Talking Dead Recap – Lauren Cohan, Seth Gilliam and Robin Lord Taylor: Season 5 Episode 10

Talking Dead Recap - Lauren Cohan, Seth Gilliam and Robin Lord Taylor: Season 5 Episode 10

Tonight on AMC Talking Dead returns with an all new Sunday February 15, season 5 episode 10 and we have our weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the “Them” episode of The Walking Dead is discussed with guest stars Lauren Cohan, Seth Gilliam and Robin Lord Taylor.

Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick who also hosted Talking Bad. Chris spends time with fans, actors, producers and tv enthusiasts, recapping tonight’s The Walking Dead episode, and taking questions and comments from viewers. Fans may continue to engage with the after-show following the on-air conclusion, online, at for more videos, weekly polls and photo galleries of the guests featured on the series.

On the last episode joining host Chris Hardwick’s guest was Greg Nicotero who is known for being a special make-up effects creator. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

Tonight on Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis, “joining host Chris Hardwick is Lauren Cohan, Seth Gilliam and Robin Lord Taylor.”

Talking Dead airs tonight, at 10 PM ET on AMC after The Walking Dead. While you wait for the recap, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 “Them” right here!

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#TalkingDead starts now. Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin from Gotham), Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) are the guests. Chris Hardwick says this was a good Maggie episode and asks if she’s at rock bottom. Maggie says it’s a hard one for all of them. Chris says Maggie was getting crap for not dealing with the loss of Beth. She says this episode shows the fallout when someone makes a bad decision. She says it was all about remorse.

Chris says no one has a ton of time to stop and grieve because of the survival issues. Then he asks Seth if he can talk to Gabriel and asks what’s the deal. Seth says – yeah. He says he’s in a different place on his journey than the core group. He says there’s a lot they haven’t seen from him to clarify if he’s trust worthy. Chris says he doesn’t trust him. Seth says Gabriel is introspective and hasn’t really bonded closely enough with anyone to share where he is now.

Seth says it’s good for Gabriel to be with the group since he’s ill-equipped to deal with the world. He says burning the collar is him giving up on divine intervention and it’s come down to eating dogs and killing to survive. Chris asks how you keep your faith in a world like that. Gabriel says he’s not sure it’s possible. Then he goes to Robin and congratulates him on the show. He was also Hippy Sam in the season five premier and was there long enough to die.

Chris shows a photo of him and Robin says he would do anything to be part of his show. He says he did all his stuff in Season 4 and then got Rick’s watch and was asking what it meant and if he got to come back. He says he was happy to come back even though he didn’t have a line. Chris asks what his line would have been. Robin says – save me Rick. Seth says you could see it in his eyes and Chris says you come back, get cracked on the head and then back to Gotham.

Robin says Maggie’s harsh attitude didn’t surprise him because she’s had so much loss. He says it was a powerful moment and made him identify with Maggie. Chris talks about the parallels between Maggie and Sasha. Lauren says she felt like Maggie and Sasha both gave up but did it in different was. It’s time for the In Memoriam of who died:

Kidnapped Walker
Leave Maggie Alone Walker
Lethargic Barn Walker
Have a Nice Trip Walkers
Receding Hairline Walker
Pack of Dogs

There’s a note saying no actual dogs were eaten in the filming of this episode and says it’s about people eating people. Sonequa Martin-Green says when Maggie woke Sasha to go out for the sunrise it was such a human moment. She says Maggie is the only one that could help Sasha to pull her out. She says her link to the past has been severed (Tyreese) and also her link to the future (Bob). Chris asks what it meant when Sasha went rogue on the bridge.

Maggie says it seemed like she needed to take control of the situation and says it shook the group out of this malaise. She says it was the wrong choice because it endangered them but helped them by making them fight. Robin says if Sasha had gotten someone killed it would be like when they found out that Carol killed people at the prison, they might kick her out of the group. Chris says it feels like she’s trying to push them to push her away.

Lauren says they won’t let her because they came too far and lost too many. They ask about Seth and him having to wear the black in the Georgia heat. He says he was sweating like a hostage and it makes him feel like he’s paying penance. Seth says Gabriel started losing pieces of the outfit on the road like the jacket. Chris says that was a great answer to a dumb question then he brings up the dogs and says he didn’t expect Sasha to kill them off.

Lauren says they cast them based on chemistry. She says they were adorable dogs and her dog almost made the cut for the scene but he’s white and she says they make them look mangy with BBQ sauce but she found out it wouldn’t come out of the fur for three weeks. Then Lauren says they can make the dogs growl by saying German phrases. She says they ate veggie sausage and lamb then jokes that they had a menu and they got to pick which dog to eat.

They get a call for Robin asking if Sam would come back as a walker. Robin says of course he would but since Terminus burned down he’d be a crispy walker. Lauren says his head is in her bag. Now it’s time for the live quiz (scroll to the bottom for the answers):

#1 What did Daryl eat at the beginning of the episode? Millipede, slug or worm
#2 Before Abraham slapped the bottle of water away, what did Eugene say? Quality assurance, Quality control or Bottoms up
#3 What name was on the dog collar? Fido, Buddy or Duke

Andrew Lincoln says he loves the – we are the walking dead speech – and says it was powerful and simple. He says Rick doesn’t really disclose personal information but realized they were desperate. He says he wanted to really see Rick strip off his skin and be raw. The poll question is if Rick is the best or worst motivational speaker ever. Lauren says it was a great speech. It’s 91% for best speaker. The live audience claps but isn’t sure.

Chris asks what they thought about the speech. Chris asks if Gabriel became part of the group when he helped hold the barn door. Seth says he was just trying to save his life and was one of the last to go help. Chris asks if he’s a coward. Seth says Gabriel has a lot of cowardly qualities and would always protect himself. He says he’s an escape artist but since there was nowhere to go, he pitched in. Chris says he wants to know Gabriel’s back story.

Chris mentions slamming the trunk on the walker then trying to get back in. Lauren says she looked like Beth and reminded Maggie of when Beth was taken. She says there was a lot of symbolism in the episode. She picks up the music box and opens it and says the little ballerina was Beth to her. She says Beth wasn’t a helpless character but was made helpless because they didn’t get to her. Robin says she was the nicest walker in the whole episode.

Robin says it was an amazing moment because Maggie just stepped away from the trunk to process it. Chris asks how Seth acclimated to the cast. He says he got an apartment as far away from everyone else as he could. He says he power watched all the prior seasons of the show before he came down and wanted to play with the character isolation and wanted their interactions to be new and he wanted them to know as little as they could about him.

He says then if he lived long enough, he would get to know the actors. Chris asks how that went over with the others. Seth says they asked him to go out but he always made excuses. He says then Andy asked what’s going on with where he’s staying. Then he says he says if this works, he has to move into the city. He says Andy gave him the look like Rick does right before he puts a machete into their head and agreed to move.

Now it’s time for some inside info on this week’s episode:

Scott Gimple (Daryl) said it will be a tough season while he deals with losing Beth. He says he’s ready to attack anything.

They has a rain machine ready to go but then the weather “gods”opened up the sky and it really rained on them.

Andy Lincoln says he knew a lot of viewers won’t like them eating dogs and says his mother-in-law hasn’t watched since season one when his horse got eaten.

Chris says Seth just finally joined Twitter and that there was an imposter there before. Someone from the audience comes up and she asks if they’d rather be an adult in the apocalypse or a child since they wouldn’t remember the old world. Lauren says everything is in the place they are for a reason and has a lesson to learn from where you come from. Seth says he’d want to be an adult with some happy memories to draw from.

Robin says he’d want to be an adult and Chris says he’d want to be an adult with a giant baby head so people would be scared and leave him alone. The questioner says she’d rather be a child growing up learning the survival skills as she goes. Chris gets her to eat a worm then he eats one too. Robin takes one and eats it too (looks like they’re gummy worms). They talk about Daryl going off to smoke and hurting himself.

Chris says seeing Daryl cry probably set off a lot of women’s ovaries. Robin says it was sweet when Carol kissed Daryl on the head but part of him wants them to get together. Chris says he does too. Chris says a ton of tweets were all about Carol and Daryl. Robin says a kiss on the forehead is not good but Chris says it was a gateway kiss. Chris asks Robin about sipping the water in the road. Robin says if he owed Rick a solid, Sam would have done it.

Chris says of anyone in the group, it seems like you’d want Eugene to be the one to drink it. We see a behind the scenes shot with the bridge walkers. Denise Huth says this scene is different because everyone is down. Steven Yeun (Glenn) says they’re all hungry and thirsty and they came up with the ravine plan. The stunt coordinator says they made it as safe as possible with pads. Denise says this is a great episode if you’ve never seen the show before since it’s all about surviving and having just each other.

Chris says Denise will be on the couch later this season. Next poll question is about Aaron and first impressions. Seems nice or polite cannibal? Robin says polite cannibal. 81% say polite cannibal and they agree you can’t trust anyone in this world. Lauren says Maggie is ultra-suspicious but says they’ll hear him out. Chris says you have to trust some people in order to survive. He asks why Gabriel apologized to God and Seth says because he turned his back on God.

Chris asks if he thinks Gabriel made God cry. Seth says he thinks rain is a sign that God cares. He says the rain came when they needed it. Chris says it’s another good answer which makes him trust him less. He asks Seth what he’s hiding. Then they have a twitter question for how Penguin would take out a walker. He says he would make friends with Abraham and get him to do it. He says he would do essentially what Eugene did.

Chris has Lauren’s new action figure then twists her legs and breaks them. He says it looks just like her. Lauren looks at it and says – mom? Next up is a sneak peek at next week’s episode. We see Aaron in the barn and Rick asking how many people are out there. He says he has a flare gun to signal people. Aaron asks if it matters and Rick says it does. Aaron says it matters how many are actually out there but it doesn’t matter how many he tells him. Aaron says no matter what number he says 8, 32 or 444, Rick won’t trust him.

Chris asks what’s in store for Aaron. Robin says he likes Carol rolling her eyes like she just wants to waste him already. Chris says he might be okay because every character can’t be despicable. Lauren says he’s wrong then says she’s kidding. She and Seth whisper and he says she should not tell them that. Lauren says they’ve seen them at a really low point and there may be hope in the distance. Chris asks if there’s hope and she says no.

Chris says “we are the talking dead” then asks if Gabriel will ever step up. Seth says he thinks him spending time with the group will make him more capable. He says the question is whether he wants to survive. Lauren says what keeps Maggie going is the possibility of a safe place and that they still have Judith. Robin says she has to.

Quiz answers:
#1 Worm
#2 Quality assurance
#3 Duke