Aquarius Recap and Spoilers – Panther Party Problems: Season 1 Episode 5 “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Aquarius Recap and Spoilers - Panther Party Problems: Season 1 Episode 5 "A Change Is Gonna Come"

This week NBC’s Aquarius airs with an all new Thursday June 18, season 1 episode 5 called, “A Change Is Gonna Come” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Hodiak’s (David Duchovny) investigation of a black woman’s murder is impeded by the Black Panthers. Meanwhile, Emma (Emma Dumont) runs away from home, and violence results when Hodiak pays Manson (Gethin Anthony) a visit.

On the last episode, Hodiak (David Duchovny) investigated Art Gladner’s (Shaun Duke) murder through his late wife Lucille (Clare Carey, “Crash,” “Coach”), who ran a burlesque club. Manson (Gethin Anthony) hid Emma (Emma Dumont) but Hodiak, under pressure from Grace (Michaela McManus), ultimately found her and brought her home. Grey Damon and Claire Holt also star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “Emma (Emma Dumont) runs away from home in the midst of the chaos and Hodiak (David Duchovny) pays Manson (Gethin Anthony) a visit and gives him a near-fatal beating. Grey Damon and Claire Holt also star.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 5 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of Aquarius.

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#Aquarius begins at the house and the girls talking about Cherry Pop aka Emma. They wonder why Charlie isn’t helping Cherry and then Katie kisses Sadie and says Emma is fine. She says Charlie will call her home to them when the time is right. Charlie watches and listens from the door. He tells Sadie he never worries and says he watches and waits. He tells the girls that the man wants them to react but they need only to live. He kisses each of the girls in turn then reassures them.

Emma wakes in her bed at home curled up with a doll. Ken wakes to Grace staring at him and she says he did a good thing for once telling her where their daughter was. She tells him to get up and act normal but he says they can’t fool Maria. Sam is in bed with Grace and she says she can’t leave Ken right now because of Emma. She says she has to put her daughter first. He says they’ll take care of her and she says she can’t watch her Wednesday because she has an event.

He says he can watch her then but she says he has to come to the Republican fund raiser. She says he can’t speak to her or be her date, but she wants him there. She asks what to do about Emma and he says Joe Wilson can babysit – he’s a retried cop friend. He says she pays the guy $15 an hour and he’ll do anything. Grace tells Sam he’s beautiful. She goes back to kissing him and they share a laugh then go back to making love.

Sam gets to a fire crime scene and says the victim is Cassius Thomas who took two to the chest when someone was torching his store. The beat cop says the Black Panthers hated Cassius. Bunchy is there hating on the cops and tells Sam he gave birth to him as a Black Panther through his actions. He talks some smack and Sam is not impressed and says it’s too early to quote Trotsky. Sam is called over and sees the sidewalk was tagged and it read “Slave Hair Burns.”

The beat cop says the Panthers came up on Cass and they do him then burn the place. Sam says case solved but goes inside to look around anyway. Sam asks who’s Michael Younger that he keeps hearing about. The beat cop says the Panthers tried to recruit the kid then strangled him when he said no. Sam says it’s clearly arson and they weren’t trying to hide that the fire was set. Sam looks at a photo that survived with interest.

Ken and Emma sit awkwardly at breakfast with Grace. The phone rings and Ken says it’s his office phone. He goes to answer. Grace says she knows about bad boys that break the rules. Grace says they care so much about the rules they focus on breaking them but break you instead. Emma leaves the table upset. Sam heads to the Black Panther Party HQ and they demand to see his investigation. He flashes the badge and Bunchy reads it off. He asks if they objected to Cass’ hair straightening.

They tell him they had no quarrel with Cass. Bunchy says no one is going to help him and Sam asks don’t they want justice for Cass. They tell him not his kind of justice. Then they go into the dogma of the Black Panthers and how awful the cops are. Sam says he didn’t make the world and Cass says they can change it. They ask about Michael Younger’s murder and he says it’s not his case. They keep on with their dogma lecture until Sam walks away annoyed.

Grace takes Emma to school and tells her she loves her. She says one day she was quiet and they would laugh and have tea parties. Emma hugs her mom then gets out of the car. Later, Emma walks out of the school and finds Joe Wilson, her bodyguard, waiting there. He says no playing hookie. She frowns. Charlie has a new plan with one of the girls. Sam goes to ask around about who burned Cass’ place. Nate says he likes Sam but says they aren’t friends but advises him to ask Hannah.

The beat cop is there and he says Billy Ray, Cass’s son left Cass’ place and spray painted on the sidewalk. The beat cop says Billy died in Vietnam. Then Sam asks who has the Michael Younger case. He says Bunchy said he was linked to it. Sam thinks the dirty cop was using the kid. He says Younger was a good kid who liked cops and wound up dead. Brian comes to Lucille’s place and she says the girls will be happy to see him. He sits and orders his usual.

Jimmy shows up and Brian tells Sam later that Jimmy was there to. He wonders about the connection to Manson since they were cell mates. Ed comes in and says he’s acting lieutenant since the other guy had a gallbladder emergency. Sam asks who’s working the Younger case and Ed says he’s never heard of it and to stick to his own unsolved cases. Brian asks who Younger is and he says it’s tied to Cass’ murder. Brian gets a little offended by Sam’s attitude then backs down.

Sam tells him that Bunchy and the others won’t talk to him about Cass until he sorts Michael Younger. Brian says he’ll look into the Younger case for him. Brian goes to the morgue to check the kid out. Looks like he was beaten severely and put into a choke hold. Brian tells Sam that the kid was choked out and says in South Central they call it the cop hold. They wonder if Tolson killed his own kid. It was assigned to the worst detective around.

Charlie lurks waiting on Ken’s partner and threatens him to try and get Emma sent back to him. But the guy doesn’t back down and tells Charlie to do his worst. He mocks him, calls Charlie a pimp then drives off. A frustrated Charlie screams after him that he will do his best. At the Republican rally, Grace tells Ken she’s going to call home to check on Emma. She walks past Sam. Wilson tells Grace that Emma did her homework and is being a good girl. Grace thanks him.

Then Sam is there kissing her. She tells him she’ll drop Emma off at school in the morning and come straight to him but tells him to change the sheets. They dance around by the bathrooms out of sight. She tells him she has to get back to her table but he doesn’t let her go. He kisses her again. Grace tells him she loves him but has to go then asks him to say that he loves her too. He says he’s always loved her. They kiss again. Ken and his partner are standing there. She takes Ken arm and walks off.

Brian and Mike smoke dope with Lucille and laugh like silly. Jimmy comes up on them and asks if she’s holding out. They hand the joint over to him. Brian starts talking about synthetic mushrooms and says there’s a broke down house where you can go on trips. He says this guy Manson has the place. Jimmy asks if it’s Charlie Manson. Brian says he doesn’t know much about him but can take him there and they can get obliterated.

Robbie shows up to see Brian at his house. He says he got the message and wonders if the Hodiak kid is in the movement. Next day, Brian tells Sam that his friend thinks Walt is in the anti-war movement. He says Robbie can put Sam in touch with him but he has to be cool about it. Sam says he just wants to talk to Walt. Sam meets Tolson and says it was Culpepper, Cass’ nephew that Hannah saw. She got mixed up. Tolson says Culpepper hangs at some local shooting galleries (i.e. drug houses).

Sadie shows up to Grace’s place faking to be a student at Emma’s school and saying she needs Emma’s help with some homework. Grace falls for it and lets her in. Brian kicks Burns awake and asks him about the Younger case. Brian flashes his badge and Burns calls him a hippy cop. Brian kicks him and says to get on the case or he’s going to IA and he’ll lose his pension. Sam and Tolson head to the drug den asking for Culpepper.

They freak when they see Tolson and Culpepper pulls a runner. They give chase. He’s pretty spry for a junkie. A woman calls out that Tolson is chasing a brother and the Panthers come running to block them. Sam tells them to send Culpepper out. Bunchy says no way. Tolson says to call it in. They start screaming for justice for Younger and for Sam to arrest Tolson. The chant picks up heat and Sam says he just needs to talk to Culpepper about his uncle’s murder.

Bunchy calls Sam a racist cop and says he won’t treat him fairly. Bunchy says they will not arrest anyone in the Black Panther organization. Bunchy says if Sam wants to bust a murderer to bust Tolson. Tolson walks back to his car and the Panthers follow chanting. Sam brings Ed to the morgue and says Tolson choked the kid to death and says Cass is dead too and the Panthers won’t give an inch until they press Tolson. Sam asks Ed to sweat Tolson.

Ed goes off on Sam for Brian pushing Burns on IA. He tells Sam that someone high up is covering for Tolson and says to drop it. He says after Watts, the department will not admit that a white cop killed a black teenager. He asks for backup to get Culpepper out of Panther HQ. Ed calls it a $17 murder but Sam says if they don’t solve this, the Panthers will end up in charge. Ed says the Panthers already are. Sam tells Brian to forget it and Brian asks why they can’t nail Tolson.

Sam tells him to grow up. Sam meets with Walt and tells his dad that he can’t be part of what’s going on. He says they’re saturation bombing and slaughtering women and children. Sam says to win a war you have to fight ugly. Walt says he can prove that the President is lying and has photos and operational orders. Sam says that’s the President’s job but Walt says it’s not his job and he has to tell the truth. He says they will call him a traitor and he knows it will hurt his dad and he’s sorry.

Walt tells Sam he has to let him go and says he’s going to the press about the illegal war. Sam says let’s talk about it but Walt says there’s nothing left to say. Sam tries to reason with him and begs to let him help. Walt tells him he can’t help. Grace goes to check on Emma and her school friend and finds Emma gone. Grace rants to Sam and Ken later about Grace sneaking out. She blames Ken for Emma inheriting his lying ways. Grace goes off on Sam and says he promised to keep Emma safe.

She tells Sam he screws everything up and he says he’ll find her but Grace says he’ll fail like he always does. She tells him to get out of her sight and stomps off. Ken tells Sam – welcome to the club. Sam goes home and gets out a bottle of booze and pours a generous helping. He kills the drink and sighs. Later, Sam drives and drinks and goes to see Charlie. He throws him against the wall and Charlie asks if he’s going to read his rights.

Charlie tells the girls to leave it to him. Sam drags him outside and roughs him up bad then throws him to the ground. Sam puts gloves on and proceeds to beat the crap out of Charlie. Then he kicks him. Charlie crawls to a car and sits up but Sam doesn’t stop. Charlie says he’s killing him then Brian is there and tackles him then whispers to him that if he doesn’t go, he’s finished as a cop.

Out loud, he tells Sam to run and acts like he’s giving the cop lip. He goes to Charlie’s aid. Brian drags Charlie back into the house and the girls are distraught. Brian lays him down and Jimmy is there and tells him he’s going to be okay but Charlie is bloody and looks really bad. Jimmy tells Charlie that Brian saved his life and is the reason he’s alive.