Bachelor In Paradise Recap and Spoilers: Season 2 Episode 5A

Bachelor In Paradise Recap and Spoilers: Season 2 Episode 5A

Bachelor In Paradise airs tonight on ABC with an all new Sunday August 30 season 2 episode 5A. We’ve got your recap and spoilers down below! On tonight’s episode Samantha cancels a date with Justin to go back to Joe, so Justin takes Amber out and they learn the sexy art of salsa dancing.

For those of you who don’t know, Former contenders from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” get a second chance at love as they explore new relationships in an isolated Mexican locale.

On the last episode, Mikey and Juelia went on a date to Guadalajara, Mexico; Joe confronted Samantha and threatened to expose her lies in order to clear his name as a villain; Kirk surprised Carly with an impromptu fishing date; Justin Reich arrived and takes Samantha out. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the ABC synopsis “Samantha cancels a date with Justin to go back to Joe, so Justin takes Amber out and they learn the sexy art of salsa dancing. Meanwhile, bachelor Chris Bukowski arrives with a date card, but he struggles to make a good impression and is rejected by Tenley. Later, new arrival Chelsie steps into Paradise.”

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute of it. Bachelor In Paradise airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap!

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Tonight’s episode of “Bachelor In Paradise” opened with Joe finally on the brink of turning on Samantha.

Joe had clearly gotten to the point on the show where he questioned his entire relationship with the girl of his dreams and, unfortunately for him, he wasn’t getting the answers he liked. To be perfectly honest, Samantha had treated him very badly what with her sometimes dismissive demeanor. Yet Joe had allowed her to treat him this way and seemed just fine with the way things were until it dawned on him that Samantha was interested in someone else.

So the first thing Joe said tonight was that he was going to expose Samantha for who she really was – a master manipulator. Although his new take on honestly didn’t come about because it was the right thing to do. He was simply spilling the beans because he felt like he had lost out on his chance with her – the “perfect” girl.

However, not long after he began spouting all of this, Samantha later approached him and said she was still thinking about him. As if she was feeling some sort of regret over the way things had ended. And was possibly considering a reconciliation.

Then, probably to feed more into theory, she even went on to say that she wouldn’t be going on that date with Justin because her feelings were so conflicted.

Thus, right away, we could see that Joe wanted to believe her and that he was hoping she had changed her mind about a relationship with him being too full of drama. And for a while that was it for all his revenge plans. There was no more talk about showing anyone his text messages from and Sam and, funnily enough, the rest of the cast members were just left dazed by Samantha’s little game of musical chairs.

They noticed how Samantha liked to pick up and drop people. And that along with the part she played in the whole Juelia fiasco made them look at this pretty girl quite differently.

Samantha had Joe and then she dropped him. Samantha had Justin and then she dropped him. And its pretty unclear, thus far on the show, about how many people she was actually texting from home. So all in all Samantha came off as shady.

And Justin had a lucky escape. He was a bit surprised by the abrupt way Samantha backed out of their date but he seemed to able to walk off. And asking out Amber, who had basically come to the show on the pure chance Dan will be there, wasn’t so bad.

Amber wanted to make Dan jealous so she agreed to go on a date with Justin. And though she later ended up liking Justin (as we could tell by their kiss) – she walked away from their date pretty sure about her feelings for Dan. Amber knew he was the one she wanted but, following her date, Dan told her that didn’t feel a certain way when she accepted Justin’s offer. If anything her going merely made his own lack of feelings quite clear.

So Dan stopped things between them seeing as he didn’t believe they were going to go anywhere. And the key reason he was upfront was because he didn’t want to be another Joe.

Which is funny because, after he had pretty much ended things with Amber, Dan then started to express an interest in Samantha. Yes, the Samantha who has already created a stir. Yet Dan doesn’t appear to mind about all of that and, is in fact, bent on pinning the entire Juelia mess on Joe rather than Joe and his partner. So talk about rose colored glasses when it comes to beautiful women.

And in amidst of all of this, a new face has arrived in Puerto Vallarta. But Chris Bukowski isn’t really all that new.

Apparently Chris has been on everything from the Bachelorette to Bachelor Pad and even has season one of Bachelor In Paradise under his belt. Though, despite his many chances at it, Chris has been unlucky in love. So he’s back again and there’s a feeling that this time around isn’t going to be that much different.

We apologize to Chris’s fans. He does come off as a nice guy and in normal circumstances that could have served him well. But on his first night on the show – he shouldn’t have gotten drunk and then clumsily asked out Tenley.

Tenley is a nice person herself so she tried to let Chris down easy. Yet it must have been all that alcohol because he was definitely not taking her “no” seriously. Instead he kept saying that they could start out as friends and have things progress from there.

Only Tenly literally came out and said that there wasn’t going to be anything between them. Now or ever!

So when that piece of information finally filtered in – Chris was obviously left heartbroken. First he appeared to beat himself up for coming on too strong and that was probably followed by feelings of regret. For Chris ended up doing something silly.

He gave up his date card to Joshua who then asked out Tenley. Who didn’t actually hesitate when she practically shouted out her “yes”.

Hence, Chris will be kicking himself about that one for a while. However he wasn’t the only one up on the chopping block this week and at least he hadn’t grown as desperate as the others. Because, frankly, let’s not overlook Dan’s about-face.

Dan had been happy with Amber and earlier he had been happy with Ashley S. But, all of sudden, he called his feelings for Samantha the real deal and purposely put himself between Samantha and Joe in hopes of being the one left with the girl.

And in doing that, Dan crossed a line.

He didn’t tell Samantha about his own feelings or in this case biasness. He just tore down Joe as if he was being a friend to Samantha. Though Joe caught on to the game he was playing and quickly interrupted her conversation with Dan.

Then he went all macho and kissed her a few times in full view of anyone watching but he had done that for reason. Joe had seen through Dan’s sudden altruism and wanted to remind them both that she was in a relationship. So everyone was left on sure footing afterwards. Dan decided to take Joe’s actions as being aggressive and felt he was in the right to warn Samantha. Meanwhile Joe believed he had ended the drama, one and for all, with Dan.

But there was still a rose ceremony to go through and after Amber gave her rose to Justin – that left Samantha as the last woman to decide.

And in a season shocker she picked Dan!

So of course there were some that immediately asked her why and what about Joe. However Samantha claimed she picked Dan because she was tired of all the drama and that she didn’t realize how much of a villain Joe was until the final hour. In other words, Samantha’s last parting gift was to throw Joe under the bus.

And Joe was left once again in the position to ruin things for Samantha.

Only now he didn’t have to go back and forth about the matter. Joe was left upset by Samantha’s actions. Which came out of the blue. And to be dropped by someone in such a manner made him feel just fine about showing the cameras her text messages.

The messages, which were in fact instructions, explicitly told Joe to do whatever it takes to stick around. Apparently she hadn’t cared about the how. And that he shouldn’t be too wifed up by time she arrived.

So based on these messages, it does look like she knew a Juelia situation would arise and was perfectly fine with it if it as long as it didn’t interrupt her having a good time.

And the funny thing is that people began to feel bad for Joe. They saw how interested he was in Samantha and they clearly remember Samantha telling them how in love she was. Yet she played dirty and there’s not a soul there that honestly believes she has feelings for Dan.

Even Ashley S. went on a weirdo rant about something being off with Samantha. And somewhere amongst the crap that only she can understand – she did question Samantha about her shadiness. She asked the other woman why she was even here to begin with.

And when a new girl later showed up – Carly approached this newbie to see if she could eventually break up Dan and Samantha.