The Walking Dead Recap – Another Day, Another Death: Season 5 Episode 9 Winter Premiere “What Happened and What’s Going On”

The Walking Dead Recap - Another Day, Another Death: Season 5 Episode 9 Winter Premiere "What Happened and What’s Going On"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness after a long hiatus with an all new Sunday February 8, Season 5 episode 9 Winter Premiere called “What Happened and What’s Going On,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the group find themselves taking a small detour.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, rules and morals had been tossed aside by new enemies. Rick tried to find a peaceful agreement, but they preferred violence. Did you watch the last episode before the break? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “after all the recent trials the group has faced, a slight detour might prove to be the solution they’ve been looking for.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 5 episode 9 Winter Premiere live right here for you at 9 PM ET. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the second half of Season 5.

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#TheWalkingDead starts with a funeral for Beth. Maggie cries and cries. Noah sobs. Father Gabriel gives a eulogy over her grave. We see a flashback to the gang fleeing Atlanta after the fracas at the hospital. Noah tells Rick that Beth was going to come with him to his home outside Richmond, Virginia. We see flashbacks of the other places they’ve called home over the trek including the farm, the prison and even Woodbury.

Rick tells the others that Noah said there are homes there and a protective wall. He tells them Beth wanted to get him there but it’s a long trip. He says it could be their last long trip. Glenn asks what if it’s not there anymore. Rick says they keep going and Michonne says they’ll find a new place. They get into a purloined van and drive out of town headed North. We see a look back at Lizzie and Mika.

Lizzie says it’s better now and we see blood dripping onto a sketch of a little cabin that looks like the place Tyreese and Carol stayed with the girls and where Carol had to put Lizzie down. Noah says they’re halfway there and Rick radios Carol to check in. He says they’ll check in with them in 20 minutes. Noah says trade was the right play at the hospital it just fell apart.

Tyreese says it went the way it was always going to. He says he never wanted to kill anyone but he wasn’t facing the reality of what’s going on. He says he and Sasha were taught to keep up in the news to be good citizens. He says they listened to the radio about stories that happened far away or down the block and it was terrible things he couldn’t wrap his mind around but his dad made them listen.

He said you need to face things with your eyes open and called it the high cost of living. Noah says his mom and brothers are still alive, at least he hopes so. Tyreese says he hopes so too. They are just a couple of miles away and Rick says to pull off and they’ll go ahead on foot. Noah says no need but Rick insists and says – just in case. They pull over.

Glenn, Noah, Michonne, Rick and Tyreese get out. They park near some other stopped cars and hope this will camouflage their vehicle. There’s a walker trapped in a nearby car. They ignore it and move out. They pass skeletal remains and press on. Michonne sees some wires twisted through trees to make it more difficult to get close. Noah thinks it’s the work of his people. They complete the obstacle and press on.

Rick asks if they have spotters or snipers but he says they just had a perch on the truck out front. Glenn says it doesn’t look manned so they creep closer. They find flies buzzing on guts in the road and a grandfather clock mysteriously in the road. Noah pushes against the barricade and listens for noise. Glenn scales the wall to take a look. He peeks over and then stands up taller. He shakes his head and Noah climbs up to take a look. He jumps over and then the others follow.

He sees the houses have been burned out. Noah goes running and Rick tries to calm him. There are bodies in the streets and a lone walker staggering toward them. Noah lies down and just sobs. Tyreese tells him he can be with them now. Michonne takes care of the walker. It looks like every house has burn damage. Rick tells Noah he’s sorry and says they can see if there’s anything they can use then head back to the others.

More walkers come and Glenn says they can make a quick sweep. Tyreese says he’ll stay with Noah and Rick and Glenn move out. Rick radios Carol and says they made it but it’s gone. Michonne is disheartened but Rick says they’ll figure it out. He asks Glenn if he thought it would still be there and Rick says right after it happened with Beth he says he wanted to kill Dawn even though he knew she didn’t mean to hurt Beth.

He says it didn’t have anything to do with Beth, he just wanted to kill her. He says Beth wanted to get Noah back home so he made the trip for her. He says it could have been for them too. They dispatch the walkers while Noah sits and grieves. Tyreese tells Noah he wanted to die for all those he lost and stepped out into a crowd of walkers to fight them until they too him down. He says he kept going and that meant he was there to save Judith when she needed him.

He says that wouldn’t have happened if he had just given up and not chosen to live. Noah keeps crying and Tyreese tells him this is not the end. He stands up finally and then takes off at a hobbling run. Tyreese gives chase. Glenn says he was thinking about the guy in the storage container at Terminus. He says things were okay after he got Maggie back but losing Washington and Beth right after finding out she was still alive was hard.

He picks up a nearby baseball bat and says he would have shot that woman dead right or wrong. Michonne tells them they need to stop. She says you can be out here too long. Tyreese chases Noah down at his house. Tyreese tells him not to go in but Noah insists. He says he wants to see it. Tyreese agrees but only if he can go in ahead of Noah. They head to the glass door and Tyreese bangs on it.

Nothing comes creeping up so they go inside. A woman lies dead on the rug in the living room and Noah looks at her. He covers her with a blanket and whispers that he tried to get back sooner. Tyreese creeps deeper into the house. He sees footsteps and hears a growling zombie in a back room. He goes into another room and sees a young boy lying dead on the bed. He looks at photos on the wall and sees pictures of twin boys.

He doesn’t see the other twin creep up on him and bite him. Noah stabs the boy in the head and then runs for help for Tyreese. He holds his arm, but it’s gushing blood and he’s clearly going to be infected unless they can hack it off. We hear a news story playing about the military force being in disarray and zombie attacks continuing. Tyreese hallucinates about Terminus and one of the dead cannibals says it’s domino shit.

Then Bob is there and says it went the way it was always going to. Tyreese is hearing news stories in his head about attacks and setting people on fire. Then the Governor is there and says the bill has to be paid and you have to earn your keep. He asks if Tyreese remembers that. Lizzie and Mika tell him that it’s better now but the governor says it’s not. Then the governor comes for him, but it’s not him, it’s another walker up close and personal.

They struggle and Tyreese finally throws him off then gets away but the creature won’t stop. It bites at his face, snapping it’s bloody jaws closer and closer. He gives his already bitten arm to the creature to distract it then grabs a rock off a shelf and smashes it in the head. His blood is really flowing now after two bites. Michonne and Rick are talking about making the place work but Rick says there are no sight lines.

He says who or whatever could be on them without them knowing. Michonne suggests cutting down trees to improve visibility and build the walls up. She shows them where the wall was knocked down and sees body parts all over the place. She looks back and sees cracks in the base of all the walls. Glenn says it doesn’t matter. Rick asks what and Glenn says it doesn’t matter who killed Dawn. Michonne says Washington.

She says Eugene was lying about the cure but did the math and realized Washington was the place that could help. She says they’re a 100 miles away and it’s a possibility. She says right now, this is what making it looks like and points to the body parts. She asks them don’t they want one more day with a chance. Some walkers head in from the woods and Rick says they need to go – it’s 100 miles away. He tells her they should go to Washington.

They hear Noah screaming for help and take off. They find walkers galore and start taking them out. Rick pulls one off Michonne and Noah says Tyreese was bit and is at his house. They run off in a panic. Tyreese is still hallucinating news reports and hears music playing. Then he sees Beth playing a guitar and singing. He thinks about the prison, Woodbury and Judith crying.

He thinks about the railroad to Terminus. Beth sings about a struggling man having to move on. Lizzie and Mika sit nearby. Beth says Tyreese needs to know that it’s okay. Bob says it’s okay that he doesn’t want to be part of it any more. The governor chastises Tyreese for not adapting and changing. He asks why he would forgive a woman who would kill someone he loves.

They tell him this is all there is. Tyreese staggers to his feet and says he didn’t know the governor when he told him he would do what he had to in order to earn his keep. He says – you didn’t show me shit. Then he says you’re dead and everything that you were is dead and it’s not over. He says he forgave her because it’s not over. He sobs and says ‘it’s not over’ again and again.

He says he didn’t turn away and kept listening to the news so he could do what he could to help. He says he’s not giving up. He says that people like me can live and says nobody got to die today. His vision is going dark. We see the governor shove him and tell him he has to pay the bill. Tyreese slumps against the wall. Lizzie and Mika hold his bloody hand and then we see it’s Rick holding his hand tight.

Michonne takes her sword and hacks off his arm. They drag him outside and away. They see there are walkers piled up against the wall and they open it and start taking them out while Noah sits with Tyreese. Michonne is lopping off heads, Rick is shooting and one gets past them and heads for Noah and Tyreese. Two shots later and she’s down. They grab up Tyreese and make it back to the road.

He thinks about Sasha brutalizing the Termites. They try and make it through the wire obstacle in the woods but his foot gets stuck and a walker gets closer. They pry him loose. Tyreese thinks about everyone dead talking to him while Rick begs him to hang on. He hears Beth singing to him as the four others pick him up and run for the trick. They load him in.

Rick radios Carol and says they have to cauterize his arm and tell her to get Carl and Sasha away so they don’t have to see it. The truck gets stuck in some wet leaves and he guns it. They smash into the back of a truck and still living walker parts tumble out on them. They get loose and drive away fast. Tyreese is still hearing fake news reports about cannibalism and brutal attacks.

He looks out the window at the sun. He asks them to turn it off. Bob is sitting up front and asks if he’s sure. Beth is driving and tells him it’s okay. Lizzie and Mika are in the back with him and tell him it’s more than okay, it’s better now. Bob smiles at him. Tyreese’s eyes go glassy and he slumps over. Looks like he’s gone. They pull over and the other four get out. They pull Tyreese out of the car and lay him down in the road. They have to make sure he doesn’t come back a walker before they can press on.

Rick walks away. We see now it wasn’t Beth’s funeral we were observing early on in the episode but Tyreese’s. Father Gabriel delivers a eulogy about our earthly tent being destroyed but God having an eternal house for us in the heavens. He closes his bible and Sasha sprinkles some dirt on her brother’s grave. Rick takes over shoveling dirt into the grave.