Better Call Saul Recap -Trouble with Nacho: Season 1 Episode 3

Better Call Saul Recap -Trouble with Nacho: Season 1 Episode 3

Better Call Saul airs on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday February 16, season 1 episode 3 called “Nacho” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Jimmy [Bob Odenkirk] pulls out all the stops to prove that a dangerous client is innocent.

On the last episode, as his troubles escalated to a boiling point, Jimmy found himself in dire straits. An act of carelessness put Chuck at risk. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Jimmy pulls out all the stops to prove that his dangerous client is innocent, even though it causes some friction with Kim.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 1 episode 3 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from this spin-off.

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#BetterCallSaul. We see Chuck comes to visit Jimmy in prison. He tells Chuck he’s in a pickle and Chuck says he’s facing a sex offender charge on top of all the other charges. Jimmy says it was just a Chicago Sunroof and that doesn’t make him a sex offender. He tells Chuck to work his magic and make this all go poof. Chuck reminds Jimmy that he hasn’t seen him for five years then he called and cried and begged their mom to get him to help.

Jimmy denies crying and asks if they can just talk strategy. He says he knows he’s a lousy brother and a big screw-up. He says if he was a better person he’d stop letting Chuck down and himself down. Chuck stands to go and Jimmy begs him to help him get out of this. He says his life is over if Chuck doesn’t help him. Chuck tells him if he gets him out of this, he’d better not make a fool out of him. He says everything Jimmy is doing is now over.

Jimmy says to just tell him what to do and he’ll do it then begs Chuck for help. Chuck nods. In a different time period, Jimmy pours some booze into some cucumber water from the salon and looks at Nacho’s phone number on the matchbook. He sighs and makes a call to Kim. She asks what time it is and asks how Chuck is. He says Chuck is Chuck and just wanted to talk to her. She says she won’t talk dirty to him and he asks if that’s the only reason she thinks he’d call.

She says he can’t talk dirty to her either and he says he’s hanging up then says he’s joking. He offers her a free pedicure and foot bath if she’ll come over now. Then Jimmy says she’s probably swamped with work with the Country Treasurer case. She says Craig Kettelman. He says her dip wad boss stole him from Jimmy and she says she says the Kettelman’s made a choice. Jimmy says the Donners made a choice to take a short cut and you see how that turned out.

Jimmy asks how much Kettelman got away with and where he stashed the cash. He says the guy is probably a target and said someone might get some bad ideas and his family could be in danger. She asks what he means and why he would say that. Jimmy says he’s drunk and is just thinking out loud, spinning thoughts. He says he’ll see her at the courthouse tomorrow and ends the call. Jimmy says to himself – I’m no hero. He goes back to his tiny office, pulls out the sofa bed and tries to sleep.

He can’t He gets up and unravels a roll of paper towels then takes the empty roll out into the salon. He grabs a small piece of paper and heads out. He pops the paper over the roll then wraps a rubber band around it. He gets the Kettelman’s voice mail. He hangs up then calls again. He calls a third time and gets Craig. He tries to tell him that he’s in danger but the guy can’t understand Jimmy and his kazoo voice disguiser. He says it’s a warning and says they’re coming for your money.

They can’t understand him and ask him to call back. He tosses the tube and says rapidly – you’re in danger, they’re coming for your money, bye. He hangs up. Betsy and Craig wonder who’s coming. They go to look out the front door. They see a car out front. At the courthouse, Jimmy is in the bathroom talking to Oakley to work a deal while the guy takes a crap. He says it was a first offense. Oakley shoots him down on every offer.

Oakley says the guy drove drunk into a shopping center and killed three people. Jimmy says it’s another guy and Oakley tells him to start over. Jimmy rants because he doesn’t even know who he’s talking about and then Oakley takes the deal. Jimmy gets a call from Kim who asks again what he meant last night. She asks why he’s asking her this. Mike demands $9 and Jimmy begs him to take the $5 and says it’s a serious emergency. He promises to get him extra stickers if he will just let him go.

Mike says he’s not making him do anything – he says those are just the rules. Jimmy reaches into the glass box and pushes the button to raise the arm. He drives off yelling – screw you geezer. He pulls up in front of the Kettelmans and sees crime scene tape. He gets out of the car and Hamlin walks over to him and asks why he’s there. He says he was listening on the police scanner. Hamlin says there’s no business for him there and says the family is missing, door was open and the house is a mess.

Jimmy walks over to Kim and she asks why he came there. He says he’s supporting her in her time of need. He says he was just reading tea leaves the same way he was when he approached them and suggested they get a lawyer. Kim says the two kids are missing too and asks if he would tell her if he knew something. He says he really doesn’t know and asks her to tell him if there’s anything he can do. She asks him to leave so she doesn’t have to explain anything to Hamlin.

Jimmy drives away telling himself it’s all going to be fine. He pulls up at a pay phone and calls Nacho but gives voice mail. He says this is the party you spoke to the other day and he wants to help him legally de-escalate the situation. He gives him the pay phone number to call him back soon. Jimmy paces and waits. Then he calls Nacho back and says he knows nothing, has spoken to no one and there are no rats on the ship but he wants to open a dialog. He gives the pay phone number again.

He calls again and says time is of the essence. He hangs up and says if he gets a busy to call back then gives the number again. He makes call after call saying he can put out the fire, that he can help, that it’s all a misunderstanding, yada, yada. The phone rings and he answers but then the call ends abruptly. Jimmy gets back in his car but it won’t crank. He sees someone walking towards him from each side. He tries the car again but it doesn’t turn over.

He gets out and jogs behind a building and the two guys converge and give chase. They’re cops and they cuff him. He says they’re making a mistake and says he’s a lawyer. They check his wallet and says – it’s his lawyer. They take him to the jail to see Nacho and the cops tell him that he asked for him. Jimmy goes in nervously. He says it was a smart move to ask for him because he’s there to help. Jimmy says the detectives were telling him some things that are problematic.

Jimmy says he’s going to pitch it back to him. He says a neighbor saw a suspicious van outside the Kettelmans two nights in a row and called the cops and gave them the plates which led to Nacho. He says the cops found blood on the floor and says they’re calling in the FBI. He tells him if he tells him where the family is and shows remorse, he can get him a good deal. Nacho glares while he talks. Jimmy asks if the family is okay. Nacho sits silent. Jimmy asks him to weigh in.

Nacho calls him a miserable piece of shit. He says – you set me up. He says you gave my score to another crew and set me up. Jimmy asks if he’s had head trauma. Nacho says he was there and was casing it to figure out how to get in and out. He says they were fine when he left. Nacho says he was never in the house. Jimmy asks about the blood in his van and Nacho says it’s just the skate rat twins. He says no one has been in the back of his van since then.

Jimmy says he doesn’t understand. Nacho says he told his plan to just one person and that was Jimmy and now he’s in jail. Jimmy says he didn’t set him up and doesn’t know anything about another crew. Nacho says he doesn’t even care but says it will go bad for Jimmy if the cops poke around his life and business and find something. He tells Jimmy to get him out of jail today or he’ll pay. Kim waits outside. Jimmy comes out and says hi to her.

Kim says she didn’t know he was representing the lead suspect. Jimmy tells the cops that Nacho didn’t do it. Kim asks for just a minute and the cops walk away. Kim says that family is in real danger and he doesn’t have to stand behind privilege. She says his guy didn’t do it. Jimmy tells them to test the blood in the van and says it’s not the Kettelmans. They ask who it is and he says it’s not. They tell him that could take weeks. Jimmy screams and says Nacho is innocent.

He asks to see the crime scene and says they must be missing something but Kim says it’s a good idea. She says they should invite him to the house. They go to the house and he sees the photos of the kids. Jimmy looks around and the cops ask what they missed. They go poke around the bedrooms. Drawers are pulled out in the son’s room. In the daughter’s room, he looks around some more. He tells Kim that Nacho didn’t do this.

The cop says they know he was outside the house the night before. Jimmy looks around and asks where the doll is. He says there is a bunch of doll gear but no doll. He says the little girl is holding the doll. He says doll and girl are together which means the kid wasn’t dragged out of the house. He says maybe the Kettelmans kidnapped themselves. The cop says Jimmy is done. Jimmy says they stole a pile of loot but they can’t run or they’ll look guilty.

He says they staged it so they would look kidnapped. Jimmy says they need to get the word out and says they are likely already in Mexico. One of the cops said their cars are here and they didn’t call a cab. They say maybe the bad guy let her take the doll. He takes Kim outside to talk in private. He says he called the Kettelmans and warned them that someone is coming. He says he broke privilege with Nacho to warn them.

He says that was an unintended consequence and he says they have to find them and get the cops to let Nacho go. He says Nacho didn’t kidnap them but is a bad guy. He says if the cops find something else on Nacho, he’ll turn him into a meat pinata. He says they need to convince the cops to catch the Kettelmans on the run. He says they’re not masterminds and will be caught. He asks Kim to tell the cops and the FBI to look for the Kettelmans as a flight not a kidnapping. Jimmy says Hamlin could convince the FBI. She says Hamlin will never agree since they’re clients.

He walks off and says he’s going to go try and get Nacho to see reason. He pulls up to the parking lot and pushes the button for a ticket but it doesn’t come out. He tells Mike that he was a jerk and will pay what he owes plus interest if he lets him come through. Mike tells him to find parking somewhere else and Jimmy asks where. Mike says it’s not his concern. Jimmy says he doesn’t have time for this. A car pulls up behind Jimmy and honks.

Jimmy gets out of his car and says he’s going to park right there. He calls Mike geezer and Mike slams him to the ground and twists his arm. The two cops talk to Mike about the Kettelmans and says Jimmy has a theory that the Kettelmans are on the run. They ask Mike to make Jimmy talk. The cops said that Jimmy assaulted Mike but he’ll let him go if they help him out. Jimmy says Nacho is “nacho man.” He says the Kettelmans took themselves.

Mike says he changed his mind and won’t press charges. The cops ask what he’s doing and one says Mike is pussing out. He says he guesses that’s his loss and walks off. Jimmy calls them Cagney and Lacey and says he’ll take an Edible Arrangement once they realize they were wrong. Jimmy chases Mike down and asks why he let him off the hook. He says he knows Mike has no heart then says he knows why he did it – it’s because he believes him.

Mike caves and says he believes him. Jimmy is thrilled someone does and Mike says he heard the details and agrees. He asks Mike how he thinks they traveled. Mike says they didn’t leave the neighborhood. He talks about a case when he was a cop back up North. He says a bookie skipped town with $6 million. He says everyone thought he was on the beach but he was hiding two doors down in a foreclosed house and laid low for six months.

Mike says it’s human nature to stay close to home. He says no one wants to leave home. Jimmy thinks about this and then heads back to the Kettelman’s. He looks around the neighborhood and then sees a tent beside their stick figures on the back of their station wagon. He walks out back of their house and then goes out a gate in their backyard. He walks out into the foothills behind their house. He keeps going and takes off his jacket because of the heat.

He’s hot and sweaty but presses on. He makes it to a wooded area and dumps sand out of his shoes. He looks around. It’s dusk now and he finally hears them. They’re singing B-I-N-G-O in their tent. He sits down and dials his cell phone. He holds out the phone and says – listen to this. He says – I found your dumb ass clients – and says he’s bringing them back to their house but it will take a couple of hours. Jimmy unzips the tent and says – here’s Johnny. They scream.

Jimmy says they’re going to pack up and head back to their house. Betsy asks to talk about it and Jimmy says they go or the cops will drag them out by their heels. Betsy fights Jimmy when he picks up a tote bag. It rips and stacks of cash scatter to the ground. Jimmy says – yeah.