Better Call Saul Recap – Jimmy the Erstwhile Hero: Season 1 Episode 4

Better Call Saul Recap - Jimmy the Erstwhile Hero: Season 1 Episode 4

Better Call Saul airs on AMC tonight with an all new Monday February 23, season 1 episode 4 called “Hero” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Jimmy [Bob Odenkirk] conjures up a bold plan to solicit new clients.

On the last episode, Jimmy pulled out all the stops to prove that his dangerous client was innocent, even though it caused some friction with Kim. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Jimmy conjures up a bold plan to solicit new clients, but has to face the consequences when the scheme strains his relationship with a rival firm.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the forth episode of season one live right here for you at 9pm. Hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from this spin-off. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #BetterCallSaul, Jimmy is drunk with a guy named Stevie talking about howling and the wolf brain. His buddy says his town sucks and Jimmy takes him to an after-hours place. They continue howling and head over. Stevie asks his name and he says Saul – as in S’all good man. They come upon a wallet with a fat stack of cash in it. Jimmy asks if there’s an ID and Stevie says it’s some fat guy then he points out a guy further down the alley.

They get closer and see a big guy laid out that looks dead. Jimmy gets a stick out of a dumpster and pokes him. He’s not dead. He’s just terribly drunk and humming Smoke on the Water. The guy flips Jimmy off and calls him a butt hole. Then he starts singing butt hole. to the tune of the song. He threatens to go Jean Claude on them and then falls to sleep. Stevie says he’s keeping the money and Jimmy takes the guy’s watch off him.

Stevie asks what kind it is and asks to see it. He sees that it’s a Rolex and calls Jimmy greedy. He tells Jimmy to keep the cash while he keeps the watch but Jimmy says the watch is worth $3k. Stevie offers him all the money in his wallet – another $80 then calls Jimmy a sucker and heads off. The drunk guy gets up and they high five. It was a fake Rolex and fake cash and they just scammed Stevie out of all his cash. Back at their hotel room, they talk about the scam and smoke some dope and drinks. Jimmy says the scam is only good enough to make beer money.

Now, Jimmy is in the woods talking to the thieving couple he hunted down in the tent. He says he already called their lawyer and says an innocent man is in jail because of their stunt. Betsy says they’ll crucify Craig and they can’t risk losing everything. She says it was a teensy mistake. Jimmy asks what their plan was before he found them. Craig says they were still working it out. Jimmy says they have some room to make excuses. He says to say they took a camping trip on the spur of the moment.

He says Kim Wexler is good and will make it work. Betsy asks about the money. Jimmy says the cash is a bargaining chip. Betsy asks if he expects them to give it back and says they are not guilty and it belongs to them. Craig says he worked weekends and holidays very hard. Betsy says he deserved overtime. They think it’s about what’s fair, not legal and Betsy says slavery used to be legal. Jimmy says it’s right up there with slavery. Betsy begs him not to tell anyone about the money.

They offer him some money and she asks to pretend he didn’t see the money. Jimmy says he can’t take a bribe. He says he can take a retainer for his legal services. Craig says he’s not their lawyer and he says not yet. Jimmy says the other firm is shiny and full of lawyers but says they will get passion and commitment from him and reminds him that he found them. He says he will be devoted to them. He asks why not. Betsy says he’s the kind of lawyer guilty people hire. She offers him the cash again.

Mike is in the parking attendant booth when Saul pulls up. He asks if it made the paper and Mike asks what. Jimmy says the Kettelmans were all found safe and sound camping. He says he went out and found them. Jimmy says you assume criminals will be smarter than they are and it breaks his heart a little. Jimmy thanks him for the help and tells Mike if he ever needs assistance – Mike shuts the window on him.

In the courthouse, Jimmy waits for Nacho and asks why he’s in handcuffs. He says Nacho is the victim here. The cop unlocks him and Jimmy says the family wasn’t even kidnapped, they were camping. The cop tells Jimmy not to push him and calls him a scumbag. He also tells Nacho he’s got his eyes on him. Jimmy says he did more than what Nacho asked so they should be square. He asks if Nacho needs a ride and he asks Jimmy if he expects him to believe they went camping.

He says he just ran his offer by Jimmy and then someone warned them to go camping. Jimmy says they are woodsy types that don’t plan ahead. Nacho says he ratted and there will be consequences. Jimmy says it was probably someone worried about the kids. Jimmy says Nacho was sloppy and that’s on him. He says you didn’t even clean the blood out of your van. Jimmy says he gave them probable cause out the wazoo. Jimmy says he’s lucky they got the family out before he did something more stupid.

Jimmy says the good Samaritan that warned them did him a favor. Nacho stomps away. Later, Jimmy tries to figure out how to launder the money the Kettelman’s gave him so it looks like legit lawyering fees. Jimmy is getting a custom tailored suit in an expensive wool. He has a piece of paper he’s reading off of to choose the proper sea island cotton shirt with mother of pearl buttons. Jimmy looks at some loud orange shirts when the tailor comes back.

He then goes back to the nail shop to look at color swatches because he wants his hair colored. The Asian woman says it’s the wrong color for him. He decides to go with a simple curling iron job and asks for Tony Curtis ringlets from Spartacus. Kim calls Jimmy and gets his recording of him with a fake British accent. She says it’s her and asks him out for a movie Saturday night and even offers to pay. She asks him to give her a call either way.

Hamlin asks Kim about the Kettelmans and she says they kind of screwed them over. He asks her to take a ride with him and she asks where they’re going. He heads to a parking lot and shows her a billboard. He says it’s his suit. Jimmy took out a billboard where’s he’s dressed like Hamlin and even has blond hair. Hamlin says Jimmy is forcing his hand. Jimmy sits with cucumbers on his eyes when there’s a knock at the salon door. He goes to answer and finds Kim there.

He offers to try the foot bath and he goes back to soaking his feet. Kim sits and he tells her how to turn on the massage chair. She says it’s nice and he says he told her. Jimmy says it’s one of the perks of the job. She hands him a cease and desist letter and he asks how pissed Hamlin is. Kim says it’s serious and asks what the hell with the billboard. She says she doesn’t get his angle. She says he’s spending money turning himself into a Hamlin clone.

Jimmy says it’s not personal but she thinks it is. She says the billboard was a declaration of war but he says he’s building a brand. She says he’s ripping off a brand. He says Hamlin was trying to keep him from using his own name. She says she gets that but says Jimmy is better than this. Jimmy says she’s better than that schmuck Hamlin. He says she could work anywhere. He says if Hamlin wants to come after him, he’ll be ready, guns blazing.

Kim turns off the massage chair and says the next step is an injunction in a fight he can’t win. Jimmy ignores her. She leaves. Harlin says Jimmy is ripping off their logo and Jimmy says there are fonts out there. Hamlin says it’s a trademark brand identifier. Hamlin says he feels like he’s looking at Groucho Marx in the mirror. Hamlin says he’s trying to confuse clients and Jimmy says it’s his name and they can’t take it from him. Jimmy says Hamlin wants to change his name.

The judge tells Jimmy that’s enough. She says he’s within his rights to advertise using his own name but the billboard copies obvious elements of their logo. She says the billboard must come down in 48 hours. Jimmy makes a call to a TV station and says it’s a David vs Goliath case. The reporter doesn’t seem interested and the call ends. Hamlin walks by and Jimmy flips him off. Jimmy calls another TV station and asks if they want to be the station that brings down big law.

He makes call after call about the circumstance. He’s not making a lot of headway. He keeps calling station after station. He’s getting nowhere then sees a girl in a college t-shirt and makes another call. A guy is taking down the billboard as Jimmy stands in front of a camera. He’s working with college kids. Jimmy asks how he looks then turns to his good side. He’s paying the kid $100 for this. He says his name and says he’s self-made and put himself through law school.

He says he works as a public defender and has a dream to own his own business. He says he saved up and was able to buy one billboard but says a large law firm came after him saying he was hurting their business. He says they’re rich and powerful and he’s just one man so the court sided with them. He says now his little billboard is coming down. The worker almost falls. He’s dangling and Jimmy says to call 911 then he runs to help the guy.

He runs up the long ladder of the work truck while the guy screams for help. The kid keeps filming. Jimmy starts climbing up the billboard ladder. Cars are stopping and a crowd is gathering. He makes it to the top of the billboard and the guy yells for him to hurry up. He’s dangling by one small harness. Jimmy goes to help him and tells the guy to grab his hand. He finally catches the guy’s fingers and starts pulling. He helps the guy up. He asks if he’s okay and the guy says – took you long enough.

It was all a set up! Jimmy does an interview and says he was scared but knew he had to do it. Hamlin rants as they watch the news. He says it’s a publicity stunt and no one will buy it. Kim says people love a hero. She smiles. Jimmy checks his voice mail. He has seven new messages that started coming in right after the news aired. Jimmy pulls up at Chuck’s place and grabs the newspaper from the driveway. He’s on the front page of the Metro section. He thinks about how to talk to his brother about it.

He puts the paper in the trunk of his car and grabs up some bags to take inside. He leaves his phone and other gear in the mailbox and heads inside. Chuck comes down and says he’s early. He tells Chuck his phone is ringing off the hook and he has three consults before lunch. Chuck asks what credits this change and Jimmy says he took his advice and did good work. Chuck asks if he’s been getting referrals from public defense clients. He says sure and then says he needed to get his face out there.

Chuck asks if Bergeron is sending clients and Jimmy says it was someone on her team. Jimmy says it’s elbow grease and clean living. Chuck says he knew he had it in him. He asks for the newspaper that’s missing. Jimmy says he didn’t see it outside and says maybe they forgot it today or a kid grabbed it. Jimmy says he has a ton of reading material. Jimmy says he has to go and Chuck wishes him luck today – he says hard work looks good on you. He watches Jimmy leave.

After Jimmy pulls away, Chuck looks at the paper in his neighbor’s driveway. He goes and gets his solar blanket on and pulls it up over his head. He goes to the door and mentally prepares himself to go outside. The sun shines down on him and he freaks out. He almost gets run over crossing the street. E can hear electricity crackling from the power lines above him. He takes the paper and tosses down a $20. He runs back to his house. The neighbor watches all this out her window. Chuck flips through the paper then sees the story on Jimmy. He pulls the solar blanket over his head and curls up in it.