American Odyssey Recap 5/3/15: Season 1 Episode 5 “Beat Feet”

American Odyssey Recap 5/3/15: Season 1 Episode 5 "Beat Feet"

Tonight on NBC American Odyssey continues with an all new Sunday May 3, season 1 episode 5 called, “Beat Feet” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Odelle [Anna Friel] receives orders from Col. Glen [Treat Williams] and treks to a secret CIA safe house, but it soon dawns on her that Glen might not be acting in her best interest. In New York, paranoia deepens when Peter [Peter Facinelli] discovers Societal Mining is investigating Joe; Harrison and Bob try to connect with Randall’s last source.

On the last episode, Odelle (Anna Friel) reached a détente with her Ansar Dine captor, as both Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) and Frank Majors (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) increase their respective efforts to find her. In New York, Peter (Peter Facinelli) discovered his investigation of Societiel Mining was being complicated by the involvement of a US Senator. Harrison (Jake Robinson) prepared to deliver the eulogy at his late father’s funeral, and Bob (Nate Mooney) reveals that Randall’s death was not all that it appears. Jim True-Frost, Sadie Sink, Elena Kampouris, Daniella Pineda, and Treat Williams also star. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per NBC’s synopsis, “on orders from Colonel Glen (Treat Williams), Odelle (Anna Friel) makes her way to a secret CIA safe house, but soon realizes that Glen may not be acting in her best interest. In New York, Peter (Peter Facinelli) discovers that Joe (Darren Goldstein) is under “investigation” by Societel Mining, and his increasingly paranoid behavior disturbs his wife (Sarah Wynter) and daughter (Elena Kampouris). Looking for clues about his father’s murder, Harrison (Jake Robinson) and Bob (Nate Mooney) try to get in touch with Randall’s last source. Jim True-Frost, Sadie Sink, Omar Ghazaoui, and Daniella Pineda also star.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 5 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s American Odyssey at 9:00 PM EST!

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On #AmericanOdyssey, Colonel Glen is shocked that Odelle is alive. She says she’s banged up by fine and says the people that attacked them were Osela. He asks if she’s sure and she says she can fill in the details at the debrief. She asks about her family and he says they need to get her home immediately. He promises to call her family. She says she’s going to the Embassy. She says she’s with General Diallo who is taking her to the Embassy in Mali. He says that’s a bad idea and says they need more caution.

He tells her that the Embassy isn’t safe. He pulls up a list and gives her an address. He says it’s a classified safe house and says she needs to extricate herself from the Malians. She agrees. Glen says she’s been brave. He says it’s her job to bring her home now. She thanks him and ends the call. Diallo wants her to tell the Embassy that he saved her. Harrison comes to see Bob about the note he left him. He says a David Tenant killed him.

Bob says Tenant is a senior VP at GBR Industries then tells Harrison no reporters, especially Ruby. He says this was outside his dad’s usual calls. Bob says Ruby can’t be trusted. He says Tenant worked for GBR and they provide infrastructure to the military and do business in Mali. He says that’s where Odelle and the others were killed. Bob says the point is that he hacked Tenant’s email and says Randall emailed him about setting up a meet and Tenant agreed and said there was a lot to talk about.

Four hours later, his dad was dead. Aslam is with the drug dealer Luc who wants to know why the Ansar Dine are after them. He tells Luc it’s the flash drive. He says he doesn’t know what’s on it or why they want it. Diallo drive Odelle through the city. There are protestors all over the city. They bang against the car and Odelle unlocks the door and allows herself to be dragged out of the car. Gunfire breaks out to get them away from Diallo’s car and some civilians are shot.

Peter goes to see his boss who asks if he works for him or the Justice Department. He says SOC broke the law no matter where he works. His boss says Alex Baker thinks the same thing and hired outside investigators to look into them. Peter wants to talk to the investigators and his boss says he hired him because of his intelligence savvy and moral compass but says Peter needs to trust them. He says he needs to rebuild his relationship with Alex Baker who’s quite angry.

He says he heard he was talking to Sophia Tsaldari. Peter says she’s not interested in meeting with Baker and his boss says to keep at it. Later, Harrison looks through his dad’s notes and finds a mention of Black Sands about Afghanistan and says it’s strange there’s no article. Bob calls and Harrison says his dad left notes about Black Sands and Tenant. Bob says it’s all linked and says right now Tenant is at the Edison Club and says he can meet him there. He says he was the last person to talk to his dad.

Anna is there and Bob is alarmed to be on speakerphone. Harrison declines to take Bob to the lunch with Tenant but says he’ll contact him. Harrison says he keeps getting texts from Odelle’s daughter who thinks she’s still alive. Bob wants Suzanne to do some grief counseling but she’s not feeling it. Odelle heads to the address she was given by Glen and gets buzzed in. A guy named Rich answers the door and says he’s with the agency. She says she wants to call her daughter and asks for an outside line.

Rich says she’s not authorized to make calls until she’s airborne. He says he’s supposed to debrief her unless she needs to sleep. She says it’s okay. He asks about the attack on her unit by the insurgents. She says that’s not what happened and he says they have the whole thing in photos. Odelle says this is not what happened. Peter goes to talk to the investigators and says he found a slush fund that was paying off Danny Gentry. They ask him about Joe Abrams and how he got the IRS files.

They tell him there is a financial cancer at SOC and says Joe is the source of the cancer. Peter says they’re on the wrong path and says SOC funded terrorists. They keep poking at Joe Abrams and Peter is shocked to hear they won’t investigate what he told them. He sighs. Peter chases Joe down and tells him he’s being set up. Joe laughs and he says McDonald is setting him up to take the fall for the SOC payoffs. Joe asks how he’s been talking to. He says he’s being investigated and Joe asks Peter what he said.

Joe says Peter got him involved and accuses Peter of throwing him under the bus to save his own ass. Joe makes a call to Alex Baker’s office and is told Baker is busy. Peter says it’s a set up but Joe insists it’s Peter’s mess and that he won’t be dragged into it. Tenant heads out of the club and Harrison intercepts him and introduces himself. Tenant says Randall was a great man and journalist. Harrison says his father was killed because of what he was investigating.

Tenant lies and says he doesn’t remember what they were talking about. Harrison asks if it was about Black Sands. The guy pauses then gets into his car and drives away top speed. Anna says that was pretty creepy. Harrison agrees. Peter comes home and finds his family in an uproar. His daughter wants to go to a concert. Peter gets a call and has to take it. It’s Gracie who’s in a panic. She says Joe was taken away in handcuffs and Peter promises to come right over.

He tells his wife who’s shocked. Peter heads to the police station and Joe tells Peter he’s sorry about this and says he has to tell him something. Joe says McDonald and Baker told him to keep an eye on Peter because they weren’t sure he could be trusted. He apologizes and says he reported back to them. He asks if Joe told them about Gentry and he says he did. He says he never thought they would kill him then asks why they’re doing this to him. Peter says because they can.

Peter says everyone can see that Joe wants it so badly and asks how he thinks he got onto the Middle Eastern desk. Joe says he worked his ass off and thought he was being rewarded, not set up. Joe begs Peter to help him. Peter says he’ll do what he can then leaves. The General reports back to to his sweetie about how he had and lost Odelle. She says it would have been so good for them for Diallo to get credit for this. He says he was hoping things would work out for Aslam.

The general comforts her and says she’s more than she knows. She cries and says she’s just a talk show host and asks what good that is to find her nephew. He suggests using the show to try and find Aslam. She cries and calls him her general. Odelle tells Rich about the operative and all the events. She says she had to cooperate with the Ansar Dine to stay alive. Rich scoffs and says he’s been with the agency three years and nothing much happens then she has this crazy story about drones and Osela.

She says it doesn’t make sense to her either but says that’s what happened. Rich says she must believe that. She sees a new story about her funeral and asks him to turn it up. She says she needs to use the computer. Rich says no. She asks him to use it to look up her name. He pulls up a story about the funeral and she sees her family at her graveside and that Glen is there. Rich says it’s probably for her own protection. She rants and says they manufactured evidence to make them think she’s dead.

She says she deserves to talk to her family and demands to talk to Glen. She dials his direct number. She gets Glen and says she’s calling from the safe house. Rich looks nervous. Odelle says she’s calling from the grave since she appears to be dead. She asks why he lied to her family and he says it’s for her protection but it’s classified. She asks how faking evidence and remains protects her family. Glen says it’s very sensitive and can’t ensure her safety until she’s back on US soil. He says there’s a plan.

Odelle says it’s a plan he’s refusing to tell her. He says July 12, 1976 Middlebury Memorial Hospital. He says he was there in the waiting room with her father when she was born and says he asked him to watch over her. Glen asks her to trust him. She says yes sir. He says the extraction team is on its way. She says she understands then he asks to talk to Rich. She hands over the phone. She looks out the window and hears Rich say that he understands. He opens a drawer and pulls out a gun. He says he’s been instructed to keep her there by any means necessary.

Anna is walking with Harrison when he’s grabbed and shoves into a car and driven away. It’s Tenant and he asks if he’s scared yet. He tells Harrison to stop before he gets hurt. He says the only reason they killed Randall instead of him is because of what he knew. Tenant says to let it go or they’ll both be dead. Harrison is stunned. Luc and Aslam look at the files and sees it’s encrypted. He says the files belong to Abdul Abbas. Aslam says his wife should cover her head but Luc says to drop it.

Luc and Aslam do some research on Abbas that says the Ansar Dine took him out. He asks if Aslam knows about this since it happened where’s he’s from. He asks if Aslam got the thumb drive from a dead American. Luc asks if the Ansar Dine are looking for Odelle and asks where she’s at. Aslam says she was alive but he doesn’t know where she is now. Luc asks what’s the point of killing an American soldier if you don’t brag about it.

Odelle says the extraction team is not there to extract her but to kill her. The door buzzes and Odelle tells Rich they’re going to kill him too. He tells her to calm down. She watches on the video feed and sees him let the men inside. They cut Rich’s throat and wrap him up in platic quickly. She tries to break a window. The men head up the stairs. She bashes the window out and looks down at a dumpster. The men come to shoot the lock off and she has to jump.

When she jumps something in the dumpster impales her. They shoot at her from above then run down the stairs. She gets away and hides in the back of a truck from the men Glen sent to kill her. She yanks the object out of her leg. Anna calls the police to report Harrison’s kidnapping. Ruby shows up and hears Anna talking to the cops. Ruby makes a call to ask if they went after her mark. The man she calls, Michael Banks at Osela, says they did not. She says it’s a mistake and says she’ll be in touch.

Lucy, Rich Worthington’s fiancee, shows up to meet with the support group of people who have questions about how their loved ones died for the military. A couple think that Odelle may still be alive. Suzanne is mad when her dad says they may never know and just need to move forward. Ron follows her up to her room and she says he doesn’t care who killed her and doesn’t care that she’s gone. Ron says it’s not true. Suzanne tells him to just go and move on with his life.

The cops are there with Anna when Harrison shows up. Ruby is there too. The cops ask where he was and Harrison says it was a misunderstanding. Ruby asks if he’s okay. He says it was Tenant and was trying to scare him. He tells Anna that Tenant knows that he’s right and that his father was killed. Ruby listens with interest then takes off. Peter tells Joe that whoever set him up knew what he was doing. Joe tells Peter not to bother and says he confessed and says he did it.

Peter says he knows he didn’t but Joe tells him to let it go. Peter is upset and congratulates him on hiding his sophisticated crime and says he’s pretty skilled to get into the dark web and work with Bitcoin. Joe says to let it go and asks the guard to take him back to his cell. Peter says he can help and Joe asks like he helped Gentry? Peter asks Joe how they got to him. The group is leaving Ron’s house and Rich’s fiancee offers to talk if he needs to chat with someone. She leaves her number.

Ron cleans up the dishes from the group and then stops, very upset. Suzanne comes down and finds him crying. He sits down on the floor and sobs. She sits down by him and comforts him. Ron tells Suzanne he misses her mom so much. At a market in Mali, Odelle skulks around and tries to steal a piece of fruit. She’s weak and sick and the man takes pity and hands her the fruit then asks if she’s American. He speaks English and says he’ll take her to the hospital. She says no hospital.

The man says he’ll help her. Peter rants to his wife for letting their daughter go into town with the older guy. He calls Maya’s cell and gets a guy. Maya comes home with the young guy and says they were looking for her phone. He tells the guy to stay away from his family and strong arms the guy out the door and slams out. Maya tells Peter she hates him. Peter tries to calm down but is in full freak out mode. His wife is alarmed.

Ruby goes back to her place and finds Michael waiting. He says he knows Harrison spoke to Tenant. She says everything is under control. He says he knows she went to Randall’s funeral. He says she’s protecting Harrison and is emotionally involved. She says he should know better. He says if Harrison finds out about Black Sands she’ll have to kill him. He grabs her roughly and they kiss. Suzanne calls her mom’s phone and leaves a message saying they both miss her and want her to come home.

Suzanne hears a static and clicking noise on the phone. Someone is listening in on the call. Suzanne asks who this is then hangs up. The man takes Odelle home with him and she watches the Shakir Khan show. The man who took her home is arguing with his wife. Shakir shows a photo of Aslam and says he’s her nephew and she’s looking for him. Odelle is stunned. Aslam sees it too. Shakir says she misses him and wants him to come home.