America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap Daredevils, Grandmas and Watermelon Smashing: Season 10 Episode 6 “Audition 6”

America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap Daredevils, Grandmas and Watermelon Smashing: Season 10 Episode 6 "Audition 6"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent returns with an all new Tuesday June 30, season 10 episode 6 called “Audition 6”, and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode the auditions continue.

On the last episode, the auditions continued and contestant Arielle Baril earned judge Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer with an opera audition. Arielle from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, was eleven year’s old and always loved to sing, and her mother was her biggest supporter!Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per  the NBC synopsis “Week 6 of the auditions put Nick and the judges to the test as they scour the U.S. for the best talent when the auditions continue.”

We will be live blogging America’s Got Talent. So make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info! While you wait for the episode let us know what you think of the show!



#AGT starts with a dancing duo that uses technology. They are called Enra and consider themselves performance artists. It’s pretty but there have been more impressive dance groups this season that used tech with more innovation. The producer and creative director come out to translate for the dancers who are Japanese and struggle with their English. Howard says it was elegant. Heidi says she liked it and Mel B says it was beautifully done. Howie says beautiful in Japanese after asking for the word. They get four yes votes and will move on to the next round.

Samantha Johnson is next and she’s a singer. She sings Aretha’s Natural Woman and she’s really good. She has a nice lower and upper register both and a sexy little growl in her voice. The judges and crowd are on their feet and cheering as she finishes. Heidi says she has a born gift. Mel B says when her voice opened up, it was wow. Howie says she sings like a super woman. Howard says they get a lot of singers and she must do something exceptional and says she delivered tonight. All the judges call out yes at the same time and Samantha is also moving to the next round.

Circus performer Paul Ponce throws boomerang hats around to upbeat music and wows the judges and crowd. He juggles four hats constantly replacing the one on his head. The crowd and Howard are on their feet. Howard says this is really different and says he’s never seen something like it. He says Paul is remarkable. Paul says his family is 6th generation circus and his parents are auditioning tonight too. Heidi says she really likes him even though he clipped her with a hat. Mel B says she didn’t love it that much and says it was hectic. Howie says it seems like a one trick thing.

Howard says yes, Heidi says yes, Mel B says no and then Howie is the lifeline. The crowd chants to put him through. Howie does. Paul’s parents then come out to audition. They are Victor and Sylvia. Howard asks if they encouraged Paul to juggle and Sylvia says she did. Sylvia says she will be shooting arrows at her husband. She loads up a crossbow. Nick hides behind Paul in the wings. Victor starts balloons rotating on a pole and she shoots them both at once with a double barrel crossbow. Then Victor sets up a display of five balloons while Sylvia assembles a stack of five bows.

Victor stands right behind the display. She fires and pops the balloons then the lower the wall to show arrows all around Victor. Wow. Mel B says it was shocking and great. Heidi says she thinks they will go far and loves them both. Howie says he was thoroughly entertained. Howie votes yes as does Mel B. Heidi also votes yes and then Howard says he can’t wait to see Sylvia and her son Paul in the finals with their hands around each others throats competing viciously for the win. Paul comes out to hug his parents – they all are going forward!

Five year old Heavenly Dawn is a singer and tap dancer. Nick walks her out onto the stage and the crowd awws at her. She sings and her voice is amazing. Her last note is incredible and everyone is on their feet cheering. Howard says she’s going places and says she’s channeling Shirley Temple. Heidi says she did a fantastic job and says America will fall in love with her. Howie says they already are and says she is really heavenly. Howard says she would have been a great Spice Girl and she says she doesn’t know what that is. She gets four yesses from the judges and leaevs with a smile.

The next artist is a Grand Master in Kung Fu and energy. He came on last time but Howard buzzed him out. His wife says his energy is better this year. The judges remember him from last year. Howard asks why he thinks he won’t get buzzed by him again. The Grand Master breaks a chopstick on his neck. Looks painful. He smashes a spoon into his eyebrow and bends it like a lunatic. Heidi buzzes him out. Next he picks up a bicycle using his teeth. The crowd seems to like him. Howie says it’s amazing to him. Mel B says it’s funny and awkward. Heidi says it’s messy and silly. Heidi is the only hold out.

Daniel Sullivan is next and he does an acrobatic heights routine that looks painful. He gets the yesses and moves on. Then we see a dancer/flexible dude that flirts with Mel B. He leaps over Nick and Mel B and moves on to the next round. Next out is a power lifter. He wants to put 15 people on bleachers then he lifts them up. Howard says he had to have Nick cradle him in his arms when the guy was lifting them. They all vote yes for the Six Pack power lifter guy.

Next up is a called Mountain Faith Band. They all work at the lead singer’s father’s tire shop in North Carolina. She says they sing in the tire shop while they work. Howard asks if they’re great and she says she doesn’t know and Howard says uh-oh. They perform One Republic’s Counting Stars but with a bluegrass bent that’s really cool. Howard says he hates bluegrass music but says they have a great sound. Mel B says it was surprisingly great. Howie says yes, as does Mel B. Heidi and Howard also hand over yesses and Howard says he can’t wait to see them in the next round.

15 year old Leo Lytel is a comic. He comes out to talk to the judges and talks about his stand up work. Howie and the crowd stand to applaud him. Howard says he’s a breath of fresh air and should be proud of himself. Heidi says he’s smart and witty and she liked it. Mel B says it was awkward and funny and she likes awkward and funny and says he’s hilarious. Howie says he’s going to be a superstar in comedy. A world record holder blows up a giant balloon and gets inside it. He gets the boot.

One guy catches arrows while blindfolded. They get buzzers rejecting them because Howard says they looked bored. Then Trizzy D comes out. He’s a professional wrestler who plans to break the world record for smashing watermelons with his head and says he’s going to break the record and smash 45. The crowd cheers and he bashes his head into each of the large sturdy fruits. He breaks the record and the crowd chants USA for the #MelonHead. Howard says it’s a huge waste of time and calls it nonsense and says he’s devoted his life to nonsense too. Heidi likes it. Mel B says well done. They all vote yes.

The next act is auditioned outdoors at a riding center. It’s Wild West Express. It’s four brothers and their sort of sister. They do gymnastics on horseback. They are fourth generation trick riders. They go up to the stage to talk to the judges. They are 12, 12, 6, 16 and 13. Howie says it’s dangerous for anyone but it’s extreme for kids to be doing this. Howie says don’t let anything bad happen. The oldest goes first and he does flips that take him around backwards on the horse and all over. The little girl stands to ride. The littlest one has a little pony to do his little tricks on.

The girl does what’s essentially a Chinese fire drill moving herself around and under the horse’s face and back into the saddle. The crowd loves them and Howie says the oldest was incredible. Mel B says they brought a fresh flavor to it and says her kids were super excited to see what they did. Heidi says it was really difficult and they’re like tornadoes. Howard says they’re looking for new, fresh and exceptional. He says they’re so young and have an incredible athleticism. He says they’re inspirational. They get four yesses and will move on to the live round.

Next up is a family who does dumb and dangerous stunts. They take the outdoor stage to chat with the judges. They’re the Godfrey Clan and are all related. They say they’re taking slip and sliding to the next level. Howie asks if other parents let their kids come over to play at their house. They have a giant slip and slide and a hoop of fire. They do tons of really athletic spins and loops. Howie says it looks like fun but not something you want to watch but want to do. Howie says no. Heidi says it’s not great for AGT and also gives them a no. Howard says not enough danger and it looked like too much fun.

Next up Canadian Greg Row who likes to jump off of high things. He was adopted from a Russian orphanage when he was five and says his parents put him into gymnastics to consume his energy. He’s going to jump off a crane 180 feet up and do a triple flip. He says his parents want him to get a real job and stop jumping off cranes. He says if the wind changes, it could blow him away from the bag. The EMTs tell him that the wind is too high and they need to stabilize the crane. He says he’ll adjust for the wind and won’t jump until the wind dies down. His mom is there and is terrified.

He’s lifted up in a box to the top of the crane. He makes it to the top and the bag looks like a postage stamp from there. It’s 18 stories high. Nick tells him to take his time. They get a wind speed report. The judges and crowd are all on their feet. There’s no net, parachute or anything to help if he misses the bag. He leaps and does his flips and then hits the bag perfectly. The crowd waits to see if he’s okay and he bounces out just fine. Heidi says he has balls. Howard says it’s a rare talent. He says it was fabulous. Mel B says that takes skill and precision and calls it genius. Howie says it’s amazingly dangerous.

Howie says he was scared to death and Greg says he was scared too. The guy gets four yes votes and will move on to the next round. Nikki McBurnett is next and she’s a female daredevil. She says she was always jumping off the roof of the house. She says people are surprised with what she does and says it’s mostly men. She’s also a grandma at 41. She says her grandkid is the most important thing in her life and says it’s important to show her kid and grandkid that women rock and says she wants to show you can be a daredevil and still be a girl.

She takes the stage and tells the judges she’s a daredevil and a grandma. They are shocked – she’s young and gorgeous looking. Howie says he’s a grandfather and Heidi says he looks like it. Nikki says she’s going to be blown up in a limousine. She says it’s her favorite stunt. Howie says she’s beautiful and doing something dangerous so he’s into it. The stunt is very dangerous. She says things go wrong fast with fire. They rig gas all around the limousine and Heidi says she’s nervous for her. Nikki says getting trapped in the car is her biggest fear because it can melt together.

She gets into the car and they blow it up – it’s a freaking fireball. The crowd screams. The judges are horrified. The car is burning and she has to now get out. She hops out with her suit on fire and Nick says – she’s on fire. She drops down and they put her out with an extinguisher. The judges are freaking. She stands up and pulls off her helmet. Howard says he was scared. Nick tells her she scared everybody. She takes the stage again and waves to the cheering crowd. Howie says it looked spectacular. He says it was so hot back to where they were sitting.

He says it’s very hot and sexy. He says they’re both sexy grandparents and Mel B tells him to stop. Mel B says she’s a powerhouse and doing what men usually do and liked it. Heidi says she’s brave but was almost too much and she was really worried. The crowd boos her feedback. Howard says it’s intriguing for anyone to put themselves in that kind of danger and says it’s crazy. Howie votes yes. Mel B says she’s a firecracker and also votes yes. Heidi says she’s brave and great but she says no. Howard says she’s what they need and he wants to see her get blown up again and he votes yes too so she will move on.