The Walking Dead Recap – Storm Brewing: Season 5 Episode 10 “Them”

The Walking Dead Recap - Storm Brewing: Season 5 Episode 10 "Them"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday February 15, Season 5 episode 10 called “Them,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, life on the road has the group beaten and beleaguered.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, after all the recent trials the group had faced, a slight detour proved to be the solution they had been looking for. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Life on the road has left the group beaten and beleaguered. Will they be able to trudge along? Are they even the same people they once were?.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 5 episode 10 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the second half of season 5.

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#TheWalkingDead starts now. Maggie wipes tears from her eyes. A walker creeps close while she squats against a tree. It’s almost on her and she stands and slowly takes out her knife and stabs it in the head. She sits back down to cry some more. Daryl digs and finds a worm then eats it. He keeps digging. Sasha walks a dry creak bed in the woods looking for water. She see dead frogs and then kicks at the dirt looking for moisture. Daryl and Maggie find here there and she shakes her head no.

They head back to the road and Maggie says it’s been a day and a half and they didn’t find any either. Sasha asks how she knows and she says she just does. Maggie asks how much longer have they got. Sasha says 60 miles and Maggie says that’s not what she meant. They head back to the others who look just as bad as those three. The van rolls to a stop out of gas. Rick says they have to walk now. Everyone piles out of the van and onto the road into the glare of the hot sun.

Rick carries Judith and the others straggle behind. There are walkers a way back but Rick says they can take care of them when they’re stronger. He says it’s been three weeks since Atlanta and he knows Daryl lost something back there. Daryl says Judith is hungry but Rick says she’ll be okay. He’s all bearded and scruffy. Daryl says they need food and water and Rick says it will rain sooner or later. Daryl hands over his gun and says he’s going to hunt. Carol insists on going along.

Carl hands Maggie a box he found and says he thinks it used to play music but it’s broken. She thanks him. Gabriel staggers along at the back of the group just in front of Michonne. He jokes about how preachers used to wear hair shirts to make you atone for your sins. Maggie says she knows what this is and says her daddy was religious and she used to be too. Gabriel says he’s there if she wants to talk about her father or Beth. Maggie asks him to stop.

She says he never even met them and he says he knows she’s in pain. She says he was there to save his flock but didn’t. She says instead, he hid. She says don’t act like that didn’t happen. Sasha and Michonne look back at the walkers. Michonne says they don’t need to expend what little energy they have left on them. Sasha says she can take them but she tells Sasha not to be stupid like Tyreese was and Sasha says they are not the same and walks off.

Darly says it’s too dry and tells Carol there’s nothing there. She says they should go back and he says for her to go on. She says Beth saved both of their lives. She gets closer and hands him Beth’s knife. She says they’re not dead and reminds him that’s what he said to her. She tells him that he’s not dead. She says they’re different and she knows him and says he has to let himself feel it. She kisses him on the forehead after pushing his hair out of the way.

Rick stands on the edge of a bridge with Glenn nearby. There are three of them on each side. Rick, Glenn, Michonne. Rick backs up as they come closer. They just push them off down the embankment one at a time. Michonne steps out of the way and one falls without a push. Sasha interacts with one and stabs it in the eye. They had a plan but Sasha screwed it up now they have to fight them had to hand. Rick is one second from being bit when Daryl shows up and saves him.

Michonne chastises Sasha and says she told her to stop. Sasha glares at her then walks back to join the others.

They walk on later and they see cars over the next little hill. Daryl says he’s going to circle through the woods in case it’s a trap. He tells Carol to let him go alone. Maggie checks a car and then opens the door cautiously. They all checks compartments and glove boxes. The keys are in the ignition so she goes to unlock the trunk but does it carefully. Sure enough there’s a zombie in the back but it’s tied up and gagged. She closes the trunk without doing anything.

The walker bangs on the trunk and Maggie goes back. She tries to unlock the trunk but the key sticks. She struggles with it and bangs on the trunk. She pulls her gun to shoot the lock but Glenn stops her. She says there’s one in there and she shut it. Glenn tries the keys and gets it open. The thing growls at him and he stabs it in the head. He tells Maggie they should go. Daryl creeps through the woods and then stops and kneels down.

He sees a deer carcass stripped to the spine and then sees a body nearby with a bullet through its head. The others wait by the side of the road when Daryl comes back. Ford opens a bottle of hooch and takes a swig. Tara says it won’t help and Rosita says Ford knows that. Eugene says he doesn’t know if things can get worse. Rosita says they can. Out of the woods come some dogs gone feral that start barking at them. Sasha shoots them all quickly and Rick stands and gets a stick.

He snaps it into parts and they start a fire. They have a doggie-que (like barbecue but with dogs). We see a bloody dog collar lying on the road. Noah tells Sasha he doesn’t know if he’s going to make it and she says – then you won’t. She tells him to stop thinking and just eat. Everyone eats the dog in silence. Gabriel pulls off his white collar and tosses it into the fire then digs into some more Fido. Glenn offers Maggie the last of his water but she says no.

He asks her to talk to him. She says she never thought Beth was alive and says after what Daryl said, she had hope then she didn’t. She says seeing her like that was hard. Glenn encourages her to keep being who she is. He says it may be a curse to feel and says they fought to be there and have to keep fighting. He hands her the bottle and she takes a little drink. Ford offers Sasha a sip of booze but she shakes her head no. Ford tells her the way she’s going is going to keep making things worse.

He tells her she’s among friends but she says they’re not friends. He grunts and drinks more booze. Daryl comes across a walker body then keeps going. Glenn offers him some water and Daryl says don’t. Glenn says they can only make it together. Darly heads into the woods and tells Ford to tell them he’s looking for water. He finds a little road and a small structure. He sits down and pulls out a cigarette and lights up. He puts the cigarette out on his hand and closes his eyes as the pain takes over.

He drops the cigarette onto the ground and wiggles his wounded hand. He starts to cry and then is sobbing within moments. Daryl comes back and Rick shows him a note that says From a Friend with several bottles of water. Eugene says he’s doing QA and goes to drink it but Ford slaps it out of his hand. Rick says they can’t. They hear a storm start to break and then it’s dripping down on them. They all turn their faces up to the storm and catch water in their mouths.

Rosita and Tara lie down on the road and let it wash over them. Glenn smiles at Maggie. Sasha just glares as usual. Gabriel says he’s sorry to God. Rick tells everyone to capture as much water as they can. Carl covers Judith’s head with his hat when she starts to cry. Then lightning starts breaking out and Rick says they have to keep moving. Daryl tells them he found a barn. They head in with weapons drawn to check it out. Most of the crew waits outside.

Maggie sees a bible and looks into a room where she sees a weakened zombie reaching for her. It rises and tries to crawl for her. Maggie puts it down efficiently. Carol comes over and says she had a gun. Maggie says she could have shot herself but Carol says some people can’t give up – like us. They light lanterns they found and hunker down for the night. They try to keep a fire going but the twigs are wet. Carol says Carl will bounce back.

Rick says he used to feel sorry for kids growing up in this and says it’s easier for kids now. Michonne says this is not the world. Glenn says it might be.

Michonne says that’s giving up but Glenn says it’s reality. Rick agrees and says this is what they have to live with for now. Rick says he remembers his grandpa talking about WWII and he asked about it but he says that was grown up talk. He says he asks if a German ever tried to kill him and he says he was dead the minute he stepped into enemy territory and says every day he told himself rest in peace, now go fight. He says after a few years of pretending he was dead, he made it out alive.

Rick says no matter what they find in DC, they’ll be okay because this is how they survive. He says they tell themselves that we are the walking dead. (cool) Daryl says we ain’t dead. Rick says we’re not them. Daryl says again that they’re not dead. He walks away and watches the chained doors as they blow with the storm. He sees a huge group of amassing walkers outside and tries to hold it shut.

Maggie sees and goes to help. Everyone goes to try and block the door. The walkers are making progress. Carl sets Judith down and also goes to help. The storm rages and they fight the tide of walkers trying to get inside. Maggie wakes the next morning and sees Judith is awake cuddled in Rick’s arms. They made it through the night. She finds Daryl sitting against a wall. She goes over to him and says he should get some sleep. He agrees.

She says it’s okay to rest now. He says Tyreese was tough and so was Beth even though she didn’t know it. He hands her the music box and says he cleaned the gear box. Maggie wakes Sasha and tells her to come on. They head outside. There are walkers trapped under fallen trees and broken limbs from the storm. Sasha says – look at this, it should have torn us apart. Maggie says simply – it didn’t. They walk past a walker impaled to the ground by a tree branch. They sit and watch the sun come up.

Sasha asks why they’re there and Maggie says – for this. Sasha says Tyreese told her he didn’t know if he could make it. She says that’s how she feels now. Maggie tells her she’s going to make it. She opens the music box and says Daryl fixed it. She winds it up but it doesn’t play. Then a guy comes up on them and they pull their guns on him. He says his name is Aaron. He says he knows about stranger danger and says he’s a friend.

He says he’d like to talk to the person in charge and says he has good news. He asks isn’t it Rick. They ask how he knows. He says he has good news. The music box starts playing and startles them.