Aquarius Recap and Spoilers – ‘Home Is Where You’re Happy’: Season 1 Episode 4

Aquarius Recap and Spoilers - 'Home Is Where You're Happy': Season 1 Episode 4

On NBC the all new show Aquarius returns with an all new Thursday June 11, season 1 episode 4 called, “Home Is Where You’re Happy” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Hodiak investigates the murder of a corrupt coffee-hut owner. Meanwhile, Manson hides Emma, and Grace puts pressure on Hodiak.

On the last episode, urug dealer Art Gladner (Shaun Duke, “90210”) was found murdered, and the chief suspect was Shafe’s (Grey Damon) snitch, Mike Vickery (Jason Ralph, “A Most Violent Year”). Hodiak (David Duchovny) agreed to help Shafe exonerate Vickery. In exchange, Shafe took rookie Charmain Tully (Claire Holt) undercover into the Manson Family to find out where Manson (Gethin Anthony) had Emma (Emma Dumont). They succeeded, but not without consequences, especially for Charmain. Michaela McManus, Brian F. O’Byrne, Chance Kelly (“Generation Kill”) and Ambyr Childers (“All My Children”).”Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, as per the NBC synopsis “Hodiak (David Duchovny) investigates Art Gladner’s (Shaun Duke) murder through his late wife Lucille (Clare Carey, “Crash,” “Coach”), who runs a burlesque club. Manson (Gethin Anthony) hides Emma (Emma Dumont) but Hodiak, under pressure from Grace (Michaela McManus), ultimately finds her and brings her home. Grey Damon and Claire Holt also star.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 4 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of Aquarius.

The episode recap begins now !

#Aquarius begins at the police station with Sam looking through photos of possible perps for the diner stabbing of Art Gladner. Brian watches him go through the possibles. They have no leads and Sam says he’s going to talk to Art’s widow. Sam tells Brian that his widow is a career gal. Eddie comes over and says it’s his case and they need to get a move on or the snitch is going down. Sam asks why Eddie cares either way. Sam says he’s got to go checkout the crying widow and all her house cats.

Sam heads out to the Peach Pussycat, a dance joint that the widow Gladner runs. She tells Sam that Artie was a straight arrow but Sam asks why she never questioned how he could by her a nice big strip joint. She says she and Artie never had an easy time of it. Sam asks if she had keys to the Coffee Hut but she says they were pretty much on the outs. Sam refuses a drink and Lucille says she’s sorry she couldn’t help more. Sam says you never know. Then he leaves.

Grace pounds on Sam’s door and says Charlie called the house and played a recording of Emma singing. She says it’s her fault for calling Emma a whore right before she ran away. Grace cries and Sam hugs her and promises they’ll find her soon. He says not to worry. Charlie gets a present from one of his girls. He says that lets him know she loves him like he loves her. Sam is there and Charlie asks what he wants. Sam says he wants Emma.

Charlie tells him peace and then kneels at his feet and kisses his shoe. Charlie says she was there for a bit but took flight and left. He says he would hand her over if he had her. Sam tells him to cut the act. Charlie says she’s not there and he can look around. Charlie offers him some food and Sam says if sees her or hears anything he better call. Sam leaves. Charlie tosses his card into the fire. Sam lurks in his car and watches Charlie’s bus leave the compound. He follows discreetly.

Rufus comes downstairs and Sadie says they were wondering if they wore him out. He complains that the girls left the fridge open. He asks where Charlie is and tells them both to get out. Rufus tells them to get out before he calls the cops. Emma calls him disgusting and perverted and makes a small penis crack. He throws them out and they insult his manhood again then leave. Ken wakes in his office and then argues with Randall over a donation to the Reagans.

Ken tells Randall he better write the check he promised to their campaign. Once he’s alone, Ken’s hands start shaking. Sam watches Charlie pound on Rufus’ door and ask for his girls. Rufus says he kicked them out and he says they trashed his place. He sees that Charlie has a straight razor behind his back that he then pulls on Charlie. He pushes into Rufus place but then comes right back out telling him to call him if he hears from them.

Sam gets a call from Eddie who chews him out about Art’s murder. Sam says he’s on the way. Brian brings Mike a sandwich but Mike is in DTs and is feeling horrible. Brian says he wants to help him and says he wants to verify his alibi. Mike says he looked in and saw the body and that was it. He says he was at home before that but Brian says they know it’s a lie. Mike says he’d rather go to prison then admit where he was. Brian says he looks sick and he can help.

He sits him on the chair and says he can get him some H from the evidence locker if he’ll just give him his alibi. Mike says the cat can crush him and says the dealer has 20 guys like Art. Mike is upset but Brian presses. Brian says they can talk to the fat cat and he won’t even exist. Mike doesn’t trust him. Brian tells Eddie he needs to take Mike on a field trip. Sam listens to the reason then Sam is told he has a call about Opal. Eddie wants to go check on her but Sam reminds him he’s not her hubby.

Sam finds her at the bar and Opal wants to know what the note from Walt said. He asks if she’s been sleeping and she says she sleeps and dreams about Walt. He says the note said he wasn’t running and would do what he had to do. Opal asks if he’s looking for Walt. She says she listened to Walt when he was on the phone and says he was talking to Dave Vitrano. Sam asks what other information she’s hiding but she begs him to just find their son.

He asks if Eddie knows what day it is then tells her Happy Birthday. Sam goes to see Dave to ask if he’s seen Walt. He says he didn’t talk to Walt and Sam says he can check the phone records. Sam asks why he’s there and not in Vietnam. He says he’s a seminary student – that gets him out of service. Sam says that’s pretty convenient. Sam says he fought so they could sit there free then asks if God doesn’t believe in it anymore. He asks again where Walt is. He doesn’t answer.

Walt is hiding in a back bedroom! Ken waits in a park drinking from a flask. It looks like a gay hangout park. A man approaches him and asks for a drink. He hands over the flask. The guy walks away toward the restrooms and Ken eventually follows. The guy steps out of the stall and comes at Ken. He pushes him up against the wall and unzips his pants then turns him around and has his way with him. Brian asks if Opal is okay and he says not even close.

Brian says maybe Eddie is right but Sam says never to say that out loud. Sam encourages him to keep at it. Back at the Pussycat Palace Sam talks to some dancers who say Art was sweet, generous, fun and loving and they didn’t know anything about the drug stuff. One dancer says Art ran this place, not the wide and says they’re his family. Sam asks the girl, Rachel, to help him get a picture. He asks about the Gladner’s marriage and she says they’re “fun.” Sam gets the idea.

She says Lucille liked to get dressed up and go out for fun but Art liked to stay in. Sam asks if he was the boss there and at the Coffee Hut. Rachel says Art really cared about them. She says he made her feel taken care of even if it was something stupid. She says she left her purse at the Coffee Hut once and it got locked in and he took care of it for her. Sam asks about it getting locked in. Sam next goes to see Marvin the delivery guy and says Rachel told him something interesting.

He says Rachel told him her purse was locked into the Coffee Hut and he had the keys. Sam frisks him and takes his keys. He says he knows about Marvin’s narcotics record. Sam finds the key and Marvin pulls a box cutter on him. He tells Sam to get on the ground and he says no and then says to come at him and he’ll shoot him. Sam even puts his hands behind his head Marvin comes at him and Sam kicks his ass then says no shame in trying. Sam cuffs him roughly breaking his arm in the process.

He takes him to the station and Brian says he should do that professionally. Sam says Mike can be cut loose but Brian wants to keep him dangling to take him to the big guy. Sam says no one knows he brought Marvin in and he hasn’t been booked yet so he can play it out. Brian says it’s illegal but Sam says to see if it works. Eddie comes over and asks for Sam to talk to the Lieutenant with him. Eddie goes in and calls for Sam then shouts for an ambulance.

Looks like the guy was boozing heavily and hit his head. Brian is with Mike who says he’ll talk to the main guy long enough for Brian to get a good look at him. Mike wants the H but Brian says after he gives him what he wants. Mike goes to see the main guy and says “they” are after me for something I didn’t do. He says it was the night they went to pick up the delivery. The guy says he’s not going to cover him but Mike says it’s a murder he didn’t do.

The guy asks if it’s about Art and he says they already have someone for that. He asks Mike why he thinks he can come there. He shakes Mike and threatens him then Brian comes in and says the ladies are waiting. The guy lets Mike go and runs out. Brian gives chase but the guy is gone. At least Mike is alive – he says he needs a joint. Brian tells Sam that the guy knew they had already arrested someone. They debate who will replace the lieutenant while he recovers.

Sam sits down with Marvin and his lawyer to work a deal. Sam asks who’s idea it was to kill Art. Marvin says it was Sam’s. Marvin repeats it when Sam asks again. We see a flashback to Art on the phone talking to someone about cutting a deal and then Marvin went to the big guy and told him that Art was going to rat. The guy tells Marvin to kill Art for him. We see Marvin go back to the diner to shoot him but the gun failed so Marvin stabbed him repeatedly.

Sam leaves and tells Eddie he nailed the right guy. Sam tells Brian that Guapo is important but Brian says Art’s death is their fault. Sam says it’s his fault not Brian’s and he’s okay with it. He says the guy was a drug dealer. Brian fusses but Sam cuts him off and says – you’re welcome. Back at the Pussycat, Sam comes to tell Lucille they solved Art’s murder case. Lucille thanks him and Sam says it was drug related. He says Marvin did it. Lucille says you just never know anyone.

She pours Sam a drink and says Rachel said she enjoyed talking with him. Sam says she spent the whole time crying. Sam says he knows liar and she’s a terrible one. Sam says lucky for her, he doesn’t care about drugs but says she better never let anyone drop dead near her again or he’ll be on her. She flirts and says he’ll be on her no matter what. Brian enjoys the scenery while he waits. Brian gets a call at the station from his wife who’s crying.

He rushes home. Their garage was spray painted with the words “ni**er lover.” Sam shows up as Brian is painting the garage. He asks who did it and Brian says he has no idea. Sam asks if it was Howard then says he has an ax handle in his trunk if he did. Brian says he probably didn’t do it but watched whoever did it. Sam tells him about his son Walt being AWOL from the war. He says he went to see a friend of his and the kid said he hadn’t seen him and Sam say she wanted to slap him.

Sam says if he layers the paint any thicker, it will run. Brian invites Sam in to hang out with the baby and his wife. Sam says he has to get going but thanks him. Brian says he’ll see him. Brian calls looking for Robbie Arthur a former military guy he served with. He leaves a message about Walt. Charlie plays guitar and sings with friends. The gang is dropping acid. Ken shows up with a shotgun calling his name. He tells Charlie he did this to him and he has nowhere to go.

Charlie asks what he did but Ken says he knows. Charlie says he freed him. Ken holds up the gun to him. Emma is there and watches this. Ken says he broke him but Charlie says he was already broken, he just pulled him out of his shell and saved him. Charlie says he has nothing but love for him. Charlie says love is all he is. He touches the gun to his chest and tells Ken to take if if he needs to and says he’s not scared of dying and wants to die for Ken or any of them.

He says it would be a privilege and a birth right. He tells Ken to go on and then says – I love you. Ken lowers the gun and Charlie gets close and tells him it’s all right. He touches his head and says who you are is all right. He takes the gun and unloads it then hugs Ken close. Emma is stunned. Ken cries into Charlie’s shoulder. Charlie tells him that he needs to go home but Ken says he can’t. Then Charlie says he can stay. Ken walks away and then looks up at Emma.

She turns away from her father. Ken walks off down the drive. Charlie watches him go. He asks everyone if the acid is kicking in yet. He goes home and tells Grace he found Emma. He says she’s at a commune called the Spiral Staircase. She says she and Sam went there but Ken says she’s there now. He says they need to go now and get her. She says she’s going with someone she can trust and says she needs a man for this. She says everything he touches gets tangled up and tells him to leave.

Ken says it’s his home and he’s not going. Grace says – says who? Then she walks out. Charlie and the others are acid tripping. He talks about the pig wearing a crown who locked him up to teach him a lesson. He says he found his truth inside him and says he can see the truth in Emma and sees who she is. He calls her a glorious daughter of Eve. He says she’s the mirror of them all. She says Mother when she sees Grace. She tells Emma it’s time to go home.

Grace takes her hand and Emma says she wants to go home. She tells Emma she’s safe and Emma smiles. Through the acid haze her mom morphs into something terrifying. Emma screams that she can’t take her away from her family. Emma grabs up a gun and Grace tells her to calm down. She fires the gun and then Sam knocks it from her hands and throws Emma over his shoulder and they haul her out while Emma screams. Charlie tells everyone to relax and says Emma will be back.

Emma screams that Grace is a liar and a whore as they drive her away from the commune. She screams out to Charlie to help her.