Beauty and The Beast Recap 6/18/15: Season 3 Episode 2 “Primal Fear”

Beauty and The Beast Recap 6/18/15: Season 3 Episode 2 "Primal Fear"

Tonight on the CW their hit fantasy drama BEAUTY AND THE BEAST airs with an all new Thursday June 18 season 3 episode 2 called, “Primal Fear.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Vincent (Jay Ryan) moves in with Cat (Kristin Kreuk) which forces them both to address the rapid changes in their relationship while they investigate a shocking new lead in their hunt to track down who is behind the super-human experiments.

On the last episode, with the happy couple seeming to be enjoying an ordinary life, Vincent (Jay Ryan) thinks the timing might finally be right to pop the question until Cat (Kristin Kreuk) stumbled on an extraordinary case with the FBI involving somebody who went on a superhuman rampage. Though reluctant to engage with the case for fear of losing the normality he had found, Vincent found himself with no other options when Cat was injured after discovering that someone was drugging innocent victims and transforming them into super-humans. Meanwhile, Tess (Nina Lisandrello) accuses JT (Austin Basis) of stalling his recovery as he tried to understand how he’s still alive. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the CW synopsis “Vincent (Jay Ryan) moves in with Cat (Kristin Kreuk) which forces them both to address the rapid changes in their relationship while they investigate a shocking new lead in their hunt to track down who is behind the super-human experiments. JT (Austin Basis) tries to impress Tess’ (Nina Lisandrello) brothers and discovers that there may be some side effects to the medicine he received from Agent Thomas (guest star Arnold Pinnock). Meanwhile, Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) returns to town with a surprise announcement.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Beauty and The Beast at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited or the finale! Also, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!



#BeautyAndtheBeast starts with Vincent carrying boxes to Cat’s place for their big move in. They kiss and she asks if things are moving too quickly since they just got engaged. He has a lamp and she says she thought it would stay in the house boat. She asks to put it in storage. He turns his back rapidly and says he needs to text JT about the miracle cure. He says Agent Thomas may not survive if they don’t lock it down. Vincent is worried about more homicidal maniacs and Cat offers to sneak into the agent’s office. She then asks him about a large box.

Vincent says it’s his flat screen TV and she asks where he wants to put it. He wants it above the fireplace and says they have to move the couches. She says she has a drawer for him to store bills. He notices his claws are out and he says he needs to go check on JT then runs out. He went so fast he forgot his keys. Cat tells Tess that he bolted and Tess reassures her that it’s just a guy thing. Cat worries he’s having second thoughts but Cat says they’re like a fairy tale and it can’t be true. She says he just ran out to talk about the miracle cure and Tess reminds her it’s what she wanted.

She worries that Vincent will think she forced him to be part of the project and move in. Tess says he may just need space but Cat says him moving in means no space. They’re at Agent Thomas’s office to try and break in and see what’s up. Tess says they have a new captain and that’s what they should be worrying about then says Cat always has to get her way. Turns out Cat lifted Thomas’ key card and tells Tess to distract the boss while she breaks in. They head inside. The boss tells Tess that Thomas and Barnett’s work was top secret.

Cat searches the office hurriedly. She goes through all the files and finds nothing. She checks the computer then sees someone coming. She spots a photo and note as someone knocks on the door. A guy comes in and looks around. He sees the computer is booting and he touches the screen and holds out his hands. He absorbs all the files through some sort of preternatural power. At JT’s place, Vincent and JT play a video game. He says he’s making progress with the cure. Vincent says he beasted out when he was bringing his stuff over.

JT says that’s his primal brain engaging in fight or flight. JT says men are built to propagate not cohabitate. He says the primal brain wants to roll solo. Vincent says he has enough primal issues already. JT tells him he needs to keep calm. Vincent wonders what happens if he’s beating out because of her when she’s the only one who can usually talk him down. JT tells him that Tess’ macho cop brothers are his new object. He says one is having his birthday party at a shooting range and he’s worried about embarrassing himself.

JT says he feels unlike himself since he got the miracle cure. JT tells him to just go talk to Cat and snatches the controller out of his hand. He says to go be the man she loves not the beast they fear. Vincent agrees and goes to Cat’s place. He hears the shower and pulls off his shirt to join her but it’s Heather, not Cat. When he pulls back the shower curtain, it gets awkward fast. Heather is traumatized and Vincent apologizes.

She says it was her fault and they each apologize. Heather starts crying and he freaks. She says it’s not him then says it’s Matthew, her fiance. She says they broke up – he dumped her and she doesn’t know why. She says he mumbled a lame excuse and he’s afraid of commitment. He moves the boxes and she congratulates them on their engagement then cries some more. She asks if he’s moving in and he says he’s been trying to then says it’s just different.

Heather says Cat has lived there so long by herself he’ll struggle to have room. He beasts a little and then Heather asks if he’s having second thoughts. He says no and then his phone rings. It’s Cat and Heather whispers not to tell her about Matthew. She asks if he’s unpacking and he says he wanted to surprise her. Heather whispers not to tell her about the shower. Cat says she found a lead at Thomas’ office and says there’s an ex Special Forces guy he busted. Cat says he may be connected to whoever is behind the experiments. She asks him to defrost ground beef and meet her at the office.

Vincent runs out on Heather with an awkward backwards apology saying he’s sorry she split up. Tess and JT go to the shooting range party and she says not to worry about impressing her. She says to just be himself then gives him a hug and kiss. They head inside but then JT gets a call from Vincent who says he almost lost it with Heather who was getting out of the shower. Tess overhears Heather and shower then says he’s on red alert and now Cat wants his help.

JT tells him to breathe and avoid beating out then tells him he’s got his own problems to deal with. JT takes a turn shooting and Tess tells him to relax. Tess’ brother says JT has to use his service revolver and it’s a huge gun. JT fires it and shoots wide. The brothers laugh. Tess says to aim lower. He misses again. They tell him to try pin the tail on the donkey and Tess says her brother is a jerk. Then her brother says he’s interviewing to be her next captain. She says she could do better.

He tells her sleeping with the old boss doesn’t qualify her to be one. JT fires the gun and puts three bullets in the target’s head then tells him to apologize to his sister. Cat and Vincent head to check out the Special Forces guy and she asks if he’s okay. He says he’s worried about beasting out and she promises to save him. They see the door has been broken into. They wonder who beat them there. They head inside to poke around. Cat asks who else would be looking for the courier.

Vincent uses his super senses and tells her they’re not alone. They spot Douglas, the courier, lying on the floor. He touches the guy and says his forehead is hot like he’s been electrocuted and there are no entry wounds. Vincent says they should ask whoever is watching them. They spot a guy who takes off at a run. He uses his electrical powers to blow up lights and then Cat pulls her gun and tells him to freeze. He turns on them and then uses his power to throw Vincent and Cat back.

With them subdued, he gets away. Cat tells Vincent there’s no sign of him and Vincent says he must be one of the experiments. He says the circuit breakers weren’t rigged and Douglas was also fried. Cat asks if his brain was overloaded and Vincent says it’s the only explanation and he must be one of those guys Thomas warned them about. Vincent says he should have stopped the guy but he was gun shy. She tells him that his problems are hers but he says they need to focus on work.

Cat asks if he can track the guy and he sniffs around. He says there’s too much electrostatic noise around him. He says maybe he can track where the guy came from and they head out the other way. Agent Thomas is in his hospital bed. The guy is there and touches his head and says he needs to know where his medicine is that he intercepted form the courier. He shocks Thomas’ brain who wakes screaming.

Tess tells JT she loves his three head shots and how he shocked her brothers. He says he worries that the medicine Agent Thomas used to save him had side effects. She says she never heard of sharp shooter side effects and he reminds her of some of the super experiment people. Tess says not to sell himself short and says he stood up for her. JT tells her she could be captain and knows the precinct better than anyone. He says not to sell herself short.

JT gets a call from Vincent’s hospital. Tess wonders why they’re calling so late. Cat and Vincent head to the super guy’s lair. His name is Alton Finn and he was well known in the computer world. He has an inoperable brain tumor judging from scans they see. Cat wonders who would experiment on a dying man. Vincent says the tumor is activating regions in the brain that might be giving him the electrical talents. Cat says whoever is running the experiments is evolving the brain.

Vincent says maybe the courier is just a go between and says Alton may have been getting a serum then Agent Thomas intercepted it and gave it to JT. Vincent calls JT who says he’s at the hospital and Vincent asks who called. Then they hear JT struggling. Alton grabs JT, crushes his phone and tells him he wants to live even if JT has to die.

Alton shocks JT and tells him not to piss him off then he asks how he did it. Alton explains about the stage four tumor and JT asks how he’s still alive. Alton says it was the medicine and says it went to JT to save his life but it was meant for him. JT asks how can he know it will save him. JT says he can’t know that but Alton shoves him into the lab and says it’s supposed to heal him. Cat and Vincent race for the hospital but traffic is heavy.

They wonder if they should call Tess to send in the cavalry. Heather calls and asks if Vincent is all right. Cat hears her on speaker phone and asks where she is and why she’s worried about Vincent. He says she told him not to tell Cat and she says she just told him not to tell Cat about the shower. It gets awkward and Heather asks if they’re having problems. They end the call then Tess calls and Cat says JT may be taken hostage at the hospital. Cat tells Tess to come alone.

Cat asks Vincent if he’s having second thoughts. He says he’s not then says moving in is causing some primal issues. Cat says she’s glad it’s nothing big. She takes a corner hard and sends him crashing into the window. JT asks how Alton knew about the synthetic he’s working on and he says Thomas told him reluctantly. JT says the courier could lead them to whoever is providing the doses. Alton says he killed him before he could tell him. JT asks if the pain is getting worse.

Alton says to stop stalling. JT says it’s only one dose and it could save Thomas. JT hits him in the head and runs out when Alton screams at him to hand it over. Cat and Vincent make it there and Cat says they can’t kill Alton. Patients are running scared and tell them some maniac is going nuts. They see Alton but he uses his power to close the doors. JT runs to ICU and gives Thomas the dose then tells Alton it’s too late, there’s no more.

Alton says it’s still in JT’s blood and comes for him. Vincent kicks at the doors. He’s beasting out and Cat tells Tess to help her clear the place. Tess shoots her gun at the door and tells everyone to get out and tells Vincent to go. He beasts out and busts through the glass. JT lies on the floor in pain as Alton grabs a syringe from a drawer. He tells Cat he has to save JT but Cat says he can’t go one on one with Alton. He says maybe going primal is the only way to stop him.

He says the primal brain uses much less brain waves. He takes off. Tess tells Cat to trust him. Alton goes to take JT’s blood but then Vincent is there in beast mode and tackles him. Alton tries to shock him. JT runs out and Cat tells Tess to get JT away. She runs and calls to Alton. She tells the men they’re going to kill each other. Cat says they can fight whoever did this and tells them not to lose themselves. Vincent chokes Alton as he tries to shock him.

Vincent throws Alton down and tries to come back down out of beast mode. He calms down. She sighs. Vincent accompanies Alton to surgery for his tumor. He tells Cat that Alton is scared and it’s a risky operation. She says maybe they can undo whatever was done to him. Vincent says he has to learn to live with it then asks Cat if she gets tired of talking him down and she says for better or worse then says she’s not that easy to get rid of. He says he’s counting on it.

Cat says she’s got to check on JT and Tess and Vincent says he’s going to chat with Agent Thomas who’s awake and says he’ll see her at home. She leaves. The doctor tells Vincent that Thomas is better but he doesn’t know how. Vincent goes to talk to him and Thomas says he feels like he was hit by a truck. He asks about Barnett and Vincent says he died last week. Thomas says Vincent needs to find out who’s behind it and Vincent says they need his help then asks about the courier.

He asks who sent him and Thomas says he doesn’t know. Vincent tells him to take it easy when he gasps. Vincent says JT made the serum from his own blood but Thomas says the serum may have healed JT but it was still part of the experiment. Thomas starts to gasp and Vincent tries to calm him then puts his oxygen mask back on him. JT is playing a video game and losing to Tess. He says he’s been playing this game for years and asks why she’s better.

She reminds him he almost died again but he says he’s confused. Tess asks what by. He says whatever saved him also saved Thomas but it was also connected to the experiments and he wonders what that means. Tess says when he stood up to his brothers it was him, not the serum. She says he’s a lot more than a nerdy professor. JT says he’s spent his life being the nerd and Tess says he sells himself short. She says he inspired her and she may apply for captain.

She says she won’t get it but would rather not work for her brother. She tells JT she owes it all to him. He asks her to teach him how to shoot and he picks up the controller again. Heather comes back over then asks if she’s mad and Cat jokes about her showering with her fiance. Cat tells her she has to give back her key since she has a man in the house now. Heather says Vincent loves her and they’ve been through so much.

Cat says fighting bad guys is one thing but the regular stuff is hard. Cat asks about her broken engagement and Heather says she’s relieved and says she was impulsive when she got engaged. Vincent comes home and finds them hugging. Heather says she was just leaving and tells her sister to call then says bye to Vincent. He asks if Cat is packing up his stuff but she says she’s packing up her stuff to make room for his including the ugly lamp.

She asks if he’s okay and he says he is. He says she just needs to talk him down from the ledge sometimes. She says she stresses out too and he says she doesn’t beat out but she says he hasn’t seen her in the morning. She says they have to be able to talk things out but Vincent says he was worried he’d scare her off. Cat says being engaged is an adjustment for both of them. He kisses her and asks if she wants to play a video game. She threatens to break his lamp.

The phone rings and he begs her not to answer it then her other phone rings – it’s Tess. She tells her to get back to the hospital. She says someone shot Agent Thomas – she says he’s dead. He’s got a hole right through his forehead.