. Suzanne calls her mom’s phone to get her voice mail and hear her mom’s voice. She leaves her mom another message saying she misses her so much and says her dad told her it will get lesser every day but says it’s getting worse and he’s wrong. She hears static on the line and says hello then asks if someone is there. Odelle thanks the general and asks if he has a cell phone. He asks who she’d like to call. She calls Glenn. She tells him she’s alive. He’s not pleased.