Better Call Saul Recap Premiere Part 2 – Jimmy’s Scam Fails: Season 1 Episode 2 “Mijo”

Better Call Saul Recap Premiere Part 2 - Jimmy's Scam Fails: Season 1 Episode 2 "Mijo"

Better Call Saul airs on AMC tonight with an all new Monday February 9, season 1 episode 2 called “Mijo” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s Premiere Part 2 episode, as his troubles escalate to a boiling point, Jimmy [Bob Odenkirk]  finds himself in dire straits.

On the last episode, Jimmy worked his magic in the courtroom. Unexpected inspiration lead him to an unconventional pursuit of potential clients. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “as his troubles escalate to a boiling point, Jimmy finds himself in dire straits. An act of carelessness puts Chuck at risk.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding drama tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 1 episode 2 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from this spin-off.

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On #BetterCallSaul, Tuco is chopping up veggies when his grandma comes in with Lars and Cal ranting about how the crazy old woman ran his brother down. Tuco tells his grandma everything is fine and then tells her to go upstairs and watch her show. Tuco tells them to be quiet and tells his grandma to turn up the TV really loud so doesn’t have to deal with this. She goes upstairs muttering to herself in Spanish.

They ask Tuco what he’s going to do. Tuco asks if they want money and Lars says it’s a felony. They tell him they can call the cops and then Tuco takes off his apron and says – you called her biznatch. They threaten to send his granny to jail. Tuco hits them both with his grandma’s walker and calls them biznatch. He beats them both in the face. They may be dead.

Tuco’s abuela watches her telenovela and ignores the thumping noises from downstairs. Eventually she goes and calls out to her mijo. She goes to the stairs and looks down. She sees him scrubbing the carpet and he says the men are gone and there’s nothing to worry about. She asks if she’s in trouble but he says they won’t bother her again. She sees a red stain on her carpet and he says it’s just salsa. He tells her to go watch her telenovela and let him take care of it.

She tells him to use club soda and he scrubs while she goes back to her show. He then makes a call to someone and tells them to get over here now. He says to bring Nacho, his van and some No-Doze. There’s a knock at the door and he goes to answer. He sees Jimmy on the doorstep then sees him trying to peek into the windows. He grabs a gun hidden on top of the china cabinet then opens the door and points the gun at Jimmy. He drags him inside.

Jimmy puts up his hands and says he’s not threatening him. Tuco tells him he’s dead if he moves. He flips him around and searches him while Jimmy asks if Betsy Kettelman is there. He says he got a call from some clients about an accident call. He says he didn’t get any details but saw the skateboards in the yard. Tuco’s granny comes back out and asks if he’s with the other guys but Tuco says he’s just a salesman. He promises to get the club soda but she’s worried the stain will dry.

He finally gets her to go back upstairs. Tuco sits and tells Jimmy to talk. Jimmy says frick and frack were in a simple traffic accident and it was probably their fault. He says they used poor judgment and followed his grandmother home then said or did something that crossed a line. Jimmy says he was justified in putting them in their place and judging by the salsa stain, there’s no need to kill him. He says he can collect the idiots and leave and they’ll never see them again.

Jimmy says that’s assuming they’re still breathing. Tuco says – wow. He tells Jimmy he has a mouth on him and Jimmy says thanks. He tells Jimmy to get up and points him to the garage. Jimmy sees Lars and Cal bound and gagged. He hands Jimmy a knife and he asks if he should cut them loose. He goes over to the guys and cuts their gags.

Lars says it was Jimmy’s idea to scam them and Tuco points the gun at Jimmy. He asks if he’s punking his abuelita. Jimmy says Lars has a brain injury and doesn’t know what he’s saying. He puts a gun to Lars’ head and he says it was the lawyer’s idea to jump in front of her car and get two grand. He points the gun at Jimmy again who flinches and cowers. Jimmy is dropped in the desert duct taped and bound. Tuco stares at him. Lars and Cal are in the same boat.

Tuco asks Jimmy who he is and why he’s after him. Jimmy says he was running a scam on Betsy Kettleman and says the guy stole $1.5 million from the county. He says he wanted them to run the skateboard scam on her to help him get their business. He says Tuco’s abuelita drives a similar car and they jumped in front of the wrong car. He says it was a simple mistake. One of the other guy goes and gets a tool box. Jimmy says they don’t need to do this.

He says he’ll talk and he just needs to tell him what he wants to know. Tuco says he smells lies and thinks he’s a cop. He goes to cut off Jimmy’s finger but he tells Tuco to check his pocket. He finds a matchbook and then tosses it away. Jimmy says to ask him any question about the law. Then when Tuco goes to cut his finger off, Jimmy says he’s an FBI special agent. Tuco seems to believe that.

Tuco’s buddy asks what business are they in that they’re being investigated for. Jimmy says drugs the he says the task force is called King Breaker. Tuco is happy and says that makes him the king. The guy kneels in front of him and asks who he is. Jimmy says his name is James Morgan McGill and he was trolling for business. He says he made up the FBI thing. He says it was just a mistake that he takes responsibility for. He says he doesn’t know their names and has face blindness.

He says Lars and Cal will forget it too and the skater losers nod. Jimmy says they just want to go home. Tuco and his buddy talk. He tells Tuco to cut them loose. He says the FBI would not be working with those two idiots and nods at Cal and Lars. He says croaking a lawyer for no good reason is not smart business. Tuco says the came into his house and called his abuelita a biznatch. He says the lawyer is giving respect.

Tuco agrees. Tuco’s buddy says he knows how to find Jimmy and asks if he gets that. Jimmy nods and then the guy cuts him loose. He asks Jimmy if he’s okay and Tuco says to take him back to his car. He asks about Lars and Cal but the guy tells Jimmy to come on. Tuco pulls out a knife and Jimmy asks to say something. He says they don’t deserve to die since he put them up to it. Tuco says he’s going to skin them and Jimmy says they’re insects and says to think about their mother.

Jimmy says their mother is a hard worker, a widow who scrubs the floors of rich people even though she’s old. Jimmy says those boys are all she has. He says if Tuco skins them, she’ll be devastated. Jimmy says Tuco is tough but fair and is all about justice. Jimmy says those two will never forget together and will be crapping their pants for years to come. Jimmy asks Tuco to consider what’s the right sentence and Tuco tells him – like a judge.

Jimmy tells him eye for an eye and Tuco says he should blind them. Jimmy says he’s advising him to make the punishment fit the crime. Tuco repeats that and then says Colombian neckties. Jimmy suggests giving them black eyes. Jimmy suggests spraining their ankles so they can’t skate. Tuco says he’ll break their arms and legs then says he’ll cut their legs off. Jimmy says they’re heading in the wrong direction.

Jimmy tries to talk him down to breaking one leg each for a total of two legs. He says they can’t skate for six months and they’ll be scared of him forever. He says that will show that Tuco is fair and just. Tuco agrees to one leg each and Jimmy shakes it and says that’s tough but fair. The guys come over and tell the boys to quit moving. Tuco jumps up and then onto the other. He breaks his leg. Then they move on to the other kid. Jimmy winces as he watches this go down.

Jimmy drives the boys to the hospital and wheels them inside to get treated for their broken leg. Lars says he’s the worst lawyer ever but Jimmy points out he talked them down from a death sentence to six months probation. Jimmy is out with a woman at a nice restaurant. They make small talk and drink fruity drinks. It looks like a good time. He stares at her ample cleavage but keeps getting distracted. A guy at a nearby table cracks a bread stick and it reminds him of Tuco cracking the boys’ legs.

Jimmy excuses himself from the table and runs into the restroom to throw up. Later, Chuck cooks some food with his iron when Jimmy comes in. He asks if he grounded himself. Jimmy doesn’t answer, he just pulls off his jacket then his pants. Chuck says he doesn’t think he grounded himself but Jimmy collapses face down on the sofa. He’s worried that Jimmy drove like that. Then he starts to panic because Jimmy has brought his cell phone into the house.

Chuck freaks out and carries it to the door. He opens the door and throws it into the yard. Chuck puts a lantern down by Jimmy and looks at the papers from Jimmy’s pocket. Looks like a hospital bill. Jimmy wakes to find Chuck sitting in a metal looking blanket and pours Jimmy some coffee. He asks why Chuck is in a space blanket and his brother tells him that he brought his cell phone inside last night. Jimmy apologizes and Chuck says he threw it out the door.

He asks how he got there and Chuck says no car, so probably a taxi. Jimmy pulls on his pants and says that he remembers a bartender who wouldn’t let him drive. He asks again why he’s in the space blanket and Chuck says it’s because of the cell phone. He asks Chuck if he read the bill on the table. Chuck says he glanced at it when it fell out of his pocket. Jimmy says it’s not him and he’s not Slippin’ Jimmy. He asks Chuck to take off the space blanket.

He says he didn’t so anything wrong but Chuck says it was just the phone. Jimmy tells him several more times to take off the space blanket. He finally pulls it off of him. Jimmy thanks him. Jimmy asks if the phone is in the front yard and if he has any idea where it landed. He goes to look. Chuck puts the space blanket back on. Jimmy goes to the clerk at the court. She’s on the phone ignoring him. She asks what he wants and he says – not to starve to death. He offers her a kitty cat beanie baby as a bribe.

Jimmy straightens his suit and says – it’s showtime. He gets a coffee from the machine and heads to the jail. He takes a client with a face tattoo who says he wanted to kill the guy then asks him to say he’s sorry and will never do it again. He negotiates deals with the DA. He collects his check then heads out of the lot. Mike says he’s light on stickers and says $5 or another sticker. He backs up and asks Mike if this makes him feel important.

He repeats the process over and over taking on poor clients for essentially minimum wage. He sees Kim and gives her a nod. Then we see him complaining to Mike about the court house woman shorting him on stickers. He collects his meager checks every day. Repeat, repeat, repeat. He catches the DA and negotiates but all he offers every time is petty with a prior. He offers him a deal and his Fritos. The guy takes it.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. He goes through client after client. We see him making impassioned and dramatic pleas for all these clients in the courtroom. He gets his checks. He’s back in the parking lot and hands over his ticket. Mike hands it back – not enough stickers. Jimmy says he’s like a troll under the bridge who wants stickers to feed it.

Jimmy comes to the nail salon and greets the ladies. He heads back to his ratty office and checks his messages – still at zero. He pushes his desk out of the way and pulls the cushions off his fold out sofa and pulls it open. He pours some liquor into a cup and lies down. There’s a knock on his door and the head manicurist says there’s a customer for him now. He puts his sofa back together in a hurry and slides his desk back in place. He throws on his tie and jacket then finds Nacho at the door.

Nacho asks if Tuco freaked him out then says he’s been thinking about the $1.5 million that Kettelman stole. He says he likes ripping off thieves because they can’t go to the cops. He tells Jimmy he’ll pay him a finder’s fee of 10% if he’ll point him where to find it. Jimmy asks why come to him and Nacho says he already tried to rip them off but Jimmy says he just wanted their business and doesn’t know where they keep it. Nacho says Jimmy is a smart guy and can figure it out.

Jimmy says he’s a lawyer and not a criminal then admits he did cross the line. Nacho says he got between Jimmy and Tuco and saved him. Jimmy says he’ll be his lawyer whenever he needs him and says he’s a client so it’s a consultation and it’s privileged. Nacho says – you rat, you die – and Jimmy agrees. Nacho writes down his number on Jimmy’s matchbook and says that’s for when he figures out that he’s in the game. Jimmy insists he’s not in the game. Nacho walks out.