American Odyssey Season 1 Finale Recap and Spoilers – Bad Endings and Worse Beginnings: “Real World”

American Odyssey Season 1 Finale Recap and Spoilers - Bad Endings and Worse Beginnings: "Real World"

Tonight on NBC American Odyssey continues with an all new Sunday June 28, season 1 finale called, “Real World” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Odelle [Anna Friel] and Aslam [Omar Ghazaoui] find refuge in Barcelona in the Season 1 finale. Odelle at last has a chance to tell her story, only to face an obstacle. In New York, the truth about Societal Mining impacts Peter’s [Peter Facinelli] world, and Harrison [Jake Robinson] sets out to expose Osela.

On the last episode, while in Algeria with Luc (Gregory Fitoussi) and Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui), Odelle (Anna Friel) got used to a new life, only to ultimately be brought back to reality. Meanwhile, back in New York, Peter (Peter Facinelli) learned that Sophia Tsaldari (Orla Brady) was being forced to work with Jennifer Wachtel (Alex Kingston). Harrison (Jake Robinson) uncovered a clue after Ruby’s (Daniella Pineda) death. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per NBC’s synopsis, “as the world discovers that the truth about Odelle (Anna Friel), she and Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) find refuge in Barcelona with someone from Luc’s (Gregory Fitoussi) past. But when Odelle finally has a chance to tell her story to reporter Isabel Rainey (Branca Katic), she encounters an unavoidable obstacle. Meanwhile, back in New York, the truth about Societel Mining’s misdeeds sends ripples through Peter’s (Peter Facinelli) world and Harrison (Jake Robinson) works to expose Osela. Season Finale.”

Tonight’s season 1 finale looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s American Odyssey at 9:00 PM EST!



#AmericanOdyssey starts with a reporter saying that Odelle Ballard is alive according to multiple sources. She says they want to hear her miraculous story of survival. Peter goes to talk to Sophia about the story. He says Odelle is the answer. He says SOC and Baker will be prosecuted when Odelle tells her story. She says all he has is a photograph and she needs to know what Odelle will say. She says she has to take the deal Baker is offering. She has to go into her meeting. Peter says she’s better than this.

Sophia comes back and tells him to find her more than a photo and that Odelle will tell the story they want. She says Baker killed her husband and he makes her sick and she doesn’t want to do business with him. Peter calls Harrison who is writing up the Ruby, Yusuf, Black Sands story. The editor says it’s a good story. The editor says he has someone working on the the background material and says his material fits right in. Then Harrison talked about his father being killed.

The guy asks about his sources and Harrison asks what he wants to know. He tells Harrison he’s bleeding – that wounded wrist is still leaking. Harrison asks if he’ll run his story and the guy says not on its own but he can contribute. Harrison says the hell with that. He says this story has bulldozed his life and he wants a byline or he walks. The guy agrees and says if they use it, he gets a New York Times byline. Harrison says okay and they shake on it.

Harrison gets a message from Peter to meet him ASAP. Odelle and Aslam are dropped off by the smugglers in Barcelona, Spain. He leaves them on a street and then a woman opens a green door and says she’s Christina Callo then says Luc didn’t mention the boy. Aslam introduces himself. She tells them to come inside and Odelle says Luc told her she would meet a colleague. She explains she’s Luc’s ex-wife. She sits them down to a meal and Odelle asks to use her phone.

Odelle calls Isabel Rainey and tells her she’s in Spain. She asks when she’s coming and she says in the morning. She tells her where and when to meet. Isabel says she talked to Odelle’s family and she says there were a lot of tears and joy. Isabel says she’s honored to have been the one to make a call. She says Suzanne told her she never gave up and knew she was alive and would come home to her. Odelle is teary and says she needs to see them. Isabel says the New York Times is flying her family in tomorrow.

She asks Odelle if she’s all right and she thanks Isabel profusely. She says she did it and says Odelle will be a hero once they get her story out. She ends the call and Aslam asks what’s wrong. Odelle says nothing and says her family is coming and he’ll get to meet them. She says they don’t know about him yet but says they’ll love him just like she does. Aslam says dinner is ready and she should come eat. Peter waits impatiently for Harrison at the bar.

He finally shows up and Peter chews him out for leaving him waiting. He tells Harrison he needs his help and Harrison says he wouldn’t help him find out who killed his dad. Peter grabs his arm and Harrison says they picked up his blog. Peter asks who she’s talking to and he says the New York Times. Peter says SOC and Baker are making a deal with Greece he needs to stop then asks what Odelle will say and who she’s talking to. Harrison says it’s Isabel Rainey and he doesn’t know where or when.

Peter says he’s going to The Times and Harrison asks why they would tell him anything. Odelle asks Christina how long she was married to Luc and she says for too long and too little. Christina thinks that Odelle and Luc are an item. She asks Odelle why Luc would call and ask her to help her. She says Luc cares about her and maybe even loves her. She says if Luc loves you, you know it. Christina says time for bed and says she has her family coming tomorrow and must be thrilled.

Odelle looks a little sad and thoughtful and stares at Aslam asleep on a couch. Peter goes to chat up the editor at the NYT. He says he has information but wants to know if Isabel has talked to Odelle yet. He asks if Odelle mentioned SOC and them funding terrorists. They guy says he can’t tell them anything. He asks when they’re going to press. The editor says he thought Peter had something for him. Peter says the info on the flash drive will confirm everything Odelle will tell them.

He asks where Peter got it and he says they used to be his client. The guy says it’s whistleblower stuff and he’s taking a risk bringing it to him. He asks how Peter got it and he says it doesn’t matter but it’s real, credible and he’ll go to jail once it’s released. Joe calls Peter to tell him the meeting is going down and he says he needs Joe to get him into the meeting. Colonel Glen approaches Odelle in Spain and he says it’s good to see her and says none of this is personal.

She hits him hard and says she’s going to tell the world what he did and nothing he can stay will stop her. He says he knows about the NYT meeting and says he just wants 20 minutes and says it’s in her best interests. She says he can have 10 right her at this cafe. She says he killed their unit and there is no answer for that. She says she’s walking out to meet Isabel and will tell her story so the whole world will know what he did. Glen says she’s smarter than that.

He says she can tell her story or even write a book then says no one will believe her. She says she has evidence and he says all her evidence can be buried. He asks if she thinks that they will sit back and take this and says some think she’s a hero but they can tell the story that she’s a brutal traitor who turned on her unit and conspired with terrorists to see them killed. He says she will be arrested and will never see her family again. She asks who much they’re paying him but he says it’s about truth.

He says the truth is that life is brutal and unforgiving and says that’s the world they live in. He says their interests are global and they’re fighting for world dominance brutally. Odelle says she feels sorry for him and says if it’s worth more than life itself, that’s too bad. She says he once considered her a daughter and he says it broke her heart to order that killing. She says no one voted for him and he has no right to play God.

He says that means Suzanne will grow up without a mother and she asks him – how could you. He says it’s not up to him. He says she has the power to walk in and tell Isabel it’s a terrible mistake and she can go home to her family. Glen says he thinks she’ll make the right decision for her daughter which is to go home. Odelle asks him not to do this but he walks away from her. Joe asks Peter what happened and he says he gave the drive to the Times.

Joe says he can’t figure out if he’s a saint or a fool. Peter says he’s trying to do the right thing. He sneaks him upstairs and he goes to intercept Sophia but Alex Baker cuts him off and says he won’t let him talk to her. Peter tells Baker he’s exposing everything to The Times. He says he gave them the drive. Alex says they may not print it and Peter says they won’t ignore Odelle. Baker says it’s hard to be the last one to know and says he knows exactly what she’s going to say.

He says Odelle wants her life back and won’t say anything about SOC or terrorists. He says Odelle understands the value of her family and will place nice. He has Peter hauled out then tells Joe he can leave with him since he’s fired. Harrison is with Bob and they have the device to hack Ruby’s email. Bob says they need to look in drafts. It’s full of messages and Bob says it kept them from getting hacked until now.

They look at Operation Beautiful Mind which is about Bob. Harrison reads that Ruby tortured him and he says he could tell Harrison because she threatened his mother. They search for his dad Randall and find Run Rabbit Run as that operation. They open the attachment and see the hotel plans. Harrison says they have proof then reads that Ruby said she’d celebrate once it’s done. Bob says he’s sending it all to the FBI and says there’s a guy there who checks his email every 30 seconds.

He zips up the messages and sends them then says now they wait but Harrison says no. Peter is escorted out and sees news about Odelle colluding with the enemy and possibly being a traitor. Odelle goes to meet Isabel the reporter. She stands to greet her and introduces herself. She offers Odelle some food or coffee. Odelle says no and sits. She says they can skip lunch and go to her office across the square. She asks what time her family will be getting there and she says 4:42. Isabel asks if she’s ready to tell her story.

Harrison goes to confront Ruby’s boss/lover at the graveyard. He says he knows about Rabbit Run and found the emails he shared with Ruby. They says he was nothing to Ruby then says she pitied Harrison. He says he found Ruby when she was nothing and trained her while Harrison did nothing but give her a bullet. The FBI shows up with a warrant to arrest Michael for Randall’s arrest. He says Ruby felt sorry for him and didn’t kill her because she thought he was a child.

He shoves Harrison who goes down and hurt his wrist. He says Harrison murdered her and he thinks back to him shooting her and him lying on the floor looking at her bleeding out of her mouth. Peter gets a call from Kevin from the NYT and says they made contact with Odelle who did her interview. He asks what she said. Sophia is in her debt restructure meeting with the IMF and SOC. Baker says they’re ready and hands her a pen. She goes to sign then stops. Jenifer asks what she’s waiting on.

Sophia says she was hoping for better. Jenifer tells her that this is the best it will ever be. Then one of Jenifer’s people comes in and whispers in her ear. She flips her phone open and asks Alex for a word in his office. They leave the room. The IMF guy takes special notice. Then everyone around the room begins getting texts. Sophia grabs her phone and reads a message and smiles. Jenifer tells Alex he failed and underestimated Odelle and now it’s out about him, SOC and all he’s done.

Jenifer says they can’t be associated with his transgressions. He says maybe she could – but she stops him and says he’s on his own. She walks out. Peter hears from Kevin that Odelle had proof like Peter did with a flash drive from Abbas’ computer. He tells Peter his name will be out there and Peter says he’ll try to get immunity from justice. Peter thanks him and looks up just as snow begins to fall. Alex walks out and sees a news article about him and his inevitable resignation.

He walks out into the snowy street without his jacket and then sees Peter sitting across the street as if he was waiting for him. Alex buttons his jacket smugly then walks right out in front of a bus as Peter watches. It runs into him without stopping and it looks like he’s likely DOA. Sophia calls Peter and says she just heard the news about Alex. She asks how he’s going and she says the IMF has taken action and her debt to SOC will be written off and they’ll owe nothing. He says that’s a good week as Prime Minister.

She says she has a debt to him now and offers to take him to dinner tonight. Peter says he doesn’t know then asks if they have anything left to say. She says it would mean a lot and he agrees. Jenifer approaches him and asks to talk and walk. She says it’s a tragedy as they watch Alex being scraped off the pavement. She says he’s a good asset and wants to keep him. He says she’s just as guilty since she knew what Baker was up to. She says there’s no evidence. He says he can’t work with her.

Jenifer says Peter the man who never met a wrong he wants to right. She asks if he wants to go back to Justice and he says that won’t happen because of what he had to do. She says she knows Sanchez, his former boss, and says she can put in a word for him. She offers her hand and he sighs and doesn’t take it. She says she’ll be in touch. Suzanne and Ron are at the airport and a NYT photographer is with them. They look around then spot Odelle fighting through a crowd to get to them.

They wave at her and call her name. Suzanne runs to her and she picks her up. The guy snaps photo after photo. She tells Suzanne she loves her so much and she tells her mom she never gave up. Ron then hugs her and the three hold each other tight. She asks if he spoke to Isabel. She says he’s going to go with this man who will keep them safe. Odelle says she can’t stay. Ron asks why not. She says there will be an article coming out and they need to read it and believe it’s a truth.

She says there will be a bunch of lies coming out then says they’re coming and she has to go. Ron tells her to go but Suzanne begs her not to go. Ron peels his daughter off her and says she has to go. He pulls her away and Odelle walks rapidly into a crowd. Colonel Glen and men go after her. Glen asks Ron where she’s going and says he has to protect her. Ron calls him an SOB and punches him then tells him to stay the hell away from them.

Odelle rushes through the airport at top speed. She heads out another door and then runs to a waiting car. She gets in with Isabel who speeds them away. Aslam is with Christina when she gets a call and says Odelle called and says he has to go back to Luc. He says he’s going to America with Odelle and says it was the NYT reporter. She says they’re not going to America now. He asks if Odelle changed her mind and Christina says she was just told they have to go now.

Aslam goes out into the street and says something is wrong and he has to find her. He runs off telling her to leave him alone. Bob goes to see Harrison who asks why he’s there. He says his mom told him the cops said it was self-defense with Ruby. He tells him the Odelle thing is blowing up. They see a report saying she’s a deserter and traitor. Bob says they need to do something but Harrison is pouting. Anna comes to check on him but he’s annoyed with her.

Anna says they’re worried about him and he says – go away. Anna asks Bob what happened to him and he says everything. Peter calls Sarah to leave another in a long string of messages. He says he wants to talk now that it’s over. He says he can’t undo what he did and says maybe they can start over. Sophia is there and she hugs Peter warmly. She says she wanted to get the goodbye over at the beginning of their evening. She thanks him for what he’s done for her and her country.

She helps him into his jacket and says the last time they parted in shame but tonight they part as dear friends. Sophia says he’ll always be in her heart. At Dulles International, we see a woman at customs. Her passport names her as Isabel Rainey. She says she’s there to see an old friend so they can catch up. It’s Odelle in disguise. They welcome her to the US and she heads out of the airport. She looks utterly terrified and alone.